Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Monday, July 24, 2023

Spanish Elections: The Sorta Right Wins a Sorta Victory

 You can resume breathing. The Spanish election results are in. 

The Partido Popular, the major "conservative" party, has won the most seats of any other party but fallen short of a majority in the 350 seat House of Parliament. The PP did "defeat" the Socialists of the PSOE, winning more seats (136), and becoming the largest contingent in the Parliament, but will have a tough time gluing together a coalition to reach 176 seats. 

The PSOE (122 seats) also will have rough time putting together a ruling coalition, and the regional independence parties already have signaled that they will not support the PSOE without a price. 

The PP has called on the PSOE not to block the formation of a PP government despite the lack of a clear majority, noting that no party has ruled after losing an election. We'll see about that, but the "experts," the same ones who called the election generally wrong, predict a caretaker that will call for new elections before the end of the year. 

Will the results be different?

We had a grand old time in a mountain top restaurant near the French border. The restaurant is owned by a Colombian and his British partner from the Falklands--never met a person from the Falklands before, and we had an interesting conversation about Colombia, the Falklands, and that the EU has now officially adopted the name Malvinas for the Falklands.

Anyhow, it's now raining like hell, and I hope to have a peaceful day with minimal activity. 

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Spain's Elections: A Swing to the Right?

Went and watched part of the show by the Village People at the San Sebastian "jazz" festival. Pretty good crowd on the beach watching the, frankly, kind of boring show. Every song sounded the same, and everybody was there for one thing: YMCA! It was the last song, and the Euro youth went wild. BTW, a well-behaved crowd, no fights, no trash, and regardless of from whence they came, they all spoke English. Pretty impressive on all counts.

Anyhow, Spain's national elections take place this Sunday, July 23. The opposition is up in arms over the date, given that the 25th is a national holiday, and most people seem to be traveling or making plans to travel.  That will, it seems, keep the voter turn-out lower than usual, something which the opposition suggests will benefit the unpopular socialist government now in power.  

There will also be widespread use of mail-in ballots, something about which Spaniards have a great suspicion. Despite all that, the pundits and my highly unscientific interviews suggest the socialists (PSOE) will lose their government to the conservative Partido Popular and its various allies. 

We'll see. 

I have been invited to an election night dinner with a gaggle of friends and relatives from all over the political spectrum to watch the returns. Might be fun.

I will report developments. I am sure you can't wait. 

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Fitbit, Jazz, YMCA, and Whistleblowers

Still in San Sebastian. We had a wonderful lunch yesterday overlooking the Concha Beach. Wonderful weather to along with the food and conversation--no politics. 

Today, I have already put some 10,000 steps on my Fitbit before 11am. This is very much a walking town, and it's rare to go to bed without some 18-21000 steps on the ol' Fitbit. Walking around last night, noticed that the parks were full of moms, dads, grandparents, running children, and dogs well past 11pm. Not many places in the world nowadays where you see that.

The tourist horde continues to arrive as we head into the weekend and the International Jazz Festival. That event is now a very big deal, and not at all what I remember from some 50-plus years ago. Back then, it took place in a small square in the old part of town, was free, and drew amateur and b-level musicians. It was fun. 

Now, the thing is a monster, takes place at different large modern venues, and not free. Too crowded for me; I was never a jazz connoisseur, to start, much less knowledgable about that art form. The names of the artists coming from all over the world don't mean much to me EXCEPT for one. Yes, the Village People (YMCA!) are coming to town. I never realized that that gay quartet was consider part of the jazz world, but there you have it. I report, you deride. 

I spent a lot of time listening to the testimony of the IRS whistleblowers. In a sane and just world, it would prove devastating for the Biden crime family and the DOJ/FBI. The Democrats at the hearing, and on social media, made clowns of themselves, trying their hardest to ridicule and ignore the powerful testimony and evidence of how the IRS, the DOJ, and the FBI sought to suppress the case against the Biden criminals. 

Now, the question is, of course, what will the Republicans do about it? Strong letter? Couple of interviews on NewsMax? 

