Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The Freaks' War on Children

Along with all of you, I feel horrified and disgusted by the massacre in Uvalde, Texas. Once again, it seems, some fatherless, lonely, narcissistic, maladjusted freak has vented anger, frustration, and evil on children. We now see lots of politicians running around trying to gain points from the horror, starting with our inept zombie "president," who gave a divisive political address full of stale DNC talking points, and continuing with that grandstanding idiot, "Beto."

Is this really about guns? Guns are the problem?

No. No.

As kids, my friends and I had lots of guns around, with them much easier to obtain than nowadays. You, for example, could buy them at swap meets, gun stores, pawn shops, Sears, and, in fact, almost any department or general stores. You also could buy them from mail order catalogues, and an agent of the US Government, i.e., the postman, would deliver them to your front door. It never occurred to us, despite raging hormones, watching Westerns, wielding cap guns, playing war, flying flags, and all the rest, to pick up a real gun to go kill real people, especially at school. 

I remember in Mr. Small's sixth grade class, in Palo Alto, California, no less, doing a report on Civil War firearms, and bringing two black powder revolvers into class as part of my presentation. No worries. No panic. No lockdown drills. No "active shooter" alerts. No SWAT team. No funerals. No pathetic teddy bears and ribbons. No mourning parents. No preening pontificating politicians.

A different time. A different people. A different attitude.

Did American and Western society, in general, act more repressively in those days? Probably. 

Did we have less tolerance of eccentric behavior and persons? Yes. 

Did social approval/disapproval carry great weight, and act as a brake on certain behavior? Sure. 

Could this social control manifest itself, at times, in "unfairness" and, even, "cruelty"? Yes. 

You certainly didn't want to get labelled a "sissy." 

You, however, could walk the streets.

We children could and would play outside until well after dark with no worries about lurking strangers or a neighborhood pedo. We rarely saw cops, except on TV and at school as presenters on "career day." The burly WWII or Korean War vet sitting on his porch or in his front yard, frequently cleaning guns for the upcoming deer hunt, provided all the security we needed. We walked to clean, disciplined schools run by dedicated and smart administrators and teachers, many of them war vets; we said the Pledge of Allegiance, learned history and science, along with reading, writing, and arithmetic, and got back home alive and safe. We lived in a country that invented and made things, that valued science and education, felt pride in its history and achievements, and where adults had real jobs. 

I won't go on about the past; those of you my age know what we've lost. I don't need to tell you.

Well, in our modern social media age, the social brakes are broken. Anything goes. 

Social trends now get dictated by influencer freaks on social media. Our kids, many without traditional homes, badgered by woke culture in school and at play, glued to their screens, drink in the noxious messages put out by those freaks and their progressive high-tech enablers. There seems little in the way of public shame, unless you question that men can become women. We see a daily assault on respect and common sense, on the most essential glues holding a society together; we, for example, have a confirmed Supreme Court Justice who cannot tell the difference between a man and a woman, because "I am not a biologist." OK. How about cats and dogs? Can you tell those apart? How about planes and trains? Moon from sun? Right from wrong? Constitutional from unconstitutional?

Our kids now broadcast every thought they have and every move they make on Facebook, TikTok, etc., in a hunt for "followers" and "likes." Back in the day, the young might keep a diary; the "freak" might enter a few odd words in his own diary that few if any, other than his psychiatrist, would ever see. Now the freaks are everywhere, and demand to be taken seriously, or else you are a bigot of some type--and the list of types is long and expanding. 

Impressionable kids get lost in the chaos. Definitions and standards that had held for centuries--poof!--gone, and replaced by a bewildering mental salad of lies, empty words, platitudes, and evil.

As with the creepy murderer in Uvalde, the main target, as I have written before, of this chaotic woke society is children. Our "leaders" talk tearfully about children "murdered by guns," as though a gun does anything on its own, but send our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood, which has killed millions of children, mostly black children. For its advocates, abortion, now, is not just a "right," but a revolutionary act, and something worthy of praise. Infanticide is no longer a forbidden topic. 

