Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Thursday, January 21, 2021

From Real to CGI: From Trump to Biden

It's mourning for America. 

It remains unclear when/if we will rebound from the disasters of 2020; between the fake pandemic that disrupted our economy and society, and the fraudulent elections that destroyed what little trust remained in our political institutions, there seems little hope for a quick recovery. The fake inauguration of January 20, has installed a fake president, what one of my sons calls "America's CGI president." I would add, it's not very good CGI; many cheap movies and video games have better CGI--note to programmers, don't make the "president" character out as a gray, gaga, crooked, pervert. 

The coup which the progs, aka Communists, had plotted for years, decades, went off better than they could have hoped. With little "opposition" resistance from the GOP, a total collapse of the justice and the judicial systems, the use of targeted violence, massive electoral fraud, and the active complicity of both the new and the legacy media billionaire titans, nearly 250 years as the world's most successful and powerful democratic republic vanished in a blink of an eye. Our venerable Constitution, the superb guide for those almost 250 years, has become an old document in a museum, something held up and derided as an example of "toxic white male culture."

Donald Trump was by far the best president America has had since Abraham Lincoln. 

He gave us renewed hope that freedom and liberty could trump the hopelessness and negativity promoted by the left. He questioned and challenged the corrupt and self-anointed global elite; restored economic growth and prosperity which benefitted the majority; began the process of re-establishing us as an industrial power; refused to undertake pointless wars while at the same time re-building our military; and began to reassert our control over our border, energy, and educational policies emphasizing respect for our sovereignty and traditions. 

Trump's proved a masterful performance. He was not the usual politico: he did not lie to us, and did not enhance his personal finances. We will miss him, miss him greatly. He will, undoubtedly, now face endless tribulations as his enemies come after him, his family, his businesses, and his supporters' freedom; the left needs to destroy him and the "deplorables" as a political force. I hope, and trust, that "We the People" will not allow that to happen. We'll see.

Taking the suggestion of an astute reader of this ultimately doomed blog, I reluctantly took down Old Glory from in front of my house, and replaced it with the Gadsden flag. The Diplowife predicts it will not last long; some irate neighbor will either rip it down or call the cops--"I feel threatened!"


Dark days.

Monday, January 18, 2021

On Martin Luther King

On the occasion of MLK Day here in the USA, I repost a little something I wrote back in 2014--seems like a hundred years ago. A few minor edits, nothing major.

January 21, 2014
The Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day in the US; the TV and other media were full of stories about King and his times, and what it all means today. He has been compared to Gandhi and Mandela, become an icon for American "progressives," and, of course, a historical symbol of the nonviolent civil rights struggle of the 1950s and 1960s. He won the Nobel Peace Prize, almost every major American city has a thoroughfare named for him, and, as noted, we have a national holiday in his honor--making him and Columbus the only ones to have such holidays. Gunned down in 1968, at the age of thirty-nine, he left the civil rights movement to less capable and less visionary successors who undermined his legacy and his goal of a color-blind nation.

Was he a great man? 

He showed great courage, commitment to his cause, insistence on nonviolence, strong political and leadership skills, patriotism, and became a highly eloquent spokesman for civil rights. "I Have a Dream" is one of the great speeches in the English language. King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" more than equals any Thoreau or Gandhi writings, and is not something that today's civil rights leaders, such as they are, could match, nor could the typical graduate of almost any university in the world today. (The letter's pacing, erudition, and, above all, the surgical preciseness with which it takes down opposing arguments bring to mind General Sherman's letter to the Mayor of Atlanta.) King's life made a difference to millions of people. The answer, therefore, to this paragraph's question is yes, he was a great man.

