Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Friday, March 26, 2021

Press Conference?

Well, Joe's handlers finally allowed him to hold a "press conference." 

Not really. 

The event held yesterday, yeah, it kinda, sorta looked like a press conference but, as with everything else in the "Biden" administration, it was fake.  

Poor Joe fumbled, and yelled his way through the event, giving nonsensical replies to softball questions from reporters who did no follow up.  It was cringe-worthy. 

I felt embarrassment for the old fool. He couldn't even read the 3x5 cards with the prepared answers to the questions. No question, of course, re the confusing tale of Hunter's firearm antics, and the role of the Secret Service in trying to hush up the incident. No explanation of why reporters are not allowed access to the illegal alien children detention faciltiies along the border. Nothing really on the growing border crisis, which "Biden" owns 100%. 

Quite a contrast with the Trump events. I am sure Beijing is wondering if maybe they got took and bought the cheapest bidder; as my father-in-law used to say, "Cheap can becomne expensive." Nah. They got what they wanted, no visible president.

I don't know how many times I can say this, Biden is a joke, a cruel one, and the punchline comes at the expense of America and the West.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

"That's Uncle Joe, He's a'movin' Kinda Slow . . . "

I have to acknowledge that, while I had doubts Biden could do it, he did. 

He gave a magnificent, rousing, uplifting, soul-stirring State of the Union address. Who could have thought that he could stand before Congress and the world, and deliver a stunning 90 minute summation of our current condition, and lay out a crystal clear map for the way forward? Amazing . . . 

Oh, sorry. 

Guess I was watching a Trump SOTU. Got confused. Thought Uncle Joe had made it. Nurse! Where's my cereal?

Well, the farce continues. The farce known as "President" Joe Biden stumbles along. He is at best a hibernating groundhog, brought out by his handlers every couple of weeks to mumble some phrases, and then quickly get whisked away. The world's most popular man--Didn't he get, like, two billion votes? And they're still coming in!--can't face a live crowd, not even tame "journalists." I, for example, don't see any outcry from those "journalists" over the lack of a SOTU address. Can you imagine the outrage if Trump had skipped one?

The signs are all there. 

The Biden handlers, i.e., Obama & Co., are preparing Biden's exit. As part of the ruling clique's preparations, they are rewriting the election laws to ensure there will never be another challenger to the system such as Trump. They are flooding the country with illegal aliens, keeping the economy on semi-lockdown and dependent on federal handouts, and, most interesting, they are, Mao Great Leap Forward/Cultural Revolution style, decapitating the "tallest poppies" within their own party.  

No challengers must exist to Puppet Harris. We see, suddenly, how our rulers and their minions turn on Governor Cuomo, once one of the stars in the DNC firmament. Not because the EMMY-winning gov killed off thousands of senior citizens, or because of his administration's well-known corruption, no, but because he might have touched some intern's bottom. The rulers have resuscitated the "MeToo" movement to do in Cuomo. 

Mass murder and incompetence are nothing compared to making somebody "uncomfortable." Murder and incompetence, bah, Cuomo could beat those. This? Nah. He's toast. Other prominent Dems had better beware. There will be no challenger or potential challenger allowed to Cackling Harris . . . unless Obama decides otherwise.

Meanwhile, Dim Beijing Joe shuffles around the White House looking for his slipper . . .

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Dreary Times (Part II) and Mr. Jones

Well, things ain't getting any better, are they?

The handlers of that miserable gaga little mouse illegitimately occupying the White House, "The Entity Known as Biden" (TEKAB), continue their assault on America. Among other crimes, they have re-instituted the bloody chaos at the southern border, letting all comers go freely into our midst, even those testing positive for the ChiCom virus. This, of course, gives the lie, yet again, to the whole "pandemic lock-down." The rest of us have to listen to that fraud Fauci and his robotic helpers babble on their Zoom conferences about not traveling, not gathering, getting ready for a "third dose," etc., but illegal aliens, AKA new Dem voters? No. They are free to cross the border and roam free. You know, Cage-Free voters . . .

It's Third World Time in America. 

It's STASI time. 

It's 1984 on steroids. 

TEKAB as Big Brother. 

We have become Airstrip One.

As for me? I have retreated. 

Not quite sure how to fight the onslaught of fakery, cruelty, censorship, trillions in "aid,"and just the ceaseless torrent of damn lies pouring forth from TEKAB. How do we save what's left of our country? I don't know. I wish I could see a clear path forward, but I don't. The GOP? Hopeless. 

Ideas? Anybody?

Meanwhile, I nurse a torn meniscus, lament my weight gain from the lockdown, focus on moving things into the new house, and watch movies and TV shows from the 1970s and 1980s, which I didn't particularly like the first time around, but now find a breath of fresh air from a more innocent, promising, and happier past. 

This is not a good way to live.

As long, however, as I am watching old movies, let me recommend a more recent one, as well. It's a couple of years old, stars an excellent British actor, James Norton, and is directed by the also excellent director from Poland, Agniezka Holland. She is one of the best and gutsiest directors around.

The film is Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is a remarkable film that takes on not just Communism but its Western apologists, especially the fake news media. It is based on the true story of the struggle by Welshman Gareth Jones to debunk the outrageous pro-Stalin reporting coming out of Moscow by everybody's favorite Pulitizer-prize winner, the father of fake news, New York Times reporter, Walter Duranty, played with a magnificent sneering perverseness by American actor Peter Sarsgaard. The film tells, in harrowing detail, of Jones's visit to Duranty in Moscow, of the truth Jones discovers about Stalin's effort to annihilate the people of Ukraine, of Jones's surreptitious visit to Ukraine, and of the consequences of telling the truth. Oh, yes, George Orwell makes an appearance, too.

As one of my sons said to me, this is the sort of film conservatives should be making.

Watch it. 

You will come away wondering where will we find a Gareth Jones for our times--and thank you Agniezka Holland.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Dreary Times

Once again, profuse apologies for the scarce posting. 

This setting up of a new house in Raleigh has proved much more complicated and time-consuming than initially thought. You know, "no plan survives first contact . . . " We now have a major water leak in the kitchen and, and, never mind . . . it's all too dreary and matches the national mood, to wit, malaise caused by a drip.

That drip, by the way, is what one of my Diplosons calls the "Entity known as Biden." 

Have we ever had a more invisible, implausible, malevolent, and, well, fraudulent presence in the White House? That is not a rhetorical question. We have no president. We have a cabal of vindictive leftoid progressives out to undo the West and recreate it in the image of . . . what? Communist China? Stasi GDR? Orwell's 1984? Whatever it is, it's unpleasant, unfree, and unwelcome.

Couple of bright spots. 

President Trump's speech at CPAC was pretty good. Nice rallying cry. Of course, it doesn't mean anything unless we can fix our electoral system to reflect how American citizens actually vote. If the GOP wants to save itself from another round of fraud, and from the disaffection of a growing number of Americans it must get rid of the RINOS, and use its still considerable clout at the state level to restore integrity to the voting process. Otherwise, why bother to vote? Why bother to do anything political of a peaceful nature? 

The other bright spot? 

The total collapse of the Golden Globes. I can't find anybody who watched it. More people seemed to have watched Trump's speech, despite the efforts to censor it, than that politically correct, oh-so progressive awards show. Has anybody even heard of the shows and films being awarded? Hollywood is dead and is only gradually realizing it. A good thing.

I will try to write more later, if life allows.