Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Thanksgiving 400

Seems just like yesterday when that hardy band of Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving four hundred years ago, yep, 1620, or in Joe Biden math 16,200,000! I don't know if they read from the Palmists or not. Again, we need to ask Beijing Biden to enlighten us.

All around us the powers-that-be told us to keep the festivities on the dour side; YouTube regaled us with the sufferings of Native Americans who have nothing for which they can express thanks. Well, then I guess I shouldn't ask that of the local Lumbee Nation which went overwhelmingly for Donald Trump and his America First message . . . TV ads showed lonely looking grandparents staring wistfully at their grandkids, mixed race, of course, over Zoom or Face Time or whatever other technology is being pushed to keep us atomized. 

We were told to keep gatherings small, and how to serve the meal to avoid spreading of the deadly COVID virus (which has a survival rate of nearly 100%) and how we should all wear masks . . . right. We didn't do any of that. I am glad to report that we had a very nice traditional Thanksgiving at one of my sons' homes in Raleigh. No neighbor counted up the number of cars in the driveway and out front, and called in the sheriff. Why? Simple. All the neighbors were doing likewise. 

The main topic of discussion, of course, was the non-election. We all agreed that if President Trump manages to defeat the Demo-Commie power grab/coup, he should immediately launch criminal investigations into the elections in all fifty states, gut the worthless FBI, DOJ, State, and CIA, and take a long hard look at the senior civilian and military ranks of the DOD. Section 230 immunity for the tech bastards should be annulled; let them fend for themselves in the courts. And so on: you get the drfit of the conversation.   

OK. Just picked up the three big dogs from the boarding kennel and they look hungry. Not allowed to have a hungry dog in my house.

More later.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thanksgiving and Feathers

Always one of my favorite holidays. Too bad the progs seek to ruin it. We won't let that happen to us. The Diplowife and I will head off to Raleigh for a big Thanksgiving with the three Diplosons--Diplodaughter is in Texas--significant others, grandsons, and carefully chosen friends.  Undoubtedly, politics will provide the main topic of entertainment; none of us wants to watch any NFL nonsense. 

In light of these festivities, my posting will be light for a few days. I, however, leave you with a recounting of a Thanksgiving Day, long, long, long ago, in a place now much different . . . it's a re-post from the past.


Yes, feathers. Not the figurative kind that fill leftoid heads, but the real kind that cover birds. We are going light today. Our topic is feathers and how they nearly produced a civil war in the Diplomad clan, and how echoes of that strife apparently will reverberate on the 4th of July.

As the six regular readers of this blog are painfully aware, during the Reagan years I served for a time at the UN in New York. We loved New York City, even with all its inconveniences especially with two rambunctious boys. Schooling was a problem as the local PS was, well, pretty bad. When two of the vastly overpaid teachers at the school told us that they would never send their own kids there, we decided to yank our boys out and send them--at considerable cost to the Diplomad bottom line--to private schools. One went to a school run by Irish Catholic nuns, who wanted no parental involvement, "Thank you very much, but we know how to do this." The older son went to one run by strangely liberal, yet oddly conservative Jews who wanted lots of parental involvement in the school as long as the parents did what the school wanted. Hey, it's New York. Live with it.

Well, as it does every year, the Thanksgiving holiday rolled around. You must understand we had spent most of our lives overseas. The boys had been born in Spain, and hardly had been in the US. Educated abroad, they--God help me--had grown to love soccer football soccer with both of them becoming (and remaining to this day) rabid fans of Spain's La Furia Roja. Their grip on Americana was a bit weak. Please remember that as this saga proceeds.

Another piece of background you will need. My Spanish wife hates, detests, abhors, loathes, etc, feathers and any creature sporting them. She shows a special wrath for chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese. She cannot stand the thought of fowl on the meal plate. I have seen her blanche and break out into a cold sweat at fancy diplo dinners when served quail, duck, or some other feather-bearing beast. It is not funny; better said, she has no sense of humor about this matter. My efforts to convince her that chicken tastes just like iguana have had no positive effect. Whenever we go to a restaurant, regardless of what she orders, she insists on, ahem, grilling the waiter on whether any foul fowl was involved in the making of her pending meal, "Uh, no ma'am, our salmon is, uh, salmon. It's a fish, not a bird." "Yes, yes, but the rice and the vegetables, were they cooked with chicken?" I am used to it by now.

