Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Nord Stream Pipeline: Gas Blast or Gaslighting?

 OK, with great trepidation, I weigh in on the Nord Stream (NS) disruption. 

As you all know, a variety of official and non-official Scandinavian, German, and other sources reported about two days ago that the NS pipelines (both, one?) had developed huge methane gas leaks, in at least three different spots. The Danish navy provided some dramatic video of the ocean bubbling and roiling as the gas erupted into the atmosphere from the sea. 

Lots of commentary about what a huge ecological-economic disaster these leaks would prove. I will leave that discussion to the "experts." Just as they have so accurately told us everything we need to know about COVID, global climate change, and the number of genders, they will, certainly, inform us as to what we need to know in that regard.

I am more concerned about the speculation about who caused the leak. I have heard reports from Sweden and Netherlands about explosions detected by seismological equipment just before the leaks were noted. Is that true? I don't know, and the journalists" writing this stuff don't know either.  

What could be the explanation for these blasts/leaks? Lots of speculation, repeat speculation, that it was Putin's boys who did this to freeze out Germany and NATO as winter approaches. Moscow's old friend "General Winter" has been called back into service, apparently. 

Eh . . . I am not convinced. 

Now, of course, we "know" that Russia threw the 2016 election to Trump . . . and . . . oh, wait, that wasn't true, was it? But, Putin thought about it, without a doubt. 

Anyhow, it is not clear to my little retired brain why Russia would blow up a critical piece of infrastructure in which Russia has a majority stake, and which provides Moscow much needed foreign currency. To starve out NATO? Yeah, but wouldn't it be easier to shut off the pipelines? One apparently wasn't operating, and the other wasn't at full capacity anyways . . . blow up the infrastructure? Russia? Got my doubts.

Did the USA do it? Did the US blast the NS? God, I hope not; despite all the idiot talk by "President" Biden and clowns such as Toria Newland about how we would shut down NS. I would hope (a forlorn hope?) that enough reasonable people remain even in this illegitimate regime to reject such an order, or at the minimum leak it--like methane gas. Blowing up the NS is pretty much akin to war. 

Would we have done such a thing without clearing it with the UK, Germany, and NATO? Without girding ourselves for the Russian response? I have doubts, but am willing to admit I might be wrong. 

There is lots of speculation about how only a nation with deep-sea diving capabilities could have done it, in other words, the US navy. Nah. In today's computer-mad, internet world, is it too crazy to think about some sort of savvy internet hackers as culprits? Could hackers either working for extremist environmentalists, rabid anti-Moscow hackers, or, how about, Ukraine have carried out some sort of virus-laden sabotage? The US and Israel, for example, have conducted such hacking operations against Iran's computer-controlled nuclear program centrifuge machines. Computer geeks out there, tell me.

These leaks could also, of course, result from the well-known Russian managerial incompetence that gave us Chernobyl and the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier. A real possibility: one which should be at the top of any list of potential culprits.

I just hope our fingerprints aren't on this. 


Monday, September 26, 2022

Italia in the News

I am no expert on Italian politics, and don't play one on the internet. I, however, suspect that many, if not most, of the journalists commenting in the US media on yesterday's elections in Italy aren't experts either. That, of course, doesn't stop them from referring to Giorgia Meloni's electoral coalition, headed by her party Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d'Italia), as "far right," having "roots leading back to Mussolini," "proto-fascist," and so on. All nonsense. 

It seems Meloni will become Italy's next PM. This has lead to a freak-out in the establishment on both sides of the Atlantic. That, my friends, can only prove a good thing. 

I went to the Brothers website in Italian and read their program--my ability to read Italian is not bad. Pretty tepid manifesto for fascists. 

The party seems concerned about Italy's economy, especially as how recent events have affected small businesses; it wants to promote "Made in Italy"; expresses anger about rising violent crime; is aghast at energy prices; seeks to preserve the traditional family; and wants to end the wide-open immigration policies forced on Italy by the EU and the Italian elite. The Brothers want, in other words, much like the conservative coalition in Sweden, for politicians to make their country "first." What a shocker! Italian politicians should think of Italy's interests first. Oh, the horror! 

While they don't make it explicit, I suspect the Brothers would not be adverse to Italy's exit from the EU.

As stated at the opening, I don't claim expertise on Italian politics. The last time I spent much time on Italy's politics was as a grad student in Brandeis in the 1970s. I wrote a paper, now thankfully lost to posterity, looking at how southern Italian villages, often very close to each other physically, and with nearly identical demographic and social strata would vote radically different from each other. One, for example, would always vote Christian Democrat, and the other always Communist. I had great insights now lost to the world of scholarship. The tears flow.

Italian politics, of course, are now much different and more complex than fifty years ago. There appears a growing sense of nationalism among ordinary folks--Italy's "Deplorables"--and rejection of the elite politics which we see dominating the Western world. Italians simply want Italy back; they want to preserve their ancient culture; they resent  the elite Woke politics which force Italy--along with Europe and the USA--into lowered standards of living, i.e., poverty, in the name of "equity" and saving the planet.  

As my son noted to me today, if the elite media keep calling that "fascism," they not only white-wash real fascism, but make it more acceptable to get called "fascist."

I don't know if Meloni's coalition will hold, and if she can fight the huge forces marshalling against her. I hope she proves a better fighter than Boris Johnson who greatly disappointed; he folded like a cheap cardboard box. 

All the best to PM Meloni.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Moron Morass

Commuting back-and-forth between Wilmington and Raleigh tending to a variety of maintenance issues; in Raleigh, a broken fridge; in Wilmington, the pool filter has sprung a leak, wife's Jeep won't start, and a dead and very tall pine tree threatens the house. Right now sitting in Raleigh, waiting to go back to Wilmington. Trying to keep busy doing stupid daily things, and not think too much about David. Not working.

Fortunately, our political class provides an endless stream of stupid daily things for me to keep riled about. There is absolutely no excuse for the current inflationary and product shortage surge we are now experiencing. The illegitimate occupiers of the White House DELIBERATELY have created an energy shortage/crisis. This has lead us to lose our energy independence, make us vulnerable again to world oil markets and the despots who control those, raised the costs of doing business and living in the US, and put us in this deplorable economic situation. That combined with an idiotic, destructive policy towards Russia and Iran, and a needless kowtowing to the PRC and the brainless global GREEN ELITE leaves us weaker and more vulnerable than we have been since 1812. The totally irresponsible spending by the Feds compounds all these problems. I haven't even mentioned the WOKE ideology which demands unlimited immigration, defunding the local police, the use of Federal law enforcement to intimidate political opponents, an all-out war on children--to include sexually abusing, killing, and mutilating them--destroying the education system, mass censorship by government and BIG TECH, and absurd distortions of science, e.g., multiple genders, mandatory vaccines that work only when there is no virus present. And you can list more and more.

We have midterm elections coming up. Will they be free and fair? No, not really. We already see the FBI and Big Tech colluding to silence opponents. 

Vote, anyhow. Donate. Volunteer. Make it as hard as possible for the bastards to cheat and win. Would a GOP victory reverse the current stream of affairs? My faith in much of the GOP is, shall we say, limited. Too many "go along, to get along" types. But that's what we have . . . other than . . ..

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Heading Back

Tomorrow morning we take the train from San Sebastian to Madrid; we fly home to North Carolina Monday morning. We are eager to see our dogs as we have missed them a great deal.

This proved a busy trip to Spain, with the highpoint being the purchase of an old apartment in San Sebastian. Lots of negotiating; lots of paperwork; lots of bureaucracy; some minor glitches, but in the end all ended well. My sister-in-law will be supervising renovation on the place, mainly ripping out old wall-to-wall carpeting and trying to save the original wood floor. The building was built in 1941, with bomb-proof concrete, so the thought of moving walls is out. Floors and paint will have to be the core of the renovation. The apartment has a story which I want to believe is true, so I will. The owner told us that her father, some sort of local Franco regime official, hosted Randolph Churchill, son of Winston, at a lunch in 1946, at the dinner table being left behind. I did some rudimentary research and found that, indeed, Randolph Churchill came through San Sebastian in 1946, and that local officials hosted him and the British military attache for lunch. I have decided to believe the story told me by the ex-owner of my apartment, to wit, that that lunch took place in the flat and at the table now in my possession. I refuse to consider any research that shows otherwise. Period. End of story. A velvet rope is being put up around the table and guided tours will soon be offered.

Spain, a great place to visit and live in, is facing the same ravages that the rest of the West faces, and the same threat to its history, culture, and long traditions from the same sort of leftist loons now infecting all of our Civilization. We had a lunch with a close friend of my wife's in Madrid; she is a British-trained chemist working for a large US multinational drug company. She knows the US very well and was saddened to see what is happening there as wokeness goes ever stronger. She sadly noted that the same process is underway in Spain. She said that her son, about ten years old, came home from an expensive Catholic school and lectured her on her "homophobia." She told her son and the school that she does not consider homosexuality a fit topic for discussion with a ten-year-old, and, in addition, that nothing would convince her that that lifestyle is "normal." Exasperated, she told us, "I had this discussion with nuns!" At work she said her American company is constantly lecturing the employees on "diversity" and "inclusivity." It all sounded so very familiar and sad.

Should have mentioned, the San Sebastian Film Festival has begun. It's showing a bunch of films I will never watch. They are competing for the Most Woke title, I guess.

I should also have mentioned that Spaniards are being bombarded daily with Green nonsense and are facing monstrous energy bills. It has begun to destroy the local farmers who now face restrictions on grazing, use of chemical fertilizers, and diesel. It's insanity.

Well, I will be heading back soon. My son is already telling me I must watch Tucker Carlson who, per my son, has been nailing it every night. OK. I will give his show a try.

