Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Many Thanks

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your kind comments and prayers. 

We still are in turmoil dealing with the funeral home, medical examiner, David's estate issues, and his doctor. No answers yet as to what happened.

Thank you, again.

Sunday, June 12, 2022


I have all sorts of posts half done, one almost ready to go, but life, better said, death has gotten in the way.

 My oldest son, David, died suddenly at my home in Raleigh in the night/morning of June 9-10. We don't know why. The police and medical examiner took his body away and I need to call tomorrow for a report.

The Diplowife and I are devastated; those of you who have gone through the loss of a child know there is no other pain quite the same.

I will try to be back as soon as I can.

Thank you in advance for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Again, On Red Flags

I know I have written about this before, but let me a bore.

The standard response by a true conservative to any proposed new public institutions, and laws and regs overturning decades or longer of practice should be, "No, thank you." 

Just about any institution created for whatever ostensibly noble means, will sooner or later get taken over by our progressive masters, e.g., public schools, and twisted, and reshaped, used in evil ways. 

On guns, we already have plenty of laws, regs, instituions (e.g., ATF) that infringe on the second amendment. We don't need more. That's not the "solution" to violence, or even gun violence.

We all know, for example, that a "mental" red flag will quickly get misused. Look at the weaponization of no fly lists or the Visa Viper process about which I have written before.

Get the criminals off the streets; reestablish respect for our laws, including immigration laws, and crime and violence will decline quickly. 

Twenty-one to buy a rifle? OK, then twenty-one to vote, to drive a car, ride a motorcycle, get married, sign a contract, etc.

Enough with fake "common sense" gun control. It's a sham and any Republican for it, should be booted. The second amendment has all the gun control we need.

Friday, June 3, 2022

Red Flags, Guns, and Real Targets

In light of Biden's absurd "gun control" speech, and the bipartisan nonsense I am hearing about "red flags," I re-post a couple of little somethings I wrote years ago. Two posts for the price of one. 

One on "red flags" and one on progs real targets.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The War on the Second Amendment: the Mental Health Gambit

Whenever we have a "mass"--a word with a highly flexible definition--shooting in the US, we have the predictable calls for more gun laws, for more gun "control." All the usuals put out their tweets, go on the talk shows, pontificate from the legislative floor, issue editorials, etc. The anti-second amendment crowd, generally the sort who can find the right to abortion in the US Constitution but can't find the right to bear arms, are getting more and more desperate. Despite years of anti-gun propaganda and false statistics, gun sales are at a record high in the US with manufacturers barely able to keep up with demand. More people now own guns in the US than at any time in our history; the courts have struck down bucket loads of anti-carry legislation so that concealed carry is now a possibility in every state; and, worst horror of all, the homicide rate continues to decline.

At times I get the feeling that the anti-gun boys and girls hope for mass shootings, which are actually quite rare, and for the shooter to be a white, good ol' boy Tea Partier who uses the n-word, hates women, gays, and liberals, and denies the "settled science" behind the theories of evolution and global climate cooling warming change disruption. The shooters in reality, of course, happen to be far from that, and give credence to Ann Coulter's long-ago stated observation that violence in the US comes from the left. The "mass" shooters, including the Santa Barbara creep, come from liberal/progressive backgrounds, and fall on the left end of the political and cultural spectrum. They are often well-off economically, and generally come from the sort of dysfunctional families that form a core component of the Democratic party electorate.

The gun issue in the US is much more than about guns. It is about culture and about the role and scope of government in our lives. The gun controllers want more government in our lives and want to suppress America's gun, aka individual freedom, culture. They want to make it seem that gun violence is rampant, and that we all face horrible deaths in a cloud of gunpowder. They want us to ignore that homicide, including with guns, is not equally spread among all sectors of our country. Homicide rates are much, much higher among Democratic constituencies--I have written about this before--than among Republican constituencies--compare Detroit with Utah, for example. Above all else, there is an enormous racial component to murder in the US. Please note, for example, that 3/4s of those arrested for murder in Chicago is black, while blacks only comprise about one-third of the city's residents; the overwhelming majority of murder victims is also black.

Nationwide, even when "white" is loosely defined, black homicide rates are some 8-10 times those of the white population. All that presents a dilemma for progressives. Instead of trying to deal with the real problem, i.e., that the most likely victim of a murderer is an unarmed black person, the progressives find distractions on which to spend their efforts. As I have written endless times, the progressives don't give a hoot about our black citizens trapped in situations where they become prime candidates for murder--those situations, after all, have been created by decades of progressive policies implemented by progressive urban political machines. The history of the Democratic party, one of the world's oldest political parties, is one of constant warfare against black people: slavery, segregation, the KKK, opposition to black suffrage, making generations of black people wards of the state, are all Democratic party contributions to race relations in the USA. The progressives want power for the state and they intend to control that state.

