Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Democrats: Looking for the Sharpest Fool in the Shed . . .

So now it turns out that the Dem machine is reporting that the Russians are working on behalf of Bernie.

Only fair.

Bernie worked on the behalf of the Russians for the past fifty years . . . pay back.

I guess it's time to get out and crank up the ol' defibrillator, go find Mueller and his gang of "angry Democrats," start issuing subpoenas, hold hearings, and ruining people's lives. Got to get to the bottom of this new Russian collusion story! Adam Schiff, call your office, start leaking.

OK, Dems, now that Moscow presents virtually no threat to the USA, let's go get'em! When Moscow presented an, that word, "EXISTENTIAL" threat to America, we had to get along with them, not worry about Communism, etc. But now! The Russians are a conservative, white, Christian nation, and enemies of the jihadis! So, crush Moscow!

 Don't let Putin pick out the sharpest fool in your shed! You have the right to make that selection on your own!

Ah, Dems, let me get my crystal ball out, spray a little Windex, a little wiping, and, yes, yes, the mist is clearing . . . I see McGovern . . . or, wait, maybe, Dukakis in your near future.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Nope. Not Gonna Mention the Dem Debate. Nope. Not all. Not at All . . .

I watched IT.

This IT was not the Ray Bradbury IT, a film about aliens from outer space which had the great Barbara Rush. No. This IT was the Democratic debate of Wednesday night. This new one did not have Barbara Rush or Richard Carlson, had much worse production values, and, of course, inferior acting and writing. IT did, however, have on stage beings from outer space . . . I hope, in any case, that is so . . .

No. I am not going to write about this IT; much too embarrassing. But . . .

How can the world's oldest political party find these people as standard bearers? The cast of characters consists of:

A chronic liar, and fake "Indian" champion of women's rights who had her female staff of color in Nevada walk out on her;

a fake as fake can be failed mayor of a small midwestern town;

a virtually unheard of Senator from Minnesota who whines and cries about being mocked and called names by the fake mayor;

a corrupt and ailing former Vice President with a resplendent and freshly bottoxed forehead;

an ailing, more than slightly deranged, aged Communist throw-back to the USSR;

and a wooden billionaire, ashamed of his record as mayor of NYC, trying to buy his way into the White House, and paying off the "MeTooers" in his past.

Who wrote this screenplay? Is it based on an original story by Jerry Seinfeld? It was a debate about nothing. Empty Gaia worship. Zingers flying. Voices raised. And then, as the fake mayor would say in his bad Spanish, "Nada."

Keep at IT, Dems. Your spacecraft will eventually arrive and take you back to your home planet.

Meanwhile, I am not going to write about it . . . Nope. Not one word . . .

Monday, February 17, 2020

Reflections on This and That, and can "Mike get it done?"

Well, we have begun the long process of preparing our new house in Wilmington for human habitation. With the legal and financial stuff out of the way, we initiate the horrid process of moving furniture and other goodies into the place. We already have had one little Diploventure involving Diplodog and Diplowife. The new property has a very nice salt water pool and Hartza, our 100 lb. Akita/Shepherd, found it very intriguing. He became particularly obsessed with a floating plastic frog that has a thermometer serving as a keel. Hartza wanted to grab that thing, and would wait patiently at the edge of the pool for the frogometer to float by, and, of course, you guessed it: on one pass-by, he lunged for froggie, missed, slipped, and head first into the pool he went. I laughed mightily, but the Diplowife who considers Hartza beyond special jumped into the rather frigid pool, fully clothed, to "rescue" the canine. She did, dragging him to the stairs where he climbed out under his own power. The fun never stops.

Speaking of people jumping into frigid pools--watch this segue--ol' uber-rich Mike Bloomberg, the ex mayor of my birthplace, NYC, has jumped into the candidate pool, protecting himself from the frigid waters with a multi-billion dollar wetsuit of ceaseless TV, radio, and social media adverts telling us "Mike can get it done!"

What it is that he "can get done" is left vague, but with clear lefty overtones--e.g., gun "safety," lots of images of him with Obama (take that Joe!) It seems, there's that word, that this lavish spending, in fact, has pushed him up in the opinion polls against the Dems' other lackluster candidates; he has been sucking the oxygen out of the room, drawing lots of attention to himself and generating speculation about how he will save the Dems from impending disaster in November--even some talk of his picking Crooked Hillary as Veep. Yeah, yeah, we'll see. He, of course, has yet to take to the debate stage or test himself in an actual vote. Money does not always win the election; I refer Mike to 2016, wherein Crooked Hillary vastly outspent Donald Trump and still lost.

