Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Friday, May 20, 2022

Back In NC

Made it back. 

It was the flight from hell; not because of anything that American Airlines did or any defect in the plane (a fabulous B-787). I ate something in the VIP lounge in Madrid that went definitely sideways. Sick as sick can be the whole flight; a situation not helped by the kindly steward commenting repeatedly, "Sir, you don't look well." Thanks, I know, I know. 

Anyhow, made it back. We will return to Spain in about six weeks. Lots of paperwork remains.

I despair of our situation in this country. A tiny bright spot: the ponderous Durham investigation has begun to produce some fruit. Well, better said, after all that slo-mo investigation we find what this humble blog (I shall toot my own horn) said from the start, to wit, that the Trump-Putin collusion story was fake, made up by the Clintons/DNC, and pushed on America by a media and, most shamefully, an FBI willing to go along with the hoax. We all knew the story as fake, and yet it persisted, partially crippling the White House, and making it impossible to establish decent relations with Russia. We now pay for that.

Time to defund the DOJ and, especially, the FBI until a thorough house-cleaning takes place. 

Also need to go after the 51 "intelligence experts" who labelled the Hunter Biden laptop "Russian disinformation" when they knew it wasn't. 

Tasks, inter alia, for next year's Republican Congress? We'll see how much spine they have.

Well, there exists another, small, bright spot: the apparent "death" of the Biden Ministry of Truth. 

That laughable "misinformation" governance board, or whatever they called it, has collapsed, and its buffoonish head gone off, almost certainly, to a lucrative gig with MSNBC or some other purveyor of actual misinformation. The lefties, however, will try again in some other form. They desperately want to censor and control the information we receive, and the thoughts we hold and express. I have written about this before and noted that the wokesters understand that words comprise the ammunition of debate. Make your opponents fire blanks that you issue, or get jammed up in confusion, and you've won the battle. That effort to monkey with the language continues daily in the schools, the media, and, of course, in the very "halls of power." 

The economy continues to sink into the classic Democratic abyss. There is no reason for the disaster now upon us. Well, there is a reason: Biden, et al. Baby food shortage? In America? WTH! The stores in Spain and France were full of baby formula.

Off to one of my many doctor's appointments. I had hoped to drive the 427, but the top has gotten jammed open--I don't know why--and it looks like it might rain. 

How he suffers . . . and yet, he blogs . . . oh, the courage . . ..

Monday, May 16, 2022

Heading Back to Madrid

On the train trying to do this via a hotspot on my phone. I am horrible at this sort of stuff.

I give up. Had to resume once we got to our place in Madrid. Too many tunnels and a bad signal kept interrupting and defiling my discovery of the HOTSPOT.

Love San Sebastian. Not even the modern world and Spain's obsession with being European could damage the place. I spent many years there as a child, and as a callow youth. Hadn't been there in years and the first big change I noticed was a lot less interest in politics, and Basque nationalism.  No more long conversations into the night on the history of Euskadi and how it is not a part of Spain. The kids speak a mix of Basque, Spanish, and English and nobody seems to get excited about it any more.  ETA and the violence of those years is just a dim memory, and nobody wants to talk about it. 

What do they talk about? Football (soccer) and food. The people here love their soccer team, and live and die with its ups-and-downs. The folks in Euskadi also love food, and love their farmers and cooks. They have tremendous respect for the people who produce food; that food, as I have said many times, is probably the best in the world. Amazing what they can do with basic ingredients. I won't bore you with the meals we had, but they were tremendous.Woe to the restauranteur who becomes known for catering to foreign tourists; the locals won't go there.

Spent a wonderful day in Hendaye, France, the border town famous for the meeting between Franco and Hitler. Hung out with some relatives and--horrors!--watched the Eurovision musical competition. Europeans do many things well, but Eurovision is just about the tackiest, most stupid, but still fun competition I have seen. Watch the Will Ferrel movie about it on Netflix. It's spot on. As expected, Ukraine won with a weird sort of copy of American hip-hop/rap etc. Lot of fun over some great food.

We leave on Wednesday for North Carolina, and reality. We will be returning to Spain in July to continue with the legal process for my wife's inheritance. The bureaucracy here is amazing. There is always one more piece of paper or stamp needed.

I will try to be more interesting in future posts.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Valley of the Fallen & Toledo

We drove to Franco's massive monument to himself and his victory in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39. The "Valley of the Fallen" sits a few miles outside of Madrid next to the city of El Escorial; I hadn't visited there in some 40 years, and it appeared different from what I remembered. 

The thing is massive; you can look it up on the internet and YouTube, but pictures, video, and written descriptions don't give justice to its size. In the middle of a national park, full of deer and wild boar, it occupies a beautiful chunk of real estate. It took some ten years to build, using, among others, the forced labor of thousands of political prisoners, including at least one of my relatives. Franco himself officially inaugurated the monument in 1959; the Pope blessed it the following year. When he died in 1975, Franco was buried in the enormous crypt there. 

I, however, can confirm for my six readers that Franco has left the building. 

After years of contentious political and social debate over whether to tear down the whole thing, the compromise reached a couple of years ago was to move the body of the Generalisimo from the crypt to a military cemetery. Interestingly, the body of Spanish fascism's founder, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, remains. While tearing down the whole monument and its many buildings would have proven fantastically costly, various leftist governments over the years, however, apparently have decided to starve the place. According to a curator at the religious retreat/hotel/restaurant there, the Ministry of Culture steadily has reduced the Valley's budget, and some features, such as the cable car to the top of mountain upon which sits an enormous cross, have been allowed to fall into disrepair and closed "temporarily" for several years. The retreat's massive library also shows signs of failing maintenance, e.g., water stains, mold.

The whole place was spookily empty. It looked like the set of a post-apocalypse film; a few Dutch tourists taking selfies, but not many others. The vast parking lots were empty.  Despite all that, it's definitely worth a visit. If nothing else, it will make you think of Ozymandias

After that visit, we went off to El Escorial and had what I think is the best steak I have ever had at a wonderful restaurant, El Charoles. Hard to find. My GPS kept sending us in circles, but worth it. Go there. 

Couple of days later we took the train (masks required) to Toledo, named after a place in Ohio, I think. Might be wrong. It's a great place, and despite all the tourists, the residents are very friendly, and the city retains its medieval charm. We found the modest synagogue where my ancestors prayed over 500 years ago; it was closed. The spectacular cathedral where my wife's ancestors prayed, however, that, that was OPEN--anti-semitism, of course. The cathedral is beyond beautiful. You could spend the whole day in there and not run out of things to see. Also bought a heavy chess set which proved devastating for my back. I could hardly walk after trying to swing the thing over my shoulder. The much more fit Diplowife had to lug the monster around as we walked up and down hilly streets. I followed slowly and painfully. She has made me swear to collect something other than chess sets. Besides Toledo, she has carried them for me in Mexico City, Guatemala City, Hong Kong, Lima, La Paz, Bangkok, New Delhi, and Jakarta. No more!

I have nothing wise to say about the political insanity back home. As my oldest son said to me on the phone yesterday, "The crazy Democrats have chosen abortion as the hill to die on." Complete insanity and deliberate malice characterize the Dems on Roe v Wade. Let'em die on that hill.

Taking the train (masks required) today to San Sebastian where my wife has a variety of legal issues to handle re the estates of her late mother and her aunt. I intend to handle the food. Perhaps the best food in all of Spain, which already has the best food in the world. 

More later.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Madrid Musings & The Democrats' All-Out War on Children

After a flight marked by hours of delay due to weather and aircraft mechanical issues, and impossible lines at Barajas airport immigration (THREE hours!), the Diplowife and I are ensconced in one of our favorite cities, Madrid. 

I hadn't been here in some 12 years, so I was curious as to the changes I would notice. The first one is expense. This is a VERY expensive city made a bit more tolerable by the favorable exchange rate. The dollar remains, for now, the reserve currency and the USA is still seen as a safe-haven in times of global crisis. Rising interest rates in the US, of course, also help. But, dear readers, I did not come to Madrid to make or save money. If I'd wanted that, I'd gone into business with the Biden crime family. THE LAPTOP will reveal my innocence of any association with the Biden money laundering syndicate. I deny any and all knowledge of any and all possible business dealings the Biden mafia might have in Spain, and will insist that Elon Musk delete any tweets on Twitter stating otherwise.

Lots of construction in the city. There is a huge effort underway to make the place much more friendly for pedestrians. Many walkways and bicycle lanes--largely occupied by groups of Dutch and German tourists on bikes--with cars getting forced underground or onto satellite parking lots. I also noticed fat people, not something typical in Spain. It seems Spaniards are following in the heavy footsteps of the Anglo-American-Australians. 

There has been a continuing and huge demographic change in Spain. Native-born have one of the world's lowest birth rates, and Spain is becoming an immigrant nation. The long line at the airport, for example, was almost exclusively made up of immigrants from Latin America. Restaurant and hotel staff are heavily Latin American, as is the Spanish army. There is also a growing North African and Middle Eastern presence. Perhaps related, violent crime is way up; back in the day, Madrid was one of the world's safe cities. Not so now.

For me as an old man skeptical of change, I find sad that the uniqueness of Spain is being lost. Spain has an amazing history, and has played a major role in the development of Western civilization. What I always liked about Spain was its quirkiness, its unique society, its refusal to bend to the prevailing progressive winds sweeping Europe and the rest of the West. Increasingly, however, Spain is becoming just another European country with the same progressive policies and attitudes ruining the rest of Europe. As I said, I find that sad, well, depressing.