Thanksgiving Day in New York, 1985. My older son, then about six was in a bad mood. I asked what was wrong, "You have no school today. Mom is making a nice Thanksgiving meal. What's wrong?" He glared at me, "The Pilgrims did not eat paella! They ate turkey!"

Given the Diplowife's aversion to feathery creatures, our overseas Thanksgiving Day meals consisted of seafood paella. My wife had, ahem, implied in some way . . . oh, heck, she flat out told the kids that the Pilgrims ate paella with the Indians. Maybe she was thinking about Cortez and Pizarro, I don't know, but anyhow the kids had gotten into their heads that paella was the meal on Thanksgiving. Now in NY, the older boy had been asked the previous day to make a presentation at school on Thanksgiving. He, of course, reported that the English Pilgrims sat down and shared paella with the Native Americans. This caused a bit of a commotion and, I guess, led to some considerable ridicule, or what the politically correct nanny-staters now would label "bullying."

He was furious with us. He refused to eat paella and demanded a turkey. Even my wife was shocked into submission by the uncompromising fury coming from the tyke. It was Thanksgiving Day. I had to find a turkey in Manhattan! I dashed out of our building on the upper east side. All of the supermarkets were closed. A turkey! My kingdom for a turkey! I wandered the cold, darkling desolate concrete canyons, my despair growing and threatening to overwhelm me. I had let down my kids! The wages of sin, the consequences of falsehoods! God give me a sign that You will allow me to redeem myself . . . Wait! A deli! Still open but about to close! I ran in! Turkey sandwiches! They must have a turkey somewhere! A bizarre negotiation followed in which I finally convinced the suspicious Pakistani owner of the "Jewish" deli to sell me a whole kosher turkey at the price per pound of the sliced sandwich meat. I paid him a fortune--in cash--for a small bird about the size of a Chihuahua, and ran like the Grinch with my turkey under my arm.

My kids had turkey that day; every other Thanksgiving since has featured a big bird on the table. My wife refuses to sit anywhere near it, and has her own separate fish-based meal.

This will become an issue on the Fourth of July. The Thanksgiving paella got moved to Independence Day. The kids, now grown, of course, alas, have started making noises of impending rebellion against paella and in favor of hot dogs and other beast meat. The Diplowife mistrusts hotdogs, even the kosher all-beef ones, as stealth chicken missiles. She does not want anything with the potential of bearing fowl touching our BBQ grill, or near anything else we have cooking. It appears that we might have a split Fourth meal. One side of the family eating chicken wings and hotdogs, and the other with the paella. Now that I think about it, this seems an appropriate metaphor for what is happening to our country.

Sunday, November 22, 2020


Strange days in America, and around the world. 

The COVID-19, AKA Chicom, virus continues to provoke insanity on the part of global "leaders," or, perhaps better said, greedy opportunism: a chance to increase their already vast powers over "We the People." In Europe, the western part, anyhow, governments head for yet more brutal shutdowns of their economies and of normal life, and of an almost unimaginable destruction of  Western democratic norms allegedly to "defeat" a contagious but relatively very mild virus. Even in a place which I had assumed a repository of common sense, Australia, we see power-mad state governments unleashing police forces on peaceful citizens trying to live their lives. 

Here at home, we see the same: governors declaring nonsensical curfews, demanding people cancel traditional holiday celebrations at home, and insisting nay ordering that they wear masks, of unproven utility, even while at those homes. They seek to use police to enforce these measures--measures based on no science, just on a lust for power and a hatred for tradition. These totalitarian madmen, of course, get the support of the mass media, legacy and new, who seek to make us all fearful and begging for more government "help."