Even more important, the knives have begun to come out for Mike, and slash away at his plush wetsuit. We already have seen the beginnings of a "MeToo" problem for Mike, and, of course, in leaked comments, he has revealed his arrogant, elitist soul for all to see with his outrageous comments about farmers, implying that what they do requires minimal intelligence and has even less importance. I hope the folks in Iowa, Idaho, Wisconsin, Texas, Montana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Ohio, the Dakotas, the Carolinas, and elsewhere all across this great country take in his view of people outside of the Blue bubbles where he lives and operates. See what he thinks of you? Think he would be your president? He also wants to shut down the coal and the oil industries, kill the unborn at will, take your guns, kill you if you're old, tell you what to eat and drink, if you're black or brown throw you up against a wall and frisk you, and, to top it off, he thinks that you're stupid.

Nice. Very nice.

Oh, and remember, he's the MODERATE Dem candidate . . .

BTW, I wonder how long Mike would survive as a farmer or fracker?

He's just another member of the Democrat Clown car, the only difference being that he owns his own limo.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Corruptocrat Joe Shuffles to the Door . . .

It seems that all those Ukrainian voters in Iowa and New Hampshire have exacted their revenge on Joe "Hunter did nothing wrong" Biden.

Boy, I never knew that the tentacles of Ukraine could reach into the bountiful heartland and into the craggy ol' granite state. Got to hand it to those Ukrainian organizers for getting all those folks to vote for Bernie "Honeymoon in the USSR" Sanders, and Pete "Did Nothing for South Bend" Buttigieg. Amazing.

Can't wait for Joe to realize he got outplayed by the "lying, dog-faced, pony soldier" oligarchs in Kyiv. Heirs of Tyrone Power, call your lawyer! Get those royalties before Joe runs out of dough!

This humble blog had long predicted the inevitable demise of Joe Biden. Almost a year ago, I wrote,
I've always seen him as a pompous bore, and, frankly, not terribly bright. I mean, folks, please, in 1988, he plagiarized from Neil Kinnock, yes, Neil Kinnock, another not very interesting, pompous bore full of conventional establishment "wisdom." If you're going to steal speeches from Kinnock . . . well, never mind. 
In sum, if Biden ever had a "best-if-used-by" date he appears to have passed it--as we will see. < . . . >
As we can see from the score or so of calamities now running or about to run for the Dem nomination in 2020, the ground in the Democratic Party, the world's oldest political party, has shifted radically. Poor Joe, apparently, did not get the memo, the one that says white guys not welcome, or he misunderstood it, "That can't mean me! I love women! I love black people! I don't want them back in chains!" He thought, I guess, that he could gain an exemption from the identity politics mantra.
To prove himself worthy of such an exemption, Joe proceeded to do what Joe does best: give bad speeches. He berated "white male culture"; he made fun of English jurisprudence; and, in a bid for feminist votes, even fell for that nonsensical story about the origins of "rule of thumb." He apologized for being a white guy on the Senate committee that dealt with black Anita Hill's nonsensical accusations against black Clarence Thomas. Joe, really, really wants to be with it . . .
I wrote other postings expressing, to put it mildly, doubts about Ol' Joe (here and here, for example.) He, simply put, is a doddering, tottering fool who should never have been allowed back on the stage. He was a fool as a young man and remains so in his senior years. I find it highly painful to watch and hear him.

He should retire quietly to enjoy the millions he and his crooked family have made over the years from politics. I think, frankly, we will not have long to wait for Joe to shuffle away, muttering about his loyalty to Obama, about his confrontation with Corn Pop . . . and on and on.

That will leave the Democrats with an avowed Marxist, or what we Cold War veterans would call a Communist, a completely fake gay white version of the fake black Obama, a couple of lesser lights who have managed to keep their "accomplishments" well hidden from view, and a fabulously wealthy fraud who is financing his own campaign and repudiating his accomplishments as mayor of New York to gain the favor of the "woke" crowd.

To quote that famous Ukrainian, Oliver Hardy, "Another nice mess you have gotten us into!"

Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Impeachment Hoax: A Ripping Yarn

Some time back, March 29, 2018, to be exact, I wrote a piece on Trump's foreign policy titled, "The Dogs Bark, but the Caravan . . ." Well, the caravan, of course, despite the braying and barking of the "experts,"the overpaid pundits, and the snickering bien pensants moves on.

That title could just as appropriately be rebooted as a description not only of the Trumpian approach to foreign policy, but to the Trumpian approach to policy, period. 

Trump's caravan's moves on.

For three long years, Trump and his supporters have been subjected to investigations, accusations, and outright slander and libel. The RUSSIA! story, of course, turned out to be an elaborate fantasy bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign and the DNC, and abetted by the Obama/Biden White House and the corrupt Deep State of career bureaucrats. It sought to undo the 2016 election. It was, plain and simple, a coup attempt

It's sequel, UKRAINE!, was nothing more than a pale and lifeless photocopy of RUSSIA! The big difference being that this time the Democrat overlords in the Congress, the bureaucracy, and the media decided to execute the scheme hands-on. It would not be turned over to some senescent, barely aware former FBI man, and a gang of spies; this time the Democrat Congressional leadership would lead the charge openly, and go with the ultimate nuclear option described in our Constitution, the impeachment and removal of a sitting President. 