Friday, September 9, 2022

QEII: Well Done and Rest in Peace

I am an American Republican/republican. As a rule, I don't care for monarchs and princes and dukes and counts, etc. That rule, however, did not hold for Queen Elizabeth II.

She ran the long race assigned her with grace, dignity, devotion to duty, wit, and deep love of her country, its culture, and traditions, and without a trace of scandal. A remarkable performance from a remarkable person.

Her passing, in my humble and probably worthless opinion, likely means the end of the British monarchy as we have known it. Her one great failing consisted of raising a brood of rather stupid children. The aged Prince of Wales, who I assume will now wear the crown, is a clown, who dabbles in woke causes, has a loose attitude towards the money he gets, and has a personal life far from dignified. I see none of his mother's spirit of self-sacrifice, dignity, and concern for tradition. His children, in turn, well, I don't know. The man once known as Prince Harry appears to have lost himself to the siren song of Hollywood and Malibu. William, we'll see. Maybe.

I am sorry to see Queen Elizabeth II pass on. In our modern world, she was one of a kind.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Back in Spain

Diplowife and I have headed off to Spain, again. 

She has gotten me involved in a real estate purchase, and we have to be physically present to close the deal. The exchange rate is good, the weather is fine, and we are now in Madrid for a few days before heading off to San Sebastian and our new purchase.

Will post something more interesting in the next few days.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Biden Goes Full Mugabe

Apologies for the light posting of late. My heart has just not been in it as I get overwhelmed with sadness for what's happening to our country. Too much, too much.

I watched Biden's "soul of America" speech which he gave last night in Independence Hall, Philadelphia.

I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. I kept thinking the speech had been written for Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe or Guyana's Forbes Burnham. 

The weird red lights, attempting to create some sort of Hollywood/Regal visual majesty, and the use of US Marines as props . . . all too, too strange, and so, so Third World. The speech itself was an abomination: full of hate and rage for the millions of us who do not support senile Biden, and laying down the framework for the repression that is to come. 

It is now official, if you had any doubts, the government and its allies are coming for you if you disagree with Biden's policies. 

Guess, for example, what the 87,000 new IRS agents will be doing? Yep. Going after the regime's opponents. The IRS, of course, will not be alone, the whole alphabet soup of Federal agencies is coming for you; the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago is just the beginning. 

Biden formally declared war on the Constitution and our Republic. 

Biden is a fascist. No "semi" about it, and he has tools at his beck-and-call of which Mugabe and Burnham could only dream.

These are dark days.


Saturday, August 13, 2022

Welcome to the United Stasi of America, Comrade!

What can I say about the events this past week at Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago? 

Let me try. 

In one fell swoop, the illegitimate Biden regime has put an end to whatever lingering facade still existed that we have democracy, liberty, rule of law, fair play, and blind justice in our country. The process that we saw launched on 11 September 2001, seems to be completing its mission. 

Let us remind ourselves that it was the Bush administration which helped create the massive internal security apparatus which now the DNC uses to crush all opposition. The Obama regime took the structure left it by Bush, and greatly expanded its size and reach. We saw, for example, the use of the ATF to slander legitimate gun store owners and murder hundreds of Mexicans and at least two US officers with operation "Fast and Furious." The Obama regime also used the IRS to target conservative organizations and got away with it; a few plaintive bleats from the Republicans but nothing happened. Obama's DOJ/FBI turned a blind eye to Hillary Clinton's blatant misuse of classified State Department messages with her infamous bathroom server. Donald Trump, for all his talk about "lock her up," never moved on Hillary, instead he had the FBI taken away from him by the DNC and used against him in the "Russia Collusion" hoax. The national security apparatus has been under nearly total DNC control for the past 10-15 years. That permitted the DNC to rig the 2020 elections freely and openly, and suffer no investigations, no raids, no nothing.

This raid is a turning point. 

If ever any doubters needed a sign of the peril we now face, this is it. 

There was no excuse for this raid and so far nothing has been offered to explain it. Instead, ZOMBUS and his crackhead son go off to vacation on the beach, and--coincidence!--the FBI Director also leaves town. And VP Harris? Who knows or cares? And the press is fine with it all.

We are crossing into GDR territory.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

China in the News, Sorta

Some ten years ago (here), I wrote in this humble blog about the-then common belief among the Great Thinkers that the 21st century would "belong" to China much as the 20th had "belonged" to the USA. 

I had doubts about that, and concluded that the 21st century would only belong to China to the degree that we gave it away. I saw neither then nor now anything intrinsically great about the thuggish CCP that would make their China into a world leader. The PRC was and is a brutish authoritarian state, albeit with large foreign currency reserves; it does not invent, or innovate in any field in particular. China's advancement such as it is, has been obtained largely by espionage, theft, purchase, bribery, and bullying of the first degree, combined with an astute understanding of the greed and the lack of patriotism of large Western corporations. 

Well, have we "given away" the 21st century to China? 

Not quite. 

There is little if any doubt--none, actually--that the Biden crime family, and others, have made enormous amounts of money from China--and Ukraine. Over the years, we have outsourced critical components of our manufacturing and technological base to China, creating an everyday dependence on Chinese production. According to official GDP figures, always suspect, China now has the second largest economy in the world. That might or might not be given the CCP's known manipulation of such numbers, including the "padding" of the Chinese economy with essentially worthless, corruption-ridden construction projects. 

It's hard to find out what's going in China. The CCP has mastered the information shutdown to a degree that would make the old Soviets envious. On COVID, for example, we never have gotten the accurate word on what China's role was in propagating that virus. The CCP has used its dollar clout to shut up the WHO and gotten the tacit support of American technology/information giants to suppress views indicating that the virus came out of a lab in Wuhan. We now see oddities in China related to the virus, supposedly. The almost total and brutal lockdown of Shanghai is an extraordinary event which our passive press largely have ignored. It is not at all clear that the lockdown in that enormous city has anything to do with real concerns about COVID, and could well be the product of a power struggle over the upcoming 20th Congress of the CCP. I noted before in my old post referenced above that the leadership of the CCP, following the death of Mao much like the CPSU following the death of Stalin, had decided that no one man would come to hold the power that Mao had wielded. Xi Jing Pin, however, seems to have a different idea; it appears that he seeks to turn the 20th Congress into his coronation as leader for life. It also appears that CCP leaders from Shanghai have a different view from Xi's, and they are getting their city locked down in response. Hard to tell what's going on, so I might be totally wrong, but . . .. 

One of the more interesting "facts," well, I think it's a fact, is that despite China's fame as a manufacturer, the core of its economy, something around 70%, remains real estate and its financing. China's largest companies are in different facets of the real estate business. From what I have read, it seems that, despite the censorship and repression, perhaps hundreds-of-thousands--maybe more--of ordinary Chinese have grown tired of paying mortgages for houses that never get built; these citizens are simply refusing to pay. The construction companies and banks use the down payments and mortgage payments to buy or lease more land to sell never-to-build houses to other Chinese citizens. A massive Ponzi scheme on a scale never before attempted. This mortgage payment strike apparently has been sweeping the country forcing the CCP to begin to intervene. As I noted all those many years ago, Chinese banks remain a mystery. It would not be too crazy a thought that we could see a major meltdown in China's banks and real estate businesses. That would pose a massive threat to the entire CCP economic scheme of the past 25 or so years, and have serious consequences for Xi. 

China is much weaker than it appears from the outside. That, however, does not make it not a threat. We saw how Argentina's dictators tried to distract from Argentina's impending economic collapse by  provoking a war with Britain over the Falklands. China, better said, Xi might/might view an adventure over Taiwan as way to distract from troubles at home and solidify his grip on the CCP.

So, we will see how Xi reacts to the Pelosi visit and to the obvious weakness in Washington and the West.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

And Ukraine? Some Innocent Questions

Just a quick Sunday note with some questions.

Have you noticed how the mass media have gone almost totally silent on the war in Ukraine? 

What happened to the sturdy and brave, nay, stallworthy newsmen and women, wearing imitation combat kit, standing in front of some building in Kiev telling us in stentorian tones about the battle to come for the capital of Ukraine? What happened? No news gatherers imbedded with the "victorious" Ukrainian forces inflicting defeat after defeat on the evil Russkies? All we see are tired old politicos and grade B actors from America and Europe visiting Zelensky, when he is not posing for Vogue, that is.

What's going on with the billions in weapons the US and NATO supposedly have sent to Ukraine? Where are they? Who has them?

We censored nearly all reporting out of Russia, have we now censored nearly all reporting out of Ukraine?

Kind of like pandemic and Trump-Putin collusion reporting. Poof!

Monday, July 25, 2022

ZOMBUS and a New Definition for BS, to wit, a Biden Story

Got back from Spain last week; had a rough time adjusting to jet lag, and, above all, not having my son David to talk with about everything. Not how I thought my "Golden Years" would go.

We hit Madrid in the middle of LGBTQRSVPXYZ "Pride" celebrations. Never understood what these folks have done to be so full of "Pride," or what exactly they have to celebrate. Well, maybe that's just me. 

Anyhow, we found Madrid full of Gerald Baker rainbow flags (our only export now: cultural crap). Nearly all the stores had been festooned with those things: McDonalds had gone full Pride, but so had just about every other business. Rainbow colors everywhere! Either they smell money in this LGTXZSAWCRAP thing, get driven by fear, or both. I don't know. Hundreds of thousands, probably more, "activists" from all over Europe and elsewhere showed up, held giant street parties, wore bizarre outfits, engaged in lots of PDA, and heard and gave speeches about how oppressed they feel. I wondered if I were watching a Monkey Pox Super Spreader event, but surely the politically correct health authorities would tell us if that's so . . . I mean, they haven't lied to us about Covid . . .. The only bright light came from the politically conservative head of the Provincial Council who did not attend any "Pride" events, and, to the outrage of "activists," scheduled a bullfight in the middle of the "Pride" days. I like her.

