Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Things Just Fall Apart

Well, I am hanging out in Spain, again, but head back home in a week. I have been following the news and writing inconsequential posts on X (nee Twitter) and have tried starting a post on this inconsequential blog several times but find myself repeating more than a dish of fried garlic. 

Here goes, again.

The new war in Middle East churns on. Seems the Israelis have begun their land invasion of Gaza, and seem going about it in a very methodical way. Good. I also notice that Israel continues to use those American bombs which only land next to one of the 30,000 hospitals which apparently exist in Gaza, and only kill children. No adults, just children. They might want to switch up their ammo supplier; some advice from an old man behind a computer screen.

I have no doubt the Israelis can handle Hamas, Hizbullah, and any other threats in their neighborhood. I have less confidence in the ability of the West to do so. 

I wrote years ago about this, here is one example:

The cause of Islamic "radicalization" is not Guantanamo, Western troops, or women in short skirts. The radicalization, as the word "radical" makes clear, comes from the root of Islam, the Quran. This basic text of Islam is held to be, quite literally, the precise word of Allah as revealed to Mohammed. No deviation is allowed or accepted; it is the Final Word. Period. No further revelations follow. We see, therefore, the rage with which mainstream Islam treats the Ahmadiyya sect which holds to subsequent "revelations" that call for more compassion and understanding. When I served in Pakistan, a major center of the Ahmadiyya faith, attacks on and killings of Ahmadis were common. Jews and Christians, likewise, come in for Islamic hatred and rage, because they do not accept the Quran as the word of God or Mohammed as his Prophet. Forcible conversion, slavery, and death serve as the prescribed remedies for this blasphemy. It is right there in the Quran, aka, the book of instructions on "How to be a Muslim." 

We see the streets of London, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, Copenhagen, etc,  taken over by frenzied anti-semitic crowds "supporting" Palestine--could they find it on a map?--shouting the "River to the Sea" call for Jewish slaughter. 

Thank you, universities.

Many, many of those demonstrators would find themselves raped, tortured, and murdered precisely by the people they purport to support. I love the line from the march organizers that many Jews took part. I have my doubts about how many Jews did, but let us not forget that the Nazis had their Kapos in the camps and outside -- e.g., George Soros and clan --helping them annihilate European Jewry: Yes, Jews who worked for the Nazis--an ugly truth. 

Hamas, a mafia-like, blood cult, wants to kill all Jews, including the Kapos, and--surprise!--Christians. They also want to kill LGBTQ (etc) people, and women in short skirts, and on and on. They have a long list.

We are "immigrating" ourselves into a collective suicide. Our own borders remain wide open; we have no idea who is among the millions who have crossed it and continue to do so while we worrying about Ukraine's borders.

Anyhow, no ceasefire until Hamas is destroyed. Hizbullah should be next. It can be done; look at how Trump destroyed the ISIS caliphate in short order. 

I have written before that Islam needs to suffer one devastating defeat after another before there is any chance of reform. It's a long war.


Sunday, October 8, 2023

Hamas Goes Tet

Along with anybody civilized, I have been horrified by the video and photos coming out of Israel in the wake of the Hamas attacks. Hamas. an Iranian proxy, have gone all in trying to sow terror, showing no regard for noncombatants, be they elderly, children, women, Israeli or foreign. 

They apparently have kidnapped and killed foreign tourists attending some goofy peace concert, dragging them back to Gaza and parading them naked through the streets. No animal does this; only human scum of the sort that belongs on death row.

Hamas, in my view, have adopted a Tet Offensive strategy. 

Before you jump on me, let me say that no historical analogy is perfect, but this one seems pretty close.  Hanoi, you will remember, convinced the Viet Cong (VC) into launching a frontal attack on US and ARVN forces across South Vietnam on a holiday, taking over cities such as the old imperial capital of Hue, terrorizing pro-Saigon officials, and, most important, getting lots of media attention, e.g., attacking the US Embassy in Saigon. If you read subsequent accounts by VC leaders they argued against this strategy noting that the VC would get annihilated, but they went ahead. Well, it all went per Hanoi's plan: the VC caught the US and ARVN forces off-guard, terrorized the populace, temporarily seized (with NVA help) Hue, attacked the Embassy, etc. The media reporting, of course, helped foment the belief that the VC were some sort of invincible force, blah, blah, and blah. Once the US and ARVN got their act together, the predictions of the VC leadership came true: the Viet Cong got annihilated, and never again was a significant military force. It was now Hanoi clearly in charge.

Hamas has launched, on a holiday, a major attack on Israel, including attacking military bases, catching the Israelis asleep at the switch.. They are getting their fifteen minutes in the media; they inevitably will get themselves killed by the Israeli counterattack. What will be left of Hamas will be purely an Iranian puppet, however, they will have reminded the world, as was done fifty years ago in another Yom Kippur War, that the Israeli intel and military are not invulnerable and all-seeing. Netanyahu might not survive the following political fall out in Israel. 

Iran will have its main terrorist sock puppet left, Hizbollah, which after all is Shia and much more compliant to Tehran, and it will have destroyed the peace talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

I think there can be no doubt that Iran has been emboldened in promoting this massive attack by the weakness of the West, especially the USA under its current "leadership." The US, aside from resuming funding for "Palestine," seems interested in placating Iran, allowing the once starving regime to resume oil sales on the world market, returning frozen assets, and generally ignoring Iran's drive for a nuclear weapon capability. In addition, the chaos on the streets and borders of Europe and the US, have convinced the Mullahs that this is the time to strike.

Don't be surprised if we see similar terror on the streets of Europe and America.