This is the test of the party. Will it fight back against a weaponized Federal bureaucracy out to destroy what remains of our democratic republic?

I am not optimistic, but pray that I am wrong. 

Monday, July 17, 2023

Hanging out in San Sebastian

I love this town of San Sebastian. The geography is spectacular, the food is the best in the world, and, despite all the tourists as San Sebastian overtakes Monaco as the place to be, the people here have retained their culture, history, and language, and remain friendly to the wave of outsiders hitting the beaches, bars, and restaurants. The violence of the ETA-era is gone; it's a remarkably safe and orderly city. Bravo to the politicians of left and right, who, despite their disagreements, have come together to make this a wonderful place. 

I have received no reimbursement for above paean to San Sebastian.

Today, the Diplowife's birthday, we went to the little town of Guetaria (Getaria in Basque) on the coast about 45 minutes from San Sebastian by bus. 

This town's claim to fame is as the birthplace of Juan Sebastian Elcano, the first man to sail around the world. It also was the birthplace of fashion designer Balenciaga, and his house is a very nice museum.

 Great little town with a fabulous array of restaurants and a beautiful harbor and beach. We had very nice, although expensive, meal at the Elcano restaurant. We made reservations two months in advance at what is ranked as one of the world's best restaurants. 

It was nice to get away from politics and revel in the history of the West.

Friday, July 14, 2023


The only word that can describe what's transpiring in the West: Absurd.

We have an absurd "President," one who 75% of the time has no idea where he is or what he is supposed to be doing wherever it is hat he is. His performance at the recent NATO meeting was a classic example. 

About that meeting, we note that after all the hype about Ukraine joining NATO, that venerable organization has decided, "Nah. Not today Mr. Z, not today." The whole idea of admitting Ukraine to NATO is, of course, absurd. Kind of like an insurance company selling a homeowner fire insurance while the house is on fire. All liabilities.  

I see that our absurd "President" is also making some sort of absurd pledge to "liberate" Belarus, as well. Yes, just what we need: even more involvement in the complex issues of easternmost eastern Europe. Is somebody from Belarus paying the Biden family? Yes, another area for a possible do-nothing absurd investigation.

All this absurdity, of course, while China eats our breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Western officials go along with it.

In Europe, of course, the full-scale invasion by hostile forces goes unabated; NATO nowhere to be seen on that threat. Major European cities have joined the San Francisco Club, becoming third world wastelands. On this July 14, Bastille Day, France finds itself succumbing to this invasion by people who have no idea of French history or culture, except a twisted one which drives them to destroy the very country that takes them in. 

In the UK, we see a similar process underway with a criminally inept political class blathering on about nonsense, e.g., climate change, while the Channel is a clogged, one-way highway of "asylum" seekers. The Brits have become as absurd, stupid, and self-destructive as we.

And, of course,  in DC, "whistle blowers" find themselves "suddenly" charged with all sorts of nefarious crimes while Hunter skates, and we have the continuing mystery of the "coke bag" that suddenly appeared in some (variable) secure location in the White House. The Secret Service has closed its investigation telling an increasingly non-believing public, "We just don't know how it got there and who brought it." 

I guess our super-duper Jetsons security machinery is actually from another Hanna-Barbera production, "The Flintstones." Yes, "we just don't know." Inspector Clouseau could have solved this one.

I am sitting in my place in San Sebastian. It's a beautiful day outside, although way too many tourists. I am going to have a coffee and try not to think about the "absurd."

Happy Bastille Day to my friends in France watching their country be destroyed.


Monday, July 10, 2023

Hot Time in Madrid

Well, the Diplowife and I are back in our little place in Madrid, and will head off for our place in San Sebastian later today. We will be in Spain for about three weeks. 

It is hot here. It is currently 230 am and in the mid-80s. No A/C, of course, not with European energy prices. The temp will break 100 again later today. This, of course, has the chattering classes going on about Global Warming, you know, this is "the hottest it's been in 125,000 years"! Right. So why was it hotter 125,000 years ago? Nonsense, of course. It's summer in the northern hemisphere; that's all.