A couple of encouraging signs, in an otherwise bleak landscape, are the indications of a growing popular rebellion: we, for example, see curfew-busting protest rallies in southern California--the heart of the woke beast--a lengthening list of  sheriffs and police chiefs who refuse to enforce governors' illegal and unconstitutional edicts. Let's pray for and actively support such acts of revolt.

Here in what the late great French philosopher Raymond Aron called the Imperial Republic, a country once also proudly known as the UNITED States, we continue a furious battle to prevent the theft of our national elections--a heist on a scale never before seen in our nearly one-quarter of a millennium of history as an independent state. No intellectually honest person can dispute that Trump won the election, and did so overwhelmingly. The losers, a vast criminal organization known as the Democrat Party, have undertaken a breathtakingly brazen effort to steal that election and give the White House over to a gaga old fool, as corrupt as the day is long. 

That old fool, of course, would not, in fact, serve as president; he would act as the Trojan horse for a 1930s-style Hitlerite coalition of wealthy industrialists and milling mobs of thugs. 

Yes, there, I used the "H" word. I know, I know. 

In this case, however, it seems highly appropriate to invoke the memory of that old and unlamented socialist, aka Nazi. The parallels, while not perfect, of course, appear striking. We have Biden playing the role of gaga Von Hindenburg, totally and cruelly unaware of what's happening around him, while real power would go to an another unscrupulous and power-mad "H," Harris, supported by the corrupt public sector unions, the lying mass media, and gangs of street thugs--all given social and legal cover by deranged educational, and thoroughly infiltrated law enforcement and security organizations. They emit calls for "lists" of Trump supporters, advocate banning them from the public square, undermining their employment possibilities, re-educating the miscreants, and, of course, annihilating our history and proud traditions. 

I don't know if Trump and his allies can pull off this defense of America. If they do, it will prove one of the most amazing feats of political maneuvering in history--but, what comes next? What about 2022? 2024? And, so forth? If Trump perseveres, we will need the most fundamental cleansing of key institutions in our history. For starters, disband the FBI, the CIA, the State Department, and big chunks of the Pentagon; move federal offices out of Washington. And so on, and on.

I feel too depressed to continue . . . 

I did, by the way, get my stolen gun back from Wilmington PD, so that's one nice development in these otherwise grim days. 

More later.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Monday Musings on a Tuesday: Stolen Votes and Gun

We got back late last night from Miami. The trip took us nearly 14 hours: we hit heavy traffic coming out of Miami, had a long lunch at Sonny's BBQ in Georgia, and then I missed a key turn-off in North Carolina and ended up wandering in the dark in and around Lumberton with a glitchy GPS (made by Dominion systems?) before I got myself straightened out and on the road to Wilmington. No time for posting, just enough to sit down and watch the first episode and a half of this season's "The Crown." I don't know. The portrayal of PM Margaret Thatcher by that hack American actress Gillian Anderson does not seem convincing. I hear she's getting some critical praise for that portrayal, but I find it very bad. She has got the accent down, but the exaggerated mannerisms and the insistence on making Thatcher out as some sort of frail, pre-Parkinsonian, hunched over asthmatic hits a false note. The Thatcher I saw in action at the UN seemed far from that! She came off as a vigorous woman, with a commanding voice, and a quick and rapier-like wit. You did not want to debate her! Maybe the acting will improve as the season rolls along; I, however, have little faith in how Hollywood portrays conservatives. 

Events also keep rolling along in the great Biden heist story. On the way up from Miami, we stopped at a turnpike rest stop which had, ugh, CNN on. The banner at the bottom of the screen said it all: "Trump should concede and go." They also ran a vote total for "President-elect" Biden. These people are beyond disgusting. There, of course, is no "President-elect," no state has allocated its electoral votes, and, again, of course, there are some very serious challenges to the whole 2020 election making their way through the courts and via various recounts. There is virtually no coverage of the nature of Trump's challenge to the election results; for any person with any intellectual honesty those results are highly suspect, and quite literally incredible. Biden out-polled not just Hillary but Obama? Right-o. He managed to get 100% of the vote in certain districts? Yeah, sure.

My simple reading of roughly what happened follows. 