Progressives focus on bogus issues such as "assault" rifles and magazine capacity. The latest bogus distraction is the mental health one. The argument goes something like this, "We don't want to take guns away from law abiding citizens but want to put into place laws, regulations, and procedures that keep guns away from criminals and mentally disturbed persons." They are quite vague about what exactly those new constraints will be, and we just have to take them at their word that they are not really out to stifle gun ownership at large, and that the new constraints will work better than the old ones.

Mental health, really?

If you think the science of global climate whatever is up in the air, wait until you delve into the looney world of mental health. The mental health profession is full of quack "therapists" and quack theories; few things there are settled science; and that profession is as subject to the vagaries of the winds and tides of fashion and politics as any other. Let us not forget the uses of psychiatry in the dead and unlamented Soviet bloc. Even, however, without going back to the USSR, I would point out that my father was a psychiatrist, and in his old Diagnostic and Statistical Manuals (DSM) homosexuality was listed as a disorder, "a sociopathic personality disturbance" to be precise. It was a disorder or mental disturbance until it just wasn't--you can read the account of how that change happened here.

Would then those persons treated for homosexuality, and have that on their medical records, be denied their second amendment rights? This, in turn, leads to the raising of many other questions: What standards would be used to determine mental illness for the purpose of gun denial? Who would make those standards? How would authorities running a background check gain access to those medical records? How would we redefine the ancient notion of patient-doctor confidentiality? How would those mental health sessions be flagged in the Great Database? How would one prevent that information from leaking and from being used for political or blackmail purposes? How would this not dissuade people who need some help from getting it? I am sure you can think of dozens more questions.

We live--alas!--in a time that I never thought I would see in the USA. We see the IRS used to stifle political dissent; we see the ATF used to sell guns to Mexican cartels and to make it seem that lax US gun laws are to blame for the violence in Mexico; we see the NSA and FBI used for purposes for which they were never intended; we see local police forces with more firepower and sophisticated combat training and gear than most armies in the world.

Given the progressive track record, should we trust their "good intentions" when they seek to protect us from armed "crazy" people? I don't. I would rather rely on my old friends Messrs. Smith & Wesson.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On Rebel Flags and Progressive Targets

In the wake of the Charleston mass murder, apparently carried out by a piece of delusional and racist scum from a highly dysfunctional family, we saw some of the usual gun control blather, but without any real energy behind it. Most progressives, pace the idiotic foreign millionaire Piers Morgan, have learned that their usual factually incorrect nonsense about needing "more gun control" tends to fall on deaf ears, and, politically, is going nowhere. In fact, the trend seems running in the opposite direction, with many states--and Puerto Rico, I might add--scrapping anti-gun legislation and regulation. So, in keeping with their tactics outlined in my June 5 post, the progressives have launched an attack on a different target, the Confederate battle flag which flies over the South Carolina State Capitol building in Columbia since 1961 (here is one version of the history of that). Let us not forget, of course, that the Confederate flag is not the real target either.

Full disclosure: My view on the Rebel flag and other Confederate symbols is clear. I do not, never have, and never will fly or paste any Confederate symbol, flag, battle or otherwise, over my house, or on my vehicles, clothing, or coffee mugs, etc. I spent my professional life representing one flag, that of the USA, and have no loyalty to any other. I admire the courage and fighting spirit, as well as the tactical and strategic talents of Confederate Generals and soldiers, love reading about the Civil War and visiting battle sites such as Gettysburg and Vicksburg. I, however, am pro-Union, pro-Stars-and-Stripes, anti-slavery, pro-Lincoln, pro-Grant, pro-Sherman, pro-Frederick Douglass just about all the way. I do not share in the sympathy for and romanticism of some for the Southern cause in the, ahem, "War of Northern Aggression." Slavery was an inherited curse on our nation which we should have dispelled long before it came to war--and, yes, I do see slavery as the overriding reason for the great 1861-65 war, and, of course, as the proximate cause for the creation of the Republican Party shortly before that war. Men such as Washington and Jefferson, both slave owners, knew slavery was evil, but compromised with that "peculiar institution" to our long-standing misfortune. Great men, great flaws. I fully understand why black Americans could and would find Confederate flags and other symbols offensive. We, of course, can debate all this in saecula saeculorum and never reach consensus. End of Full Disclosure

OK, back to the issue at hand. All that said, I also think that the issue of the Confederate battle flag and whether to fly it over State properties is a decision for the people of South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas or anywhere else it flies. It has nothing to do with gun violence, and, let us remind the progressives, it was the Republican party that defeated that flag and for what it stood in the first place. In addition, the greatest practitioners of gun violence, of course, are found in liberal Democratic constituencies, e.g., Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, east Los Angeles, etc.