Anyhow, I see the Great Mystery of the "Cocaine in the White House" has yet to be solved even with the WH now trying to push the coke off on some workers who were refurbishing a part of the WH. Yeah, yeah. All the while Uncle Joe depletes our ammunition supplies, even giving away our stocks of cluster munitions, the same ones the lefties decried as inhumane not that long ago. I guess, when it comes to giving stuff to Joe's Ukrainian masters, everything is fine, nothing is too good. 

This, of course, taking place while our idiotic Secretary of the Treasury does her best imitation of one of those Perpetual Drinking Birds while meeting PRC officials: bow, I must bow repeatedly to our New Lords . . . Disgusting.

The Stumbling Biden Mummy has taken his show on the road to London, where he met the almost as stumbling King Charles. 

What a crazy pair! 

The West is coming apart at the seams as our economies sputter; we edge closer to nuclear war with Russia over something not of our concern; and our cities become vast wastelands thanks to unfettered immigration from hostile nations. These two intellectually limited grifters talk about climate change.

Dark times for the West.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

At the NC Lincoln-Douglass-Reagan Gala: Listening to LTG Robinson

The Diplowife and I attended the annual NC GOP Abraham Lincoln-Frederick Douglass-Ronald Reagan gala in downtown Wilmington. Must have been well over 1000 people at this sold-out event. The big attraction was an address by current North Carolina Lt. Governor and candidate for Governor Mark Robinson. I have mentioned him before (here) when I heard him speak at the NC GOP Convention where he blasted one out of the park  with a real barn-burner of a speech. 

Well, he did it again. 

The man is a genuinely awesome speaker, can speak for well over an hour with no notes, no teleprompter, and deliver a powerful conservative message. He is a wonderful throwback to the Black Southern preachers who could speak and rouse a crowd. He is patriotic, funny, humble, biting, witty, etc., everything you want in a speaker. I am voting for him to be the next governor of North Carolina. I recommend you get his speeches--unedited, if you can--on YouTube. 

My only concern is his health. He is very overweight, and clearly seems to have high blood pressure, and, probably, diabetes. He needs to take better care of himself, as he is the sort that is a liberal Democrat's nightmare.

Friday, July 7, 2023

Good Movie: "Sound of Freedom"

The Diplowife and I went yesterday to see "Sound of Freedom." All the evening tickets were sold out in our first choice of theater, and we had to go a bit further away, and take an afternoon show before we could get in. 

Let me say that I was reluctant to see it. I don't like heavy-handed propaganda regardless of where on the political spectrum it emerges. Local contacts here in Wilmington, however, who seem reasonable, kept saying we should go. So, we went.

It proved a pretty good little film. The acting from all was excellent, especially the little kids, and it had a good tight direction and pace. The film is based on a true story, but I don't know to what extent it remained faithful to that true story. The film stars Jim Caviezel as a somewhat rogue Homeland Officer, Tim Ballard, who decides to take on child trafficking at one of its sources in Latin America. Parts of the film, frankly, are hard to watch, but it does avoid the soft-porn into which it easily could have degenerated. Ballard and some shady but ultimately decent folks set up a giant sting in Colombia, and nab some serious traffickers and free dozens of children. There is, I suspect, a Hollywoodized account of Ballard's confrontation in the jungle with a major drug trafficker and rebel who also deals in children. Well done and not overly violent. 

It is worth sitting through the credit roll at the end, as some interesting information is provided about Ballard and what he achieved. There is also a heartfelt two or three minute monologue by Caviezel asking us to support efforts to end child trafficking and slavery. He also notes that the movie was shot five years ago, but no distributor could be found until now. Hollywood, I guess, doesn't like criticizing pedos.

The movie is good and deservedly is kicking the box-office butt of "Indiana Jones," despite being shown on far fewer screens.