That said, serious problems exist with some of the narrative spun about King, in particular, and the civil rights struggle, in general. Part of the problem, of course, is that King died young, enabling others, as happened with the two Kennedy brothers, to fill in the rest of the story and use it to further certain political agendas. King died short of his fortieth birthday; had he lived longer, presumably he would have evolved and, possibly, become a very different man than he was when he died--we will never know. What we do know is that the Democratic Party and their "progressive" media and education machines have rewritten the history of the civil rights struggle. This was driven home to me some years ago while visiting a college campus. The students assumed King was a Democrat, and the segregationists confronting the peaceful marchers, and using fire hoses, snarling police dogs, and truncheons, and wearing white hoods were Republicans. They assumed a Republican killed King--today's college kids probably believe the Tea Party had him killed. That the exact opposite is true, shocks many. King came from a staunchly Republican family--his father, a prominent rights leader in his own right--endorsed Richard Nixon against JFK in the 1960 presidential election. The Democrats had a one-party lock on the South. The party of slave owners and secessionists, had become the party of Jim Crow, school segregation, anti-miscegenation laws, poll taxes, and on and on.

Many Americans, not to mention foreigners, do not realize not only that the Republican party formed in opposition to slavery and that Lincoln was a Republican, but that famous Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, whose rulings dismantled the legal basis for segregation and put serious limits on the power of police, was a former Republican Governor of California. It was, furthermore, war hero and Republican President Dwight Eisenhower who sent troops to Arkansas to enforce court-ordered desegregation at Little Rock Central High School. Congressional Republicans were the main supporters of civil rights legislation; their votes ensured passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, over the opposition of a significant bloc of Democrats--let us also not forget that Congressional Democrats for years blocked Republican efforts to pass federal anti-lynching legislation. All this, of course, is history, but an important chunk of American history that is being lost, distorted, or otherwise flushed down the memory sewer--along with the fact that anti-leftist J. Edgar Hoover proved the most formidable foe of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), an organization founded and staffed by Democrats, such as long-time Democratic Senator Robert Byrd.

Before I return to King, let me address another issue that has been badly distorted and become something of a meme among the quasi-literate left. I refer to the idea that the parties "switched places." This is something I have heard from some lefties who, knowing the true history of the Democratic and Republican Parties when it comes to race and civil rights, try to argue that that was then, and this is now. Since FDR, or so, they argue the parties "switched" places on the race issue, with Republicans taking the role of protecting white privilege and keeping minorities, especially blacks, down. The truth is quite different. What happened was that the old party of slavers, segregationists, lynch mobs, and secessionists figured out that government programs and intervention would serve to deprive Republicans of a significant voter bloc. They aimed to keep black Americans dependent on the largess of government and Democrat-run urban political machines. Anyone who doubts that should read the crude comment in which President Johnson revealed the real purpose underlying his massive social program expansion, i.e., to keep black Americans voting Democratic. The Democrats succeeded in this objective.

Back to King and the civil rights movement. By the time of his death, King was losing control of the movement. It was fragmenting. King's vision of a nonviolent effort had come under assault by radical elements. The messages of non-violence and a concentration on individual liberty were losing traction. The thirty-nine-year-old King seemed old, thundering out a message from another time. A new generation of black activists, inspired by the increasingly confrontational and violent atmosphere in the country, challenged King for the spotlight, and found allies in violence in the largely white anti-Vietnam War movement. The civil rights struggle increasingly became part of the noise of the very bad closing years of the 1960s, years which saw bloody race riots shake nearly every major American city, and numerous acts of domestic terrorism. In addition, what had been a largely grass-roots, private sector movement was being sabotaged by growing government involvement. Many black leaders got siphoned off by government programs to "fight poverty." Activists increasingly focused on getting handouts to their followers rather than, as noted above, on King's more lofty, ancient-sounding focus on liberty, and the goal of having people judged not by their color but by the "content of their character." This new generation of government-oriented and dependent leaders did not fit in with King's conservative, Southern, church-based movement. They wanted racial turmoil, not racial harmony. We need also remember that Attorney General Robert Kennedy had King under FBI surveillance, including the making of compromising tapes of King's extra-marital liaisons, providing the government excellent blackmail material against him.