On another front, friends and relatives expressed serious concern about Joe Biden's performance at the Madrid NATO conference, which took place just before "Pride." To them, he seemed weak and confused--uh, maybe because, well, he is? Not a good look.

His wife, La Doctora Jill, also did not give off good vibes. 

Not breakfast tacos this time, but shoes. 

"Dr." Jill envied the Spanish Queen's shoes; she wanted a few pair just like them. So, of course, she had the center of Madrid shut down so she and her inner circle could go shoe shopping while protected by our Secret Service and the Spanish police. Without a doubt, all those limos and SUVs were environmentally friendly, and she shopped in honor of Ukraine. One cent of every purchase will go to fund abortion clinics in Ukraine for poor women of color . . . 

Got back to NC in time to hear the supposed President of the US, aka, ZOMBUS Biden, tell another BS BS (Biden Story). This time around, we hear a woeful tale about his poor mother driving him to school, having to switch on the windshield wipers to remove the oil residue which, in turn, gave Biden and everybody around him in Delaware cancer, blah, blah, blah. Last time he told this story, they all got asthma from the fossil fuels in the air and on the windshield. 

So, friends, did "the big guy" suffer cancer/asthma when named to Annapolis? Worked as a truck driver in Maryland? Coal miner in Pennsylvania? Came under arrest in South Africa trying to free Mandela? When confronting Corn Pop? When helping fabricate the Russia collusion story? When cashing his bank drafts from the CCP and Ukraine? When destroying our energy independence?

Ah, my fellow truth seekers--alas!--before we could digest the full import of this vital and latest weepy travail in the Biden "blue collar" saga, it turns out, per his trusty handlers, that the World's Most Important Vaccinated Man, the ZOMBUS Himself, got the feared COVID--yet AGAIN! Don't worry, he--right pronoun?--will do well, because the vaccine proves so very effective . . . OK, OK.

BS BS . . . so many diseases . . . so many BS BS.

So, ZOMBUS aficionados, we must all ask ourselves, what's with Biden?

What makes ZOMBUS the worst President in modern times? Cancer? Covid? Asthma? Dementia? Hair plugs? Vaccine? 

No, you say; it's more simple than that. How about his renowned stupidity? His long-proven inability to tell the truth? The leftist loon jackals around him? 

Take a pick.

Meanwhile, of course, the economy circles the drain while the Dems worry about pronouns, and how best to disassemble our Supreme Court, military, border, and, for good measure, police.

UPDATE: Thanks to Angry Webmaster for bringing the vision to life:

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Heading to Spain

If Pete "Chest Feeder" Buttagieg allows it, we will be flying to Spain today for a couple of weeks. 

As we get ready to go, I can't help but remember one of the last conversations I had with my son David, quite the expert on Spanish history, in which he noted many signs of a coup underway in the USA by the left. I had noted before such moves starting most overtly in 2016, and continuing throughout the Trump administration. I had asked him to write a piece on it. He, of course, never got the chance.

I will try to write something when/if I get to Spain. I hope my brain will emerge from the fog.


Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Many Thanks

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your kind comments and prayers. 

We still are in turmoil dealing with the funeral home, medical examiner, David's estate issues, and his doctor. No answers yet as to what happened.

Thank you, again.

Sunday, June 12, 2022


I have all sorts of posts half done, one almost ready to go, but life, better said, death has gotten in the way.

 My oldest son, David, died suddenly at my home in Raleigh in the night/morning of June 9-10. We don't know why. The police and medical examiner took his body away and I need to call tomorrow for a report.

The Diplowife and I are devastated; those of you who have gone through the loss of a child know there is no other pain quite the same.

I will try to be back as soon as I can.

Thank you in advance for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Again, On Red Flags

I know I have written about this before, but let me a bore.

The standard response by a true conservative to any proposed new public institutions, and laws and regs overturning decades or longer of practice should be, "No, thank you." 

Just about any institution created for whatever ostensibly noble means, will sooner or later get taken over by our progressive masters, e.g., public schools, and twisted, and reshaped, used in evil ways. 

On guns, we already have plenty of laws, regs, instituions (e.g., ATF) that infringe on the second amendment. We don't need more. That's not the "solution" to violence, or even gun violence.

We all know, for example, that a "mental" red flag will quickly get misused. Look at the weaponization of no fly lists or the Visa Viper process about which I have written before.

Get the criminals off the streets; reestablish respect for our laws, including immigration laws, and crime and violence will decline quickly. 

Twenty-one to buy a rifle? OK, then twenty-one to vote, to drive a car, ride a motorcycle, get married, sign a contract, etc.

Enough with fake "common sense" gun control. It's a sham and any Republican for it, should be booted. The second amendment has all the gun control we need.

Friday, June 3, 2022

Red Flags, Guns, and Real Targets

In light of Biden's absurd "gun control" speech, and the bipartisan nonsense I am hearing about "red flags," I re-post a couple of little somethings I wrote years ago. Two posts for the price of one. 

One on "red flags" and one on progs real targets.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The War on the Second Amendment: the Mental Health Gambit

Whenever we have a "mass"--a word with a highly flexible definition--shooting in the US, we have the predictable calls for more gun laws, for more gun "control." All the usuals put out their tweets, go on the talk shows, pontificate from the legislative floor, issue editorials, etc. The anti-second amendment crowd, generally the sort who can find the right to abortion in the US Constitution but can't find the right to bear arms, are getting more and more desperate. Despite years of anti-gun propaganda and false statistics, gun sales are at a record high in the US with manufacturers barely able to keep up with demand. More people now own guns in the US than at any time in our history; the courts have struck down bucket loads of anti-carry legislation so that concealed carry is now a possibility in every state; and, worst horror of all, the homicide rate continues to decline.

At times I get the feeling that the anti-gun boys and girls hope for mass shootings, which are actually quite rare, and for the shooter to be a white, good ol' boy Tea Partier who uses the n-word, hates women, gays, and liberals, and denies the "settled science" behind the theories of evolution and global climate cooling warming change disruption. The shooters in reality, of course, happen to be far from that, and give credence to Ann Coulter's long-ago stated observation that violence in the US comes from the left. The "mass" shooters, including the Santa Barbara creep, come from liberal/progressive backgrounds, and fall on the left end of the political and cultural spectrum. They are often well-off economically, and generally come from the sort of dysfunctional families that form a core component of the Democratic party electorate.

The gun issue in the US is much more than about guns. It is about culture and about the role and scope of government in our lives. The gun controllers want more government in our lives and want to suppress America's gun, aka individual freedom, culture. They want to make it seem that gun violence is rampant, and that we all face horrible deaths in a cloud of gunpowder. They want us to ignore that homicide, including with guns, is not equally spread among all sectors of our country. Homicide rates are much, much higher among Democratic constituencies--I have written about this before--than among Republican constituencies--compare Detroit with Utah, for example. Above all else, there is an enormous racial component to murder in the US. Please note, for example, that 3/4s of those arrested for murder in Chicago is black, while blacks only comprise about one-third of the city's residents; the overwhelming majority of murder victims is also black.

Nationwide, even when "white" is loosely defined, black homicide rates are some 8-10 times those of the white population. All that presents a dilemma for progressives. Instead of trying to deal with the real problem, i.e., that the most likely victim of a murderer is an unarmed black person, the progressives find distractions on which to spend their efforts. As I have written endless times, the progressives don't give a hoot about our black citizens trapped in situations where they become prime candidates for murder--those situations, after all, have been created by decades of progressive policies implemented by progressive urban political machines. The history of the Democratic party, one of the world's oldest political parties, is one of constant warfare against black people: slavery, segregation, the KKK, opposition to black suffrage, making generations of black people wards of the state, are all Democratic party contributions to race relations in the USA. The progressives want power for the state and they intend to control that state.

Progressives focus on bogus issues such as "assault" rifles and magazine capacity. The latest bogus distraction is the mental health one. The argument goes something like this, "We don't want to take guns away from law abiding citizens but want to put into place laws, regulations, and procedures that keep guns away from criminals and mentally disturbed persons." They are quite vague about what exactly those new constraints will be, and we just have to take them at their word that they are not really out to stifle gun ownership at large, and that the new constraints will work better than the old ones.

Mental health, really?

If you think the science of global climate whatever is up in the air, wait until you delve into the looney world of mental health. The mental health profession is full of quack "therapists" and quack theories; few things there are settled science; and that profession is as subject to the vagaries of the winds and tides of fashion and politics as any other. Let us not forget the uses of psychiatry in the dead and unlamented Soviet bloc. Even, however, without going back to the USSR, I would point out that my father was a psychiatrist, and in his old Diagnostic and Statistical Manuals (DSM) homosexuality was listed as a disorder, "a sociopathic personality disturbance" to be precise. It was a disorder or mental disturbance until it just wasn't--you can read the account of how that change happened here.

Would then those persons treated for homosexuality, and have that on their medical records, be denied their second amendment rights? This, in turn, leads to the raising of many other questions: What standards would be used to determine mental illness for the purpose of gun denial? Who would make those standards? How would authorities running a background check gain access to those medical records? How would we redefine the ancient notion of patient-doctor confidentiality? How would those mental health sessions be flagged in the Great Database? How would one prevent that information from leaking and from being used for political or blackmail purposes? How would this not dissuade people who need some help from getting it? I am sure you can think of dozens more questions.

