Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Monday, January 31, 2022

North America: The "Unacceptables" Join The "Deplorables"

My son came in this morning and said, "Go to Google Maps. Type in Ottawa, Ontario. The streets are all red around Parliament!" He was right. Canada's remarkable truckers have descended on Ottawa. I have been to Ottawa a couple of times, once as a tourist and once on official business. It's a nice town. Seems like a good place to raise kids. It, however, is full of the same sort of creature we see in DC, the sneering, smug "managerial class" that looks down on the rest of the country and its people. In other words, lots of Justin Trudeau clones.

The mainstream Canadian and American media have sought to ignore, downplay, and malign the Freedom Convoy. A WaPo cartoon depicts the truckers as "Fascists"; CBC commentators label them extremists possibly doing the bidding of Vlad Putin; and Pretty Boy Justin, allegedly the PM of that great country, has labelled them and anyone else who questions government edicts on Covid as a racist, misogynist, extremist threat to democracy, and, of course, as "Unacceptable." Great word. 

I hope that tens-of-thousands of T-shirts, bumper stickers, and ball caps appear declaring their owners' pride in being "Unacceptable." 

Dear "Unacceptables," we "Deplorables" welcome you to the North American fraternity of freedom fighters! In a time such as this, "Unacceptable" or "Deplorable" is the only moral stance.

We in the Diplomad household couldn't stop laughing when Pretty Boy Justin appeared in front of the "undisclosed location" to which he has fled, and announced that he and his children have tested positive for Covid. This from a guy who is double vaccinated and "boostered," and who demands that all Canadians be likewise. Kinda raises doubts about the vaccine, eh? I guess that vaccine only works if there is no Covid virus present . . . 

I will leave it to Canadian readers to let us know what sort of follow-up they can expect from the opposition parties once the truckers leave Ottawa. I listened to a couple of Conservatives, and they might have been OK a few years ago, but they seemed to lack the fire in the belly needed to take on the horrid leftist managerial tyranny overwhelming Canada. They reminded me of too many in our own Republican Party. 

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Northen Lights: The Canadian Truckers

 Just a quick post.

Along with many others I have followed the remarkable Canadian trucker revolt against the absurd vax mandates. This peaceful revolt seems to have drawn strong support from the Canadian public, and to have inspired similar events in Australia and Brazil. According to some reports, Pretty Boy Justin "Castro" Trudeau has fled Ottawa due to concerns for "his safety." Maybe he'll seek asylum with the Rutabaga in DC?

Me thinks the Canadian Elite seek to gin up a J-6 "Insurrection" scenario. Per reports on the BBC, Canadian authorities are investigating radical right-wing elements seeking to produce violence. Yeah, right. How do you say in French, "Feds! Feds!"?  

Go Canada!

PS, I donated here:

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Drums Along the Potomac: Will We Bumble Into War?

Spoiler alert: I don't know the answer to the question in the heading of this post. Nobody does, but then that's normal when we have probably the most corrupt and inept "leadership" in the history of our Republic.With our economy and that of the West devastated by a malicious and over-the-top reaction to the ChiCom virus, and decades of hollowing out our industrial capacity in favor of China, and with that "leadership" in place, we now face the possibility of war with Russia over Ukraine. At the same time, the Wokesters--what we used to call Communists--have sallied forth from their fortresses in academia, the media, the boardrooms of giant corporations, and the vast public sector bureaucracies in their ceaseless effort to undermine the spirit, the very essence of Western Civilization.

This is not just about some gaffe at a press conference by that animatronic rutabaga we have as "President." This is about a nation, ostensibly the leader of the "free world," weak and confused in a way unprecedented in our history. We have "leadership" using a street magician's misdirection looking for any reason to distract us from what is happening to our country with talk about war in the most eastern of eastern Europe. The Rutabaga-in-Chief's minions tell us that we have placed 8,500 troops on "heightened alert." What does this mean in the real world? Nothing. Will half a division of troops on "heightened alert" deter Vlad from doing what Vlad wants to do, to wit, rebuild the old Soviet Empire? Sidebar: On an almost comical note, we find the Pentagon telling unvaccinated troops that they are not eligible for possible deployment, and getting ready to dismiss from the ranks hundreds of combat-experienced pilots for the same reason. Yeah, we're serious . . . but, hey, we have transgender troops in the ranks, so that makes up for it.

