Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Time for the West to Win

I am tired of calls for ceasefires, settling for half-done missions, and the general blah-blah coming from so many of our "leaders." 

What is being driven home in the current Israel-Gaza bout is the need to win. 

Yes, win. 

In every one of its wars, for example, Israel is always forced into a ceasefire despite its convincing crushing of far superior armies. We see the same process underway, again. Calls for ceasefire, two-state solution, etc. Nonsense. There is no negotiation possible with Hamas, they don't want a two-state solution. They want to kill. So, you kill them, or they kill you. Period. They are savages with no respect for civilization. They want to torture, kill and subjugate in the name of a supremacist ideology. How do you negotiate with that?

I have written many times before that the civilized nations must inflict one defeat after another on the Islamic world, a world which has attacked us for the past 1400 years. It didn't start with the Balfour Declaration, the creation of Israel, the US' belated backing of Israel, the war in Iraq, or any other historical point except for one: the creation of Islam. It's a totalitarian creed, which glorifies violence, has no respect for or understanding of human rights, treats women like cattle, considers non-believers as less than human, uses children as shields, and once it conquers a territory or people declares that land and populace forever Muslim.

The war in Gaza is just another bout with the warlike world of Islam. 

Israel must win. Hamas must be destroyed. That is the only way to have a chance for peace. 

Our own sad armed forces, concerned about DEI and pronouns, could learn what it means to win. 

Our politicians need to understand that immigration into our countries needs to be drastically curtailed, and those who hate us deported. We can't have the enemy in our midst, or we will lose every time.

Win is the solution.

Monday, November 13, 2023

On Spain: Existential Crisis? Perhaps

I have been writing a lot on Israel, and thought I should write about another one of my lifelong interests: Spain

Spain is undergoing its greatest crisis since the death of Franco, and the struggle began to develop a parliamentary system of governance. We see the reemergence of themes from Spain's complex and endlessly fascinating past. While in theory, and mostly practice, Spain has been a unified kingdom/state for some 500 years, under the surface separatist forces continue to work.

Very quickly, and others can fill in more details. This, after all, is just a humble vanity blog.

In October 2017, Catalan separatists tried to hold a referendum in Catalonia demanding the region's independence. The Government in Madrid declared the referendum illegal and unconstitutional, and ordered it suppressed--which it was. The organizers were accused of sedition and several of them, including the ring leader, Carlos Puigdemont, fled to Brussels, from where they continued to call for Catalan independence. Others went to prison.

Jump to July of this year. 

As I wrote briefly then, the main conservative party (PP) won a narrow victory, and the main left party (PSOE) suffered a narrow defeat. Neither party had a majority in parliament and, thus, could not form a government on its own; each went off to look for allies among smaller parties, or face another election later this month. It seemed that's where Spain was heading, to wit, new elections, but, no, the PSOE, defying the "experts," has pulled a major stunt to save its government. Despite having vowed not to make alliance with parties seeking the dissolution of Spain, and sworn not to promote an amnesty for those convicted or charged with trying to dissolve Spain, that's exactly what the PSOE is doing, and it looks like it might succeed. 

PSOE has promised an amnesty to those involved in the 2017 referendum; to give Catalonia a special tax status which would enable Catalonia to keep all tax revenues it collects; and, apparently, to hold another referendum on separation. That has not gone over well in most of the rest of Spain. Hence, we see widespread demonstrations in every major city. I was quite surprised to see so many young people waving Spanish flags and calling for the end of socialist rule, and--surprise!--an end to open immigration. The Diplowife and I got caught in one demonstration in front of the PSOE HQs--our place in Madrid is right around the corner--and we sucked in a lot of tear gas. The cops overreacted as the crowd was loud, but not violent, well, not until the cops started with the tear gas and the rubber bullets. Back in North Carolina, we have been watching YouTube videos of the demonstrations and see our building featured, bathed in blue police lights and swirling clouds of tear gas. Nervous laugh.

The PSOE looks determined to ride out the unrest, promising to have a vote in parliament (Las Cortes) this week to formally set up its new government. 