We live--alas!--in a time that I never thought I would see in the USA. We see the IRS used to stifle political dissent; we see the ATF used to sell guns to Mexican cartels and to make it seem that lax US gun laws are to blame for the violence in Mexico; we see the NSA and FBI used for purposes for which they were never intended; we see local police forces with more firepower and sophisticated combat training and gear than most armies in the world.

Given the progressive track record, should we trust their "good intentions" when they seek to protect us from armed "crazy" people? I don't. I would rather rely on my old friends Messrs. Smith & Wesson.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On Rebel Flags and Progressive Targets

In the wake of the Charleston mass murder, apparently carried out by a piece of delusional and racist scum from a highly dysfunctional family, we saw some of the usual gun control blather, but without any real energy behind it. Most progressives, pace the idiotic foreign millionaire Piers Morgan, have learned that their usual factually incorrect nonsense about needing "more gun control" tends to fall on deaf ears, and, politically, is going nowhere. In fact, the trend seems running in the opposite direction, with many states--and Puerto Rico, I might add--scrapping anti-gun legislation and regulation. So, in keeping with their tactics outlined in my June 5 post, the progressives have launched an attack on a different target, the Confederate battle flag which flies over the South Carolina State Capitol building in Columbia since 1961 (here is one version of the history of that). Let us not forget, of course, that the Confederate flag is not the real target either.

Full disclosure: My view on the Rebel flag and other Confederate symbols is clear. I do not, never have, and never will fly or paste any Confederate symbol, flag, battle or otherwise, over my house, or on my vehicles, clothing, or coffee mugs, etc. I spent my professional life representing one flag, that of the USA, and have no loyalty to any other. I admire the courage and fighting spirit, as well as the tactical and strategic talents of Confederate Generals and soldiers, love reading about the Civil War and visiting battle sites such as Gettysburg and Vicksburg. I, however, am pro-Union, pro-Stars-and-Stripes, anti-slavery, pro-Lincoln, pro-Grant, pro-Sherman, pro-Frederick Douglass just about all the way. I do not share in the sympathy for and romanticism of some for the Southern cause in the, ahem, "War of Northern Aggression." Slavery was an inherited curse on our nation which we should have dispelled long before it came to war--and, yes, I do see slavery as the overriding reason for the great 1861-65 war, and, of course, as the proximate cause for the creation of the Republican Party shortly before that war. Men such as Washington and Jefferson, both slave owners, knew slavery was evil, but compromised with that "peculiar institution" to our long-standing misfortune. Great men, great flaws. I fully understand why black Americans could and would find Confederate flags and other symbols offensive. We, of course, can debate all this in saecula saeculorum and never reach consensus. End of Full Disclosure

OK, back to the issue at hand. All that said, I also think that the issue of the Confederate battle flag and whether to fly it over State properties is a decision for the people of South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas or anywhere else it flies. It has nothing to do with gun violence, and, let us remind the progressives, it was the Republican party that defeated that flag and for what it stood in the first place. In addition, the greatest practitioners of gun violence, of course, are found in liberal Democratic constituencies, e.g., Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, east Los Angeles, etc.

Understatement Warning: The practitioners of gun violence tend not to be whites. Whites, racist or otherwise, killing blacks is a rare phenomenon in the USA. The shooting in Charleston proved a horrid exception to that; so, of course, the progressives and their echo-chamber media seize on the exception, ignoring the many black on black killings that took place the same day, and look for ways to use it to advance The Agenda. They also pervert history by trying to tie the Confederacy to the Republicans--a grotesque distortion made possible by the low-information consumers of media and Hollywood nonsense. End of Understatement Warning.

While we should not forget it was Democratic governors who hoisted the Rebel flag, and that the KKK was the armed wing of the Democratic Party, and that Jim Crow segregation was instituted and maintained by the Democrats, and that it was a Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, and a Republican Chief Justice, Earl Warren, who began dismantling the Democratic party's segregation policies, let's put all that history aside, for now. Let's, instead, look at the shooting in Charleston. The alleged killer, whose name I will not reproduce here, had a website (I won't link to it) on which he published a "manifesto." One of the things that comes through most clearly is that he could find no other male Southern whites to go along with his plan to murder black citizens. He complained that all he heard at school, yes, school in "racist" South Carolina, was talk about getting along with all races. Yes, "racist" South Carolina which has elected the daughter of Indian immigrants as Governor. His hatred for black people came from somewhere else in his twisted mind. He adopted the symbols of the Confederacy, Rhodesia, and apartheid South Africa, and posed himself burning the US flag--much as do many of the progressives who demand the elimination of the Rebel flag. He was no Tea Party "radical"; no member of the GOP; no fanatical supporter of Mitt Romney; no ardent follower of FOX News. Nope, none of that. The Confederate battle flag did not drive him to murder anymore than I, assume, the Black Panther flag drove the black mass murderer at the Washington DC Navy Yard nearly two years ago.

None of this, however, stops the progressives when they get a bone in their toothy jaws. They drove the media into a frenzy about the Rebel flag. As I said before, whether States remove the flag or not from their public properties is an issue for those States; but the crowd was whipped up and South Carolina's Republican Governor and legislature gave in. Democrats are very good at lynch mobs. That's not the way I would have liked to see the issue decided. The more important point, of course, is that progressives aren't stopping there. They already have Mau-Maued big retailers, e.g., Walmart, EBay, Amazon, into pulling merchandise with Confederate symbols. A major flag maker has announced that it will no longer make and sell Confederate flags.

No gun deaths will be averted by all this. Racism will not decrease because of this. Neither of those is the real target. The real target is attacking white male culture, especially the hated "Redneck" culture, which progressives cannot stand. The real target is trying to stigmatize white males and cowing them into politically correct submission. For you see, in the Hollywood movie that runs in an endless loop inside the heads of progressives, white males, especially in the South, are all Rebel flag-waving, pick-up driving, gun maniac racists just dying to kill black men and rape black women.

BOLD PREDICTION: THE NEXT STEP WILL BE TO DEMAND THAT CONFEDERATE SYMBOLS BE DECLARED HATE SPEECH. We will see kids sent home from school for having Confederate flags on their shirts; cars with Confederate decals will be banned from certain areas; and we might see the expunging of CSA symbols from movies and books and prohibiting Confederate flags at re-enactment events, etc. History must conform to the Progressive dictate of the day. END OF BOLD PREDICTION.

If that is to be--and it will--I, in turn, demand progressives stop wearing Che t-shirts. I insist they stop waving the "Palestinian" flag. I propose that we all demand that Maryland alter its flag which consists of the heraldic banner of Lord Baltimore. I find offensive the yearning for royalty and feudalism. The Union Flag must be struck from the flag of Hawaii. I find offensive this paean to colonialism. The Alabama flag has troubling similarly to the Scottish flag and might prove offensive to those of Welsh descent. Will Walmart stop selling items made in China, an offensive state if ever there was one? Will there be a ban on Mexican flags considering the horrid history of human rights in that country? What about the Japanese flag? Why should Japan be able to keep the flag under which millions of Chinese, Malays, Filipinos, Koreans, Pacific Islanders, Indians, and whites were tortured and murdered? I am sure we can turn this into a drinking game.

Meanwhile, the people of Charleston showed real class as they honored the victims and sought to promote unity rather than division.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Freaks' War on Children

Along with all of you, I feel horrified and disgusted by the massacre in Uvalde, Texas. Once again, it seems, some fatherless, lonely, narcissistic, maladjusted freak has vented anger, frustration, and evil on children. We now see lots of politicians running around trying to gain points from the horror, starting with our inept zombie "president," who gave a divisive political address full of stale DNC talking points, and continuing with that grandstanding idiot, "Beto."

Is this really about guns? Guns are the problem?

No. No.

As kids, my friends and I had lots of guns around, with them much easier to obtain than nowadays. You, for example, could buy them at swap meets, gun stores, pawn shops, Sears, and, in fact, almost any department or general stores. You also could buy them from mail order catalogues, and an agent of the US Government, i.e., the postman, would deliver them to your front door. It never occurred to us, despite raging hormones, watching Westerns, wielding cap guns, playing war, flying flags, and all the rest, to pick up a real gun to go kill real people, especially at school. 

I remember in Mr. Small's sixth grade class, in Palo Alto, California, no less, doing a report on Civil War firearms, and bringing two black powder revolvers into class as part of my presentation. No worries. No panic. No lockdown drills. No "active shooter" alerts. No SWAT team. No funerals. No pathetic teddy bears and ribbons. No mourning parents. No preening pontificating politicians.

A different time. A different people. A different attitude.

Did American and Western society, in general, act more repressively in those days? Probably. 

Did we have less tolerance of eccentric behavior and persons? Yes. 

Did social approval/disapproval carry great weight, and act as a brake on certain behavior? Sure. 

Could this social control manifest itself, at times, in "unfairness" and, even, "cruelty"? Yes. 

You certainly didn't want to get labelled a "sissy." 

You, however, could walk the streets.

We children could and would play outside until well after dark with no worries about lurking strangers or a neighborhood pedo. We rarely saw cops, except on TV and at school as presenters on "career day." The burly WWII or Korean War vet sitting on his porch or in his front yard, frequently cleaning guns for the upcoming deer hunt, provided all the security we needed. We walked to clean, disciplined schools run by dedicated and smart administrators and teachers, many of them war vets; we said the Pledge of Allegiance, learned history and science, along with reading, writing, and arithmetic, and got back home alive and safe. We lived in a country that invented and made things, that valued science and education, felt pride in its history and achievements, and where adults had real jobs. 

I won't go on about the past; those of you my age know what we've lost. I don't need to tell you.

Well, in our modern social media age, the social brakes are broken. Anything goes. 

