Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Monday, October 31, 2022

Heading Out

Diplowife and I are heading for our places in Spain day after tomorrow. Got to see how the work is progressing or not. Be gone for about two weeks. 

We have voted. We'll see how things turn out, although it now appears certain that the Dems are preparing to cheat in at least Pennsylvania, and a few other spots, as well. 

Was sad to see Bolsonaro lose in Brazil; as one wise pundit noted, had he had an electoral college system instead of direct election, Bolsonaro would have won big. Only one section of the country (the Northeast) voted against him. So as a pundit observed, Bolsonaro got California'ed. He seems to have won big in the Congressional elections. Note please: Brazil counted its votes in ONE NIGHT. 

The whole Pelosi story is just too weird. So many holes in it, it looks like Swiss cheese. The Dems are busy trying to pull a Jussie Smollett on us, but it ain't working. Ol' Paul seems to be a wild man who enjoys his time when Nancy is away. He crashes Porsches and had weird "hammer" events at the manse. We will never get the whole story, and we need to start right now with, "Dave is not suicidal!" Keep Hillary away.

BTW, I got reinstated on Twitter. Thank you St. Elon, the Hammer of the Libs! Hope he can make money out of the dumpster fire that is Twitter.

Will post on election night.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Midterm Elections, Part II

Diplowife, three large dogs, an old Ford E-350, and I rolled into Wilmington two nights ago. We off-loaded the hounds, and the Diplowife said, "We will be back in Spain on election day, so let's go vote now." OK, off we went to the Senior Center to cast an early ballot. We were the last voters allowed in as the place was closing up. We voted, and as we left Diplowife got into a conversation with some GOPers there handing out flyers with the party's recommendations on how to vote. Long story short, the Diplowife is now working at the polling station handing out Republican flyers and sample ballots. I have lost her to American politics. She loves it. She also tells me that many of the Democratic voters seem extremely angry, and give her a lot of lip over her party preference. The Republicans, she says, seem much more well-adjusted and have a sense of humor. There. A scientific study on voters.

Watched the three major debates last night. The Pennsylvania debate was a horror show. Why is Fetterman running? He was always a certified idiot but now with the stroke, my God, the man belongs in bed. I don't know how many votes get changed by these debates, especially since early voting is well underway in Pennsylvania, but nobody should vote for Fetterman. He looks and talks like the Goons in the old Popeye cartoons. The Michigan debate was also interesting, with Gov. Whitmer trying to rewrite recent history. She did not look impressive. The same for the NY debate. The current NY governor is a complete fraud who seems to have no interest in the job except for the power it gives her. I hope she goes down in flames. Wishful thinking? Perhaps.

If the Republicans take the Congress, what will they do with it? No more Paul Ryan blah-blah. The country is in serious trouble. Serious trouble requires serious people willing to think and act outside the box.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The Midterms

I am always reluctant to prognosticate on US electoral politics. When posted overseas, I was pretty good at analyzing and predicting political events in foreign countries, but US politics? Not so good. Too many variables, too much volatility, and, of course, unreliable vote counting make it very tough. We also have one of the sloppiest vote collection and tabulation systems in the world. We have no clear idea of just who is voting, and how the votes are counted. It's a disgrace. 

In much of the country, we have voting systems and regulations designed when we were a much more homogeneous and even rural, small town, country where we all knew each other. Ain't that way now. We need a complete election system overhaul, e.g., voter ids, clear laws on only citizens voting, and simple counting measures that do not involve inserting a ballot into a mysterious machine that then "counts" the votes. Go back to paper and pencil with government and political party monitors keeping a close eye to avert the sort of electoral travesty we saw in 2020.  As I have said on many occasions in this little blog, I served as an international election monitor in several countries; I can tell you that I would never have certified US elections as free and fair: Guatemala, yes; Illinois, no.

That said, it seems the Republicans will have a good electoral result in November. It appears that the GOP will take both houses of Congress, augment its presence in state assemblies and other local offices, including increasing the number of states with Republican governors. The apparent growing public antipathy towards the Dems misrule might just overwhelm even that party's vaunted ability to rig elections.It seems that way, anyhow, but . . . chickens before they hatch, etc. 

OK, let's assume the GOP takes both houses of Congress, then what? Will we get that Paul Ryan/Lyndsey Graham blah-blah inaction we saw during the first two years of Trump's administration? Look, I know it's tough bordering on impossible to govern from Congress, but the least we can expect from the GOP is no-nonsense and quick investigations into major Democratic scandals which are just hanging out there: e.g., Biden laptop, Biden relations with Ukraine and China, the politicization of the FBI, ATF, IRS, CIA, etc., failure to enforce our immigration laws, "defund" the police disaster, and, of course, holding accountable the hoaxers who perpetuated the damaging Trump-Putin collusion story, and the COVID shutdown of the economy. I am not sure if the Congress can reverse the Biden anti-oil production edicts, but it should certainly apply incessant political heat on the ZOMBUS to revoke them. The GOP needs to block the insane spending by the USG and push for tax cuts.

