Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Bottom Line for 2024

Spending too much time on X (nee Twitter) and getting caught up in the nonsense there.

Time to focus on the real issue.

The country and its people were far better off under Trump than under the Zombie now in the White House. 

That's the bottom line.

The country and its people will be better off after the elections under a Trump or DeSantis administration than under a Biden/Harris/Newsom administration. 

That's all that matters. 

The rest is just noise.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Debate, Part 2

Meh. Very unimpressive overall. Poor moderation, too, by the hosts, including the usually excellent Stuart Varney.

Who won? 

Well, the easy answer is Trump. 

It confirmed the wisdom of his not participating. He remembers, obviously, what he did to Jeb Bush back in the debates of 2016. We forget that the wise opinion then was that Bush would be the nominee, and that Trump was just a distraction. In those debates, Trump lasered in on Bush, and demolished him. Why would Trump, the clear-front runner now for the nomination go up there and be the punching bag for 7, 8, 9 whatever the number of opponents? Not saying it's fair or just or ideal, just saying that's how the politics play out this time around.

The debate?

Lousy questions and a clear effort (I think) to marginalize DeSantis. I haven't seen the analysis of how many questions or how much time each candidate got, but doubt it was DeSantis with the most.

Despite Varney's presence, the economic questions were flat. I am surprised no candidate, especially DeSantis, didn't just butt in and say what we all know, "The economy is in terrible shape. You don't need fancy stats to tell you. Go to the supermarket, go to the gas station, try to get a mortgage or a car loan, look at your bank account. You used to have money, now you don't. Go downtown in almost every major city: see the havoc wrought by Bidenomics and its Soros allies in the DA offices. Look at the border. Our money goes to protect Ukraine's border and ours stays wide open. Look at our foreign policy as we skate ever closer to a major hot war with Russia, drive China closer to Russia, and placate the mullahs in Iran, and the dictator in Venezuela."   

Nah, none of that. 

No mention of the weaponization of the justice system, and the blatant corruption of the Biden family and administration. 

Nah, none of that.

Just a lot of shouting and talking over. 

Haley (horrors!) had the best reply on education issues and on that basis alone I would give her the "win." It's a meaningless trophy, but it's hers. Her foreign policy stuff, however, was just typical DC establishment blather about the importance of Ukraine. The debate about the curtains at the Ambassador’s residence was nonsense.

DeSantis better step up his game if he wants a real shot.

More thoughts later.

Monday, September 25, 2023

A Little Vignette on What's Bad and Good About Life in America

As the four or five regular readers of this irregular blog know, I own two Corvettes bought on line at the height of the pandemic hoax. Well, yesterday after dinner the Diplowife asks me to take one of my son's friends--he's dog sitting--to my son's house which is about 20 miles away. She said, "Take him in the Corvette. He's never been in one. He'll be thrilled." Well, dear readers, you know me, I am all about thrills. So I uncovered the six speed, 2013 427 and got this friend into the thing. I put the top down. I don't know if he was thrilled as he spent the whole ride texting to various friends. By the time we approached my son's house it had gotten quite dark, and North Carolina can be quite dark once away from the big cities. I missed the turn-off and decided to go ahead to the next street to turn around. 

Now the adventure begins!

As I reentered the road, out of the darkness, at high speed with no lights on, a small SUV came charging down the road and--WHAM!--into the Vette. Both cars stopped. I got out and approached the other driver, who leaned out the window and mumbled ¿Que pasa, hermano? While waving his arm in circles. ¿Que pasa? You've smashed my car. He waved his arm, and muttered,"Bah."  I asked in Spanish and English if he had insurance and a driver's license. I got back the same, "Bah." I then told him in Spanish and English, "I am calling the police." 

That was the starting gun, I guess. He accelerated his car, ripping off a piece of his own vehicle, and sped away. I got the license number and called the police.

Meanwhile, neighbors had come out of two houses. The nicest people you could imagine. All offering me their homes so I could wait for the police and the tow truck. One gent even offered to drive me home the full 20 miles. One lady said I could come to her house and she would give me something to eat, and so forth and so forth. Wonderful folks.

Did I mention all of these ten or so people who came out to help were black? It shouldn't matter but in today's charged and divided atmosphere, I think that's worth noting. 

The police came and arrived at the same conclusion I had: the other driver was an illegal alien, probably drunk and with no driver's license. The plate number I gave them came back to a completely different car than the one I described. Probably switched or stolen plates. 

Anyhow, the bad and the good.

That is all.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Back and Unhappy

Got back from Spain a couple of days ago. Not happy. 

Have been spending way too much time and energy on X (nee Twitter) duking it out with the supporters of the Biden Crime Family. A hopeless enterprise; they lie and gaslight to an extent hardly seen before in modern American politics. They insist that things you see with your own eyes, smell with your own nose, and experience with your own wallet, just ain't so. No. Not at all. Biden is the most wildly successful President in American history. He is honest, strong, truthful: he is the epitome of the patriot. There is no two-tier justice system. 

Everything bad is due to Orange Man! Kamala has fixed the border and will now fix "gun violence." OK.

Ignore the collapse of the border; the censorship; the growing insecurity on the streets; the rising prices at the pump and supermarket; the drop in real wages; the decline of the real estate market in the face of skyrocketing construction prices and mortgage rates. Insulin is going to cost seniors less! The military is going to be evermore diverse and inclusive! You are going to pay off the college loans of all those feminist literature majors! Buy a $60,000 electric vehicle, but don't charge it unless we say it's ok. 

Be happy and grateful!

I am at the point of giving up trying to make a go of it in the USA. Should I live out my remaining years in this mess? Maybe go somewhere where I can live in peace, and get good coffee.

I don't know.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Spanish Birthday

Back in Spain to "celebrate" my birthday. Relatives here make a big deal out of a birthday, while I would rather ignore the date. No such luck. Big lunch is scheduled for later today at a nice restaurant in San Sebastian. I will be forced to smile, while secretly looking at my watch.

My son is here with his kids and they are seeming to enjoy Spain. It's still a good country for raising kids. The numerous parks are full of the little ones and dogs until very late at night; parents sitting on benches or at near-by terraces having drinks and snacks. The parks get power washed every morning. Quite amazing.

The news from home is not cheery. The methodical destruction of the American nation continues apace.

The imbecilic mummy in the White House and his giggling VP put out a steady stream of delusional tweets and press releases about "wins" and progress that nobody in his right mind could possibly believe. All very Orwellian. There is a constant distortion of inflation data which belies what one sees with his own eyes in supermarket, gas station, and retail stores of all kinds. Mortgage rates are through the roof, along with car loans. Meanwhile criminal gangs have the OK to steal and loot, with those seeking to protect their property made out as the villains. 

The border? Not even mentioned anymore. Millions pour across, and hardly a peep. 

The power elites continue their Stasi-like war on the political opposition, locking up opponents, hitting them with outrageous sentences, and a docile press goes along.

What will the next few years bring? 

I kinda hope not to be around to see. I feel great sorrow for my grandkids; they are going to inherit a collapsed Western civilization, worthy of a Mad Max film.