We have a Supreme Court Justice (see above) who, while a serving judge, could not bring herself to give convicted pedophiles and child pornographers the long sentences they deserved. 

The wokester freaks defund the police, gut the justice system, leave the borders wide open, cut-free hardened criminals; they give not a thought to the victims of the ensuing chaos. 

Our society, above all, increasingly devalues children, and treats them like disposable plastic commodities: molded, shaped, pulled, twisted, and then discarded. Children are seen as a burden on Gaia. We're better off without them--especially boys. 

We have people in authority arguing to make boys into girls and girls into boys. We have a senior health official in this country, an obese delusional male, who thinks he's a woman, giving advice on child-rearing. The media gurus take this loon seriously. Yes, indeed, give your kids untested puberty blockers and have them undergo radical life-altering surgeries. The gender fluid crowd poses a grave moral, mental, and physical threat to our children. 

The freaks want our children to join their circus or die. Yes, literally, die. 

The Uvalde massacre forms part of this ongoing war on children.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Back In NC

Made it back. 

It was the flight from hell; not because of anything that American Airlines did or any defect in the plane (a fabulous B-787). I ate something in the VIP lounge in Madrid that went definitely sideways. Sick as sick can be the whole flight; a situation not helped by the kindly steward commenting repeatedly, "Sir, you don't look well." Thanks, I know, I know. 

Anyhow, made it back. We will return to Spain in about six weeks. Lots of paperwork remains.

I despair of our situation in this country. A tiny bright spot: the ponderous Durham investigation has begun to produce some fruit. Well, better said, after all that slo-mo investigation we find what this humble blog (I shall toot my own horn) said from the start, to wit, that the Trump-Putin collusion story was fake, made up by the Clintons/DNC, and pushed on America by a media and, most shamefully, an FBI willing to go along with the hoax. We all knew the story as fake, and yet it persisted, partially crippling the White House, and making it impossible to establish decent relations with Russia. We now pay for that.

Time to defund the DOJ and, especially, the FBI until a thorough house-cleaning takes place. 

Also need to go after the 51 "intelligence experts" who labelled the Hunter Biden laptop "Russian disinformation" when they knew it wasn't. 

Tasks, inter alia, for next year's Republican Congress? We'll see how much spine they have.

Well, there exists another, small, bright spot: the apparent "death" of the Biden Ministry of Truth. 

That laughable "misinformation" governance board, or whatever they called it, has collapsed, and its buffoonish head gone off, almost certainly, to a lucrative gig with MSNBC or some other purveyor of actual misinformation. The lefties, however, will try again in some other form. They desperately want to censor and control the information we receive, and the thoughts we hold and express. I have written about this before and noted that the wokesters understand that words comprise the ammunition of debate. Make your opponents fire blanks that you issue, or get jammed up in confusion, and you've won the battle. That effort to monkey with the language continues daily in the schools, the media, and, of course, in the very "halls of power." 

The economy continues to sink into the classic Democratic abyss. There is no reason for the disaster now upon us. Well, there is a reason: Biden, et al. Baby food shortage? In America? WTH! The stores in Spain and France were full of baby formula.

Off to one of my many doctor's appointments. I had hoped to drive the 427, but the top has gotten jammed open--I don't know why--and it looks like it might rain. 

How he suffers . . . and yet, he blogs . . . oh, the courage . . ..

Monday, May 16, 2022

Heading Back to Madrid

On the train trying to do this via a hotspot on my phone. I am horrible at this sort of stuff.

I give up. Had to resume once we got to our place in Madrid. Too many tunnels and a bad signal kept interrupting and defiling my discovery of the HOTSPOT.

