Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Thursday, May 30, 2024

The Tump Trial; From Kafka to Freisler

When I first started following the NY criminal trial of Donald Trump, I kept comparing it to Franz Kafka's novel, "The Trial." You will remember that the novel tells the nightmarish story of a young clerk, Joseph, suddenly arrested and put on trial without being informed of the charges against him. I always had thought that such a scenario could only play out in the old Eastern Europe, Stalinist USSR, Maoist PRC, or in some Big Man dictatorship in Latin America, such as Castro's Cuba, or an Idi Amin-type African country. It could never, I thought, happen in the USA with our "checks-and-balances," our Anglo judicial system, and our precious Constitution. Sure, I had read and followed miscarriages of justice, e.g., the Scottsborough Boys. I thought, nevertheless that such injustices would be corrected and were rare events happening in "backward" regions of the country. I never, in a million years, could have imagined a trial such as the one just concluded in NY in which the felony crimes were never spelled out, and in which the Judge, Juan Merchan, would in essence TELL the jury to convict Trump of something, anything, and actively stymied Trump's defense. The Judge made clear he would accept nothing less than a conviction. The more I followed the trial, however, I thought that instead of the corrupt judicial machinery in Kafka's book, what we were seeing was an American equivalent to the trials run by Karl Roland Freisler in his Nazi People's Court from 1942-45. Watch some of the documentary footage of Fresiler in action and you will see what I mean. His insulting of the defendants, the refusal to allow an effective defense, and a pre-ordained verdict of guilt. At the risk of being called overly dramatic, Merchan seemed to have learned a thing or two from Freisler's behavior. This is a sad day for America. This is the most blatant attempt in American history to stop the major political opponent of the incumbent president. Our system needs to redeem itself. We need a full investigation of Merchan and Bragg and the whole corrupt NY judiciary. The Appeal Courts and even the SCOTUS need to jump in right away. In the meantime, Repubican AGs and DAs need to open cases against Democrats--NOW. I would start with Obama's corrupt real estate dealings, ex-Gov Cuomo, the Biden family for a whole host of corrupt actions, put the word out that President Biden will be investigated and prosecuted the minute he leaves office for a number of crimes committed before he was President, etc. This is hardball time. This cannot stand or we are Idi Amin's Uganda or worse. The stink of Freisler must be removed from our courts.

Sunday, May 12, 2024


Keep hearing from the pro-Hamas crowd that Israel's response to the massacre of 7 October 2023 is "disproportionate." 


As even the pro-Hamas BBC now has acknowledged, the casualty numbers coming out of Gaza at least double the real numbers. In other words, they're false, and BBC has used them. This comes from relying, as does the UN and media outlets, upon the "Gaza Ministry of Health," i.e., a paper-thin cover for Hamas. We also read all sorts of numbers put out by the professional liars (Taqiyya masters) on X/Twitter: blatantly false, "supported" by poorly made Pallywood productions full of fake blood, "doctors" running in circles, wailing and gnashing on cue from cameramen, etc. All fake. 

It also seems, as I have noted before, that Israel's bombs kill only children, women, and world-famous journalists, professors, poets, and surgeons, and demolish world-beating schools, universities and hospitals. An amazing open-air prison, Gaza. So many Nobel prizes . . . 

Ok, forget about the fake Hamas casualty numbers. Let's focus, instead, on "proportionate." On another 7th, this one in December 1941, the Empire of Japan attacked the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, killing about 2100 Americans. Once we got our act together, we proceeded to kill some two million Japanese, perhaps more, in response. Proportionate? Who cares? We reduced Japan's cities to dust, cut off their food and oil supplies, and demolished their empire, navy, army, and air force. We dropped two atomic bombs on them when they still refused to surrender, and then occupied Japan for years after. Proportionate? I think so. 

Oh, and by the way, the British and we also reduced German cities to rubble, making them look even worse than today's Democrat-run Detroit and San Francisco--and I haven't mentioned what the Soviets did to Germany. MANY, MANY more Germans were killed by Allied bombing of Germany than Brits were by the Nazi bombing of the UK. Proportionate? Who cares? "Bomber" Harris, Hero of Humanity as far as I am concerned. We also occupied Germany and split it. Millions of Germans died in a war their leaders started. 

Oh, and another by the way, Germany never bombed the USA. Their leaders gratuitously declared war on the USA, and, well, as the saying goes, FAFO. Consequences, consequences, consequences. 

The only way to have at least a semblance of peace is for the IDF to destroy Hamas, totally and completely, and put the word out to Hizbullah and the rest of the Muslim Murder Machine, that they can see their future in what's happened to Hamas. Long live Israel. The West needs more "proportionate" responses.

Friday, May 3, 2024

Elections, Part 2

On March 30, I posted some thoughts on the forthcoming national elections in the USA. I made clear that under no circumstance would I, nor could I vote for Joe Biden who, among other things, is a habitual liar, fantasist, plagiarist, bully, borderline pedo (e.g., showers with his teen daughter), racist, big time crook receiving millions of dollars from foreign companies and governments, long-time lobbyist for the Delaware LLC and credit card businesses, thief of national security documents for some fifty years, participant--along with Obama, Clinton, the FBI and the CIA-- in an attempted coup against Trump, participant in the fraud that tilted the 2020 elections, verging on senility/dementia, and has haters of the USA and the West run "his" domestic and foreign policies. Catastrophe at home and abroad has resulted. My fiercest critic, my wife, read my post and said, "Well, you made a good case for not voting FOR Biden, how about why to vote for Trump?" She's got a point. I am voting for Trump, as I did twice before, for the simple reason that Trump understands America and its people in a way that no other president or candidate has in my lifetime.

He understands the corruption in the media, judicial system, and bureaucracy, and is suffering personal harm because of it. He understands that we cannot continue to hollow out our industrial base, and hope to remain a world power and a source of creativity and prosperity. We have to make things, such as cars, medicines, and the other billion widgets that come out of a genuinely industrial country, not just buy them from China and Vietnam. He understands that our once world-beating colleges and universities are now steaming heaps of woke ideological garbage, producing millions of self-entitled, credentialed morons, who want you to pay for their "education," and couldn't change a tire if their lives depended on it. He understands what insane environmental policies and the open border mean to our independence, safety, national culture and cohesiveness. I hear a lot of blather about how crude and divisive Trump is; that's nonsense. Obama, Clinton, and Biden not only attack Trump but attack his supporters: "Cling to guns and rifles," "Deplorables," "Cultists and insurrectionists," "White supremacists," etc. Trump doesn't do that.

He asks us all, regardless of race or religion, to make America great again, in other words to live up to our lofty aspirations. That's why I not only will vote against Biden but for Trump.