Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Surprise! The Progressives and Their Media Have No Shame.

Making my bags as I prepare another trip. Will be off the grid or only briefly on it for the next several days. Wife and I are sneaking off to get away. Hope she likes her birthday present which will be waiting for her in the garage when we get back.

Anyhow, I saw that finally some politicians are coming out and calling foul on the Obama misadministration and its reprehensible media allies in the ongoing criminal alien invasion. I note that these politicians seem concentrated in Texas, holder of one of the last pools of sanity left in the Western world. Senator Cruz has been onto the scam from the start; Gov. Perry seems willing to use his executive powers to send the Texas National Guard to the Mexico border; and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, in an interview,  has noted what this blog also noted before that the VAST majority of those coming across the border in the great Summer surge are NOT unaccompanied children. They are adults, many of them with criminal records.

I will comment further as I get the chance.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

For the Sake of the People of Gaza, Support the IDF

Regular readers of this blog know my view on how to deal with the self-proclaimed jihadis of the Muslim world who seek victory or martyrdom. Give them option "b."

I hope that this time, at long last, the Israelis will not listen to the voices of "caution," of "moderation," of "reasonableness," of "humaneness," etc. For the refugees in Gaza, who, in fact, overwhelmingly are not, the greatest weapon on their side is the IDF. It is the IDF which can liberate Gaza and the "refugees" from Hamas and the other jihadi lunatics and authoritarian corruptocrats who have turned Gaza into the widely recognized model for corruption and chaos that it is, and, of course, into a vast killing field.

Generations of bureaucrats around the world, including at State, have made careers and very nice salaries, working on the Arab-Israeli peace process. They seek to make it sound complex and beyond the understanding of ordinary mortals. It is not. There will be peace when Muslim leaders accept the existence of Israel. Period. The rest is nonsense.

It is probably impossible to count the billions of dollars the international community, including the USA under both Democrats and Republicans, has poured into Gaza and the coffers of its evil rulers. It is that same international community which conveniently has erased the history of how Gaza and the "refugee" camps came into existence and on repeated occasions has saved the rulers of Gaza from the retribution they so richly deserve.

It is Hamas which insists on civilians remaining in place when combat looms; on placing military stockpiles, including missiles, in civilian areas such as housing complexes, schools, and hospitals.  It is Hamas which wants bodies of "Palestinians" strewn about the streets.

The only way to put an end to Hamas' war on civilization, it to put an end to Hamas. I have written too many times to cite that the lunatics now leading the Muslim world must suffer defeat after defeat. Only that long and painful process will bring the rotten Muslim house down and let its miserable residents build something new, something not insane. Let that begin in Gaza.

For the sake of the people of Gaza, destroy Hamas. Support the IDF.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Progressives: Destroying Western Civilization for the 1%

Well, well, and well, again! Who'd a thunk it could be so?

It hasn't gotten much media attention because it's not what the narrative demands, but the CDC has put out a thorough report which notes that only 2.3% of Americans identify themselves as either gay, lesbian, or bisexual. About 1.6% of the population identifies itself as either gay or lesbian, what used to be called homosexual. The Washington Post grudgingly covered the report's release but noted that,
The figures offered a slightly smaller assessment of the size of the gay, lesbian and bisexual population than other surveys, which have pegged the overall proportion at closer to 3.5 or 4 percent. In particular, the estimate for bisexuals was lower than in some other surveys.
Ah, yes, 3.5-4.0%? I remember being lectured at the Foreign Service Institute during the Clinton years by an "expert" who claimed that 13% of the population was homosexual. Where did all the gays go?

The progs have insisted that we undo, inter alia, our military, the Boy Scouts, and the institution of marriage for about 1.6% of the population. We have been bombarded by the media, Hollywood, and an endless parade of bien-pensants about the huge gay and lesbian population yearning to breathe free. Hardly a TV series or major movie is now made without gay or lesbian characters and strong gay and lesbian propaganda. So much so, that a Martian watching these productions would reasonably think that about 40-50% of the population is homosexual. Our Martian would also conclude that major metropolitan police forces in the US and the UK are composed of about 60% women coppers who can whoop a man with no trouble at all.