Love San Sebastian. Not even the modern world and Spain's obsession with being European could damage the place. I spent many years there as a child, and as a callow youth. Hadn't been there in years and the first big change I noticed was a lot less interest in politics, and Basque nationalism.  No more long conversations into the night on the history of Euskadi and how it is not a part of Spain. The kids speak a mix of Basque, Spanish, and English and nobody seems to get excited about it any more.  ETA and the violence of those years is just a dim memory, and nobody wants to talk about it. 

What do they talk about? Football (soccer) and food. The people here love their soccer team, and live and die with its ups-and-downs. The folks in Euskadi also love food, and love their farmers and cooks. They have tremendous respect for the people who produce food; that food, as I have said many times, is probably the best in the world. Amazing what they can do with basic ingredients. I won't bore you with the meals we had, but they were tremendous.Woe to the restauranteur who becomes known for catering to foreign tourists; the locals won't go there.

Spent a wonderful day in Hendaye, France, the border town famous for the meeting between Franco and Hitler. Hung out with some relatives and--horrors!--watched the Eurovision musical competition. Europeans do many things well, but Eurovision is just about the tackiest, most stupid, but still fun competition I have seen. Watch the Will Ferrel movie about it on Netflix. It's spot on. As expected, Ukraine won with a weird sort of copy of American hip-hop/rap etc. Lot of fun over some great food.

We leave on Wednesday for North Carolina, and reality. We will be returning to Spain in July to continue with the legal process for my wife's inheritance. The bureaucracy here is amazing. There is always one more piece of paper or stamp needed.

I will try to be more interesting in future posts.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Valley of the Fallen & Toledo

We drove to Franco's massive monument to himself and his victory in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39. The "Valley of the Fallen" sits a few miles outside of Madrid next to the city of El Escorial; I hadn't visited there in some 40 years, and it appeared different from what I remembered. 

The thing is massive; you can look it up on the internet and YouTube, but pictures, video, and written descriptions don't give justice to its size. In the middle of a national park, full of deer and wild boar, it occupies a beautiful chunk of real estate. It took some ten years to build, using, among others, the forced labor of thousands of political prisoners, including at least one of my relatives. Franco himself officially inaugurated the monument in 1959; the Pope blessed it the following year. When he died in 1975, Franco was buried in the enormous crypt there. 

I, however, can confirm for my six readers that Franco has left the building. 

After years of contentious political and social debate over whether to tear down the whole thing, the compromise reached a couple of years ago was to move the body of the Generalisimo from the crypt to a military cemetery. Interestingly, the body of Spanish fascism's founder, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, remains. While tearing down the whole monument and its many buildings would have proven fantastically costly, various leftist governments over the years, however, apparently have decided to starve the place. According to a curator at the religious retreat/hotel/restaurant there, the Ministry of Culture steadily has reduced the Valley's budget, and some features, such as the cable car to the top of mountain upon which sits an enormous cross, have been allowed to fall into disrepair and closed "temporarily" for several years. The retreat's massive library also shows signs of failing maintenance, e.g., water stains, mold.

The whole place was spookily empty. It looked like the set of a post-apocalypse film; a few Dutch tourists taking selfies, but not many others. The vast parking lots were empty.  Despite all that, it's definitely worth a visit. If nothing else, it will make you think of Ozymandias

After that visit, we went off to El Escorial and had what I think is the best steak I have ever had at a wonderful restaurant, El Charoles. Hard to find. My GPS kept sending us in circles, but worth it. Go there. 

Couple of days later we took the train (masks required) to Toledo, named after a place in Ohio, I think. Might be wrong. It's a great place, and despite all the tourists, the residents are very friendly, and the city retains its medieval charm. We found the modest synagogue where my ancestors prayed over 500 years ago; it was closed. The spectacular cathedral where my wife's ancestors prayed, however, that, that was OPEN--anti-semitism, of course. The cathedral is beyond beautiful. You could spend the whole day in there and not run out of things to see. Also bought a heavy chess set which proved devastating for my back. I could hardly walk after trying to swing the thing over my shoulder. The much more fit Diplowife had to lug the monster around as we walked up and down hilly streets. I followed slowly and painfully. She has made me swear to collect something other than chess sets. Besides Toledo, she has carried them for me in Mexico City, Guatemala City, Hong Kong, Lima, La Paz, Bangkok, New Delhi, and Jakarta. No more!