One of the most corrupt countries in Europe, Ukraine has a peculiar history with the Bidens. The media and the FBI have suppressed that history, and none of us peons knows what the Ukrainians and the Russians might have on the crooked Biden crime family. Whatever happened to the laptop and to the whistleblowers who had the goods on Biden dealings with Burisma? 

We also see Kamala "Slept My Way to the Top" Harris, ostensibly Vice President--emphasis on "vice"--all tough and concerned about preserving Ukraine's sovereignty and borders. This from the vagina-person "in charge" of our own security and sovereignty along the US-Mexico border, a border violated thousand and thousands of time a day by a ceaseless invasion. Our response? Gather up the invaders and distribute them around the US. We see planes and buses dropping off young single men at taxpayer expense in cities around the nation. No doubt, that will end well. Nothing quite like adding fuel to the fire of violence and disorder already overpowering our cities by dropping off unvetted--and unvaccinated, horrors!-- deracinated, young single men into already chaotic urban centers. That, of course, doesn't matter, our real concern is Russian aims in Ukraine. 

I have written a great deal about Putin, and won't repeat it. Let me just say that Vlad is a tough customer and an intense Russian patriot. He puts "Russia First." I see no reason except for that bogus DNC-produced Trump-Putin collusion story why we can't have better relations with Russia. We need to deal with Russia with eyes open but recognize their sphere of influence just as we have them recognize ours. Tough on Russia? Easy. Get back to energy independence, bring back our industrial base from Asia, build back our military. We do that, it just about doesn't matter what Russia, essentially a weak player in the international game, does. 

So, will we go to war? Don't know. I do know that we are pushing Russia, China, and Iran into an informal Axis of opposition to us. We also know that China and Iran are delighted by us getting worked up over Russia. 

Can we wait another three years and survive? I don't know.  

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Right All Along & Biden as Ed Wood's Bela Lugosi

I have started writing posts several times over the past many weeks, but constantly found myself saying what I have said before. When you're an oracle, that happens. What you predict, comes about. Life has no challenges for Nostradamus.

Given, however, that I have a severe backache, am in a foul mood that not even my recent firearms-buying binge can rectify (the Colt Anaconda almost does), I will toot my own horn and rant a bit--it  might prove disjointed, but, that's what I got right now: painful disjointedness.

Let's start by stating the obvious: this humble vanity blog proved right from the beginning about all sorts of stuff. I wrote from the very beginning (go check) that the Trump-Putin collusion story, for example, was a hoax created by the Democratic party machine. That's now blazingly obvious. The Biden laptop story, on the other hand, was true and buried by the FBI, the media, and the majority of the chattering class. The 2020 election was a fraud; that becomes more obvious every day. Where did those 81 million Biden "voters" go? Have you seen the polls lately? Have you seen how the Washington-based portion of the Democratic Party struggles to stave off a massive defeat in the mid-terms this year? They desperately try to rewrite the rules, Constitution be damned, to ensure they never lose another election. We labelled them long ago as communist/fascist and that holds. 

That gaga husk in the White House pretending to be President should remain in his basement in Delaware. Every time he appears, we have six more weeks of winter. He reminds me of poor old demented, drug-addled Bela Lugosi in his final years in some of those Ed Wood films--here and here--trying to remember his lines, then ad-libbing in a rambling incoherent manner. Pure but dangerous gibberish in a world in which our non-woke opponents watch carefully for signs of weakness, incompetence, and incoherence. Biden exudes all three. "Pull the string! Pull the string!" and "Bevare of the green dragon! Bevare! Bevare!" Sadly funny to see Bela ramble like that, but the "President" of the USA? Sad, but not so funny. Ask Ukraine.