The CDC is a den of political correctness and usually does not fail to march lockstep with progressivism when it comes to climate change, gun control, and how HIV/AIDS would make America a howling wilderness by about 1998. Reading the new report, one can tell the authors are uncomfortable with their own findings, and seek to turn their report into a search for equitable medical treatment for straight and homosexual in America. Even there, however, the data show that homosexual Americans generally engage in more risky health behavior than do straight ones, and are larger consumers of health services.  Tsk, tsk, tsk, another reason for Obamacare . . .

The science is settled!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meanwhile, Back at Evil Headquarters, the Democratic Party Eats its Old Constituents . . .

I was writing something grand about the impending end of Western civilization, but got distracted by my sick puppy. It really gets to me to see a sick dog--it's as though all his faith and trust in you has been for naught. This "little" evil one, however, does seem on the mend; the large doses of antibiotics (Israeli company, I note--take that Israel boycotters!) appear to be doing the trick. This morning he got up and destroyed the newly installed patio screen door. Just. Because. It. Was. There. What could I do? I can't yell at a "little" guy with an ear infection, right? Time to get a newer new screen door. When I got this petit beast I had the strong feeling I was having a weak moment; I was right. He makes me laugh no matter what he does. We got him when he weighed under 15 pounds, and is now a six-month old bruiser coming in at nearly 76 pounds. He is definitely headed for the 100-plus range. There is not one good thought in his rapidly growing head. He uses all his powers for evil, and to entertain me, and to make me stop thinking about the Big Evil One in the White House . . . almost.

Bear with me on this piece. I am basically thinking aloud as I sit in the vet's office. I'd appreciate any feedback, especially if you have noted the same phenomenon going on. As the military say, BLUF, Bottom Line Up Front: the Democrats are abandoning their white constituencies, especially working males, moving away from or overriding their traditional black constituencies, and building a new party based on the low-information, almost illiterate Eloi coming out of our universities, the incredibly stupid secular Jewish voting bloc, plutocrat moneymen tied in with big corporations and government projects, and an expanding pool of poor created by mass illegal migration from Mexico and Central America. They assume that the public sector unions, especially teachers, will be OK with this new pool of Democrats--who will vote mind you--as they also keep alive schools, and a range of government benefit programs on which public sector employees increasingly rely for their own employment. The DNC is sticking a big middle finger in the air and waving it at the private sector unions and their members, the black churches and the black middle and working classes, and, of course, nearly the entire non-elite white electorate of the USA. Taxpayers no longer have any clout. The Federal bureaucracy has become the armed implementation wing of the DNC.

We are seeing the Democratic Party openly reinvent itself, without any shame or purpose of evasion, into a party of career bureaucrats, educators, and crony capitalists, kept in power by stupid young people, Hollywood, the growing ranks of dole recipients, and, of course, the wave of  poor hispanics. The Democrats care not a a bit about the impact this massive wave will have on school quality, crime rates, health care, the prisons, deficit spending, or on the "poor" whom they so vociferously have supported for decades. Poor blacks and poor hispanics will be the first to feel the brunt of this tsunami as it sweeps through their neighborhoods. The traditional black Democrat urban political machines are getting creaky, and in some places, e.g., Detroit, losing large chunks of population. The desperately poor and easily manipulated immigrants from Mexico and Central America are just what is needed to restock the pond of misery on which the DNC scum feed.

In the US, we always have consoled ourselves with the idea that the "pendulum will swing back." The Democrats plan is to make sure that cannot happen by promoting a profound transformation of the Democrat party, and, of course, of our society at large.

Vet is calling.

Let me know if I am insane.    

Monday, July 14, 2014

Apologies, Apologies . . .

Been taken up with all sorts of issues involving moving, dealing with building contractors, buying a new car, travel to Europe (the Diplowife), visits by my kids, and now a sick puppy whom I just took to the vet--nasty ear infection from jumping into the pool.

I have something half-written but it's not too good. I will work on it and try to post it in the next few days.