For many months, the Dems and their media and high-tech allies pushed fake opinion polls showing Biden with a double digit lead not just nationally but in nearly every state in the union: all nonsense, of course, meant to suppress the Trump vote, and make a Biden "victory" somewhat more credible. One fly in the ointment, however, was the unprogrammed death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the quickness with which Trump-Graham-McConnell moved to fill the position. Notice the Dems great insistence in trying to get Coney Barrett to commit to recusing herself from any cases involving electoral challenges: the Dems knew fraud was on the way. 

As shown by some internal memos that leaked, the people around Biden knew their candidate did not have a double-digit lead; they thought the election would have a razor thin margin of victory.  

The Dems had gotten their allies in many states, perhaps most states, to buy the corrupt foreign-made Dominion voting machines running a foreign-made software program--one used in Venezuela under Chavez and Maduro--which allowed vote flipping. The machines, at least in several key areas (maybe more widely), were programmed to begin flipping votes once a certain number of votes had been cast. A problem quickly became apparent: the Trump vote was overwhelming, well beyond what the Dems and their magic machines had calculated. The original vote flipping algorithm proved insufficient. As happened, therefore, in Venezuela, they stopped the count to reset the machines, and institute an old-style back-up plan for extra security: e.g., massive vote dumps of quickly filled out ballots, tossing Trump ballots in the trash, running the same Biden ballots multiple times, and so on.

The same FBI that sent 15 agents to investigate a fake noose story at NASCAR, can't be bothered to check out a major attack on the Republic.

The whole thing is a massive national disgrace, and a threat to our most basic institution of free and fair elections.

Meanwhile, I continue trying to get one of my handguns back from the police in Wilmington. Last May, we had gone to one of our homes in Wilmington where we had some issue with the a/c. The Diplowife and I stood in front of the house dealing with the repairman with our backs to our Chevy truck parked next to a copse of trees. Without us noticing, a creepy creep klepto creepily crept through said copse upon the Chevy, opened the truck door, stole my wife's purse and my Sig P365. Obsessed with the a/c issue, we never noticed, at all! When we got back home, we found two police cars in our driveway and three officers wandering around our yard and knocking on our front door. We pulled up, identified ourselves; one officer asked my wife if she had her purse. "Yes, in the car." He asked her please to get it; she reached into the vehicle, and blurted out, "It's missing." He then asked if I had a gun in the car, and I said, "Yes." He asked if I could retrieve it. The gun, too, had vanished. He asked me to describe the handgun, which I did; he said they had recovered it and my wife's purse. A fellow by the name of Yusuf Abdesalam, had stolen the items. Instead of calling it a successful day, returning to his cave with the ill-gotten swag, greedy Yusuf continued his activities. The police snagged him some 20 minutes after he stole from our truck, as tried to break into other vehicles in an nearby neighborhood. Ol' Yusuf, apparently a Somali "refugee," has a long rap sheet; one wonders why, given his criminal record, he roams the streets or even remains in our country. We got my wife's purse back the next day, but the gun, ah, the gun, the officers informed, would remain in the police evidence locker until the end of the legal process. 

OK, to make this long story even longer, as we drove to Miami, an attorney in the DA's office called to say the "process" had ended: the scruffy one had received a sentence, and I could get my gun back. Well, as it turns out, not really--nope, not that simple. A whole other process must now begin wherein the police run a complete background/criminal check ON ME before I can get back my legally purchased gun. They will send me some forms to fill out and turn in . . . ah, the wheels of justice . .  .

It feels like a Monday. 

Off to walk the beasts.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

In the Heart of the Anti-Woke: Miami!

The Diplowife and I got bored sitting around in Wilmington no longer watching FOX or any of the other Wokenets. We decided at the last minute to motor on down to Miami. The twelve hour drive went well, except for a flat tire once we reached our hotel in the Dolphin Mall. The very nice young AAA man switched it out with the spare--I don't do that stuff anymore--and engaged me in about 30 minutes of political talk. Turns out he was an immigrant from the Dominican Republic and a USMC veteran. Needless to say, he had voted for Trump, and seemed genuinely outraged by the attempted theft of the election by the Biden crew. 