Speaking of depressing, the Democratic party back home has shown its destructive malice once more. Over the years, I have written many times about the Democratic Party obsession with killing and abusing children. They want unfettered abortion, infanticide, and normalizing of pedophilia. They want children bombarded with sex from kindergarten on up. Their response to the leak from the Supreme Court is further evidence of the progressive obsession with killing children, especially black children. Yes, the Democrats hold up as their hero the racist eugenicist Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood to kill black babies and, thus, eliminate black people from American life. This is, of course, all of piece with their war on the police which results in thousands of dead black youths in our cities. There is something criminally insane and racist with the world's oldest political party.

Ok, more later. I am going off to visit the Valley of the Fallen where Franco used to be buried until he got booted by the progs.  

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Woke Democrats In a Battle for the War

Many articles and polls, as well as TV and radio "pundits" predict a Republican tsunami in next November's midterm elections. That, for now, seems likely, or, better stated, that's what I ardently hope comes to pass, but, well, you never know. We already see the Dems assembling anew their election fraud machine, one which worked so well for them in 2020, and I have serious doubts about the fighting spirit of many Republicans. We, for example, see dire predictions of a renewed COVID surge; that "surge" will "require," of course, not just the traditional masks of obedience and lock-downs, but also mail-in ballots. We hear a steady and, unfortunately, bipartisan drumbeat for war with Russia with no clear explanation of the US interests in such an event. This banging of the war drum fosters an air of fear, crisis, and uncertainty that can redound to the benefit of our masters' hold on power. These masters seek to avoid blame for record violent crime; a massive illegal alien wave; historic levels of inflation; rising interest rates; impending food shortages; factory closings; and plunging stocks and exports: all classic indicators of a recession to come. They, of course, also would have us ignore growing evidence of Biden family corruption and ties to Ukraine, China, and elsewhere. We see the hideous Bush-created Department of Homeland Security, which I strongly opposed at the time, setting up a creepy Truth Ministry, headed by a lunatic wokester, to decide for the voters what comprises "misinformation." 

In fairness, we also hear calls from some "moderate" Democrats for the so-called Biden administration to reverse course on a variety of policies to stave off or, at least, mitigate the coming electoral disaster. For now, however, those voices get drowned by the clique that runs the stuttering Biden animatronic dummy, along with its cackling California sidekick. What passes for the White House ignores calls for moderation; doubling down instead like a crazed blackjack player on the hideous policies destroying our nation.

This message and policy confusion and chaos led me to wonder about happenings within the Democratic Party. Here I provide preliminary thoughts; more akin to musings spoken aloud, not fully developed. Think of this post as a palimpsest onto which new and better thoughts will later get inscribed. Please help.

My simple binary mind sees a split in the Dems, a sort of Menshevik v. Bolshevik or a Stalin v Trotsky schism, maybe a Leno v. Kimmel battle, etc. You decide on the analogy, but it comes down to civil war within the world's oldest political party. That internal battle seeks to determine how to and who will run the ongoing Great War against America and the West. A battle for the war. 

Both factions, in my view, want the same end, i.e., the destruction of our civilization; the battle is one of personalities, timeline, and tactics.

As hinted above, "standard" election-minded Dem politicians can derive no joy from the numbers coming out from every poll I have seen, regardless of those polls' political bent, and their usual "N" sample trick of over over representing Democratic voters. The polls predict a GOP majority--some polls bigger, some smaller--in both houses of Congress, as well as major wins in local and state elections. We see a number of Democratic politicians melting over "Biden" economic and immigration policies, in particular, both election losers.

The border crisis provides a classic battleground for the two factions. The "Electoral" Democratic politicos see the disaster it could bring in the midterms. The Kamikaze Democrats (KD) care little for elections, and to the extent they pay them mind, seek to rig them through outright vote fraud and censorship. The KDs want to sink the carrier NOW while they have power, and not put it off to when it might prove too late. They want the borders wide open, with plenty of incentives to encourage the horde waiting to get in, and fundamentally alter the very nature of our society. 

As Lt. Governor of Texas, Daniel Patrick, has noted, if the current pace of illegal "immigrants" continues to the end of "Biden's" four years, fully 20%, one in five, residents of the USA will be illegal aliens. That's some 60-70 million people illegally in the country. That could prove a permanent altering of the country, and present an almost insurmountable challenge to handle. Likewise, the KDs want to smash our energy independence, censor our speech, encroach on gun rights, sabotage our schools, and get us accustomed to following the dictates of "public health experts." To repeat, they want this NOW. They want changes that come as close to impossible to reverse as possible. 

We, of course, also have civil war in the GOP. We have gutless wonders such as Romney, McCarthy, Collins, Cheney, Murkowski, and Kemp (and others) who will not stand up to the wokesters, who don't this as the life-and-death struggle it is. They instead seek that always tantalizing "strange new respect." 

These are not normal times.


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Back from Reno; Facing Zombies; Ted Cruz Encounter; End of the World; Heading for Spain

We had a fairly uneventful few days in Reno, Nevada. It was my first time there. It's kind of a, well, not very appealing place to live--at least to me. Not a very charming city, with lots of mentally ill zombies roaming the streets at night. My son and I had an encounter with one at a McDonald's drive thru at about 4 am as we returned from a casino. Idling in line, we heard a loud metallic bang, and saw a zombie slamming a gate in the restaurant's outdoor garbage shed. He went into that shed from which we could hear loud voices, and some more bangs on the metal door from inside the enclosure; then, the zombie emerged, screaming at the top of his lungs. He, apparently, had lost his sleep-spot to another, presumably a competing zombie. He made a beeline for our car, yelling, waving his arms, and then throwing his backpack at us, just missing the rental car. My son and I decided, as did the driver behind us, to get out of line and drive away. As we drove past the zombie, he hollered some unintelligible gibberish, and shook his fists at us. I hope he wasn't one of this blog's six readers upset by something I wrote. Let me know if you were he. 

Reno has a construction boom underway which could transform it. Would that change be for the good or the bad? 

We'll have to see if all those people fleeing the woke dumpster that has become California don't make Nevada follow in San Francisco's footsteps. 

Some of the surrounding countryside, however, is spectacular. We enjoyed our half-day in Virginia City; nice, though touristy, cowboy town with an interesting past and a fun museum. Also fun was the Reno classic car museum, run by some extremely friendly people, and having some amazing cars dating back to before the 20th century. Some of those cars prove absolute works of art and engineering. It's stunning what we used to make in this country.

Forgot to mention, on the flight from Dallas to Reno, I had a brief conversation with Senator Ted Cruz. He was flying economy, by the way. He proved a very nice man, very respectful, and with a good sense of humor. We didn't discuss anything too deep or contentious, as we stood in line for the plane lavatory. We agreed the country was in terrible shape. 

While in Reno, of course, we witnessed the end of the world. 

No, not talking about my results at blackjack and poker. 

No, not talking about WWIII in Europe. 

No, not talking about the disaster on the southern border. 

Yes, indeed, I am talking about Elon Musk's apparently successful bid to buy Twitter and take it private.

Watching the wokesters on MSNBC and CNN catch fire, and either melt or explode was worth every dollar of the purported $44 billion Musk has put on the counter for the purchase. I hope that it goes through, and that Musk fulfills the expectation of turning Twitter (from which I am banned) into a true town square. 

The wokesters have made as plain as possible their fear of and hatred for freedom. If you don't agree with them; if you don't endorse all their lunacies, e.g., men can be women; if you, yourself, don't see each and every opponent of wokism as a vile racist, misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe, science-denier, then you, yourself, are a vile racist, misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe, science-denier, to whom the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights do not apply. All very weird.

Back in North Carolina, just in time to prepare for our trip to Spain next week. I have not been there in years, and look forward to it. I always have had a great time in Spain, even met the wife there. We will spend most of our two weeks in Madrid with a couple of days in San Sebastian. I hope to pick up a chess set in Toledo, where they make some beautiful ones. 

Hope the mad reaction to Covid, a madness still rampant in Spain, doesn't interfere with the travel.

Sorry this post wasn't very interesting. Hope to make it up to you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Getting Ready to Fly . . . Maskless!

The Diplowife and I will be heading out to Nevada in a couple of days to visit the granddaughter. I had been very grumpy about the flight because of the mask requirement. Thanks, however, to a freedom-loving, brave Trump-appointed Federal Judge, Kathryn Kimball Micelle, we will not have to go through the indignity of the face diaper. We think. Well, we hope. We'll see if Mr. 81 Million Votes files an appeal. 

In the meantime, of course, I can't help but be amazed by the Easter Bunny. 

I am sure you all have seen how the White House staff sent in the Easter Bunny to prevent Poor Joe from talking about, well, whatever he was mumbling about. 

I find hard to get out of my mind the image of a giant Bunny grabbing the "President" of the United States, stepping in front of him, waving his/her/its paws in his face and pointing him away from the questioners--and following him to prevent Joe from returning to the rope line. 

Can any of you imagine something similar with Trump? Hell, with Obama? Bush? Carter, of course, fought off the bunny with an oar, if you remember. Sad when Carter is more macho . . . ..

Anyhow, I will see if I get a chance to post something from Reno.


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Once Again: The Woke War on Language

Just a quick one as we prepare our digs for the impending visit of the grandchildren. We recently added a third boy (pronouns: he/his/him) and this is his first visit to us in Raleigh. The media has been alerted!

I was struck, yet again, by how our woke masters have corrupted the language. 

This past week we saw a lunatic release a smoke bomb in a crowded NY subway car, and then open fire on his fellow strap-hangers. While he injured about ten people with his gunfire, he, fortunately, did not manage to kill anybody. The most the press and the cops could bring themselves to in the way of a description of the suspected shooter was a dark-skinned, heavy-set male. Nobody could get themselves to say a big, black guy. 

Soon, of course, even this politically correct description put out by the NYPD will be questioned. Do we KNOW that he identifies as a male? Isn't labelling somebody as "heavy set" a dog whistle for fat-shamming? You wait. This will come to pass.