I would note, further, that whatever progress was made in combating child trafficking has been largely undone by the Biden open border. The traffickers of drugs and people, including children, have little to no difficulty crossing the border. The Democrats apparently favor drug and children traffickers. Surprised?

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Coke is It: White House, White Lines, White Lies

Just a quick one before I head off for lunch.

Looks like the Biden Crime family has decided that, "Coke is it!" As you all know," a "bag" of a white substance was found somewhere in or near the White House. The story has changed repeatedly: the initial account reported that a "bag"--size, weight never given--with a "white powder" had been found "near" the White House, and would be tested to see if it was "toxic." 

When that story would no longer hold because of the leaks, then the bag was found to contain cocaine, and had been located in the "library," no, no, well, in a common work area accessible to staff and "tourists." Oh, by the way Hunter was at Camp David; well, no, he had been at the White House for part of Friday, but since the bag was found a day or so later it couldn't have been his, because, well, you know, the place is intensely searched every day, except how did it get there in the first place?  

Look, it's been years since I have visited the White House or the Old Executive Office Building. When I worked at State, and especially for Maureen Reagan, I went there many times; every time I got thoroughly searched, briefcase opened, pockets emptied, metal detector, pat down, the works. Cameras everywhere. So, all that now has stopped, and anonymous tourists roam as at some sort of Safari park? Yeah, right. The only people not searched--drum roll!--family! 

I love the media's attempts at helping with the cover-up. A tourist did it, in an area not covered by CCTV. Staff did it.  My favorite, "We likely will never know who brought the coke into the White House . . . " 


We all know some poor low-level employee is going to get the blame.

This White House is a total disgrace.

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

July 4, Happy?

Not a cheery Fourth. 

Our country and the West have sunk to Mariana Trench depths. Our friend from the War of Independence, the one we all love to hate and then love, again, France, is burning; its stores, schools, cultural centers, automobiles, all ablaze in an outburst of violence. Cops injured. This time not from some Prussian or German attack, but from people from North Africa and elsewhere to whom France rolled out the welcome mat. We see the same grim outlook throughout most of Europe, a place where the elites have decided that they so hate their civilization that will turn it over to savages. 

We, of course, see the same forces at work here in the USA on birthday number 247.

Western civilization, the greatest the world has ever known, is dying: poisoned, bludgeoned and set afire by the creatures who have emerged from its schools of "higher learning" in alliance with some of the most retrograde elements of the most retrograde civilizations on earth. I wrote years ago, that our progressive elites have entered into a Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with the jihadis, but it is a much more inclusive Pact than that. 

If you hate your culture, your country, your history--although you might not know it--and have serious personality disorders, e.g., think you're a woman when you're a man, you are welcome in the club. Pick up your mask at the gate.

Above all you must be a racist: you must hate white people even if you're white. 

The mentally disturbed have the controls.

All that said, we will have our July 4 BBQ; we will toast the nation we thought we had. 

I will look at my grandkids and wonder what kind of a Fourth they will have in not too many years. 

Monday, July 3, 2023

Do NOT go see the Horrid new Indiana Jones

In the midst of all the bad news, here's some more. 

We went with some close friends to see the latest "Indiana Jones." 

What can I possibly say except, what we all thought at the end, "DON'T GO! Save your money!" Dreadful film. I hope it goes bust. Yeah, Disney another winner from you. 

I had been warned not to go because the thing was a woke travesty. I found, however, that the woke crap, e.g., a badass black Guyanese woman as a top FBI agent in 1969, proved the least objectionable aspect of "Indiana Jones." It had so much more to detest.

Let's start with the major casting. Harrison Ford is Harrison Ford, and Indiana Jones is his, much like James Bond belonged to Sean Connery, or Dirty Harry to Clint Eastwood. You could replace him, but, nah. Ol' Harrison, however, has gotten rather old so it might be time to hang up the fedora. He, nevertheless, was fine in this film to the extent that anything was fine. 