Social trends now get dictated by influencer freaks on social media. Our kids, many without traditional homes, badgered by woke culture in school and at play, glued to their screens, drink in the noxious messages put out by those freaks and their progressive high-tech enablers. There seems little in the way of public shame, unless you question that men can become women. We see a daily assault on respect and common sense, on the most essential glues holding a society together; we, for example, have a confirmed Supreme Court Justice who cannot tell the difference between a man and a woman, because "I am not a biologist." OK. How about cats and dogs? Can you tell those apart? How about planes and trains? Moon from sun? Right from wrong? Constitutional from unconstitutional?

Our kids now broadcast every thought they have and every move they make on Facebook, TikTok, etc., in a hunt for "followers" and "likes." Back in the day, the young might keep a diary; the "freak" might enter a few odd words in his own diary that few if any, other than his psychiatrist, would ever see. Now the freaks are everywhere, and demand to be taken seriously, or else you are a bigot of some type--and the list of types is long and expanding. 

Impressionable kids get lost in the chaos. Definitions and standards that had held for centuries--poof!--gone, and replaced by a bewildering mental salad of lies, empty words, platitudes, and evil.

As with the creepy murderer in Uvalde, the main target, as I have written before, of this chaotic woke society is children. Our "leaders" talk tearfully about children "murdered by guns," as though a gun does anything on its own, but send our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, which has killed millions of children, mostly black children. For its advocates, abortion, now, is not just a "right," but a revolutionary act, and something worthy of praise. Infanticide is no longer a forbidden topic. 

We have a Supreme Court Justice (see above) who, while a serving judge, could not bring herself to give convicted pedophiles and child pornographers the long sentences they deserved. 

The wokester freaks defund the police, gut the justice system, leave the borders wide open, cut-free hardened criminals; they give not a thought to the victims of the ensuing chaos. 

Our society, above all, increasingly devalues children, and treats them like disposable plastic commodities: molded, shaped, pulled, twisted, and then discarded. Children are seen as a burden on Gaia. We're better off without them--especially boys. 

We have people in authority arguing to make boys into girls and girls into boys. We have a senior health official in this country, an obese delusional male, who thinks he's a woman, giving advice on child-rearing. The media gurus take this loon seriously. Yes, indeed, give your kids untested puberty blockers and have them undergo radical life-altering surgeries. The gender fluid crowd poses a grave moral, mental, and physical threat to our children. 

The freaks want our children to join their circus or die. Yes, literally, die. 

The Uvalde massacre forms part of this ongoing war on children.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Back In NC

Made it back. 

It was the flight from hell; not because of anything that American Airlines did or any defect in the plane (a fabulous B-787). I ate something in the VIP lounge in Madrid that went definitely sideways. Sick as sick can be the whole flight; a situation not helped by the kindly steward commenting repeatedly, "Sir, you don't look well." Thanks, I know, I know. 

Anyhow, made it back. We will return to Spain in about six weeks. Lots of paperwork remains.

I despair of our situation in this country. A tiny bright spot: the ponderous Durham investigation has begun to produce some fruit. Well, better said, after all that slo-mo investigation we find what this humble blog (I shall toot my own horn) said from the start, to wit, that the Trump-Putin collusion story was fake, made up by the Clintons/DNC, and pushed on America by a media and, most shamefully, an FBI willing to go along with the hoax. We all knew the story as fake, and yet it persisted, partially crippling the White House, and making it impossible to establish decent relations with Russia. We now pay for that.

Time to defund the DOJ and, especially, the FBI until a thorough house-cleaning takes place. 

Also need to go after the 51 "intelligence experts" who labelled the Hunter Biden laptop "Russian disinformation" when they knew it wasn't. 

Tasks, inter alia, for next year's Republican Congress? We'll see how much spine they have.

Well, there exists another, small, bright spot: the apparent "death" of the Biden Ministry of Truth. 

That laughable "misinformation" governance board, or whatever they called it, has collapsed, and its buffoonish head gone off, almost certainly, to a lucrative gig with MSNBC or some other purveyor of actual misinformation. The lefties, however, will try again in some other form. They desperately want to censor and control the information we receive, and the thoughts we hold and express. I have written about this before and noted that the wokesters understand that words comprise the ammunition of debate. Make your opponents fire blanks that you issue, or get jammed up in confusion, and you've won the battle. That effort to monkey with the language continues daily in the schools, the media, and, of course, in the very "halls of power." 

The economy continues to sink into the classic Democratic abyss. There is no reason for the disaster now upon us. Well, there is a reason: Biden, et al. Baby food shortage? In America? WTH! The stores in Spain and France were full of baby formula.

Off to one of my many doctor's appointments. I had hoped to drive the 427, but the top has gotten jammed open--I don't know why--and it looks like it might rain. 

How he suffers . . . and yet, he blogs . . . oh, the courage . . ..

Monday, May 16, 2022

Heading Back to Madrid

On the train trying to do this via a hotspot on my phone. I am horrible at this sort of stuff.

I give up. Had to resume once we got to our place in Madrid. Too many tunnels and a bad signal kept interrupting and defiling my discovery of the HOTSPOT.

Love San Sebastian. Not even the modern world and Spain's obsession with being European could damage the place. I spent many years there as a child, and as a callow youth. Hadn't been there in years and the first big change I noticed was a lot less interest in politics, and Basque nationalism.  No more long conversations into the night on the history of Euskadi and how it is not a part of Spain. The kids speak a mix of Basque, Spanish, and English and nobody seems to get excited about it any more.  ETA and the violence of those years is just a dim memory, and nobody wants to talk about it. 

What do they talk about? Football (soccer) and food. The people here love their soccer team, and live and die with its ups-and-downs. The folks in Euskadi also love food, and love their farmers and cooks. They have tremendous respect for the people who produce food; that food, as I have said many times, is probably the best in the world. Amazing what they can do with basic ingredients. I won't bore you with the meals we had, but they were tremendous.Woe to the restauranteur who becomes known for catering to foreign tourists; the locals won't go there.

Spent a wonderful day in Hendaye, France, the border town famous for the meeting between Franco and Hitler. Hung out with some relatives and--horrors!--watched the Eurovision musical competition. Europeans do many things well, but Eurovision is just about the tackiest, most stupid, but still fun competition I have seen. Watch the Will Ferrel movie about it on Netflix. It's spot on. As expected, Ukraine won with a weird sort of copy of American hip-hop/rap etc. Lot of fun over some great food.

We leave on Wednesday for North Carolina, and reality. We will be returning to Spain in July to continue with the legal process for my wife's inheritance. The bureaucracy here is amazing. There is always one more piece of paper or stamp needed.

I will try to be more interesting in future posts.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Valley of the Fallen & Toledo

We drove to Franco's massive monument to himself and his victory in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39. The "Valley of the Fallen" sits a few miles outside of Madrid next to the city of El Escorial; I hadn't visited there in some 40 years, and it appeared different from what I remembered. 

The thing is massive; you can look it up on the internet and YouTube, but pictures, video, and written descriptions don't give justice to its size. In the middle of a national park, full of deer and wild boar, it occupies a beautiful chunk of real estate. It took some ten years to build, using, among others, the forced labor of thousands of political prisoners, including at least one of my relatives. Franco himself officially inaugurated the monument in 1959; the Pope blessed it the following year. When he died in 1975, Franco was buried in the enormous crypt there. 

I, however, can confirm for my six readers that Franco has left the building. 

After years of contentious political and social debate over whether to tear down the whole thing, the compromise reached a couple of years ago was to move the body of the Generalisimo from the crypt to a military cemetery. Interestingly, the body of Spanish fascism's founder, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, remains. While tearing down the whole monument and its many buildings would have proven fantastically costly, various leftist governments over the years, however, apparently have decided to starve the place. According to a curator at the religious retreat/hotel/restaurant there, the Ministry of Culture steadily has reduced the Valley's budget, and some features, such as the cable car to the top of mountain upon which sits an enormous cross, have been allowed to fall into disrepair and closed "temporarily" for several years. The retreat's massive library also shows signs of failing maintenance, e.g., water stains, mold.

The whole place was spookily empty. It looked like the set of a post-apocalypse film; a few Dutch tourists taking selfies, but not many others. The vast parking lots were empty.  Despite all that, it's definitely worth a visit. If nothing else, it will make you think of Ozymandias

After that visit, we went off to El Escorial and had what I think is the best steak I have ever had at a wonderful restaurant, El Charoles. Hard to find. My GPS kept sending us in circles, but worth it. Go there. 

Couple of days later we took the train (masks required) to Toledo, named after a place in Ohio, I think. Might be wrong. It's a great place, and despite all the tourists, the residents are very friendly, and the city retains its medieval charm. We found the modest synagogue where my ancestors prayed over 500 years ago; it was closed. The spectacular cathedral where my wife's ancestors prayed, however, that, that was OPEN--anti-semitism, of course. The cathedral is beyond beautiful. You could spend the whole day in there and not run out of things to see. Also bought a heavy chess set which proved devastating for my back. I could hardly walk after trying to swing the thing over my shoulder. The much more fit Diplowife had to lug the monster around as we walked up and down hilly streets. I followed slowly and painfully. She has made me swear to collect something other than chess sets. Besides Toledo, she has carried them for me in Mexico City, Guatemala City, Hong Kong, Lima, La Paz, Bangkok, New Delhi, and Jakarta. No more!

I have nothing wise to say about the political insanity back home. As my oldest son said to me on the phone yesterday, "The crazy Democrats have chosen abortion as the hill to die on." Complete insanity and deliberate malice characterize the Dems on Roe v Wade. Let'em die on that hill.

Taking the train (masks required) today to San Sebastian where my wife has a variety of legal issues to handle re the estates of her late mother and her aunt. I intend to handle the food. Perhaps the best food in all of Spain, which already has the best food in the world. 