It appears that the shooter, who has a long criminal record and whom I will not name, is a black supremacist with a deep hatred for whites, Asians, and Jews.  He has posted several videos online stating as much. I am certain that these unpleasant facts will soon go into the memory waste disposal, and we will hear only about our failing mental health system and, of course, guns. I don't know about yours, but mine have never jumped into a subway car and started shooting people. 

On guns, Mr. 81 Million Votes put on another of his patented clown act/press conferences by focussing--if I can use that word when writing about Biden--on something he called "ghost guns." He wants to ban them, whatever they are, by executive regulation. He held up what he called a "ghost gun," and to my untrained eye, it sure looked like any of the dozens of my guns when I have stripped them for cleaning. I saw him hold up a frame and separate slide assembly and mumble something about this being a "ghost gun" which posed an incredible threat to the public, and which justified Biden violating the second amendment and due process to save us. 

So now we have Assault Rifle and Ghost Gun in our lexicon.

One last example, and I let you go. 

"Genocide." We now accuse Russia and Putin, in particular, of committing genocide in Ukraine. Seems like a total perversion of the word. If you want to decry war crimes and atrocities, ok, but "genocide"? Makes no sense. Look up the definition and you will see.

More later.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Woke Lies & Wars

Over the years, this humble blog has railed against the flood of lies discharged by our woke masters in government, and in the media, both legacy and new. It has become something of an obsession with your humble blogger; at the risk of becoming a one-note Johnny bore, I shall continue to rail. 

Sorry, but, hey, it's free of charge.

Our masters tell us so many lies that it proves difficult to pick one, or two, or three, or . . . whatever, to discuss. I will give it a try.

As you can see from my writings over the years on Putin and Russia, I have not become a Putin Puppet. In my view, however, Putin's Moscow ranks as a second- or even third-tier threat to the US and the West; it certainly comes well behind the number two threat Beijing, and WELL BEHIND, far, far behind, the number one threat to our civilization, the Wokesters within our societies busily destroying our institutions and the underpinnings of our national identity and culture.  

None of us, outside of the top-most circles of Ukraine and Russia, has any good idea of events in the Ukraine-Russia war. What we, John Q. Public, know know proves very basic, VERY basic, indeed. 

We know Russia has invaded Ukraine. We think we know that the invasion did not seem well-planned or executed. We know that this invasion, as true with any other of which I can think, has caused suffering and death to the people invaded, and, yes, by the way, I include in my list of invasions that transpiring along our own southern border. In the Ukraine case, we simply don't know how much suffering and death; we must take the media's "massacre" accounts with a fistful of salt. Look. Face it. It's Russia; it's Ukraine; it's Eastern Europe. History shows that warfare there, though, of course, not there only, does not adhere to the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, much less to the Geneva Convention. I have no trouble believing, knowing (?), that innocent civilians or surrendering soldiers can and do face harsh treatment and even death at the hands of that day's victors--and that the next day's victors will reciprocate. I have no problem knowing that Russians and Ukrainians can act in a brutal fashion. Read about the two world wars, the Russian civil war, the Soviet wars with Poland and Finland, the fate of Napoleon's army in Russia, etc., and you can easily imagine brutality on the fields of battle and in the cities of that region. The Katyn Forrest massacre comes readily to mind.

On Ukraine, my big problem, and I assume (Right? Wrong?) that of many others, arises from the lack of objective reporting; the reports, for example, on Russian atrocities in Ukraine seem much like those in British, French, and American newspapers of German atrocities in Belgium during WWI. Just a little too convenient. The narrative from Ukraine appears calculated, edited, censored, and massaged to cause maximum outrage in the audience, and, of course, heighten US and international support for involvement in this war. This narrative looks like, well, a narrative, rarely a good thing.

I don't like this manipulation, especially given the record of those doing it. We, for example, have a "leadership," illegitimately occupying the White House, which has not come clean about the corrupt Biden family's ties to Ukraine and China. We have a media, old and new, yet to apologize for its lies re Trump-Putin collusion, quid-pro-quo, Hunter's laptop, Rittenhouse, January 6, the grifters of BLM, Kavenaugh, Covid-19, climate change, the 2020 elections, and on, and on, and on. I generally don't believe what comes from these liars who wish ill on Western Civilization, and work to destroy it.

The bumbling, incoherent nature of our "leaders'" on their march to war leads to even more concern. We see them call for the world to destroy Russia, not just to promote regime change, but to destroy completely Russia's economy, and its ability to function as a modern state. We have prominent individuals, right and left, calling for direct US/NATO military action against Russia, i.e., war. They seek a potentially nuclear war in Europe. Would that war remain there?

Given the heated rhetoric coming from the West about Russia, and the measures taken to kill Russia's economy, I had to laugh when German Minister of Economy Robert Habeck complained that Russia's demanding Germany and other gas customers pay in roubles, rather than dollars or euros, amounted to "blackmail." He seemed outraged Russia would defend its currency, and seek to impose pain on those seeking to impose pain on Russia. 

What did a wise man once say? Oh, yes, "The enemy gets a vote." Words to live by.

No matter what we think of the rightness of "our cause," the other side will respond. 

We, today, suffer and will suffer more consequences at home from this rush to "destroy" Russia. Given, for example, our insistence on outsourcing critical industries, including fertilizer production to Russia, it should come as no surprise that Russia has struck at fertilizer exports, thereby, raising the cost of food production in the US and the West, evoking the likelihood not just of higher prices but of food shortages. 

Did the "bumblers in charge" not see this coming? Do we really need Nostradamus?

On the topic of wars, the wokesters not only push war with Russia. They simultaneously push a variety of interrelated wars at home. We see a war on women. The wokesters cannot even define "woman" except that a man gets to decide if he's a woman (?). Women don't exist. Sorry about that.

We also see an ever-intensifying wokester war on children. I have written about this before. The progs/wokesters hate children and families. They want to turn children over to the state, at least, those children they don't insist on killing. They want to "sexualize" children from the earliest possible age to accept LGBTQRSVPCRAP as normal. They want teachers talking about sex, in graphic terms, to children in kindergarten. They want judges to go light on child porn and pedophilia. They now have one of those on the Supreme Court.

Why trust anything these people say?

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Seeing What's There

 Almost six years ago, I put up a little post that drew from George Orwell's great 1946 essay "In Front of Your Nose." It is well worth reading in this time of the Great Lie. In particular, I like this statement,

The point is that we are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right. Intellectually, it is possible to carry on this process for an indefinite time: the only check on it is that sooner or later a false belief bumps up against solid reality, usually on a battlefield.

When one looks at the all-prevailing schizophrenia of democratic societies, the lies that have to be told for vote-catching purposes, the silence about major issues, the distortions of the press, it is tempting to believe that in totalitarian countries there is less humbug, more facing of the facts. There, at least, the ruling groups are not dependent on popular favour and can utter the truth crudely and brutally. Goering could say ‘Guns before butter’, while his democratic opposite numbers had to wrap the same sentiment up in hundreds of hypocritical words.

Actually, however, the avoidance of reality is much the same everywhere, and has much the same consequences. The Russian people were taught for years that they were better off than everybody else, and propaganda posters showed Russian families sitting down to abundant meal while the proletariat of other countries starved in the gutter. Meanwhile the workers in the western countries were so much better off than those of the U.S.S.R. that non-contact between Soviet citizens and outsiders had to be a guiding principle of policy. Then, as a result of the war, millions of ordinary Russians penetrated far into Europe, and when they return home the original avoidance of reality will inevitably be paid for in frictions of various kinds. The Germans and the Japanese lost the war quite largely because their rulers were unable to see facts which were plain to any dispassionate eye.

Read it. It is cleanser for the soul.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Pathetic Joe

Did you see the video of "President" Biden getting his SECOND Covid booster shot? 

For some reason my browser won't let me link to it here, but you really need watch it. The video presents one of the most pathetic scenes I have witnessed of our ridiculous "president." He looks like a befuddled elderly citizen lost in an assisted living center. 

Putin must be trembling. 

I have to imagine that the circle of evil around Biden has decided it is time for him to go. Why otherwise would they present him in such an absurd way? 

Also interesting that the legacy media has slowly, slowly begun to "reveal" the contents of the Hunter laptop and slowly, slowly, begun linking Joe to Hunter's shady dealings with, among others, China. They would only do that with the OK of the powers-that-be.

Is a resignation or a 25th Amendment move in the offing?

Monday, March 28, 2022

The Time Has Arrived: Impeachment

I will never get around to my piece on a new "isolationism," but this topic is more pressing. 

It is time to impeach and convict Joe Biden. 

The nation and the West cannot take another two-three years of this corrupt and inept disaster.

In my view, the history of impeachment of the US president looks a bit tawdry. I don't think that any of the four impeachment trials in our history (Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and the two against Donald Trump) met the standard the Founding Fathers had envisioned. The closest was, perhaps, the Clinton impeachment (argue away) as he stood accused of perjury. 

Congressional impeachment has become almost the equivalent of a parliamentary motion of "no confidence." Not what the Founders wanted, but, so be it. Without doubt, among others, the RINO GOP will produce a herd of Constitutional scholars and legal gurus against using "impeachment" for Biden; they will argue, we must not become like the Dems. To that, I, politely, say, bunk. Go away. It's too late for that nonsense. The survival of our nation is at stake.

Every day it seems, despite the censorship and the fake "de-bunking," we get more and more evidence of Biden's criminality. He and his family, of course, have been long known as crooks and liars in the pockets of Delaware-based credit card companies. They've now expanded their criminal enterprise well beyond Delaware.

Joe's lies are as legion as his lack of ethics. His brother is a well-known and unsavory character as is Joe's son, Hunter; don't forget, they give Joe, the "big guy," ten percent.

We now suffer the worst presidency in our history; none other comes close. 

