Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine . . .

 OK, everybody sing along with me (and Dolly Parton)

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine

I am begging of you please,

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine,

Don't take my arm just because you can . . .

Yielding to the demands of the Diplowife, we got our first dose of the magic vaccine. 

We went to a drive-thru venue at a local sports arena. The whole affair from showing up to leaving took about 90 minutes. Lots of confirmations that we formed part of the approved group (over 65, grumpy, jerks) and that we had no allergies, understood the risks, etc. 

Lot more checking than when we voted, that's for sure. Anyhow, in the end, it was as painless as it was pointless. 

I asked one of the very nice young ladies, all suited up in a cross between semi-hazmat gear and highway worker outfit, whether getting this thing meant I no longer had to wear a mask. See smiled--I think she smiled, hard to tell behind all that masking--and her muffled response was, "No. You still have to wear the mask . . . " OK. So the mask is the powerful juju in this absurd affair? I assume it will protect me from rioting Antifas and BLMers as well; I guess I can dump the rest of my gun collection in the river. 

Will the mask protect me from the mounting evidence of "Biden's" malicious stupidity?

As I have noted before, I am still in "news lock-out" mode. One of my Diplosons, however, insists on calling me every morning with the opening line, "Did you see what Biden has done now?" He and his friends were laughing over some fake "town hall" event that the fake "President" held. My son kept saying, "Those were scripted questions! Even then he couldn't answer them! He couldn't even stay with his script. Garbled sentences. Made no sense!" Diploson and his buddies all concluded that Biden has no idea what is happening. 

We have here a serious issue. This man is a zombie, totally unfit for any public office, much less the US presidency, and surrounded by a cabal of morons, woke maniacs, power-hungry swamp creatures, grifters, and haters of America and the West. We, in short, have here a formula for disaster. 

I keep thinking of a "Mission Impossible" episode with Martin Landau in which a group of Nazis had fled to some unnamed Latin American country to plot their return to power. Their leader, however, was, in fact, dead or comatose, and some vile number two, presumably Martin Borman, was the only one who knew this but yet brought messages "from" the Leader. Biden's people must have seen that episode. He's a fraud, an illegitimate fraud occupying the White House.

Once again with feeling!

Jill B, Jill B, Jill B, Jill B,

          I am begging of you please,

          Jill B, Jill, Jill B, Jill B, 

          Don't let your man ruin my country just because you can . . . 

Monday, February 15, 2021

Bits and Pieces

I have remained virtually "newsless" for several weeks. The few glimpses I have caught of "news anchors" prattling on, have made me furious and sad. So many lies. So much false information. So much suppression of real debate, e.g., we may not question the obviously fraudulent 2020 presidential election. To do so, you risk your job. It's STASI time in America.

The only bit of news I followed, and just a bit, was the absurd and unconstitutional impeachment trial. It shows, once again, that the DNC and its echo chamber will do anything, no matter how despicable, to smear, slander, destroy our real President, Donald J. Trump. What I particularly find unforgivable is that seven Republican senators voted to convict Trump of a fake crime. Disgusting. I am sure the attack on Trump and his family will continue from all reaches of the corrupt and dismal swamp. The IRS, the FBI, etc., will all get a crack at the Trump family. 

My two older boys came by the new house a couple of nights ago, and helped me set up the cutting edge 1990's technology media center left behind by the previous owner. A mess of wires and boxes. I gave up, but the lads persisted, and--what do you know?--we have a giant screen experience. We, well, they hooked in the new ROKU to the old ceiling-mounted projector, cranked up the "ancient" sound system, and we all watched "Saving Private Ryan," a movie you could not make today. No lesbians charging the Nazi bunkers on Omaha Beach? All those white guys! What!?! CANCEL! CANCEL!

We sat around and the topic became "experts." One son related how colleagues at the large software company where he works, were arguing for the wearing of masks, citing "experts,"some of whom now advocate for "double masks." My boys are VERY skeptical of "experts." As one son noted, "Hey, Kevorkian was an 'expert.' He was a doctor. Mengele was an 'expert,' too. The guys who persecuted Galileo were 'experts'." I think that says it all about "experts."

Sorry for the brevity of the post, but I am exhausted. The Diplowife, who has endless amounts of energy, continues to have me move things and unpack this and repack that. She refuses to accept that I am an old grumpy man, now. Sigh.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

George P. Shultz, RIP

Read yesterday that former SecState George Shultz died 100 years old. I always liked and admired him, and was proud to have worked for him

By today's right-wing standards, of course, he was an old-fashioned globalist. By today's left-wing standards, of course, he was an old-fashioned imperialist. By my standards, he was a man of his times, and, much missed nowadays, a patriot. He was not a revolutionary when it came to government affairs. He did not question the structure of international organizations or the existence of treaties. When, for example, he took over the creaky State Department bureaucracy, he did not launch some radical restructuring or purge, he accepted it for what it was and--horrors!--made it work. He was a superb manager who knew how to pursue the mission's objectives, and get the best out of the people and the equipment he got handed. He was, after all, an old US Marine. 