Understatement Warning: The practitioners of gun violence tend not to be whites. Whites, racist or otherwise, killing blacks is a rare phenomenon in the USA. The shooting in Charleston proved a horrid exception to that; so, of course, the progressives and their echo-chamber media seize on the exception, ignoring the many black on black killings that took place the same day, and look for ways to use it to advance The Agenda. They also pervert history by trying to tie the Confederacy to the Republicans--a grotesque distortion made possible by the low-information consumers of media and Hollywood nonsense. End of Understatement Warning.

While we should not forget it was Democratic governors who hoisted the Rebel flag, and that the KKK was the armed wing of the Democratic Party, and that Jim Crow segregation was instituted and maintained by the Democrats, and that it was a Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, and a Republican Chief Justice, Earl Warren, who began dismantling the Democratic party's segregation policies, let's put all that history aside, for now. Let's, instead, look at the shooting in Charleston. The alleged killer, whose name I will not reproduce here, had a website (I won't link to it) on which he published a "manifesto." One of the things that comes through most clearly is that he could find no other male Southern whites to go along with his plan to murder black citizens. He complained that all he heard at school, yes, school in "racist" South Carolina, was talk about getting along with all races. Yes, "racist" South Carolina which has elected the daughter of Indian immigrants as Governor. His hatred for black people came from somewhere else in his twisted mind. He adopted the symbols of the Confederacy, Rhodesia, and apartheid South Africa, and posed himself burning the US flag--much as do many of the progressives who demand the elimination of the Rebel flag. He was no Tea Party "radical"; no member of the GOP; no fanatical supporter of Mitt Romney; no ardent follower of FOX News. Nope, none of that. The Confederate battle flag did not drive him to murder anymore than I, assume, the Black Panther flag drove the black mass murderer at the Washington DC Navy Yard nearly two years ago.

None of this, however, stops the progressives when they get a bone in their toothy jaws. They drove the media into a frenzy about the Rebel flag. As I said before, whether States remove the flag or not from their public properties is an issue for those States; but the crowd was whipped up and South Carolina's Republican Governor and legislature gave in. Democrats are very good at lynch mobs. That's not the way I would have liked to see the issue decided. The more important point, of course, is that progressives aren't stopping there. They already have Mau-Maued big retailers, e.g., Walmart, EBay, Amazon, into pulling merchandise with Confederate symbols. A major flag maker has announced that it will no longer make and sell Confederate flags.

No gun deaths will be averted by all this. Racism will not decrease because of this. Neither of those is the real target. The real target is attacking white male culture, especially the hated "Redneck" culture, which progressives cannot stand. The real target is trying to stigmatize white males and cowing them into politically correct submission. For you see, in the Hollywood movie that runs in an endless loop inside the heads of progressives, white males, especially in the South, are all Rebel flag-waving, pick-up driving, gun maniac racists just dying to kill black men and rape black women.

BOLD PREDICTION: THE NEXT STEP WILL BE TO DEMAND THAT CONFEDERATE SYMBOLS BE DECLARED HATE SPEECH. We will see kids sent home from school for having Confederate flags on their shirts; cars with Confederate decals will be banned from certain areas; and we might see the expunging of CSA symbols from movies and books and prohibiting Confederate flags at re-enactment events, etc. History must conform to the Progressive dictate of the day. END OF BOLD PREDICTION.

If that is to be--and it will--I, in turn, demand progressives stop wearing Che t-shirts. I insist they stop waving the "Palestinian" flag. I propose that we all demand that Maryland alter its flag which consists of the heraldic banner of Lord Baltimore. I find offensive the yearning for royalty and feudalism. The Union Flag must be struck from the flag of Hawaii. I find offensive this paean to colonialism. The Alabama flag has troubling similarly to the Scottish flag and might prove offensive to those of Welsh descent. Will Walmart stop selling items made in China, an offensive state if ever there was one? Will there be a ban on Mexican flags considering the horrid history of human rights in that country? What about the Japanese flag? Why should Japan be able to keep the flag under which millions of Chinese, Malays, Filipinos, Koreans, Pacific Islanders, Indians, and whites were tortured and murdered? I am sure we can turn this into a drinking game.