Biden moved into the White House thanks to massive electoral fraud, and unprecedented support from big tech and media firms that carefully edited and suppressed information hurtful to Biden. In addition, Biden, and many around him, e.g., Jake Sullivan, helped create the fake Trump-Putin collusion hoax, which almost brought down the Trump presidency, and made it impossible to have normal relations with Russia; we pay for that now, as we face the possibility of involvement in a major European war with a cognitively impaired president unable to control what he says or remember what he said the day before. 

In sum, the DNC, with the active participation of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, the CIA, and the media, both legacy and new, engaged in a massive criminal conspiracy against a sitting president. You want sedition? You got sedition.

Let us not forget that Trump's "crime" consisted of asking questions about the Biden-Ukraine link. That, my friends, became the driver of that most fake of fake impeachments. Trump had come close to upsetting the whole cart of rotten apples. Asking dangerous questions: Kryptonite for progs.

The Hunter Biden laptop, which the Biden criminal circle declared "Russian disinformation," should provide serious investigators a treasure trove of information showing the Bidens' criminal activities AND how Joe, himself, received pay from the governments of Ukraine and of China, as well as from Russian gangsters. If nothing else, enough information should exist to provide investigators leads to instances of tax fraud and illegal work on behalf of foreign governments.

Biden and gang have caused perhaps irreparable damage to our economy, society, and foreign policy. His refusal to halt the ongoing invasion across our southern border threatens the very existence of this country. That alone should prove cause for impeachment. 

What can I say about Joe's bizarre comments in Poland calling for regime change in Moscow? You want war with Russia? Keep saying that sort of garbage.

Impeachment and conviction. 

Keep enough powder dry for Kamala.

Friday, March 25, 2022

The Dangers of "Winning": Ukraine Edition

UPDATE: A bombshell article from the Daily Mail re Hunter Biden's involvement in setting up biolabs in Ukraine. Sickening info from the "nonexistent" laptop.

Lots of talk in the THE WORLD media asserting that Ukraine has begun to win the war with Russia. 

In lockstep, commentators and reporters from FOX, CNN, BBC, France24, RTVE, etc, tell us that the war has turned against the Russians: that the Ukrainians have retaken such and such a town, have caused huge losses to Russian convoys, sunk a Russian military cargo ship, etc. 

Maybe. Maybe, they have. 

Maybe, the Ukrainians have done precisely that. 

Soviet/Russian military doctrine, training, and equipment have not proven the best in the world by a long shot. Just about every time since WWII, whenever Soviet/Russian military doctrine, training, and equipment have gone up against Western, especially US, equipment, training, or troops, the Western guys generally kick butt. Maybe, maybe, the Ukrainians, some units apparently trained by US Green Berets, have given the Russians hell, negating, for now, the obvious Russian superiority in numbers and brute firepower. I hope that's so, but don't know, and neither do the "journalists" reporting this as "fact."

I am not professional military, and have no sources of information inside Ukraine or Russia. I get the same crappy reports we all get; in other words, the same massaged, censored, twisted information that our masters deem we can get. I have a deep skepticism about those masters and their echo-chamber mass media; they have proven wrong too many times--hell, they have lied too many times to trust them now. I, therefore, don't and won't.  

While writing this, for example, I see a YouTube video of perhaps a Russian military supply ship burning at a pier. Is it? I don't know. Something seems burning. A ship? A Russian ship? I don't know. If so, how did it get set alight? Lots of vague answers. If it's Russian, the fire could come from many sources, other than just the Ukrainian military. Having myself seen Soviet-trained ex-military working for UN peacekeeping ops and as mercenaries, I do not come away impressed by their maintenance, handling, safety, and overall training standards. I easily can see this fire caused, for example, by Russian sailors smoking while off-loading fuel or something else flammable. Who knows? I will tune in RT to see what they say . . . oh, that's right, in the interest of democracy our leaders have removed RT from YouTube.

We wander in a desert of bright shimmering mirages, goaded into chasing one after another.

The Perils of Winning?

This "winning" line poses some potential and very major dangers. 

Nearly all our politicians and commentators seem agreed--always a bad sign--that Putin has arrived to a desperate place; his back to the wall, the noose tightening, he will lash out with chemical or nuclear weapons. 

Is any of that true? 

Is he desperate? 

Will he "lash out"? 

I don't know, and they don't either. 

We hear that Putin used chemical weapons in Syria: verified? I don't know.

Now, instead of trying to tamp down the tensions, offer our good offices for face-saving peace talks, our bumbling "leaders" keep goading Putin in public: "You're gonna lose, Vlad! You're a war criminal, Vlad! You're outta office, Vlad!""

Do we really want our masters to drive a nuclear-armed Russia into a corner, especially, I note, a Russia headed by a leader such as the Putin they portray? Smart? In the best interests of us all, including Ukraine? Got my doubts.

I have written before about my discomfort, nay, revulsion, over our masters seeking to march us into war. Such a war, bad enough at any time, seems especially vile with the current crop of "leaders" of all the major Western countries. Do you trust Biden, Johnson, Trudeau (the man who ran from his own citizens!) and the rest of that pack of hesitant and weak ninnies to execute a war plan? To secure victory? I don't.

Remain skeptical. 

Question the whole narrative.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Judge Jackson: Preserving the False Narrative

Still stumbling along on a piece arguing for an "isolationist"--with an asterisk--foreign policy. Things keep getting the way. The Diplowife has headed off to Spain, again, to deal with yet another death in the family. I am with the dogs in Wilmington, NC, my favorite town.

In the last few weeks, I have purchased a variety of new handguns, and finally made it to the range to test one. It comes from a relatively new company, at least new for me, based in Illinois called Devil Dog Arms. I bought their DDA 1911, five inch, chambered in .45ACP. I have written them congratulating DDA on making a superb gun--got a very nice message back. I went straight from the store to the range, and proceeded to put nearly 250 rounds of hollow point through the beast. No problems at all, and with an amazing accuracy. It's a bit heavy for EDC, but what a great in the car or home protection gun. Check it out-- I get nothing from them, BTW. 

Anyhow, I have watched off-and-on the Senate hearings for Supreme Court Justice-nominee Judge Kitanji Brown Jackson. The hearings are interesting, but whether they will dissuade her Dem fan boys and Mitt Romney from voting for her, kinda doubt it. She, clearly, is not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. An obvious Affirmative Action pick; per the "president's" own words, she got selected because of her skin color and her, I guess, "assigned" sex, although she doesn't know how to define "woman." 

She's just a typical mentally cluttered, lefty loon, who lives a life of great privilege, married to a wealthy white surgeon, by the way, grifting her way forward thanks to her skin color and genitalia, which make her a member of an "oppressed" class deserving special considerations. Yawn . . .

Her explanations on her lax sentencing of sexual criminals make no sense. The judge doesn't seem to mind child abuse. Actually, one of my sons, a lot smarter than I, noted that the real issue consists of protection of gay crimes against children. As he points out, we get constantly told that pedophiles are not gay. Well, if you look at her cases, including one in which she apologized to the convicted felon, they are males abusing young boys or possessing films and pictures of such abuse. Got to protect that narrative.

More later.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Biden's War to Save Biden's "Presidency"?

Let me express, once again, my unease, better said, revulsion for the 24/7 effort underway to stampede us into war with Russia by the government, including Congress; nearly all the media; gurus of both political parties; billionaire tech moguls; wealthy Hollywood "celebrities"; network and academic pundits; idiotic Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram "influencers," and so on. 

This is 1984's two-minutes of hate, but on a 24 hour basis with Putin as Goldstein. Blame it all on Putin!

Put plainly, the information we proles receive gets manipulated and censored. Believe it at your own peril. 

I don't think of Putin as a "good guy," and disagree with his invasion of Ukraine. He should put an end to it. That said, those of us who dissent from the stampede to war with Russia risk getting labelled Putin-puppets, traitors, and "cancelled." As I have written before, the people behind trying to get us into war with Russia comprise much the same ones who lied about Trump-Putin collusion, COVID, the Biden laptop, the 2020 elections, January 6, and so VERY much more these past several years. 

I don't believe them; I don't trust them; I consider them evil, and, hence, bad for America and the West.

We don't know what is happening in Ukraine. As noted above and in many earlier posts, the information we receive comes twisted, censored, and "cleaned up." How much is true? Don't know. We most certainly don't know all the dirty deals that have gone on behind our backs by the Biden crime family with the corruptocrats in Ukraine and China, and elsewhere. 

At a minimum, we have a lying, bumbling, confused, inept, corrupt, and very weak man in the White House; a man who got there via illegitimate means. Yes, he "won" a rigged election. We have the right and the duty to question his pronouncements and policies. I don't want this fake Commander-in-Chief sending our kids to war.

I find myself sickened by those Republicans going "bipartisan" in the drive for war. Idiots! The Dems want "bipartisanship" to spread the blame around, to blunt the differences in the 2022 election, and so on. You, Dear Reader, of course, can add many more reasons why this failing "president" wants "bipartisan" support for anything he does or, more accurate, gets done in his name. 

Bottom Line: I don't want a war with Russia

Simple: No war

We have no key interests at stake in Ukraine. 

Neither the US, Russia, nor Europe has anything to gain in a European war. 

Only China stands to benefit from a war in Europe. 

This drive for war is suicidal hysteria and insanity on a mass scale. 

Reject it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Putin: War Criminal or Bosom Buddy?

Just a quick one. I am writing a piece on "isolationism," but couldn't resist a comment on something quite incredible, well, quite credible coming as it does from Biden.

The alleged president of the USA has called the president of Russia a "war criminal." 

Them's fighting words, no? 

But, does Baffled Biden mean it? It seems not. 

It seems that while Putin is a "war criminal," he also leads negotiations for the USA with the Persian polecats. Yes, Russia is negotiating a "nuclear deal" with Iran on "our" behalf.