There was a total waste of some fine actors such as Mads Mikkelson who played a weird Werner von Braun type hard-core Nazi--lots of Nazis in the film; also wasted was Toby Jones who didn't get much to do except be surprised by everything. Most of the other actors, meh, nothing to write home about.

The one who absolutely, positively ruined the film almost from the start was the extremely unfunny, uncharismatic, and just goofy-looking British "comedienne," Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She is not funny, charming, or appealing in any way. Who thought she would fit into this film? She was supposed to be Indiana Jones's goddaughter and, oh, who cares? She was awful. Madame Tussaud could have produced a better actor. She alone is the reason to avoid this film.

The producers obviously spent a lot of money on the movie, lot of location shooting, and some of the CGI was quite impressive, especially the de-aging of Harrison Ford. Most of the film, however, was just boring nonsense interspersed with seemingly endless chase scenes: on foot, in trains, in cars, on horseback, on motorcycles, on tuk-tuks, on boats, in airplanes, YAWN. Some good movie sets, e.g., the train, and some terrible ones, e.g., NYC in the 1960s. Then when they ran out of every other idea, TIME TRAVEL! Yes, we need Romans and ancient Greeks, yeah, that's the ticket . . .  Just a total lack of imagination. The give-away on that, by the way, is that the writing "credits" go to several people including the director. When you see that, almost always means the film is in trouble.

This franchise is dead.

Anyhow, avoid.

That is all.

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Paris: The Beirut of Europe?

The riots in Paris apparently now have spread to other French cities and even to the French Caribbean. YouTube has run videos of rioters, not only burning cars and buildings but carrying and firing what appear as fully automatic weapons. Reportedly, police have arrested some 2600 persons for rioting and looting. The silly President Macron, pulled away from an Elton John concert, has deployed 45,000 police across France to contain the violence, and has cancelled another of his thousands of official visits to Germany.

It makes difficult reading about and viewing these events because one knows that about fifty percent--at least--of what one gets is either a lie or presented in such a convoluted way as to hide bare and brutal facts. The initial reports seemed very similar to reports in the US involving a police shooting: a definite St. George Floyd vibe to it all. You know: vague as to whom was shot and why exactly. We learned, of course, that the cop was white and the dead "youth" of "Algerian descent," not clear, of course, whether legally in the country--can't ask. The shooting took place at a traffic stop, with some of the action caught (of course) on video; the tape seems to show two policemen leaning into the car through the open driver side window, one officer has his weapon drawn. The car suddenly jerks forward and the policeman shoots. 

You have to dig around to discover that the "youth" had a long criminal record, was "known to police," and was driving, without a driver license, an expensive unregistered Mercedes with Polish plates when the cops stopped him. 

Was the car stolen? Why did the car suddenly jump forward? Did the cop fear for his life? Why did the officer have his weapon out and aimed at the "youth"? The policeman has been charged with homicide, and all but convicted by the political establishment and the media. Despite that, we get riots  "demanding justice," and, well while we're here, let's take stuff from the Apple Store, some Nikes, a Louis Vuitton handbag, or three, etc. Let us not forget to burn down the cultural center.

The rioters appear to be mostly "minorities," as the press so delicately puts it, supported, of course, by scraggly white "youths" and cheered on by fat white girls--I didn't know France had so many fat girls . . . live and learn. Oh, and, naturally, the UN has to chime in berating France's cops as racist.

Does all this sound familiar to American readers?

We've lived through many cycles of this here in the USA. In the end, the facts are rarely as initially presented by the media, e.g., Kyle Rittenhouse, Trayvon Martin, "hands up don't shoot," and on and on.

Beyond this particular story, will we ever hear about what is really happening in France and Europe? There is an invasion underway that is dramatically changing the social and political scene in Europe. France, Germany, Belgium, Norway. The demographics of European cities have been permanently altered. Go to Paris or London, and whole swathes of those cities look like Timbuktu or Marrakesh. I won't be visiting those places again any time soon; if I want to see urban rot, I'll go to San Francisco.

The Trojan horse has entered the gates and disgorged its contents, and 1980's Beirut is the result.