The frustrated golpistas fished around for a "reason," a cover, really, to sail off on an impeachment process and settled on the weak and leaky "Trump-Zelensky phone call." Crewed by a fake "whistleblower," cooperative and lying House staffers and media acolytes, and captained by one of the most pronounced liars, Adam Schiff, in the Congress, the SS Ukraine sailed off to impeachment land. It ended up as we all could have predicted: smashed upon the rocks of reality.

Trump has emerged stronger and more full of fight than he was at the start. His State of the Union speech was a masterpiece of optimistic defiance. His opponents were relegated to childish stunts of "resistance." The most childish of all being, of course, Speaker Pelosi, standing at the Speaker's podium in the House, slowly, deliberately, and ostentatiously tearing up a government document, Trump's speech, on national television. The look of concentration on the face of the old bat as she was doing the tearing will provide endless numbers of memes and political ads for Trump in the upcoming election. Nance The Ripper. Why not just hold your breath until you turn blue?

Keep barking, keep barking. Eventually the dog catcher will get you . . . 

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Democrats' Marxist Civil War: Karl vs Groucho

The 2020 Iowa caucuses have proven an endless source of entertainment, mirth, and just pure amazement.

In the long history of these weird political events, the one just held this week had to be the weirdest of them all.

First, of course, the cast of characters we saw which range from an avowed Communist and Soviet-admirer to a burnt out corruptocrat ex-VP, and all sorts of other oddities in-between. These candidates are nuts.

Second, literally for years, everybody in the Iowa Democrat party knew the caucuses were to be held this month. The World's Oldest Political Party still managed to put together the most shambolic political event I have ever witnessed since, well, perhaps at least since the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago. Nothing went right! Was it the fault of the vote-counting "App"? Do Democrats need to learn to code? Do they need to learn how to count? Was it just a general level of incompetence? A malicious intent to prevent Bernie from gloating about his "victory"?  

Whatever it was, it was a true Seinfeld event: a tale about nothing brought to you by Marxism.

Yep, we saw a duel between the two principal Marxist wings of the Democrat Party: the Karl Marxists and the Groucho Marxists. It was all, I don't know, a sort of a matter runs into anti-matter, or unstoppable force meets immovable object collision. If train K leaves the station going West at one pm at fifty mph, and train G leaves a station 100 miles down the line going East at 2 pm . .  . when will they collide?

The only thing that saves our Republic from the Democrats, it seems, is that the Karl and the Groucho wings cancel each other out.

More popcorn! Keep at it, Democrats!

Trump 2020.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Britons never, never, never shall be slaves . . .

Congratulations to my British friends on their independence day. I genuinely hope that in the coming months and years Britain takes full advantage of its escape from the lethal embrace of the EU.

As the six or seven regular readers of this inconsequential blog know, I have been a long time supporter of Brexit.

My support for Britsh independence began years ago when I worked with British diplomatic, military, and intel personnel in various countries. I was appalled by how their freedom of action was constrained by the need to consult with their European “partners.” Those so-called “partners,” by the way, detested Britain and the British relationship with us. I remember a terrific Australian diplomat in Indonesia telling me, after I had expressed frustration with how difficult it had become to work with the British, “Forget the Brits. They want to be European not British.” For years I feared that to be true. Every visit I made to the UK over the years confirmed that this was a country intent on eradicating its amazing culture, history, and identity. London, one of the greatest cities on earth, had become increasingly a Third World bazaar governed by a mix of self-hating “woke” morons and hate-filled new arrivals. London was no longer English. If I wanted to see an anti-Western city I could have stayed in my old home town of Los Angeles.

But, perhaps, just perhaps, I was wrong. Is that possible?

Beneath the surface decay and the forced public obedience to the New World Order, the Ol’ Lion’s heart still beat. I commented before (Here for example) re the Brexit referendum. I was delighted when it passed and, once again appalled, by how the deceptive and treacherous PM May deliberately threw away the victory in the polls, and undertook some bizarre negotiations with the EU clearly designed to make sure that Britain never left the EU. I was again delighted when Britain’s equivalent of Donald Trump walked into Number 10; Boris “The Dude” Johnson vowed to execute the will of the people, and get Britain out of the EU. All the regular crowd of “annoited ones” threw everything they had at The Dude, but, in the famous words of the Original Dude, “The Dude abides.” And he certainly did that and more: he won a stunning parliamentary mandate, sent the horrid anti-American, anti-semite, and anti-British Labour clowns running, and began to fulfill his promise to make Britain Great and Independent Again.

As I said at the outset, I hope that the PM can begin the process of undoing decades of progressive damage to Britain. Britain has a wonderful opportunity as an independent country to establish relations with Europe and the rest of the world that benefit Britain. I hope that Britain gets its immigration issues under control and that the layers and layers of regulations that hold back British innovation and restrain the economy are drastically reduced. I want to see the UK and the US as full partners once again.

And, of course, we must extend a special thanks to Nigel Farage who has fought with intelligence, courage, and great wit to achieve this new beginning.