More later.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Madrid Musings & The Democrats' All-Out War on Children

After a flight marked by hours of delay due to weather and aircraft mechanical issues, and impossible lines at Barajas airport immigration (THREE hours!), the Diplowife and I are ensconced in one of our favorite cities, Madrid. 

I hadn't been here in some 12 years, so I was curious as to the changes I would notice. The first one is expense. This is a VERY expensive city made a bit more tolerable by the favorable exchange rate. The dollar remains, for now, the reserve currency and the USA is still seen as a safe-haven in times of global crisis. Rising interest rates in the US, of course, also help. But, dear readers, I did not come to Madrid to make or save money. If I'd wanted that, I'd gone into business with the Biden crime family. THE LAPTOP will reveal my innocence of any association with the Biden money laundering syndicate. I deny any and all knowledge of any and all possible business dealings the Biden mafia might have in Spain, and will insist that Elon Musk delete any tweets on Twitter stating otherwise.

Lots of construction in the city. There is a huge effort underway to make the place much more friendly for pedestrians. Many walkways and bicycle lanes--largely occupied by groups of Dutch and German tourists on bikes--with cars getting forced underground or onto satellite parking lots. I also noticed fat people, not something typical in Spain. It seems Spaniards are following in the heavy footsteps of the Anglo-American-Australians. 

There has been a continuing and huge demographic change in Spain. Native-born have one of the world's lowest birth rates, and Spain is becoming an immigrant nation. The long line at the airport, for example, was almost exclusively made up of immigrants from Latin America. Restaurant and hotel staff are heavily Latin American, as is the Spanish army. There is also a growing North African and Middle Eastern presence. Perhaps related, violent crime is way up; back in the day, Madrid was one of the world's safe cities. Not so now.

For me as an old man skeptical of change, I find sad that the uniqueness of Spain is being lost. Spain has an amazing history, and has played a major role in the development of Western civilization. What I always liked about Spain was its quirkiness, its unique society, its refusal to bend to the prevailing progressive winds sweeping Europe and the rest of the West. Increasingly, however, Spain is becoming just another European country with the same progressive policies and attitudes ruining the rest of Europe. As I said, I find that sad, well, depressing.

Speaking of depressing, the Democratic party back home has shown its destructive malice once more. Over the years, I have written many times about the Democratic Party obsession with killing and abusing children. They want unfettered abortion, infanticide, and normalizing of pedophilia. They want children bombarded with sex from kindergarten on up. Their response to the leak from the Supreme Court is further evidence of the progressive obsession with killing children, especially black children. Yes, the Democrats hold up as their hero the racist eugenicist Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood to kill black babies and, thus, eliminate black people from American life. This is, of course, all of piece with their war on the police which results in thousands of dead black youths in our cities. There is something criminally insane and racist with the world's oldest political party.

Ok, more later. I am going off to visit the Valley of the Fallen where Franco used to be buried until he got booted by the progs.  

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Woke Democrats In a Battle for the War

Many articles and polls, as well as TV and radio "pundits" predict a Republican tsunami in next November's midterm elections. That, for now, seems likely, or, better stated, that's what I ardently hope comes to pass, but, well, you never know. We already see the Dems assembling anew their election fraud machine, one which worked so well for them in 2020, and I have serious doubts about the fighting spirit of many Republicans. We, for example, see dire predictions of a renewed COVID surge; that "surge" will "require," of course, not just the traditional masks of obedience and lock-downs, but also mail-in ballots. We hear a steady and, unfortunately, bipartisan drumbeat for war with Russia with no clear explanation of the US interests in such an event. This banging of the war drum fosters an air of fear, crisis, and uncertainty that can redound to the benefit of our masters' hold on power. These masters seek to avoid blame for record violent crime; a massive illegal alien wave; historic levels of inflation; rising interest rates; impending food shortages; factory closings; and plunging stocks and exports: all classic indicators of a recession to come. They, of course, also would have us ignore growing evidence of Biden family corruption and ties to Ukraine, China, and elsewhere. We see the hideous Bush-created Department of Homeland Security, which I strongly opposed at the time, setting up a creepy Truth Ministry, headed by a lunatic wokester, to decide for the voters what comprises "misinformation." 

In fairness, we also hear calls from some "moderate" Democrats for the so-called Biden administration to reverse course on a variety of policies to stave off or, at least, mitigate the coming electoral disaster. For now, however, those voices get drowned by the clique that runs the stuttering Biden animatronic dummy, along with its cackling California sidekick. What passes for the White House ignores calls for moderation; doubling down instead like a crazed blackjack player on the hideous policies destroying our nation.

This message and policy confusion and chaos led me to wonder about happenings within the Democratic Party. Here I provide preliminary thoughts; more akin to musings spoken aloud, not fully developed. Think of this post as a palimpsest onto which new and better thoughts will later get inscribed. Please help.

My simple binary mind sees a split in the Dems, a sort of Menshevik v. Bolshevik or a Stalin v Trotsky schism, maybe a Leno v. Kimmel battle, etc. You decide on the analogy, but it comes down to civil war within the world's oldest political party. That internal battle seeks to determine how to and who will run the ongoing Great War against America and the West. A battle for the war. 

Both factions, in my view, want the same end, i.e., the destruction of our civilization; the battle is one of personalities, timeline, and tactics.

As hinted above, "standard" election-minded Dem politicians can derive no joy from the numbers coming out from every poll I have seen, regardless of those polls' political bent, and their usual "N" sample trick of over over representing Democratic voters. The polls predict a GOP majority--some polls bigger, some smaller--in both houses of Congress, as well as major wins in local and state elections. We see a number of Democratic politicians melting over "Biden" economic and immigration policies, in particular, both election losers.

The border crisis provides a classic battleground for the two factions. The "Electoral" Democratic politicos see the disaster it could bring in the midterms. The Kamikaze Democrats (KD) care little for elections, and to the extent they pay them mind, seek to rig them through outright vote fraud and censorship. The KDs want to sink the carrier NOW while they have power, and not put it off to when it might prove too late. They want the borders wide open, with plenty of incentives to encourage the horde waiting to get in, and fundamentally alter the very nature of our society. 

As Lt. Governor of Texas, Daniel Patrick, has noted, if the current pace of illegal "immigrants" continues to the end of "Biden's" four years, fully 20%, one in five, residents of the USA will be illegal aliens. That's some 60-70 million people illegally in the country. That could prove a permanent altering of the country, and present an almost insurmountable challenge to handle. Likewise, the KDs want to smash our energy independence, censor our speech, encroach on gun rights, sabotage our schools, and get us accustomed to following the dictates of "public health experts." To repeat, they want this NOW. They want changes that come as close to impossible to reverse as possible. 

We, of course, also have civil war in the GOP. We have gutless wonders such as Romney, McCarthy, Collins, Cheney, Murkowski, and Kemp (and others) who will not stand up to the wokesters, who don't see this as the life-and-death struggle it is. They instead seek that always tantalizing "strange new respect." 

These are not normal times.


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Back from Reno; Facing Zombies; Ted Cruz Encounter; End of the World; Heading for Spain

We had a fairly uneventful few days in Reno, Nevada. It was my first time there. It's kind of a, well, not very appealing place to live--at least to me. Not a very charming city, with lots of mentally ill zombies roaming the streets at night. My son and I had an encounter with one at a McDonald's drive thru at about 4 am as we returned from a casino. Idling in line, we heard a loud metallic bang, and saw a zombie slamming a gate in the restaurant's outdoor garbage shed. He went into that shed from which we could hear loud voices, and some more bangs on the metal door from inside the enclosure; then, the zombie emerged, screaming at the top of his lungs. He, apparently, had lost his sleep-spot to another, presumably a competing zombie. He made a beeline for our car, yelling, waving his arms, and then throwing his backpack at us, just missing the rental car. My son and I decided, as did the driver behind us, to get out of line and drive away. As we drove past the zombie, he hollered some unintelligible gibberish, and shook his fists at us. I hope he wasn't one of this blog's six readers upset by something I wrote. Let me know if you were he. 

Reno has a construction boom underway which could transform it. Would that change be for the good or the bad? 

We'll have to see if all those people fleeing the woke dumpster that has become California don't make Nevada follow in San Francisco's footsteps. 

Some of the surrounding countryside, however, is spectacular. We enjoyed our half-day in Virginia City; nice, though touristy, cowboy town with an interesting past and a fun museum. Also fun was the Reno classic car museum, run by some extremely friendly people, and having some amazing cars dating back to before the 20th century. Some of those cars prove absolute works of art and engineering. It's stunning what we used to make in this country.

Forgot to mention, on the flight from Dallas to Reno, I had a brief conversation with Senator Ted Cruz. He was flying economy, by the way. He proved a very nice man, very respectful, and with a good sense of humor. We didn't discuss anything too deep or contentious, as we stood in line for the plane lavatory. We agreed the country was in terrible shape. 

While in Reno, of course, we witnessed the end of the world. 

No, not talking about my results at blackjack and poker. 

No, not talking about WWIII in Europe. 

No, not talking about the disaster on the southern border. 

Yes, indeed, I am talking about Elon Musk's apparently successful bid to buy Twitter and take it private.

Watching the wokesters on MSNBC and CNN catch fire, and either melt or explode was worth every dollar of the purported $44 billion Musk has put on the counter for the purchase. I hope that it goes through, and that Musk fulfills the expectation of turning Twitter (from which I am banned) into a true town square. 

The wokesters have made as plain as possible their fear of and hatred for freedom. If you don't agree with them; if you don't endorse all their lunacies, e.g., men can be women; if you, yourself, don't see each and every opponent of wokism as a vile racist, misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe, science-denier, then you, yourself, are a vile racist, misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe, science-denier, to whom the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights do not apply. All very weird.