Does this make any sense? My head spins.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Russia-Ukraine War: The Real Issues for the USA

Russia's invasion of the nation of Ukraine grinds on. 

It most certainly does not look like the blitzkrieg most of the world expected. Whether this is due to Ukrainian resistance, Russia incompetence, or just a slow deliberate methodical approach to the invasion, none of us outside of Putin's inner circle knows. 

From my vantage point, and with the scant knowledge I have, it strikes me as though Putin's plans might have changed at the last minute. It appeared that his forces were building up to launch an invasion of eastern Ukraine, protecting the "independent" republics in that part of the country, and, perhaps, firming up the Russian position around Crimea. It SEEMS--those more knowledgeable, please join the discussion--that the plan got expanded at the last minute, and a multi-prong invasion of Ukraine undertaken. This new plan, it SEEMS (there's that word), was neither fully developed nor properly resourced; it had not counted on the resistance APPARENTLY shown by the Ukrainians, or the reported incompetence of the Russian logistical system. If this proves so, Russia risks becoming a puppet, a colony of the PRC. The reports coming out that indicate Russia seeks Chinese military equipment and economic assistance seem--that word--to bear this out. That process is underway, it SEEMS.

I really don't know, and my speculation proves almost worth the price of admission to this blog. 

Issue number one: Ending the assault on freedom at home.

What makes it even harder to figure out what's happening is the almost total shut-down of information from Russia, not by the autocrats and yacht-set oligarchs in Moscow, but by the autocrats and tech-set oligarchs of the "Free" World. If one expresses an interest in hearing the other side of the story, one risks getting labelled a traitor, and getting de-platformed or otherwise shutdown. We see Senator Mitt Romney, for example, calling former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard a traitor because she's asking questions about the bio-lab issue. What? A "traitor"? A death penalty offense? The USA is not a belligerent in this conflict; it is between two foreign nations, neither an ally of the USA. How in a free country is questioning the official line "treason"? Is dissent now treason? We have to accept the government line or we are traitors? Just as with COVID, we see our masters using a crisis to stifle democracy and independence of thought at home. What happened to the slogan from just a few months ago about dissent as the highest form of patriotism? Boy, that shifted quickly.

Issue number two: Reestablishing our energy independence and industrial base.

We also see that these new found "patriots" calling us to rally around the president and the flag do nothing to protect the long-term interests of the USA--a country many of them openly hate. In fact, they actively work to undermine the position of the US in the world and destroy freedom and prosperity at home.

I have said this before, sorry, but will say it again. The USA can only have security by restoring not just our energy independence, but our technical and industrial independence, as well. This is actually not that hard to do. On energy it's obvious: remove the absurd "green-powered" restrictions on oil, gas, coal, and nuclear development. On industry, takes a little longer, but we need to start. A combination of tax, regulatory, and tariff policies can go far in bringing industry home, stopping the hemorrhaging of our jobs and technical know-how. Sorry, but all those PRC-citizen students in our universities studying science and engineering, need to leave. This is not racist; this is common sense.  

We are fools to allow the PRC to mine our technical institutes and companies. The gravy train should end for those American tech moguls who get rich outsourcing key industries. It is absurd, for example, that we have become nearly 100% dependent on China and India for antibiotics, and becoming increasingly likewise dependent on China for microchips and other key components for civilian and military applications.

Towards a New Isolationism?

I wish the Ukrainians good luck; I hate what is happening there. My overwhelming concern, however, is for the United States. 

No more foolish wars or endless expansion of our commitments, and so-called interests abroad. No more flag-draped caskets coming home.  

You want to label it "Isolationism"? That word maligned in all the history books? Yes, maybe.You might call it that. I find the word less and less odious, and ever more endearing. Will write more on that.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Death of Credibility

Who ya gonna believe?

We live in the time of the Great Lies. 

What seems conspiratorial, tinfoil-hat nonsense one day, turns out true two days later. I never thought I would live to see such a time. Many years ago, young and full of dedication to the diplomatic service, I would dismiss various conspiracy stories with the line, "Do you know how many people it would take to pull off that conspiracy?" Well, I have learned. We have thousands, tens-of-thousands perhaps millions of people bombarding us with lies one after another; they not only lie to us but when the lies get exposed they blithely move on, telling us "No. We never said that," and come up with a whole new set of lies to make us forget the previous set. 

In this humble blog, I have written over the years of the death of the "expert" (see here for a sample). I focused mostly on the climate change hoax--probably still the greatest lie ever told--noting that the same "experts" who can't predict a hurricane's track from one day to the next, presume to predict the state of the  weather/climate in ten, twenty, thirty years if we don't stop eating meat, driving SUV's, running A/C, etc. None of their predictions has come true, so now they stopped making verifiable predictions, and merely shout, "The climate is going to change!" They can't tell us if the earth will get hotter, colder, have more rain, less rain, more hurricanes, fewer hurricanes, weaker storms, stronger storms, and so on and on.  We must up-end our lives because, well, "The climate is going to change!" Their theory comes down to, "Anything is possible!" That always struck me as a weak theory on which to base critical political, economic, and social policies, but, what do I know? They're the "experts." 

We live in a time of a rising sea . . . of lies; King Canute save us!

More recently, we have had to live through a batch of new lies; herewith a random sample, in no particular order: we can't drill our way to energy independence; inflation is just transitory; the Jussie Smollett "hate crime" hoax; the Kyle Rittenhouse lie fest; the January 6 "insurrection"; the Trump-Putin collusion fakery; the Trump-Zelenskyy "quid pro quo" hoax; the 81 million Biden voters; and, of course, the hoax that comes in a close number two to "climate change," the COVID-19 hoax--a flu manufactured in a Chinese lab, with Fauci support--used as the excuse to wreck the global economy and expand the power of the ruling bureaucratic elites. Masks everybody! Mail in your ballots! Stay home! Don't congregate! Fake up those death numbers!

So is it any wonder many of us have serious doubts about the story we get fed 24/7 about Ukraine? One doesn't have to become a Putin puppet, or have a lack of empathy for the poor people killed by the Russians, to have reservations about the march to war that the ruling class want us to undertake. Every day it seems something new emerges about that war; something which, ironically, fuels the clunky Russian propaganda machine. What the hell is this business about the US funding or otherwise supporting Ukrainian bio labs? What is the true story? Certainly the nonsense coming out the State and the Defense Departments is not the whole truth. Is this Wuhan on steroids? What were we doing? If it's all innocent, why did our idiotic Undersecretary Nuland express "great" concern over the Russians gaining access to these labs?

None of this makes sense, except for the horrid possibility that we have a conspiracy to destroy the West by a cabal who think they will hold ultimate power afterwards and rebuild the world to their liking. Too crazy? Think not.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

On Ukraine: What Now?

The waxen rutabaga who claims to hold the Presidency of the United States has announced we will ban from our shores all Russian energy imports. For how long? Who knows? How this will hurt Russia is not clear as the PRC, India, and Turkey have made known they will buy all the oil the Russians can bring to market. 

He, of course, could provide no explanation as to how the shortfall in US oil supplies would get covered (except higher prices).  Oh wait. We are talking to Iran and Venezuela! Yes! An extra piece of pie for the dope who drew up that strategy. 

He lied about US oil companies refusing to exercise their rights on over 9,000 granted "drilling" permits--they are not that, at all. He lied about the actions of his clown car administration having had no negative effect on US oil and gas production. His rich buds defended him by accusing those of us who don't want to pay $6, $7, $8 a gallon of gasoline of being whiners, unpatriotic creeps who cannot empathize with the suffering of the Ukrainian people.  

Biden is clearly not leading NATO much less the rest of the world on the crisis in Ukraine. 

One small example should suffice: the Polish MiGs. We have gone back and forth IN PUBLIC on whether to provide Ukraine some older MiGs now in the Polish air force. The Poles had said "yes," but the US had said "no," and sent the NATO SecGen to Warsaw to talk the Poles out of it. Then our absurd SecState Blinken goes on TV and declares that the USA has given the "green light" to Poland to provide the MiGs. It seems the Poles found out about that along with the rest of us by watching TV. So they called our bluff: the Poles announced that they would send the MiGs to the US base at Ramstein, Germany, turn over the planes to the care of the US, and the US could then provide them to Ukraine, or not. Now Washington is crying that we did not know about the Polish decision. Three ring circus clowns should not play poker or chess with the Poles.  

Do, dear friends, please note: the Russians are now busy taking out all the airports in Ukraine. I guess they watch TV, too.

The war drums keep beating, and the drummers are the idiots who won't end up fighting the war.

Friday, March 4, 2022

Rooting for Putin? No, but . . .

Apologies. This will be mostly about me. Consider it as an old man's therapy. Thinking aloud.

I feel conflicted, my thoughts jumbled, about the Ukraine crisis. 

I spent nearly my whole career in the US foreign service viewing the USSR as our primary, even existential threat. I have bored my six readers with tales of dealing with the Soviets and won't repeat those. In sum: I hated the USSR and everything it stood for. I could not abide those in the West who wanted to go easy on the Soviets, much less those who betrayed the West for that hideous regime. When, however, the Soviet Union collapsed, my antipathy for that regime did not transition into hatred for Russia. I always liked Russian culture and history; liked the Russians I met; and saw no intrinsic reason for the US and Russia to pick up the conflict where the US and the USSR had left it. In other words, we could get along; yes, one had to deal with Russia with both eyes wide open, and watch for potential conflicts of interest, but those did not seem serious. For a time, I advocated to my poor glassy-eyed colleagues dissolving NATO; with the end of the Warsaw Pact, I saw NATO with no military purpose, as a needless provocation for Russia, and a liability for the USA. I certainly saw no reason to expand the size of NATO and extend its, I mean, OUR commitments. 