I have nothing wise to say about the political insanity back home. As my oldest son said to me on the phone yesterday, "The crazy Democrats have chosen abortion as the hill to die on." Complete insanity and deliberate malice characterize the Dems on Roe v Wade. Let'em die on that hill.

Taking the train (masks required) today to San Sebastian where my wife has a variety of legal issues to handle re the estates of her late mother and her aunt. I intend to handle the food. Perhaps the best food in all of Spain, which already has the best food in the world. 

More later.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Madrid Musings & The Democrats' All-Out War on Children

After a flight marked by hours of delay due to weather and aircraft mechanical issues, and impossible lines at Barajas airport immigration (THREE hours!), the Diplowife and I are ensconced in one of our favorite cities, Madrid. 

I hadn't been here in some 12 years, so I was curious as to the changes I would notice. The first one is expense. This is a VERY expensive city made a bit more tolerable by the favorable exchange rate. The dollar remains, for now, the reserve currency and the USA is still seen as a safe-haven in times of global crisis. Rising interest rates in the US, of course, also help. But, dear readers, I did not come to Madrid to make or save money. If I'd wanted that, I'd gone into business with the Biden crime family. THE LAPTOP will reveal my innocence of any association with the Biden money laundering syndicate. I deny any and all knowledge of any and all possible business dealings the Biden mafia might have in Spain, and will insist that Elon Musk delete any tweets on Twitter stating otherwise.

Lots of construction in the city. There is a huge effort underway to make the place much more friendly for pedestrians. Many walkways and bicycle lanes--largely occupied by groups of Dutch and German tourists on bikes--with cars getting forced underground or onto satellite parking lots. I also noticed fat people, not something typical in Spain. It seems Spaniards are following in the heavy footsteps of the Anglo-American-Australians. 

There has been a continuing and huge demographic change in Spain. Native-born have one of the world's lowest birth rates, and Spain is becoming an immigrant nation. The long line at the airport, for example, was almost exclusively made up of immigrants from Latin America. Restaurant and hotel staff are heavily Latin American, as is the Spanish army. There is also a growing North African and Middle Eastern presence. Perhaps related, violent crime is way up; back in the day, Madrid was one of the world's safe cities. Not so now.

For me as an old man skeptical of change, I find sad that the uniqueness of Spain is being lost. Spain has an amazing history, and has played a major role in the development of Western civilization. What I always liked about Spain was its quirkiness, its unique society, its refusal to bend to the prevailing progressive winds sweeping Europe and the rest of the West. Increasingly, however, Spain is becoming just another European country with the same progressive policies and attitudes ruining the rest of Europe. As I said, I find that sad, well, depressing.

Speaking of depressing, the Democratic party back home has shown its destructive malice once more. Over the years, I have written many times about the Democratic Party obsession with killing and abusing children. They want unfettered abortion, infanticide, and normalizing of pedophilia. They want children bombarded with sex from kindergarten on up. Their response to the leak from the Supreme Court is further evidence of the progressive obsession with killing children, especially black children. Yes, the Democrats hold up as their hero the racist eugenicist Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood to kill black babies and, thus, eliminate black people from American life. This is, of course, all of piece with their war on the police which results in thousands of dead black youths in our cities. There is something criminally insane and racist with the world's oldest political party.

Ok, more later. I am going off to visit the Valley of the Fallen where Franco used to be buried until he got booted by the progs.  