Took the flat to a local tire repair shop, and before you know it, we got some more of the great Miami experience--at a tire shop! The place was owned by a couple who had fled Venezuela some five years ago and now had three repair shops in the Miami area--the one I went to is in Doral. Diplowife and I enjoyed about an hour's conversation with the couple who, although they had not voted since they are not yet US citizens, were strong Trumpers. They repeatedly called Biden an old fool and a communist. Both said they had seen what happens in a country when the left takes over. They had stopped watching the networks. 

The tire business done, they didn't want to charge me, but I insisted on paying, we went on to have a cortadito cubano at the Latin American Restaurant and Cafeteria #2 near the FIU campus. The coffee was great, and the Cuban waitress, noticing my wife's Spanish accent immediately engaged her in a political discussion about politics in Spain and in the USA. She was strongly pro-Trump, and said that she and her whole family had voted Trump. The people in the surrounding tables jumped in to say Biden sought to steal the election.

There just ain't anybody more pro-American than people who have experienced leftist rule in their home countries! They are also very good at spotting fake elections.

I love Miami. My favorite American city. The coffee and the conversation are perfect--not to mention the politics. I am in the anti-woke fortress. Free at last!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Random Musings on Veterans' Day 2020: Has My Country Disappeared?

Veterans' Day and Memorial Day get me into a reflective mood. 

As a child, I remember these days as very solemn events, with old timers still calling Veterans' Day by its original moniker, Armistice Day. Since those long ago days, of course, both days have suffered substantial degradation. We don't teach history anymore, and instead of understanding and appreciating the sacrifice so many have made to preserve our freedoms, those days have become gimmicks for retail sales events: "25% off on Mattresses for Veterans' Day!" I would think we owe our veterans and our dead a bit more than just promoting discounts on retail junk.

Not just in the USA but throughout the West, in the name of "social justice," we seem intent on erasing our history and accomplishments, on degrading and canceling the great men who made the West great, and on destroying our institutions both great and small. We have rampaging mobs of illiterates unable to tell the difference between Hitler and Churchill. We see calls to "cancel" Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, etc. 

Thanks to billions upon billions of dollars dedicated to decades of garbage university and high school instruction we have secured the triumph of Pol Pot: Back to Year Zero! White Man Bad!

The destruction of our institutions seems quite clear. There are so many examples I can't bear to list them. Just take one, quite in the news today, as a sample of what we have done to ourselves: our electoral system. The United States, the great fortress of democracy, cannot run an honest election. We have managed to help set up very good electoral systems in places such as Guatemala, El Salvador, and even Iraq, but not at home. The elections of 2020 are a national disgrace, not, however, one achieved by incompetence alone; no, years of careful planning went into this achievement.

I have noted before that I have monitored elections all over the world; in all of them voters had to produce a nationally issued voter id card. Simple poor Guatemalan peasants can do it, but rich "sophisticated" Americans cannot. In addition, we have the world's most mysterious system of vote counting. Very few of us really know where the ballots go after we have marked them or entered our vote into some machine running Chinese software. We turn on our TVs and let the media tell us the vote totals and "call" winners and losers. 

In some very poor countries where I monitored elections, the votes would come in a sealed box placed upon a table around which sat representatives of all the parties running candidates. Election monitors, national and international, would also be present. The box would be opened in the presence of all, and the votes would begin to be pulled out one-by-one. Each party representative would have the opportunity to review the ballot. If all agreed, then that vote would be assigned to one or another candidate. Each representative kept his or her own running count, aside from the official count entered on a openly visible blackboard. The vote total had to match the number of voters who had appeared at that polling station. No mail-ins, no absentees. With all the votes counted, the president of the electoral board would prepare a fax, signed by the party reps and monitors, which would go with the tally results to the central polling office in the capital. There the faxed data would get reviewed, again by party representatives and monitors before the numbers went into the national total: a laborious process, but fair and open. We can't do something similar? Nonsense. By the way, let me repeat, US tax dollars helped set up those voting systems in many countries.