I have written in this blog how I found appalling the attitude we exhibited towards post-USSR Russia. Full of hubris, the "End of History" people told us the world had become unipolar; the victorious US and its allies could and would set the rules for that world, now free of troublesome ideologies. We would have a world order established and ruled by the West's "expert" technocrats via the IMF, the World Bank, and, above all, the WTO. This new world held out the promise of an endless buffet of prosperity throughout the globe brought about by trade and investment. Economic linkages would overwhelm and extinguish military conflict. China would become a happy cog in the Western machine. We shouldn't worry about the hollowing out of our industrial base; we would all be better off in the long run.

Russia barely featured in our designs; it would hold the rank, at best, of junior partner, a tiny wheel in the gearbox, off to one side, not doing anything important. We sent Jeff Sachs and his minions to Russia to reorganize their economy. We dismissed or, better said, did not even take into consideration Russia's view of world history, and of Russia's place in that history. We ignored the central tenet of that view, to wit, that the West looked down on Russia, and would do what it could to deny Russia its rightful place among the powers. Hollywood, of course, fed into and helped further our image of Russia: it depicted Russians as mad terrorists, gangsters, and, of course, prostitutes. Recall the many TV shows and films with Russians as the most vile of villains, the enemies of peace and civilization. We drew a caricature of Russia, believed it, and could not see the nationalist upheaval taking place inside the real Russia, and, of course, the accompanying and growing resentment towards the imperious West. 

We ignored the reemergence from the shadows and the revival of the Church in Russia. This institution not only survived decades of Communist oppression, but never relinquished its hold on the minds and souls of the majority of Russia's people. Christianity in Russia is an old-time, conservative, muscular Christianity; it, for example, does not accept gay marriage or other key articles of the Woke West. It, furthermore, sees Islam as an ancient and clear menace; history for Russia had not, and has not ended.

With the arrival of Vlad Putin on the scene, things began to change. A genuine Russian nationalist authoritarian--no friend of democracy, he--who lamented the death of the USSR, and the fracturing of its territorial empire, especially the weakening of its Slavic core. He saw himself as a 21st century pan-Slavic Tsar. He crushed Chechnya, humbled Georgia, turned Belarus into a puppet, and ate away at Ukraine. He spent a fortune renewing the Red Army, and instilling pride in the people for their country. He was and is a nationalist who places "Russia First." He, however, sought improved relations with the USA and the West, but made clear his opposition to the expansion of NATO up to Russia's borders. He, in particular, made known his strong negative view on Ukraine joining that expanded NATO. 

The big opportunity to repair US-Russian relations came with the advent of Donald Trump to the White House. Trump was the American Putin when it came to foreign affairs. He placed America's interests first and had no trouble calling out the phony nature of the NATO alliance. Trump insisted on re-establishing America's energy independence, rebuilding its military-industrial base, and ending needless wars and adventures overseas. Putin knew that Trump was the kind of leader who would pull the trigger but would not be the first to put the gun on the table. The repairing of US-Russian relations, of course, was sabotaged by a relentless four-year campaign by the DNC to label Trump as Putin's puppet--when, in fact, nothing could have been further from the truth. Many of the same people involved in creating and promoting that destructive lie now hold senior positions in the Biden administration, including National Security Advisor Sullivan and the fraud who holds the title of President, the former Senator from Delaware. 

Let us not forget that the corrupt Biden family has gotten rich thanks, not only to the credit card companies of Delaware, but also to Ukraine and China.

This brings me to my reluctance to cheer unabashedly for Ukraine. It is not just that Ukraine was not a democracy prior to the invasion, and while I normally would show myself partial to rich Jewish comedians--I think of myself as one in formation--I find Zelensky, well, yes, he's brave, but he also bears responsibility for leading his country irresponsibly. He did not rule as a democrat, and did little to fight the rampant corruption in Ukraine: Burisma, anyone? He proved inept in dealing with Russia and recognizing Ukraine's limitations in a tough neighborhood.

More important, however, in the past several years, our ruling elites have manipulated and lied to us so much--e.g., climate change, Covid, Russia "Collusion," Hunter Biden laptop, the 81 million Biden "voters"--that it now becomes difficult to separate fact from fiction. In sum: I don't like, much less trust many if not most of the people now pulling for Ukraine and insisting I do so, too. I know that might sound childish or unfair, but I remain suspicious of the nearly unanimous reporting beaming at us from the networks, right and left, and of the billionaire techno giants who seek to shape and limit our access to information. We even hear calls from otherwise once sane people for the murder of Putin--never heard such calls re the head of the USSR. 

We certainly don't hear the Russian side of the story; in fact, the same people who proved lukewarm at best when it came to opposing the USSR, created and promoted the Trump-Putin collusion nonsense, and lied and hid the truth about the rigged 2020 elections, now busily try to ensure we can't hear or read the Russian version of events. Look, I have watched some of the RT broadcasts which you can still get on YouTube, and find them unconvincing, and redolent of old heavy-handed Soviet propaganda. As, however, a free citizen of a democracy, I have the right to watch those broadcasts without getting called a traitor. I can make up my own mind and don't need Biden or Google to "help" me.

I do not support the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A lot of innocent people are getting killed and hurt. The war should stop. I hope Russia has great difficulty; I hope China has backed the wrong horse. 

That said, I recognize that the West has made this war possible and even likely: we have exhibited military and economic weakness--e.g., Afghanistan withdrawal, bizarre energy policy--and recklessly have encouraged NATO's expansion up to Russia's borders. Our leaders have shown themselves as idiots, who hate their own people, and as historical illiterates.

How would we have reacted--at least, in the Good Old Days--had Mexico expressed interest in  joining the Warsaw Pact, or begun muttering about reclaiming lost territories or protecting areas in the US with a large Mexican population?  

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The Mummy Mutters: SOTU Address

Well, I watched it. Well, most of it, anyhow. It was just too, too unbearable to watch all the way through. Yes, I write of last night's the State of the Union speech by the alleged President of the United States.

Where to start? I normally would label this sort of speech as a "word salad," but that is too generous. It seemed more akin to when you open a forgotten drawer in your tool bench in the garage, and find a tangled ball of 1990's earphone cables, old charger cords, a broken shoelace somebody saved, and a long piece of twine snaking its way through the whole mess. The thing has neither head nor tail, beginning nor end, untangling it proves beyond even the knot-cutting powers of Alexander the Great, and it seems best to throw it all away. That said, we go on . . . 

The man is delusional. He lives in alternate universe. He actually seems to think, well, "think" proves a big word with Biden, let's say to have been told that he's doing really, really well. He has no idea of the massive disaster over which he presides. The first part of the address seemed an obviously hastily slapped together gooey nonsense about Ukraine and the great role Biden has played in "unifying our allies." Right. Whatever you might think of the Euros, they have proven themselves much more forward leaning and action-oriented than the sleepy Biden-Harris-Blinken team. I don't think we're necessarily taking the right steps, but the US has not been the leader. Biden has unified nobody at home or abroad. He spoke tough words against Putin and vowed to oppose him across the board because the Ukrainian people have proven themselves a "wall" against the Russian invaders. 

He vowed to do everything except that which would actually work to weaken Putin and return an independence of action to the USA. Long-time readers of this humble blog know of what I speak: Fire up US oil and gas production and exports; eliminate our import of energy from Russia. Until we do that, we pay Putin to get around our sanctions. Our nonsensical obsession with a green economy, makes wars such as the one in Ukraine possible. Putin makes money selling us the oil we refuse to pump for ourselves because, well, you know, Gaia.

On foreign policy, he said nothing about his disaster in Afghanistan, the threat from China, or the situation in the Middle East, including Iran. His policies threaten to destroy the amazing progress that Trump made in bringing peace to that region. He said nothing about the wave of crime and violence which is destroying what's left of our major cities. His cry to "fund the police!" is an empty one, driven by the polls, after some years of him and his progressive wokester allies calling for precisely the opposite. In addition, he made no mention of the millions of foreign criminals he has allowed into the country and distributed around the nation.

His economic blather was too horrible. His solution for the inflation he caused that now ruins businesses and lives? "Cut costs!" Wow! I guess businesses should just not pay their rapidly escalating electric bills? Sure. 

I kept expecting him to tell us, "Things don't cost more, folks, they're just more valuable!"

OK. Enough.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

And the Truth?

The news shows are nonstop "coverage" of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The usual instant and pre-cooked "experts" suddenly appear and tell us everything about the military tactics, the political objectives, and even the mental state of Vlad Putin. Must be nice to be so very smart and in the know. 

Not much, actually, makes sense. We know that Russia has invaded Ukraine despite weeks of US and other Western policy gurus telling us that this or that sanction was aimed at stopping such an invasion from happening. Not much commentary on the fact that Putin's war was made possible by the morons of the Green Universe who have gotten the West to degrade its energy independence, thereby, gifting Putin billions and billions of dollars to use to upgrade his military, and hold a swath of European countries hostage to Russian energy supplies. I hope the environmentalists, such as that moron John Kerry, hold fast to their hopes that Putin will work with us to reduce carbon emissions as they watch Ukrainian cities and oil depots burn from Russian missile strikes. 

A lot more things don't make sense. Why haven't the Russians, "masters" at cyber warfare, cut off Ukraine's connections to the outside world? I see Ukrainians walking around with iPhones freely making calls all over the world, and Western journalists "embedded" in Lviv and Kyiv freely broadcasting to that same world. Are the Russians that incompetent? Possible. Whatever the reason, Putin and his boys have lost the propaganda war bigly. We even see the usual tech giants moving to suppress "Russian propaganda and misinformation." The Iranians? No they can go ahead. The brave boys of CNN and others were enschonced in Baghdad during the Gulf wars, but I don't see much coming from Moscow. Putin gave a couple of long speeches barely carried and characterized as "insane" and "historically inaccurate." That might be an accurate depiction, but those speeches provide an important insight into how Putin and others around him see the world, and Russia's relationship to it.  Worth knowing, I would think.