Back to fiddling with the a/c filter . . . oh and feeding the puppy his meds . . .

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Disaster on the "Border": Democratic Party 350,000 - America 0

I confess to having watched the scheduled Germany vs Brazil World Cup Soccer match on TV. I think, however, what I actually saw was a classic case of bait-and-switch: we were promised a duel between the Germans and the Brazilians that would shake the earth from the Atlantic to the Andes and level that pesky stinky CO2-belching Amazon rainforest. I am no expert on soccer, but as far as I can tell, the Brazilians either never showed up or the Germans ended up reenacting the Deutsch-Französischer Krieg of 1870-71. All kidding aside, it was a stunning performance by the Germans, who played some of the best soccer I have seen. I hate to admit to some pleasure in seeing the Brazilian team go down in flames. I know it's childish, but given the childish arrogance of the Brazilians in the diplomatic world from whence I came, let me have a moment of secret immature joy.

Ok, let's move on.

I was in Murrieta, California, today. I drove past the infamous baby-sitting US Border Patrol station on the outskirts of town in a semi-rural area where Murrieta's Madison Avenue runs out of asphalt. I saw some dedicated Americans hanging out in the heat near the station under tents and flags, ready to block the infamous Border Patrol coyote ugly buses. There was also a huge FOX news trailer there with an enormous satellite dish aimed at the heavens. While I was there it was pretty quiet. I didn't see any Border Patrol agents in the area, although the immediate approaches to the station had been blocked by some USBP SUVs. The USBP clearly is better at keeping American citizens out of its station--which has quite a fence around it--than it is at keeping tens-of-thousands of illegal aliens out of the country. In my view, in order to restore the honor of the USBP, the officers of the USBP should refuse to carry out the illegal orders they are being given. I want to see senior and middle rank officers refuse to pass along the orders from the DNC. Too much to hope for? Probably.

I notice that Obama and the Democrats have wasted no time taking advantage of the crisis they created by asking for nearly $4 billion to address the situation on the "border." I was glad to see that some members of the lethargic GOP actually have bestirred themselves to take note of the disaster being deliberately created by Obama and the Democrats. I don't think the budgetary request has much chance of getting through, Obama knows it, and is playing games to blame the mess on the former border on the Republicans. Hadn't the Democrats told us that what once had been the border was secure? There was no need to finish the border fence? That deportations were at a record high and illegal border crossings at a record low? Ha! Minor lies told by the most untruthful administration in US history.

I also notice that the UN is jumping into the game calling upon the US and Mexico to treat this like a refugee crisis. Really? These so called refugees from drug violence, mostly, apparently, from Honduras--but who knows? It seems everything is a lie about this--apparently have travelled over 1000 miles through Guatemala and Mexico before ending up at the US border. Did they seek asylum in either of those two countries? Nope. Did they think of crossing over into neighboring Nicaragua? Or making the under 300 mile trip to peaceful Costa Rica? Nope and nope, again. What has Mexico done? It has funneled them, including apparently known criminal elements, to the US border--what normally would be considered a hostile act, but done in the knowledge that the US misadministration wants this "crisis." Mexico is always willing to give the US a helping hand when it comes to inserting the 12-gauge into our national mouth.

Anybody doubt that these people pouring across the former border will quickly become and remain wards of the state and of the Democratic party? Within very few days they will have valid California state ids, be in our schools, public hospitals, and prisons, and be on the federal and state benefits welfare rolls and soon on the voter lists.

The Democrats brought their German team to the game. We brought, well, the GOP . . .

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Collapse, Part III: War on the Home Front

The reverses American and Western interests now suffer around the world come as a direct result of Obama policies which aim at nothing less than transforming the United States from the world's most powerful country and a liberal western democracy into a flaccid, politically correct socialist monstrosity that distances itself from its western civilization origins and becomes something else entirely.

Every step that would increase American independence and global power is opposed by this misadministration. Much of this we have covered before. This opposition to American power and independence has seen us abandon our victory in Iraq, retreat from the Middle East, acquiesce to China's growing military bullying, cower before Putin's threats and actions, and gut our military not just in size and reach but gut its internal ethos and make it into another feminized institution of political correctness. We have seen this misadministration oppose efforts at making the US energy independent; it has launched a war on coal, seeks to prevent greater US-Canadian cooperation in the oil business, and, of course, wants a halt to ocean drilling and fracking.