Covid-19? Right about that. It did come from a Chinese lab in Wuhan, one which received US tax dollars to do Dr. Frankenstein "gain of function" research. A lab which my old outfit, the tattered ol' State Department, warned had very sloppy security protocols. It proved a highly infectious disease, but one which caused relatively little in the way of mortality in the general population. We saw grotesquely inflated death numbers, and now we start to see them be re-evaluated. The global economy was shut down for no good reason. In the US, it was used as a weapon against Trump. Before the ChiCom virus, I had written disparagingly about the CDC and the whole public health bureaucracy. They were completely wrong about AIDS, and a whole host of other diseases such as "bird flu," "swine flu," etc.  Fauci and company were always proclaiming "we are all gonna die." 

On the ChiCom death numbers and all that nonsense. There we see most plainly the civil war within the Wokesters. One band wants to double down, keep hyping the numbers, demanding ever more draconian lockdowns and mandates to perpetuate the nomenklatura's hold on power. They rail angrily as the "science" turns on them and it becomes increasingly obvious that the "vaccine" does not work. The other band, the electoral Wokesters mostly in Washington, see the Biden misadministration as heading to electoral disaster, and want some way to back off from the ChiCom virus, give Biden credit for defeating it, and moving on. Wonder if we will see a Night of the Long Knives, when one band of fascists turns on the other?

More later. Let's get this out. 

Monday, January 10, 2022


Don't know if there's anybody still out there, but I am here. I know. Alert the Media! Bring out the balloons and the clowns!

In case there is somebody there, let me explain. I got floored by a variety of health issues, including getting a new knee. I had always been happy with the one God issued me, but I guess the warranty ran out. Then other health issues kicked in to complicate things along with a variety of family issues, travel, and having to deal with my "vast" real estate holdings--Downton Abbey, you got nothing on me. A couple of trips to the DC area--ugh!--and other such travails.

The Diplowife headed off to Spain to deal with her mother's death and the various issues that flow from that. It was a nightmare getting her on a plane. The American Airlines rep who sold us the tickets said all we need is proof of vaccination against the (drumroll) dread ChiCom virus. We dutifully got that, with booster included, and proudly waved our little booklet certifying that we are good citizens of the Republic. Well, guess what? That wasn't enough. Since I suspected as much, we arrived three hours early for the flight. The Diplowife showed her tickets, passport, proof of vaccination (all this more than you need to vote), and I swung her bag onto the scale in anticipation of it being whisked away. No. The rather rude AA clerk, while clacking away on her computer, and without looking up, suddenly says, "Where's your health form?" We didn't know what she was talking about. No health form, no boarding. Only after some interrogation did she reveal that we needed a health form from the Spanish Ministry of Health. In response to my stupid question of where we get such a form, she mumbled, "From the Spanish Ministry of Health." We're at the airport in Raleigh, North Carolina amidst a crowd of impatient passengers, and I am told to get a form from the Spanish Ministry of Health. Fortunately some kind soul wandered by and said, "You have to scan this QR to get it." He showed us the cute little box QR code, and I scanned it with my camera. We were told to get out of line as we were holding things up. Off we scurried to a little corner, and on my wife's phone, I fill out the form over and over. For some reason it wanted the dates year/month/day without explaining that. The whole thing was written in some weird Spanglish. We finally fill it out correctly and press "SUBMIT"--very appropriate word. And wait. And wait. And wait. No "OK to board."  Fortunately, another passer-by heard us, and said, "Oh you have to download Google Chrome." I had never heard of Google Chrome. App Store; download; fill out the form again; we get our OK form and back to the ticket line. No cutting!

Diplowife reports that the AA plane and flight were horrendous. It's a crappy airline which has gotten worse and worse. When I was a Diplo I hated using AA or any of the other US flag airlines we were forced to use. Terrible. The best? Singapore Air. Always used it whenever I got the opportunity. But, I digress. Spain? One of my favorite places on earth has gone nuts "combatting" the China Virus. The Diplowife reported total mask madness, and a brainwashed population convinced that millions are dropping like flies every day. No proof required. Well, she survived, and came back, and guess what? She's heading back to Spain next Friday. We are filling out forms, again, on the assumption that the flight won't get cancelled.  

I will resume blogging once she's on the plane.