Many questions and uncertainties: Can this coalition, in fact, govern as a key component does not recognize the legitimacy of the King, the constitution, or the Spanish state? Is this even constitutional? Lots of my Spanish friends hope/trust that the King will step in (as did his father to halt the 1982 coup attempt) and refuse to recognize this as a legitimate governing coalition. Don't know how much an activist this King is.

It seems that everywhere, we see the structure of Western Civilization under attack.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

The Rise of the Kapos

Sitting here in Madrid, reading the news from back home and around the world, and I am not encouraged for the future.

The war against Hamas in Gaza seems to be going well. The Israelis are taking a deliberate and methodical approach to destroying that hellish organization. 

I would also note by way of tooting my own horn that I called it pretty much right in my post of October 8, drawing the analogy between the Viet Cong's disastrous Tet offensive and Hamas' own disastrous holiday offensive:

Hanoi, you will remember, convinced the Viet Cong (VC) into launching a frontal attack on US and ARVN forces across South Vietnam on a holiday, taking over cities such as the old imperial capital of Hue, terrorizing pro-Saigon officials, and, most important, getting lots of media attention, e.g., attacking the US Embassy in Saigon. If you read subsequent accounts by VC leaders, they had argued against this strategy noting that the VC would get annihilated, but they went ahead. Well, it all went per Hanoi's plan: the VC caught the US and ARVN forces off-guard, terrorized the populace, temporarily seized (with NVA help) Hue, attacked the Embassy, etc. The media reporting, of course, helped foment the belief that the VC were some sort of invincible force, blah, blah, and blah. Once the US and ARVN got their act together, the predictions of the VC leadership came true: the Viet Cong got annihilated, and never again was a significant military force. It was now Hanoi clearly in charge.

Hamas [at Tehran's urging] has launched, on a holiday, a major attack on Israel, including attacking military bases, catching the Israelis asleep at the switch. They are getting their fifteen minutes in the media; they inevitably will get themselves killed by the Israeli counterattack. What will be left of Hamas will be purely an Iranian puppet, however, they will have reminded the world, as was done fifty years ago in another Yom Kippur War, that the Israeli intel and military are not invulnerable and all-seeing. Netanyahu might not survive the following political fall out in Israel. 

Iran will have its main terrorist sock puppet left, Hizbollah, which after all is Shia and much more compliant to Tehran, and it will have destroyed the peace talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

If anybody listened to the rambling 80-minute diatribe by Hizbullah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, a couple of days ago, you would know that he basically confirmed the above Tet analogy. He praised Hamas for its courage; said Hamas had launched the attack on its own; disassociated Hizbullah from the attack of October 7; said Hamas can handle the Israelis by themselves, and, well, thanks buddy. Love and kisses from Lebanon.  

Much more troubling than the tired rhetoric of the global Muslim Murder Machine is the noise being generated on the streets of the West by "pro-Palestinian" mobs. We have seen in Washington DC, New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Copenhagen, and other cities, large unruly crowds, often violent, marching for "Palestine." If you listen to their slogans, and interviews of organizers and participants, these are not for "Palestine." No such entity exists and the marchers couldn't tell you the history or location of the place. 


The organizers of these marches don't care about Palestine, they are for, let me quite blunt, killing Jews, AND destroying the West. 

In other words, they are perfectly in line with the objectives of modern-day Islam.

One particular group within these marchers deserves special mention. Yes, I refer to fellow Jews. They utterly revolt me. I don't know how many Jews have taken part, but judging for example, by the "pro-Palestine" letters coming out of Hollywood and academia signed by prominent Jews, it's probably not an inconsiderable number, not as many as the "marchers" pretend, but still.

These Jews remind me of the Jewish Kapos who worked with the Nazis in the death camps and the ghettos helping the Nazis liquidate Europe's Jewish communities. The most prominent of these living Kapos, of course, is George Soros. He and his organizations continue to work with today's Nazis to eliminate the Jewish state and to promote the destruction of Europe and America, e.g., uncontrolled immigration from the Third World. 

They seem to think that the crocodile will never eat them. 

They are wrong, as so many earlier Kapos found out. The Muslim crocodile is not easily sated.