The Obama misadministration has openly lied; it has gutted our laws and traditions, in an effort to reinvent the Constitution when it just doesn't ignore it; and it has used long-established and once-respected federal institutions to carry out political vendettas and force the above-mentioned transformation of the country. In my view three major actions--there are many others--by the Obama misadministration serve as prime examples of the lawlessness and cynicism characterizing this regime since 2009. Two we have covered in some detail and won't again: 1) the outrageous "Fast and Furious" operation in which the federal government shipped thousands of weapons to Mexican AND Central American drug cartels as part of an effort to undermine and destroy the second amendment; and, 2) the criminal use of the IRS to suppress political dissent.

The third of this trifecta of lawlessness we now see unfolding along our southern border. Tens-of-thousands of mostly Central American "children" are crossing the border seeking "asylum" in the USA. This, of course, has galvanized the progressives into demanding that the feds help these "children" with lawyers, medical care, and other benefits. The US Border Patrol, once a respected institution, has been made into highly paid baby sitters for this invasion. The media, overwhelmingly,  depict these migrants, first as children, and second as refugees from a "sudden spike in violence" in Central America by the drug gangs. Nowhere in the liberal media do we see or hear mentioned, of course, that this surge in migrants coincided with all the talk about amnesty, the granting of federal benefits to illegals, and, of course, the policy of not deporting these illegals.

The facts are quite different, naturally, from what the progressive media depicts:

-- Many if not most of these migrants are not "abandoned children"; all one has to do is look at the film footage of the "children" and see that many if not most are accompanied by adults, often their mothers or other close relatives. In the rare interviews one hears with these illegal migrants there is an odd uniformity in the language they use about the violence, as though--perish the thought!--they have been coached. Once the interview drags on for a few minutes, and the poor migrants run out of script, you hear the real reason they have come: free stuff. We hear that Homeland Security is "processing" these migrants. "Processing" is just a bureaucratic word for ignoring the law and turning them over to relatives already in the US, legal and illegal, preparing the grounds for a petition for "family reunification." We also see and hear the ghastly President of Honduras lecturing the USA on our need to take these "children" and reunify them with their parents--in the USA, of course. The even more ghastly Nancy Pelosi also has gone to the border to welcome the migrants; I note that despite her great wealth, however, she did not see fit to take a few dozen home with her. I guess she has all the illegal maids she needs . . .

-- There has been no sudden spike in violence in Central America. It is the same old, same old. If Honduran mothers are so genuinely concerned for the immediate safety of their children, why not head for much closer Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or Panama where there is much less violence than in Honduras and where the cultural issues are not anywhere as pronounced? No, they don't go there because those countries enforce their immigration laws, and don't hand out free stuff to foreign migrants--Nicaragua, by the way, has some of the most draconian immigration laws of any country. Poor Hondurans willingly undergo the long trek through Guatemala and Mexico because at the end of it they have been assured, and rightly so, that they will get, well, that they will get free stuff, lots of it. The Mexican government, in an act of open hostility--revenge for "Fast and Furious?"--facilitates the transit of these "refugees" and piles them at our border.

I was encouraged to see the citizens of small Murrieta, California, a town I know very well, rise up against the Border Patrol and its effort to dump several hundred "children" at its facility in Murrieta for "processing," i.e., cutting free. In a near-repeat of the Bundy ranch stand-off, Murrieta residents blocked the USBP buses and made them turn back. Perhaps these buses could head for the White House or for the Kennedy compound in Martha's Vineyard?

Mayor of Murrieta Alan Long, a decent man, said that his town suffers the consequences of a "failed federal policy." I must disagree with the Honorable Mayor: Murrieta and America suffer the consequences of a deliberate federal and Democratic party policy aimed at changing the nature of our country forever.

The war on American interests abroad being waged by the Obamistas is replicated on the home front and on steroids.