Meanwhile, the people of Charleston showed real class as they honored the victims and sought to promote unity rather than division.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Freaks' War on Children

Along with all of you, I feel horrified and disgusted by the massacre in Uvalde, Texas. Once again, it seems, some fatherless, lonely, narcissistic, maladjusted freak has vented anger, frustration, and evil on children. We now see lots of politicians running around trying to gain points from the horror, starting with our inept zombie "president," who gave a divisive political address full of stale DNC talking points, and continuing with that grandstanding idiot, "Beto."

Is this really about guns? Guns are the problem?

No. No.

As kids, my friends and I had lots of guns around, with them much easier to obtain than nowadays. You, for example, could buy them at swap meets, gun stores, pawn shops, Sears, and, in fact, almost any department or general stores. You also could buy them from mail order catalogues, and an agent of the US Government, i.e., the postman, would deliver them to your front door. It never occurred to us, despite raging hormones, watching Westerns, wielding cap guns, playing war, flying flags, and all the rest, to pick up a real gun to go kill real people, especially at school. 

I remember in Mr. Small's sixth grade class, in Palo Alto, California, no less, doing a report on Civil War firearms, and bringing two black powder revolvers into class as part of my presentation. No worries. No panic. No lockdown drills. No "active shooter" alerts. No SWAT team. No funerals. No pathetic teddy bears and ribbons. No mourning parents. No preening pontificating politicians.

A different time. A different people. A different attitude.

Did American and Western society, in general, act more repressively in those days? Probably. 

Did we have less tolerance of eccentric behavior and persons? Yes. 

Did social approval/disapproval carry great weight, and act as a brake on certain behavior? Sure. 

Could this social control manifest itself, at times, in "unfairness" and, even, "cruelty"? Yes. 

You certainly didn't want to get labelled a "sissy." 

You, however, could walk the streets.

We children could and would play outside until well after dark with no worries about lurking strangers or a neighborhood pedo. We rarely saw cops, except on TV and at school as presenters on "career day." The burly WWII or Korean War vet sitting on his porch or in his front yard, frequently cleaning guns for the upcoming deer hunt, provided all the security we needed. We walked to clean, disciplined schools run by dedicated and smart administrators and teachers, many of them war vets; we said the Pledge of Allegiance, learned history and science, along with reading, writing, and arithmetic, and got back home alive and safe. We lived in a country that invented and made things, that valued science and education, felt pride in its history and achievements, and where adults had real jobs. 

I won't go on about the past; those of you my age know what we've lost. I don't need to tell you.

Well, in our modern social media age, the social brakes are broken. Anything goes. 

Social trends now get dictated by influencer freaks on social media. Our kids, many without traditional homes, badgered by woke culture in school and at play, glued to their screens, drink in the noxious messages put out by those freaks and their progressive high-tech enablers. There seems little in the way of public shame, unless you question that men can become women. We see a daily assault on respect and common sense, on the most essential glues holding a society together; we, for example, have a confirmed Supreme Court Justice who cannot tell the difference between a man and a woman, because "I am not a biologist." OK. How about cats and dogs? Can you tell those apart? How about planes and trains? Moon from sun? Right from wrong? Constitutional from unconstitutional?

Our kids now broadcast every thought they have and every move they make on Facebook, TikTok, etc., in a hunt for "followers" and "likes." Back in the day, the young might keep a diary; the "freak" might enter a few odd words in his own diary that few if any, other than his psychiatrist, would ever see. Now the freaks are everywhere, and demand to be taken seriously, or else you are a bigot of some type--and the list of types is long and expanding. 

Impressionable kids get lost in the chaos. Definitions and standards that had held for centuries--poof!--gone, and replaced by a bewildering mental salad of lies, empty words, platitudes, and evil.

As with the creepy murderer in Uvalde, the main target, as I have written before, of this chaotic woke society is children. Our "leaders" talk tearfully about children "murdered by guns," as though a gun does anything on its own, but send our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, which has killed millions of children, mostly black children. For its advocates, abortion, now, is not just a "right," but a revolutionary act, and something worthy of praise. Infanticide is no longer a forbidden topic. 

We have a Supreme Court Justice (see above) who, while a serving judge, could not bring herself to give convicted pedophiles and child pornographers the long sentences they deserved. 

The wokester freaks defund the police, gut the justice system, leave the borders wide open, cut-free hardened criminals; they give not a thought to the victims of the ensuing chaos. 

Our society, above all, increasingly devalues children, and treats them like disposable plastic commodities: molded, shaped, pulled, twisted, and then discarded. Children are seen as a burden on Gaia. We're better off without them--especially boys. 