Back in North Carolina, just in time to prepare for our trip to Spain next week. I have not been there in years, and look forward to it. I always have had a great time in Spain, even met the wife there. We will spend most of our two weeks in Madrid with a couple of days in San Sebastian. I hope to pick up a chess set in Toledo, where they make some beautiful ones. 

Hope the mad reaction to Covid, a madness still rampant in Spain, doesn't interfere with the travel.

Sorry this post wasn't very interesting. Hope to make it up to you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Getting Ready to Fly . . . Maskless!

The Diplowife and I will be heading out to Nevada in a couple of days to visit the granddaughter. I had been very grumpy about the flight because of the mask requirement. Thanks, however, to a freedom-loving, brave Trump-appointed Federal Judge, Kathryn Kimball Micelle, we will not have to go through the indignity of the face diaper. We think. Well, we hope. We'll see if Mr. 81 Million Votes files an appeal. 

In the meantime, of course, I can't help but be amazed by the Easter Bunny. 

I am sure you all have seen how the White House staff sent in the Easter Bunny to prevent Poor Joe from talking about, well, whatever he was mumbling about. 

I find hard to get out of my mind the image of a giant Bunny grabbing the "President" of the United States, stepping in front of him, waving his/her/its paws in his face and pointing him away from the questioners--and following him to prevent Joe from returning to the rope line. 

Can any of you imagine something similar with Trump? Hell, with Obama? Bush? Carter, of course, fought off the bunny with an oar, if you remember. Sad when Carter is more macho . . . ..

Anyhow, I will see if I get a chance to post something from Reno.


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Once Again: The Woke War on Language

Just a quick one as we prepare our digs for the impending visit of the grandchildren. We recently added a third boy (pronouns: he/his/him) and this is his first visit to us in Raleigh. The media has been alerted!

I was struck, yet again, by how our woke masters have corrupted the language. 

This past week we saw a lunatic release a smoke bomb in a crowded NY subway car, and then open fire on his fellow strap-hangers. While he injured about ten people with his gunfire, he, fortunately, did not manage to kill anybody. The most the press and the cops could bring themselves to in the way of a description of the suspected shooter was a dark-skinned, heavy-set male. Nobody could get themselves to say a big, black guy. 

Soon, of course, even this politically correct description put out by the NYPD will be questioned. Do we KNOW that he identifies as a male? Isn't labelling somebody as "heavy set" a dog whistle for fat-shamming? You wait. This will come to pass.

It appears that the shooter, who has a long criminal record and whom I will not name, is a black supremacist with a deep hatred for whites, Asians, and Jews.  He has posted several videos online stating as much. I am certain that these unpleasant facts will soon go into the memory waste disposal, and we will hear only about our failing mental health system and, of course, guns. I don't know about yours, but mine have never jumped into a subway car and started shooting people. 

On guns, Mr. 81 Million Votes put on another of his patented clown act/press conferences by focussing--if I can use that word when writing about Biden--on something he called "ghost guns." He wants to ban them, whatever they are, by executive regulation. He held up what he called a "ghost gun," and to my untrained eye, it sure looked like any of the dozens of my guns when I have stripped them for cleaning. I saw him hold up a frame and separate slide assembly and mumble something about this being a "ghost gun" which posed an incredible threat to the public, and which justified Biden violating the second amendment and due process to save us. 

So now we have Assault Rifle and Ghost Gun in our lexicon.

One last example, and I let you go. 

"Genocide." We now accuse Russia and Putin, in particular, of committing genocide in Ukraine. Seems like a total perversion of the word. If you want to decry war crimes and atrocities, ok, but "genocide"? Makes no sense. Look up the definition and you will see.

More later.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Woke Lies & Wars

Over the years, this humble blog has railed against the flood of lies discharged by our woke masters in government, and in the media, legacy and new. It has become something of an obsession with your humble blogger; at the risk of becoming a one-note Johnny bore, I shall continue to rail. 

Sorry, but, hey, it's free of charge.

Our masters tell us so many lies that it proves difficult to pick one, or two, or three, or . . . whatever, to discuss. I will give it a try.

As you can see from my writings over the years on Putin and Russia, I have not become a Putin Puppet. In my view, however, Putin's Moscow ranks as a second- or even third-tier threat to the US and the West; it certainly comes well behind the number two threat Beijing, and WELL BEHIND, far, far behind, the number one threat to our civilization, the Wokesters within our societies busily destroying our institutions and the underpinnings of our national identity and culture.  

None of us, outside of the top-most circles of Ukraine and Russia, has any good idea of events in the Ukraine-Russia war. What we, John Q. Public, know know proves very basic, VERY basic, indeed. 

We know Russia has invaded Ukraine. We think we know that the invasion did not seem well-planned or executed. We know that this invasion, as true with any other of which I can think, has caused suffering and death to the people invaded, and, yes, by the way, I include in my list of invasions that transpiring along our own southern border. In the Ukraine case, we simply don't know how much suffering and death; we must take the media's "massacre" accounts with a fistful of salt. Look. Face it. It's Russia; it's Ukraine; it's Eastern Europe. History shows that warfare there, though, of course, not there only, does not adhere to the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, much less to the Geneva Convention. I have no trouble believing, knowing (?), that innocent civilians or surrendering soldiers can and do face harsh treatment and even death at the hands of that day's victors--and that the next day's victors will reciprocate. I have no problem knowing that Russians and Ukrainians can act in a brutal fashion. Read about the two world wars, the Russian civil war, the Soviet wars with Poland and Finland, the fate of Napoleon's army in Russia, etc., and you can easily imagine brutality on the fields of battle and in the cities of that region. The Katyn Forrest massacre comes readily to mind.

On Ukraine, my big problem, and I assume (Right? Wrong?) that of many others, arises from the lack of objective reporting; the reports, for example, on Russian atrocities in Ukraine seem much like those in British, French, and American newspapers of German atrocities in Belgium during WWI. Just a little too convenient. The narrative from Ukraine appears calculated, edited, censored, and massaged to cause maximum outrage in the audience, and, of course, heighten US and international support for involvement in this war. This narrative looks like, well, a narrative, rarely a good thing.

I don't like this manipulation, especially given the record of those doing it. We, for example, have a "leadership," illegitimately occupying the White House, which has not come clean about the corrupt Biden family's ties to Ukraine and China. We have a media, old and new, yet to apologize for its lies re Trump-Putin collusion, quid-pro-quo, Hunter's laptop, Rittenhouse, January 6, the grifters of BLM, Kavenaugh, Covid-19, climate change, the 2020 elections, and on, and on, and on. I generally don't believe what comes from these liars who wish ill on Western Civilization, and work to destroy it.

The bumbling, incoherent nature of our "leaders'" on their march to war leads to even more concern. We see them call for the world to destroy Russia, not just to promote regime change, but to destroy completely Russia's economy, and its ability to function as a modern state. We have prominent individuals, right and left, calling for direct US/NATO military action against Russia, i.e., war. They seek a potentially nuclear war in Europe. Would that war remain there?

Given the heated rhetoric coming from the West about Russia, and the measures taken to kill Russia's economy, I had to laugh when German Minister of Economy Robert Habeck complained that Russia's demanding Germany and other gas customers pay in roubles, rather than dollars or euros, amounted to "blackmail." He seemed outraged Russia would defend its currency, and seek to impose pain on those seeking to impose pain on Russia. 

What did a wise man once say? Oh, yes, "The enemy gets a vote." Words to live by.

No matter what we think of the rightness of "our cause," the other side will respond. 

We, today, suffer and will suffer more consequences at home from this rush to "destroy" Russia. Given, for example, our insistence on outsourcing critical industries, including fertilizer production to Russia, it should come as no surprise that Russia has struck at fertilizer exports, thereby, raising the cost of food production in the US and the West, evoking the likelihood not just of higher prices but of food shortages. 

Did the "bumblers in charge" not see this coming? Do we really need Nostradamus?

On the topic of wars, the wokesters not only push war with Russia. They simultaneously push a variety of interrelated wars at home. We see a war on women. The wokesters cannot even define "woman" except that a man gets to decide if he's a woman (?). Women don't exist. Sorry about that.

We also see an ever-intensifying wokester war on children. I have written about this before. The progs/wokesters hate children and families. They want to turn children over to the state, at least, those children they don't insist on killing. They want to "sexualize" children from the earliest possible age to accept LGBTQRSVPCRAP as normal. They want teachers talking about sex, in graphic terms, to children in kindergarten. They want judges to go light on child porn and pedophilia. They now have one of those on the Supreme Court.

Why trust anything these people say?

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Seeing What's There

 Almost six years ago, I put up a little post that drew from George Orwell's great 1946 essay "In Front of Your Nose." It is well worth reading in this time of the Great Lie. In particular, I like this statement,

The point is that we are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right. Intellectually, it is possible to carry on this process for an indefinite time: the only check on it is that sooner or later a false belief bumps up against solid reality, usually on a battlefield.

When one looks at the all-prevailing schizophrenia of democratic societies, the lies that have to be told for vote-catching purposes, the silence about major issues, the distortions of the press, it is tempting to believe that in totalitarian countries there is less humbug, more facing of the facts. There, at least, the ruling groups are not dependent on popular favour and can utter the truth crudely and brutally. Goering could say ‘Guns before butter’, while his democratic opposite numbers had to wrap the same sentiment up in hundreds of hypocritical words.