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Woke Democrats In a Battle for the War

Many articles and polls, as well as TV and radio "pundits" predict a Republican tsunami in next November's midterm elections. That, for now, seems likely, or, better stated, that's what I ardently hope comes to pass, but, well, you never know. We already see the Dems assembling anew their election fraud machine, one which worked so well for them in 2020, and I have serious doubts about the fighting spirit of many Republicans. We, for example, see dire predictions of a renewed COVID surge; that "surge" will "require," of course, not just the traditional masks of obedience and lock-downs, but also mail-in ballots. We hear a steady and, unfortunately, bipartisan drumbeat for war with Russia with no clear explanation of the US interests in such an event. This banging of the war drum fosters an air of fear, crisis, and uncertainty that can redound to the benefit of our masters' hold on power. These masters seek to avoid blame for record violent crime; a massive illegal alien wave; historic levels of inflation; rising interest rates; impending food shortages; factory closings; and plunging stocks and exports: all classic indicators of a recession to come. They, of course, also would have us ignore growing evidence of Biden family corruption and ties to Ukraine, China, and elsewhere. We see the hideous Bush-created Department of Homeland Security, which I strongly opposed at the time, setting up a creepy Truth Ministry, headed by a lunatic wokester, to decide for the voters what comprises "misinformation." 

In fairness, we also hear calls from some "moderate" Democrats for the so-called Biden administration to reverse course on a variety of policies to stave off or, at least, mitigate the coming electoral disaster. For now, however, those voices get drowned by the clique that runs the stuttering Biden animatronic dummy, along with its cackling California sidekick. What passes for the White House ignores calls for moderation; doubling down instead like a crazed blackjack player on the hideous policies destroying our nation.

This message and policy confusion and chaos led me to wonder about happenings within the Democratic Party. Here I provide preliminary thoughts; more akin to musings spoken aloud, not fully developed. Think of this post as a palimpsest onto which new and better thoughts will later get inscribed. Please help.

My simple binary mind sees a split in the Dems, a sort of Menshevik v. Bolshevik or a Stalin v Trotsky schism, maybe a Leno v. Kimmel battle, etc. You decide on the analogy, but it comes down to civil war within the world's oldest political party. That internal battle seeks to determine how to and who will run the ongoing Great War against America and the West. A battle for the war. 

Both factions, in my view, want the same end, i.e., the destruction of our civilization; the battle is one of personalities, timeline, and tactics.

As hinted above, "standard" election-minded Dem politicians can derive no joy from the numbers coming out from every poll I have seen, regardless of those polls' political bent, and their usual "N" sample trick of over over representing Democratic voters. The polls predict a GOP majority--some polls bigger, some smaller--in both houses of Congress, as well as major wins in local and state elections. We see a number of Democratic politicians melting over "Biden" economic and immigration policies, in particular, both election losers.

The border crisis provides a classic battleground for the two factions. The "Electoral" Democratic politicos see the disaster it could bring in the midterms. The Kamikaze Democrats (KD) care little for elections, and to the extent they pay them mind, seek to rig them through outright vote fraud and censorship. The KDs want to sink the carrier NOW while they have power, and not put it off to when it might prove too late. They want the borders wide open, with plenty of incentives to encourage the horde waiting to get in, and fundamentally alter the very nature of our society. 

As Lt. Governor of Texas, Daniel Patrick, has noted, if the current pace of illegal "immigrants" continues to the end of "Biden's" four years, fully 20%, one in five, residents of the USA will be illegal aliens. That's some 60-70 million people illegally in the country. That could prove a permanent altering of the country, and present an almost insurmountable challenge to handle. Likewise, the KDs want to smash our energy independence, censor our speech, encroach on gun rights, sabotage our schools, and get us accustomed to following the dictates of "public health experts." To repeat, they want this NOW. They want changes that come as close to impossible to reverse as possible. 

We, of course, also have civil war in the GOP. We have gutless wonders such as Romney, McCarthy, Collins, Cheney, Murkowski, and Kemp (and others) who will not stand up to the wokesters, who don't see this as the life-and-death struggle it is. They instead seek that always tantalizing "strange new respect." 

These are not normal times.