No doubt that our election of 2020 was rife with fraud. We do not know the final result. This fraud had, as noted, been planned well in advance. We now see a gaga, corrupt, lying, delusional, sexual predator, old fool, Joe "Beijing" Biden, running around with a cardboard sign that reads "Office of the President-Elect"--there is no such office--giving garbled press conferences in which he thinks he's not just President-elect but President. Surely those around him must know--do know--that he is not-President elect, much less President, and that, of this writing, NOT ONE state has been officially called for either candidate. The electoral vote total, therefore, is 0 to 0. Would be funny, except it is not.

The media are lying and trying by all means possible to have President Trump concede, and to give the Biden presidency an air of inevitability. Don't buy it. This all forms part of the fraud, along with hundreds-of-thousands of fake ballots, destroyed Trump ballots, etc. 

For this our veterans sacrificed so much?

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Fraud on a Retail Scale: Electoral Manipulation Hits Home

I wrote previously about the industrial scale electoral fraud we have witnessed in these so-called elections. In that fraud, of course, hundreds of thousands of votes have appeared magically for Harris-Biden in just the right states, of course. Well, we in the Diplohouse have witnessed fraud right here in North Carolina.

Two days ago, grinding away at the gym trying to do something about my "lockdown" weight gain, I got a call from an unknown number. My habit consists of not answering such calls, but since it had a local area code, I did. You never know, perhaps Publishers Clearing House with my $50 million winnings, or the local branch of the Nobel Prize Committee? But, nah. It was the local Republican Party office calling to say that my wife's vote had been cancelled by the local board of elections (BOE). They said that the BOE claimed that my wife had tried to vote twice. The GOP has been checking on line whether those registered as Republicans had any trouble voting, and my wife's name had come up. I was livid.

When I got home, I went to the BOE website and looked up my wife's voter registration. Yes, indeed, her vote had been declared invalid, not just once but twice! I called the BOE and got put on hold for exactly 23 minutes and 52 seconds. The person who finally answered, an amiable dolt, listened to my complaint and said, and I quote, "I am sure her vote went through. That call you got is from a third party (AKA GOP) just trying to make trouble for us." I exploded, noting that the BOE website had my wife's vote tagged as invalid, not once but twice. "Oh," she said. "We will have to check." Put me on hold. After 11 minutes and 4 seconds, she came back and said I needed to speak to the office of "absentee and provisional" votes. I said that the Diplowife and I had voted early and in person and at the polling site where we were registered. Made no difference. I got transferred to the "absentee and provisional" office. The phone rang (I counted) 22 times before I hung up and called back the original BOE number.  

This time I only had to wait 3 minutes and 5 seconds before somebody new answered. I went through the explanation again, and this time got passed (5 minute and 8 second wait) to some manager woman who told me there had been a "clerical error." I unloaded about the grotesque incompetence I found in the BOE, and pointed out that when I monitored elections in Bolivia, Panama, and Guatemala, those countries did a better job than my American BOE. I got the standard, "I am sorry you FEEL that way." Does a more stupid phrase than that exist? Well, I mean, with the possible exception of, "I am speaking." Anyhow, she said that all the votes would get "reconciled" on November 13. The elections took place November 3! We voted October 15! On the magical date of November 13, my wife's vote would get tabulated. I told the "manager" that I believed nothing of what she had told me. "I am sorry you feel that way." I said I would check on November 13.

I told my son this story and he related that two of his friends in Charlotte, big Trump supporters, also had their votes declared "invalid return" although they had voted in person on November 3.

Fraud as far as the eye can see . . . 

I went to my local gun store, had to make my way through a pretty good size crowd, and bought a new STI Staccato 9mm, compact version, made in Texas. The full size Staccato I have is by far the most accurate gun I have ever fired. And, yes, that is the way I FEEL . . . and I am speaking . . . 

UPDATE: Notified on November 10 that the "clerical error" has been corrected and my wife's vote accepted. Yeah . . . .

Friday, November 6, 2020

Fraud on an Industrial Scale: Mexico's PRI Stands in Awe

My apologies. 