In addition, the GOP needs to take a hard look at the leftist grifters who run our national education institutions, and cut the money to them. Speaking of money, the GOP can use the power of the purse to force a "purification"of, say, the FBI. With majority control of the Senate, the GOP could block the ludicrous Biden nominees for key positions. We could also have impeachment proceedings launched against Biden, Harris, Wray, Mayorkas and any number of other destructive morons in positions of power.

Oh yes, let's also stop the march to war with Russia, the kow-towing to China, and chasing after the Iranian creeps.

Some have suggested--perhaps in jest--that the House of Representatives make Trump Speaker. There is no requirement that the Speaker be an elected member of Congress. I'd appreciate your thoughts on this. Certainly popcorn sales would go through the roof. Not sure what it would do to Trump's 2024 plans. Trump burn out? Anyhow, your views are welcome.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

ZOMBUS: Marching as to War

Having an ever-harder time writing about US and Western politics and society. 

Dangerous buffoons head the governments of the major Western countries. Right here, once the greatest place on earth, we have leadership at both the national and local level that would prove an international embarrassment if not nearly all the other leaders around the world also prove embarrassments. 

No major Western country has a leader worth admiring or, at least, about whom one can feel moderately hopeful. Canada? Australia? UK? France? NZ? All led by morons of varying degree who have bought into the Woke nonsense destroying Western Civilization. They prattle on about equity, climate change, inclusivity, open borders, "diversity is our strength," gender "identity," etc. The only glimmers of hope come from heads of "lesser" powers: Italy, Singapore, Hungary, and--for now, though probably not for long--Brazil.

As though that did not prove enough to fill one with despair, these self-hating creeps seem determined to get us into war, the hot kind, including the use of nuclear weapons. We have ZOMBUS Biden, speaking to a conclave of Democratic donors, idly speculating about how close we are to nuclear "Armageddon." Oh, his handlers immediately say, pay no mind, it's just a passing thought, one of many pouring through the sieve that the man with his finger on our nuclear trigger calls a brain. He, or whoever writes his stuff, seeks to draw an equivalence between the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, and the Russian war against Ukraine--rubbish of the most dangerous kind. This is even worse than when our "leaders" in the recent past kept finding an equivalence between every challenge they faced and Munich 1938. Making it all even worse, of course, is that nobody I can find trusts Biden's leadership or managerial abilities. All those who hate Trump might want to reflect on how much more dangerous an international situation the West now faces when compared to when the "Mean Tweeter" held power. Now, we have chaos everywhere we look.

Russian leader Putin has gotten himself and his country and the world into a tremendous mess. To be fair, he warned us repeatedly that Ukraine's joining NATO was a red line for Moscow. We, in response, sent Willie Brown's mistress, Kamala Harris, to Europe to announce how we would welcome Ukraine into NATO. The Cuba analogy is reversed. When Moscow pushed up to our shores in 1962, we responded with the threat of nuclear war. Ukraine is Russia's Cuba--on steroids. 

What did our leaders think ("think," who thinks anymore?) would be Moscow's response? Invasion. Poorly planned, poorly executed, but, nevertheless an invasion, a bloody and brutal one, at that. The Kyiv bunch called in their chits; they, after all, own the Biden crime family. Billions of dollars in equipment and financial support poured out from the US treasury, headed for the Kyiv kleptos. Preserving the sanctity of Ukraine's borders became the greatest moral crusade since WWII! Never mind the borders of Western Europe or our own. No! Those borders are evil and deserve to be violated! But, Ukraine's? Those are set in cement! The whole fate of the world depends on those borders! No suffering by our citizens is enough! Turn the global economy upside down! It's all for a sacred cause! 

So now what? What is the exit plan? Overthrow the regime in Moscow? Then, what? Whom do you get? Are we making any plans for a diplomatic solution? Are we giving Moscow a face-saving exit? Zelensky seems determined to push up to the Russian border--and even beyond? He calls for the West to undertake preventative strikes on Russia, and we get the usual talking heads mindlessly talking about nuking the Russian Black Sea fleet . . . no thoughts on what would constitute Russia's response.

Are the Ukrainians winning? Who knows? The information coming out of the war is so twisted and censored, we can't know. If they are, now might be a good time to seek a deal with Russia, before Russia, slow, sloppy, corrupt, inept Russia gets fully mobilized, and gets its act together--and it will.

The march to war must stop. We have no vital interests in the final shape of Ukraine's borders.