We have people in authority arguing to make boys into girls and girls into boys. We have a senior health official in this country, an obese delusional male, who thinks he's a woman, giving advice on child-rearing. The media gurus take this loon seriously. Yes, indeed, give your kids untested puberty blockers and have them undergo radical life-altering surgeries. The gender fluid crowd poses a grave moral, mental, and physical threat to our children. 

The freaks want our children to join their circus or die. Yes, literally, die. 

The Uvalde massacre forms part of this ongoing war on children.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Back In NC

Made it back. 

It was the flight from hell; not because of anything that American Airlines did or any defect in the plane (a fabulous B-787). I ate something in the VIP lounge in Madrid that went definitely sideways. Sick as sick can be the whole flight; a situation not helped by the kindly steward commenting repeatedly, "Sir, you don't look well." Thanks, I know, I know. 

Anyhow, made it back. We will return to Spain in about six weeks. Lots of paperwork remains.

I despair of our situation in this country. A tiny bright spot: the ponderous Durham investigation has begun to produce some fruit. Well, better said, after all that slo-mo investigation we find what this humble blog (I shall toot my own horn) said from the start, to wit, that the Trump-Putin collusion story was fake, made up by the Clintons/DNC, and pushed on America by a media and, most shamefully, an FBI willing to go along with the hoax. We all knew the story as fake, and yet it persisted, partially crippling the White House, and making it impossible to establish decent relations with Russia. We now pay for that.

Time to defund the DOJ and, especially, the FBI until a thorough house-cleaning takes place. 

Also need to go after the 51 "intelligence experts" who labelled the Hunter Biden laptop "Russian disinformation" when they knew it wasn't. 

Tasks, inter alia, for next year's Republican Congress? We'll see how much spine they have.

Well, there exists another, small, bright spot: the apparent "death" of the Biden Ministry of Truth. 

That laughable "misinformation" governance board, or whatever they called it, has collapsed, and its buffoonish head gone off, almost certainly, to a lucrative gig with MSNBC or some other purveyor of actual misinformation. The lefties, however, will try again in some other form. They desperately want to censor and control the information we receive, and the thoughts we hold and express. I have written about this before and noted that the wokesters understand that words comprise the ammunition of debate. Make your opponents fire blanks that you issue, or get jammed up in confusion, and you've won the battle. That effort to monkey with the language continues daily in the schools, the media, and, of course, in the very "halls of power." 

The economy continues to sink into the classic Democratic abyss. There is no reason for the disaster now upon us. Well, there is a reason: Biden, et al. Baby food shortage? In America? WTH! The stores in Spain and France were full of baby formula.

Off to one of my many doctor's appointments. I had hoped to drive the 427, but the top has gotten jammed open--I don't know why--and it looks like it might rain. 

How he suffers . . . and yet, he blogs . . . oh, the courage . . ..

Monday, May 16, 2022

Heading Back to Madrid

On the train trying to do this via a hotspot on my phone. I am horrible at this sort of stuff.

I give up. Had to resume once we got to our place in Madrid. Too many tunnels and a bad signal kept interrupting and defiling my discovery of the HOTSPOT.

Love San Sebastian. Not even the modern world and Spain's obsession with being European could damage the place. I spent many years there as a child, and as a callow youth. Hadn't been there in years and the first big change I noticed was a lot less interest in politics, and Basque nationalism.  No more long conversations into the night on the history of Euskadi and how it is not a part of Spain. The kids speak a mix of Basque, Spanish, and English and nobody seems to get excited about it any more.  ETA and the violence of those years is just a dim memory, and nobody wants to talk about it. 

What do they talk about? Football (soccer) and food. The people here love their soccer team, and live and die with its ups-and-downs. The folks in Euskadi also love food, and love their farmers and cooks. They have tremendous respect for the people who produce food; that food, as I have said many times, is probably the best in the world. Amazing what they can do with basic ingredients. I won't bore you with the meals we had, but they were tremendous.Woe to the restauranteur who becomes known for catering to foreign tourists; the locals won't go there.

Spent a wonderful day in Hendaye, France, the border town famous for the meeting between Franco and Hitler. Hung out with some relatives and--horrors!--watched the Eurovision musical competition. Europeans do many things well, but Eurovision is just about the tackiest, most stupid, but still fun competition I have seen. Watch the Will Ferrel movie about it on Netflix. It's spot on. As expected, Ukraine won with a weird sort of copy of American hip-hop/rap etc. Lot of fun over some great food.

We leave on Wednesday for North Carolina, and reality. We will be returning to Spain in July to continue with the legal process for my wife's inheritance. The bureaucracy here is amazing. There is always one more piece of paper or stamp needed.

I will try to be more interesting in future posts.