I have written about this before, some eight years ago:

It does not require a genius to see what is happening in the post-USA world of the Obamistas. Other actors, many of them ruthless opponents of Western values of democracy and liberty, are stepping in to fill the power vacuum and reshape the world--and do it while laughing at us. Of these actors, Putin is the most determined and committed to reforming the globe into a place much less congenial for those Western values, and much friendlier to Russia's rise to the top. His plan is exceedingly simple. No Snowden-like revelations required. Taking advantage of the weakness and self-loathing of the Obama misadministration, Putin is out to neutralize Europe and make it into an economic resource for Russia, e.g., gas sales, investments, access to high tech, and to ease the US out of the picture. NATO is to be seen for what it increasingly has become, to wit, a joke. 
With his cost-free move in Crimea, Putin has put on notice all the former republics of the old Soviet Empire. Their freedom of action is severely constrained; they must never go against the perceived interests of Russia OR of Russians. He is reasserting Moscow's predominance over the "Stans" aided by our precipitous withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. In the Middle East, Putin is the savior of his Assad ally in Syria, and a behind-the-scenes force in getting the US and the West to give up on blocking Iran's nuclear ambitions.

I want Putin to have a major foreign policy reversal. I want the Ukrainians to triumph. My point is to make it irrelevant for the US. We should have the freedom of choice to decide what is in our interest not have Putin and others make it for us. We need to reestablish our energy and industrial independence. We need real leadership committed to Western values and strength.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Biden Disaster Biden Disaster Biden Disaster Biden Disaster, Etc.

Two words linked in perpetuity: "Biden" and "Disaster." 

Back in March 2014, I wrote a piece about Putin confronting what until then had proven the worst US administration in history, to wit, the Obama/Biden administration. 

Let me quote my words--at some length, sorry--of wisdom from eight years ago, written on the occasion of Putin's prior invasion of Ukraine:

"Time to face facts. None of Obama's supposed "talents" works when dealing with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the Shining Shooting Tsar of Eurasia--arguably the smartest national leader in the world. Let me back up. "Smartest" might be the wrong word. Yes, it definitely is the wrong one. That word is too loosely defined and too easily pinned on too many. What makes Putin successful and such a formidable geopolitical foe (thank you, Mitt Romney) is not that he is just "smart," but that he is a throw-back to a different era. He hunts and fishes, and doesn't care about the political fashion and sensitivities of the day; pajama boy has no place in Putin's cage fighter universe. Despite his upbringing as a Communist, he is now devoutly religious and wants to see religion restored to Russian life. As the jihadis have discovered, they have in Putin a rival as ruthless and religiously committed as they, and not bound by the conventions of political correctness
Putin is a man of hard-work, careful preparation, an avid student of potential opponents, willing to exploit opportunities, and, above all, driven by a vision on his mission: restoring Russia to the top ranks of the world hierarchy. He is determined to end what he sees as the world's mistreatment of and disregard for Russia. He saw the condescending manner in which Clinton and other world leaders treated the amiable sclerotic alcoholic Boris Yeltsin, who named Putin Prime Minister in 1999. Putin will not allow that again. He wants his legacy to be the man who restored Russia's greatness and made the world recognize it. 
Let's sum up this part of the post:
Putin is a patriot; Obama is not.
Putin has a deep understanding of his country's history and people; Obama does not.
Putin wants his country to be number one; Obama could not care less.
Putin knows that words have meaning; Barack "Red Line" Obama hasn't a clue.
Putin has Lavrov; Obama has Kerry.
Advantage Putin."

You can read the rest, if you want, no mandate to do so. I, however, think that little piece holds up well; all you need do is substitute "Biden" for "Obama," and "Blinken" for "Kerry," and it looks very up-to-date.

So, as the wise man said, "history repeats as farce." We have a helluva farce underway. Joe Biden, a bumbling dementia-rattled fool who holds the office of President illegitimately, hasn't a chance when dealing with Putin, the world's greatest poker player. He knows that Russia hasn't been dealt the best hand, but sheer determination and astute analyses of his opponents makes him a winner. He also has my old sparring partner Lavrov as his foreign policy man: the best foreign minister on the planet, as he demonstrated recently with his cruel but deft handling of hapless British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who competes with Blinken for the gold medal in the category of stupid foreign policy "experts."

So Mummy Joe came out and announced some "sanctions" on Russia: half of them are already ostensibly in place, and the rest might have long-term effects which will do nothing for the Ukrainians who don't have a long time to resist the Russians. We, furthermore, note that these "sanctions" require long-term commitment by the West to produce the desired effect of inflicting punishment on Russia. How many of you think that in three, four months, pick a time span, the Western countries will still hold fast to those sanctions? There will be cries to move on, recognize the new reality, or simply ignore the sanctions. 

China is watching, my friends. This manifestation of Western weakness is not going unnoticed. China has big bucks; what sanctions will be placed on the PRC if they take Taiwan?

It is time to remove the sanctions we have placed on ourselves. 

We need to free our energy industry once again; we need to build nuclear power plants; we need to insist on bringing our industries home. Those are not short-term fixes and they will not help Ukraine in the immediate, but they will allow the United States and the West to regain a freedom of action they do not now have to confront the tyrants in Russia, China, Iran, Canada. 

Monday, February 21, 2022

Vichy and Munich, Part Two: Time to Offer Canadians Refugee Status

The destruction of Canadian democracy continues apace. The Reichstag Parliament has extended the Enabling Act Emergency powers, giving the Fuehrer Prime Minister the legal and political cover to continue dismantling Canadian democracy. I am no expert on Canadian politics, but some of the statements by party leaders were stunning; they voted to give Herr Trudeau the powers of a dictator in order to avoid the collapse of the government and the calling of elections. What? Isn't that one of the features that parliamentary government supporters always cite as the superiority over our Presidential system? If the PM loses support, elections are called. They don't have to wait as we do with Biden. 

What would have been wrong with new elections in Canada? The country was not convulsed in riots and mayhem. Canada could easily have had the public weigh in, even with the government's control over the media. Is Canada what the future holds for the West? 

I would urge all of you to contact your Congressional reps, especially Senator Ted Cruz (a former Canadian, himself), and urge legislation granting Canadian citizens asylum or refugee status. We would have done so had these events taken place in Costa Rica or Colombia. Open the northern border to any Canadian citizen who wishes to flee the dictatorship. The Biden Clown Show has no sympathy for the Canadian people and supports the darkness sweeping over that country. 

On Ukraine: all proceeds as anticipated. We see a pale copy of the original Munch conference in which the Western powers of the time gathered to try to placate the territorial demands of a dictator. Chamberlain flew back to the UK waving a piece of paper with Hitler signature in which the Nazi "promised" that the Sudetenland was his last territorial demand in Europe. The German ethnic portion of Czechoslovakia was surrendered to the Nazis. We sent Kamala Harris to Munich 2.0, and she did not disappoint. If you want to laugh/cry, go to and read  "Remarks by Vice President Harris in Press Gaggle," February 20, 2022. The woman is an idiot. At least Chamberlain was an intelligent and well-educated man with a notable political career and accomplishments. Harris? Not so much.

So Putin has done what many of us expected he would do, he has hived off the Russian ethnic portions of Ukraine, recognizing their "independence," and now sending troops to protect them. The West will do nothing, and Putin will, in effect, incorporate eastern Ukraine into Russia, and put the fear of the Vlad into the rest of Ukraine and Europe. 

Carter looks good in comparison. 

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Vichy, Canada

While our putative masters in the White House seek to divert our attention from what is happening in our neighborhood to what might or might not be happening in Ukraine, the 21st Century International Communist/Fascist movement has made its move in North America. 

Before I get to that, let me comment on Ukraine. 

I find this White House incredibly tone deaf or just historically ignorant. We have sent perhaps the most stupid politician on earth, the quasi-Canadian (appropriate) and alleged US VP Kamala "Sleep My Way to the Top" Harris to Munich (!) to discuss a dictator's territorial claims in Eastern Europe. You and I know this will end well. We have read the book and seen the movie. MUNICH!!! What could possibly go wrong?

In addition, I hear lots of easy-breezy talk about sanctions on Russia--sanctions which the Europeans will never impose given their dependence on high-cost Russian energy. You want a sanction that works? It's called FRACKING. Before the illegitimate ones took over the White House, we had achieved energy independence AND had become a major exporter of cheap oil and natural gas. 

You want to put a dent in Putin's plans? Get back to making our own energy! Drive down the price of oil and gas; that will ruin the Russian economy. Idiots . . . complete idiots.

As long as we're talking about European cities linked forevermore to the Second World War, I would mention Vichy. 

Our great northern neighbor has, in the blink of an eye, become Vichy France. 

You will remember that the original Vichy France was a device cooked up by Hitler--clever fellow, he--to allow a sorta version of France to rule the French empire in his name. The 21st Century International Communist/Fascist movement has decreed that Canada will be the experiment in modern totalitarianism. Canada, yep. The original Marxists, of course, thought that Germany or Britain or America would be the first Communist state because of their highly developed capitalist and industrial economies. Nope. It was backward Tsarist Russia first up to bat. So we see the unlikely development in which Canada, peaceful and democratic, becomes the first exemplar of what the 21st Century International Communist/Fascist movement hopes to see for all of us in the West--complete with seized bank accounts, arrests in broad daylight, mounted police running down peaceful protestors, and cops threatening to kill dissidents' dogs. I am sure other steps will come: delaying elections, and nationalizing key industries such as banks, trucking, and other key means of production and service? Sure, why not? The media and the tech giants will not only remain silent, they will comply, and will actively abet the plans of their Boy Fuhrer in Ottawa.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

The Evil and the Madness of the Woke State

I will rely on my Canadian readers to provide a view from the inside of the last day or two of developments in our Great Northern Neighbor. 