Actually, however, the avoidance of reality is much the same everywhere, and has much the same consequences. The Russian people were taught for years that they were better off than everybody else, and propaganda posters showed Russian families sitting down to abundant meal while the proletariat of other countries starved in the gutter. Meanwhile the workers in the western countries were so much better off than those of the U.S.S.R. that non-contact between Soviet citizens and outsiders had to be a guiding principle of policy. Then, as a result of the war, millions of ordinary Russians penetrated far into Europe, and when they return home the original avoidance of reality will inevitably be paid for in frictions of various kinds. The Germans and the Japanese lost the war quite largely because their rulers were unable to see facts which were plain to any dispassionate eye.

Read it. It is cleanser for the soul.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Pathetic Joe

Did you see the video of "President" Biden getting his SECOND Covid booster shot? 

For some reason my browser won't let me link to it here, but you really need watch it. The video presents one of the most pathetic scenes I have witnessed of our ridiculous "president." He looks like a befuddled elderly citizen lost in an assisted living center. 

Putin must be trembling. 

I have to imagine that the circle of evil around Biden has decided it is time for him to go. Why otherwise would they present him in such an absurd way? 

Also interesting that the legacy media has slowly, slowly begun to "reveal" the contents of the Hunter laptop and slowly, slowly, begun linking Joe to Hunter's shady dealings with, among others, China. They would only do that with the OK of the powers-that-be.

Is a resignation or a 25th Amendment move in the offing?

Monday, March 28, 2022

The Time Has Arrived: Impeachment

I will never get around to my piece on a new "isolationism," but this topic is more pressing. 

It is time to impeach and convict Joe Biden. 

The nation and the West cannot take another two-three years of this corrupt and inept disaster.

In my view, the history of impeachment of the US president looks a bit tawdry. I don't think that any of the four impeachment trials in our history (Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and the two against Donald Trump) met the standard the Founding Fathers had envisioned. The closest was, perhaps, the Clinton impeachment (argue away) as he stood accused of perjury. 

Congressional impeachment has become almost the equivalent of a parliamentary motion of "no confidence." Not what the Founders wanted, but, so be it. Without doubt, among others, the RINO GOP will produce a herd of Constitutional scholars and legal gurus against using "impeachment" for Biden; they will argue, we must not become like the Dems. To that, I, politely, say, bunk. Go away. It's too late for that nonsense. The survival of our nation is at stake.

Every day it seems, despite the censorship and the fake "de-bunking," we get more and more evidence of Biden's criminality. He and his family, of course, have been long known as crooks and liars in the pockets of Delaware-based credit card companies. They've now expanded their criminal enterprise well beyond Delaware.

Joe's lies are as legion as his lack of ethics. His brother is a well-known and unsavory character as is Joe's son, Hunter; don't forget, they give Joe, the "big guy," ten percent.

We now suffer the worst presidency in our history; none other comes close. 

Biden moved into the White House thanks to massive electoral fraud, and unprecedented support from big tech and media firms that carefully edited and suppressed information hurtful to Biden. In addition, Biden, and many around him, e.g., Jake Sullivan, helped create the fake Trump-Putin collusion hoax, which almost brought down the Trump presidency, and made it impossible to have normal relations with Russia; we pay for that now, as we face the possibility of involvement in a major European war with a cognitively impaired president unable to control what he says or remember what he said the day before. 

In sum, the DNC, with the active participation of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, the CIA, and the media, both legacy and new, engaged in a massive criminal conspiracy against a sitting president. You want sedition? You got sedition.

Let us not forget that Trump's "crime" consisted of asking questions about the Biden-Ukraine link. That, my friends, became the driver of that most fake of fake impeachments. Trump had come close to upsetting the whole cart of rotten apples. Asking dangerous questions: Kryptonite for progs.

The Hunter Biden laptop, which the Biden criminal circle declared "Russian disinformation," should provide serious investigators a treasure trove of information showing the Bidens' criminal activities AND how Joe, himself, received pay from the governments of Ukraine and of China, as well as from Russian gangsters. If nothing else, enough information should exist to provide investigators leads to instances of tax fraud and illegal work on behalf of foreign governments.

Biden and gang have caused perhaps irreparable damage to our economy, society, and foreign policy. His refusal to halt the ongoing invasion across our southern border threatens the very existence of this country. That alone should prove cause for impeachment. 

What can I say about Joe's bizarre comments in Poland calling for regime change in Moscow? You want war with Russia? Keep saying that sort of garbage.

Impeachment and conviction. 

Keep enough powder dry for Kamala.

Friday, March 25, 2022

The Dangers of "Winning": Ukraine Edition

UPDATE: A bombshell article from the Daily Mail re Hunter Biden's involvement in setting up biolabs in Ukraine. Sickening info from the "nonexistent" laptop.

Lots of talk in the THE WORLD media asserting that Ukraine has begun to win the war with Russia. 

In lockstep, commentators and reporters from FOX, CNN, BBC, France24, RTVE, etc, tell us that the war has turned against the Russians: that the Ukrainians have retaken such and such a town, have caused huge losses to Russian convoys, sunk a Russian military cargo ship, etc. 

Maybe. Maybe, they have. 

Maybe, the Ukrainians have done precisely that. 

Soviet/Russian military doctrine, training, and equipment have not proven the best in the world by a long shot. Just about every time since WWII, whenever Soviet/Russian military doctrine, training, and equipment have gone up against Western, especially US, equipment, training, or troops, the Western guys generally kick butt. Maybe, maybe, the Ukrainians, some units apparently trained by US Green Berets, have given the Russians hell, negating, for now, the obvious Russian superiority in numbers and brute firepower. I hope that's so, but don't know, and neither do the "journalists" reporting this as "fact."

I am not professional military, and have no sources of information inside Ukraine or Russia. I get the same crappy reports we all get; in other words, the same massaged, censored, twisted information that our masters deem we can get. I have a deep skepticism about those masters and their echo-chamber mass media; they have proven wrong too many times--hell, they have lied too many times to trust them now. I, therefore, don't and won't.  

While writing this, for example, I see a YouTube video of perhaps a Russian military supply ship burning at a pier. Is it? I don't know. Something seems burning. A ship? A Russian ship? I don't know. If so, how did it get set alight? Lots of vague answers. If it's Russian, the fire could come from many sources, other than just the Ukrainian military. Having myself seen Soviet-trained ex-military working for UN peacekeeping ops and as mercenaries, I do not come away impressed by their maintenance, handling, safety, and overall training standards. I easily can see this fire caused, for example, by Russian sailors smoking while off-loading fuel or something else flammable. Who knows? I will tune in RT to see what they say . . . oh, that's right, in the interest of democracy our leaders have removed RT from YouTube.

We wander in a desert of bright shimmering mirages, goaded into chasing one after another.

The Perils of Winning?

This "winning" line poses some potential and very major dangers. 

Nearly all our politicians and commentators seem agreed--always a bad sign--that Putin has arrived to a desperate place; his back to the wall, the noose tightening, he will lash out with chemical or nuclear weapons. 

Is any of that true? 

Is he desperate? 

Will he "lash out"? 

I don't know, and they don't either. 

We hear that Putin used chemical weapons in Syria: verified? I don't know.

Now, instead of trying to tamp down the tensions, offer our good offices for face-saving peace talks, our bumbling "leaders" keep goading Putin in public: "You're gonna lose, Vlad! You're a war criminal, Vlad! You're outta office, Vlad!""

Do we really want our masters to drive a nuclear-armed Russia into a corner, especially, I note, a Russia headed by a leader such as the Putin they portray? Smart? In the best interests of us all, including Ukraine? Got my doubts.

I have written before about my discomfort, nay, revulsion, over our masters seeking to march us into war. Such a war, bad enough at any time, seems especially vile with the current crop of "leaders" of all the major Western countries. Do you trust Biden, Johnson, Trudeau (the man who ran from his own citizens!) and the rest of that pack of hesitant and weak ninnies to execute a war plan? To secure victory? I don't.

Remain skeptical. 

Question the whole narrative.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Judge Jackson: Preserving the False Narrative

Still stumbling along on a piece arguing for an "isolationist"--with an asterisk--foreign policy. Things keep getting the way. The Diplowife has headed off to Spain, again, to deal with yet another death in the family. I am with the dogs in Wilmington, NC, my favorite town.

In the last few weeks, I have purchased a variety of new handguns, and finally made it to the range to test one. It comes from a relatively new company, at least new for me, based in Illinois called Devil Dog Arms. I bought their DDA 1911, five inch, chambered in .45ACP. I have written them congratulating DDA on making a superb gun--got a very nice message back. I went straight from the store to the range, and proceeded to put nearly 250 rounds of hollow point through the beast. No problems at all, and with an amazing accuracy. It's a bit heavy for EDC, but what a great in the car or home protection gun. Check it out-- I get nothing from them, BTW. 

Anyhow, I have watched off-and-on the Senate hearings for Supreme Court Justice-nominee Judge Kitanji Brown Jackson. The hearings are interesting, but whether they will dissuade her Dem fan boys and Mitt Romney from voting for her, kinda doubt it. She, clearly, is not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. An obvious Affirmative Action pick; per the "president's" own words, she got selected because of her skin color and her, I guess, "assigned" sex, although she doesn't know how to define "woman." 

She's just a typical mentally cluttered, lefty loon, who lives a life of great privilege, married to a wealthy white surgeon, by the way, grifting her way forward thanks to her skin color and genitalia, which make her a member of an "oppressed" class deserving special considerations. Yawn . . .

Her explanations on her lax sentencing of sexual criminals make no sense. The judge doesn't seem to mind child abuse. Actually, one of my sons, a lot smarter than I, noted that the real issue consists of protection of gay crimes against children. As he points out, we get constantly told that pedophiles are not gay. Well, if you look at her cases, including one in which she apologized to the convicted felon, they are males abusing young boys or possessing films and pictures of such abuse. Got to protect that narrative.

More later.