I have tried repeatedly since the "election" to write about that travesty. I have found myself repeatedly unable to finish my post, overcome by rage and depression as I see the world's greatest criminal organization, the Democrat Party, try to destroy my country. Let me try again.

Seeing the Democrats openly steal this election should come as no surprise. They have prepared this heist for the past four years since they failed in 2016--actually they have prepared this robbery for decades with their growing control over our basic institutions. 

Looking back over the past few years, it all makes sense now. 

In no particular order, I offer some key features of the Dem strategy:

the iron-clad refusal to have a voter id requirement;

the fake Russia collusion narrative; 

the fake Ukraine collusion narrative and subsequent fake impeachment; 

the relentless fake stories based on "anonymous" sources about this or that skulduggery by Trump; 

the insistence that Trump accept the election result and commit to a "peaceful transfer" of power in January; 

the nominating of barely awake corruptocrat Joe "Beijing" Biden as standard bearer; 

the failure to run a real campaign--obviously not needed, and seen as a hindrance; 

the massive well-coordinated censorship of anything that showed the massive corruption at the heart of the Democrat enterprise; 

the grotesque exaggeration of the dangers of COVID-19 which required us to lock ourselves away, shut down our economy, and not vote in person

the enormous and unjustifiable--and possibly illegal--expansion of early voting and voting by mail, and extension of vote counting deadlines; 

the relentless, often violent, assault on our symbols, history, and identity as a nation, and the threat to increase those if Biden did not win; 

the fake election polls that showed widespread support for the non-candidate; 

the fierce opposition to filling a Supreme Court seat, and demands that the new Justice recuse herself from any cases involving electoral fraud; 

and, of course, a prog-dominated media empire, legacy and new, that refused to call states for Trump while obviously waiting for word as to which states would get the strategic and massive vote dump at the last minute. 

You, without doubt, can add to that list.

All this has come together, and now we watch Donald Trump, the hardest working man in politics, win re-election, and then have it stolen by bogus vote counts in four or five Dem-controlled cities. It seems hundreds of thousands of Democrat votes suddenly appear at 4 am. Funny how that happens in key swing states . . .

We have witnessed an outrage beyond all known political outrages in our history. 

I remember, years ago while assigned in Latin America, laughing about Mexico's elections. At the time, Mexico came under the rule of the PRI, perhaps the most successful political party in all history. I recall, in particular, an account from a small Mexican town in which the opposition candidate received not one vote; it would seem that neither he, his wife, his parents, nor his children had "voted" for him. Now, my country has reached and even exceeded PRI-levels of fraudulent elections. 

Does any rational human being find it believable, for example, that suddenly hundreds of thousands of votes appeared in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia marked nearly 100% for Joe Biden? Not even the PRI would have dared that on such a scale.

What comes next? I don't know. Can Trump save the Republic? I don't know. Will we get hand recounts? Re-dos? Will the election get thrown to the Supreme Court? Go to the House of Representatives? 

By the way, on that scenario about the House of Representatives, I hear Speaker Nancy Pelosi boldly announcing that the House stands ready to resolve the election. Has she actually read the Constitution, not that this document matters much these days, and the role it assigns the House in case of a disputed election? She gives the impression, as do other Democrats I have heard, that the Representatives as currently constituted would elect the President--and since the Dems have a majority in the House . . .. She and they need to read how the Constitution actually describes that process: If followed, Trump would win. Go ahead, Nancy, read it. 

Anyhow, what a disgrace. The legitimacy of our institutions is shot. Our principal institutions have fallen into the hands of people who hate our country, who hate our people and our history.

Some wag, I can't remember whom, famously noted that, "Decline is a choice." That seems, perhaps, perhaps, to have been the prog choice forced on us on November 3. If they get away with it, we might be seeing the death-throes of our nearly 250-year great experiment as a Constitutional republic, a situation brought on by the apparent triumph of the radical left over the will of the people. I look at my grandchildren and wonder what sort of world we have left them. I won't have to live in it much longer, but they will.