He, an ardent anti-Communist, was determined to bring down the Soviet Union, which he saw as the biggest threat on the planet to the United States and the cause of freedom. He loved America, and even before the term became known, believed in a foreign policy that put "America First." I was just a lowly Pakistan desk officer, but even I knew that we were work to "roll back" the Soviets. His formidable Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Larry Eagleburger, made that clear to all of us, no matter how low our ranks. Eagleburger, btw, was famous for calling lowly peons, such as myself, directly and summoning them to his office--which he had decorated with a ceramic eagle atop a hamburger--and quizzing us mercilessly about some topic or another without our immediate superiors present; he wanted the info raw, and unrefined by the ponderous "clearance process"--unheard of in the State Department. Shultz and his team had a very visible and tangible presence in the Department. They insisted that the bureaucracy work--and it did. I never saw the Department work as well either before or after Shultz. 

Sure, perhaps, in retrospect he had a limited vision. He, as noted, was not a radical. To my chagrin, for example, he accepted the advice of the Near East Bureau on how to handle the Middle East, and went along with their nonsense about "engagement" with the Palestinians and appearing "even handed." He also accepted the UN, and only made limited efforts to reform that horrid organization. A group of us lowly dissidents wrote him a memo urging the US to get out of the UN; we never heard back. OK.  Understandable.

Despite all that, I still thought he was a great SecState who saw the US as the essential country and wanted to keep it that way.    

George Shultz, RIP.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Chaos in the Time of Biden

Sorry for the long delay in posting. 

As noted before, we have been involved in buying property in Raleigh. Done! We finally have begun moving in our stuff, getting internet, etc. Hate the process. The Diplowife loves it. She must have been Eisenhower or Hannibal (Barca, not Lecter) in a prior life. She loves logistics, leading and designing great operations with lots of moving parts revolving around precise timing. I prefer the more simple, sweat-pant life, but with the Generalissimo around, no hope of that . . . Anyhow, all is not lost: I am having a man-cave built that will house me along with my 150 or so pistols, rifles, and shotguns in secure splendor. In recent days, I have added to that mostly peaceful collection: a Colt Defender .45, a Guncrafter Hellcat 9mm, another STI Staccato 9mm, and a Baby Desert Eagle 9mm. I will, of course, dump them in the nearby lake very soon.

The political scene continues depressing beyond all belief. 

This Obama 2.0 fiasco will prove even more disastrous than the original version. We will all be POWs (Prisoners of the Woke) as we go MIA (Mad in America). The fraudulent "Biden" administration has begun with a flurry of Executive Orders, and vows to redesign our economy (more below). The progs, of course, are chasing after Trump, trying to "impeach" and convict him after he's left office: the precedent is set, my friends, for future endless persecutions of political rivals. I propose, for example, impeaching Obama for "Fast and Furious," Benghazi, and, along with VP Biden, for Russia-Gate--just for starters, mind you. The GOP, however, seems hopeless when it comes to fighting back, and most probably wouldn't do that, or even lay it out as a possibility. They can keep blowing up my phone asking for money: ain't gonna happen.

The "Biden" plan to deal with the fake pandemic is catastrophic. The vaccine roll-out is, to put it mildly, awkward, inept, and inefficient. They can blame it on Trump, of course, but that won't wash for long. The numbers of dead keep getting adjusted as it now turns out the New York State numbers are wrong. Cuomo should be impeached. Every day the media is reporting on COVID "variants"--the UK variant, the South African variant, etc. All meant to keep us terrified, drinking the prog Kool-Aid, wearing our absurd masks, and looking to Von Hidenburg, aka Biden, for salvation.  

On the economy. What can I say? 

We are in for a disastrous ride. "Biden" wants $15/hr minimum wage. Right. The real plan, of course, is to kill the lower cost red states, wipe out the generally pro-Trump small and mid-size businesses, and create unemployment requiring dependence on government and Dem-run programs. In one stoke of his pen, Governor Le Petomane, aka Biden, has devastated a great swath of the US (and Canadian) energy industry. He has once again halted the Keystone pipeline, and certainly anti-fracking actions will follow. His moronic, evil, entourage wants to destroy US energy independence, and put tens-of-thousands of energy workers out of jobs in the name of Gaia. All this, of course, benefits Putin (remember him?), the Iranians, and the rest of OPEC. The Paris Climate Accord is again the darling of the "President"; an accord that should properly be known as the China & India Coal Industry Promotion Deal

The "President" has begun recreating the chaos that, prior to Trump, had existed on our southern border, to the chagrin of the Mexicans who were quite happy with Trump's policy. For the first time in decades, order was being established along that border. Now Mexico sees the prospects of renewed Central American "caravans" and, as noted, renewed chaos, violence, corruption, etc., along the border. Just what Mexico needed. Not to mention just what our border communities needed. A massive betrayal. 

In the Middle East, Trump's gigantic steps towards peace are being reversed as the Iranians get placated. The Israelis and the Arabs will have to strike their own accords and engage in other actions, no USA, to deal with the Iranians. 

Civil liberties have come under an assault not seen since the days of Woodrow Wilson. The Biden mouthpieces in the media and high tech are demonizing conservative voices, getting them "deplatformed" and "demonetized." The universities have gone full steam ahead suppressing dissent among faculty and students. Fake science is being promoted and resistance will not be tolerated.

The communists/fascists have taken power. Beijing licks its chops.