From this side of the Niagara Falls, however, those developments seem shocking, though not completely unexpected. We were told repeatedly that the truckers were just a bunch of fringe nuts, a minority really, and now, suddenly, they are the greatest threat to Canada's existence since, well, since ever. They must be crushed! The Man-Boy minority PM has lived up to his family heritage of preferring dictatorship to democracy. By "family heritage," I mean both that of his putative cigar-smoking Cuban father, and that of his legally recognized Barbara Streisand-dating Canadian father. Little Justin is no friend of freedom and like his woke brethren throughout the West prefers the strong-arm of the state to holding of free and fair debate and discussion. The PM has invoked the thus-far never used 1988 Emergencies Powers Act. The BBC provides a pretty good summary HERE of what the Act provides. You can read that, with all the legal-mumbo-jumbo caveats the BBC inserts, but keep in mind that, in practice, to wit, in the real world, the Act seems a bit vague; as far as I am concerned it is just shy of martial law. Hell, it is martial law but cloaked in civilian garb. Most troubling is the power granted to intervene banking transactions. In today's world, you don't need the army to destroy domestic opponents: compliant tech and media companies and financial institutions can do that for you.  Canadians will have to explain how the powers of the Emergencies Act clash or don't with the powers held by the Provinces and Territories. Can, for example, Alberta defy a Federal edict under the Act?

This is a remarkable development in the democratic world; certainly in the Anglosphere. It clearly sets a further precedent, one most notably started by vaccine and mask mandates and lock-downs, for the government to assume tremendous powers over the exercise of freedom. I am sure the Wokemasters in the White House, who egged the Boy PM on, now watch with great interest and envy.  I ask our Aussie and Kiwi readers to tell us whether their nations' governments are set to follow in the Canadian path, all in the name of "battling" a not-very-deadly virus.

Man-Boy PM is right about one thing: the truckers are a threat to him and to the Woke tyrannical state he so ably represents and protects. Future generations will have to build a monument to the embattled Canadian trucker who parked at the Ambassador Bridge and sounded the honk heard round the world, and place a plaque reading something like this:

By the steel bridge that arched Winter's flood, 

Here once the embattled Canadian trucker parked,

and sounded the horn blast heard round the world . . . 

Friday, February 11, 2022

The Revolt Continues

I used to tell Canadians that I saw Canada as Alberta ruled by Ontario, much as I saw the USA as Texas ruled by Massachusetts. Both countries have ruling elites far removed from the elements that make a country work. Both of these elites have a sneering, condescending attitude towards the people who actually work; the people who make, service, and deliver the things upon which we all depend; the people who fight our wars and patrol our mean streets. Look at the typical Hollywood depiction of farmers, truckers, mechanics, soldiers, etc. They come off as ignorant, racist, and--of course--brutally misogynist. The "elites," mostly brave reporters, lawyers, and principled gay/feminist/transgender activists, well, they might not wear capes but we know they're the heroes of the story. They know what's best for us, and do not hesitate to tell us.

That's beginning, maybe, just maybe, to change. I first noted it when the French "yellow vests" marched on Paris. There was something quite different about that protest over your usual protest. The media deliberately tried to misrepresent or ignore the "yellow vests," wishing them "into the cornfield" to borrow a phrase from a favorite Twilight Zone episode. While I saw there the beginning of the West´s revolt against the arrogant elites, the real Molotov Cocktail into the dry tinder, however, appears to have been tossed by the Canadian truckers. 

The Canadian truck convoy is a remarkable development.  It has terrified the ruling elites not just in Canada, but here in the USA, and across the world. It is a genuine workers' revolt, without the guillotines. It is driven by many of the same themes we saw in the DC January 6 "revolt," but much better organized, and, above all, focused. It is a brilliant act of political theater, and we see the Canadian and US ruling elites unable to formulate a response, except to threaten with brute force. I watched much of the debate in the Canadian Parliament, and I found the acting leader of the opposition, Candice Bergen, as impressive as the government ministers were not. The PM, Fidel Castro's son, in particular, seemed unable to answer legitimate questions and relied on stale talking points in response to Bergen's pointed barbs. There is something to be said for the parliamentary form of debate which proves much more lively, and requiring a quick wit, than our rather stilted and overly regimented Congressional "debates." 

I found some of the scenes on the streets of Ottawa disturbing, and very un-Canadian; in particular, the police stealing, and there is not other word for it, fuel canisters from the truckers, which given the temperature poses a threat to the health and life of the truckers, and the cops heavy handed approach to enforcing the "no-honking" edict issued by the Mayor. 

The elites are losing this one. We already see, both in Canada and here, Provincial and State authorities backing off on mask and vaccine mandates. SUDDENLY, the "science" tells our elites that COVID is so yesterday, and they can begin to give us back some of the freedoms they stole. They, however, clearly reserve the right to carry out that theft again--mail in ballots, eh, and since when do the loopy Deep State bureaucrats in the CDC have the power to issue edicts restricting the right of Americans to travel? How did that happen?

We see rampant confusion in the White House. The White House's version of Baghdad Bob, Jen Psaki, has become increasingly deranged and inarticulate as she tries to read her outdated press guidance. She shows that the alleged President hasn't a clue as to what is happening. Her answers, in particular, to questions about the closing of the Ambassador Bridge, make no sense. She might have expressed gratitude that Canadians have shown us how to close the northern border, and request their help in closing the southern border, but, nah . . . she hasn't the wit for that.

BTW, I got my money back from those thieves at GoFundMe, and will be making a contribution via another crowd funding site which I have been assured will get the money to the truckers.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The Cancel Torpedoes Do a 360

Two major sinkings by "cancel" torpedoes. 

The first is the hit on the execrable SS Whoopi Goldberg. This homeless-looking beast has held a seemingly secure spot on what must be the most stupid panel show on television, "The View." The show trades in idiocy; it is full of the Wokest of Woke sentiments, and is a source of really bad information. Whoopi Goldberg (Nee Caryn Johnson) has gotten herself into a bind with some SUPER idiocy about the Holocaust, clearly implying it was not that significant of an event since it "wasn't really about race"--and that's all that counts in Whoopi's world--as it involved two groups of white people. Pretty stooooopid. Following that logic, the world should not give a damn when one African group annihilates another, or when one group of North American Indians practiced genocide on another, or when . . . well, you get the point. So, let's all acknowledge that Whoopi is pretty stupid, so stupid that she got herself suspended and--perhaps--fired from her perch by her ultra-Woke network.

Is this fair? 

I might surprise some of you by stating I don't think she should be removed from TV for being stupid and having stupid views. I am against "canceling" coming from or against any quarter. We cannot fall for the Justin Trudeau standard of canceling people for holding "unacceptable" views--even by pathetic idiots such as Joy Behar and the others on The View. The First Amendment is for everybody; if we oppose cancel culture when it's aimed at the right, we must oppose it when it's aimed at the left. It, however, does provoke an inner chortle when I see the Progressive Saturn eating his children. 

The other torpedo on a 360º run claimed CNN's Grand Pooba Jeff Zucker. He got canned not for ruining CNN, not for running the most loathsome "news" outfit since Pravda, but for having an undisclosed affair with some Lesser Pooba in the company. Who cares? The Wokesters, however, wrote the rules (they don't apply to Kamala Harris, please note) and it's always satisfying when one of them, on rare occasion, gets blown up by the torpedoes they have launched. I think there is more to this story, as it is somehow related to an investigation of the dirty doings between the Cuomo bros; it strikes me as a smokescreen to hide something much more serious. Perhaps we'll find out.

Just some random thoughts on a chilly Wednesday.

Monday, January 31, 2022

North America: The "Unacceptables" Join The "Deplorables"

My son came in this morning and said, "Go to Google Maps. Type in Ottawa, Ontario. The streets are all red around Parliament!" He was right. Canada's remarkable truckers have descended on Ottawa. I have been to Ottawa a couple of times, once as a tourist and once on official business. It's a nice town. Seems like a good place to raise kids. It, however, is full of the same sort of creature we see in DC, the sneering, smug "managerial class" that looks down on the rest of the country and its people. In other words, lots of Justin Trudeau clones.

The mainstream Canadian and American media have sought to ignore, downplay, and malign the Freedom Convoy. A WaPo cartoon depicts the truckers as "Fascists"; CBC commentators label them extremists possibly doing the bidding of Vlad Putin; and Pretty Boy Justin, allegedly the PM of that great country, has labelled them and anyone else who questions government edicts on Covid as a racist, misogynist, extremist threat to democracy, and, of course, as "Unacceptable." Great word. 

I hope that tens-of-thousands of T-shirts, bumper stickers, and ball caps appear declaring their owners' pride in being "Unacceptable." 

Dear "Unacceptables," we "Deplorables" welcome you to the North American fraternity of freedom fighters! In a time such as this, "Unacceptable" or "Deplorable" is the only moral stance.

We in the Diplomad household couldn't stop laughing when Pretty Boy Justin appeared in front of the "undisclosed location" to which he has fled, and announced that he and his children have tested positive for Covid. This from a guy who is double vaccinated and "boostered," and who demands that all Canadians be likewise. Kinda raises doubts about the vaccine, eh? I guess that vaccine only works if there is no Covid virus present . . . 

I will leave it to Canadian readers to let us know what sort of follow-up they can expect from the opposition parties once the truckers leave Ottawa. I listened to a couple of Conservatives, and they might have been OK a few years ago, but they seemed to lack the fire in the belly needed to take on the horrid leftist managerial tyranny overwhelming Canada. They reminded me of too many in our own Republican Party.