All these factors, in my view, had begun to take a toll on King; he aged dramatically in appearance, and started talking about issues not directly related to the civil rights struggle, e.g., the Middle East, Vietnam. Had he lived longer, we likely would have seen King becoming radicalized, pushed leftward as he sought to retain control of the movement--but, as noted before, we will never know.

In sum, he was a great man with a great vision. His successors, many of them frauds of the first rank, largely have not been faithful to that vision of liberty and color-blindness, and we all have suffered for it.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Waiting for a Ceausescu Moment?

In Raleigh, to visit the kids, and put the semi-final touches on a protracted--ugh!--real estate transaction. We spent a lot of time watching old movies--e.g., Fail Safe, the 1964 version--and trash TV from the past and overseas--e.g., a tacky but funny Brit series Benidorm. All the boys refuse to watch any news outlets, and, of course, consider the "election" of Traitor Joe and Cali Ho as the ultimate bad joke. They were even more pessimistic than I about the future; they, after all, along with their children will have to live with the consequences of the Great 2020 Theft much longer than I. That's, perhaps, the major benefit of being old.

We got to talking about solutions for the current crisis. As I noted, they seemed extremely negative, and very down about what could be done in light of the massive censorship and, clearly, the plans for a continued lock-down in the name of "fighting the virus." 

They saw the first and second amendments as, in essence, burnt toast. All three blamed the GOP more than they did the DNC. As one son put it, "The Republicans were supposed to be on our side. We know the Democrats hate us and hate America. The Republicans did nothing to stop the Democrats!" One son swore he would never vote again, "What's the point?"

It was hard to argue against the view that all is bleak. 

One hope, I told them, was for a "Ceausescu moment," something I think could come in the not too-distant future. 

The corrupt, gaga old dictator of Romania and his hideous wife, Elena, who, by the way, insisted on being called "Doctor," stood on the balcony of Communist Party HQS in Bucharest's Piata Palatulul, December 21, 1989, to give a standard Commie end-of-year speech. The video of the event, widely available, is worth watching. It proves fascinating to see the crowd in the plaza begin to turn on Ceausescu, and how, at first, the dictator doesn't absorb what is happening. As the insults from the multitude grow louder, the much more alert Elena realizes the plan has not survived first contact. She frantically tries to quiet the crowd; hubby begins promising raising wages and increasing this and that benefit. Too late. The people won't buy it; the cops refuse to suppress their fellow citizens; the Commie couple flees. Three days later, Nicolae and Elena face a firing squad--also available on video.

Romania was one of the tightest dictatorships in the East Bloc, right up there with the GDR. I remember dealing with the regime's reps in the UN, and they were evil fanatics. In the end, however, not even the Romanian secret police, once a much feared and powerful organization, could defeat the power of the truth and the righteous anger of the people. 

A Ceausescu moment, without the execution. 

Maybe, maybe . . . 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Boycott the January 20 Charade

The Communistic-Nazification of America continues apace. The "prog" alliance  consisting of corrupt politicians; Marxist-Leninist-Rohmist street thugs; all sorts of semi-literate products of academia; politicized junk "scientists"; well-paid racial theory mountebanks; gangs of approved docile media "journalists"; Hollywood lunatics; and uber-rich woke techies has produced the horrid landscape bespoiling our once free, powerful, and thriving country. 

George Orwell, Enoch Powell, Joseph McCarthy, Allan Bloom, Ayn Rand, you folks predicted it, or, at least, warned us about different aspects of the current nightmare. 

Let's chat briefly about the charade that will take place in DC on January 20. 

In normal times, in sane times, the inauguration of a new US President makes for an exciting, colorful, and interesting event. Whether or not our guy won, we traditionally viewed the event as a reaffirmation of our long history as a democratic republic, of our tradition of peaceful transfers of power, and of our willingness to give the new guy a chance to prove himself. 

We, however, do not live in normal times, in sane times. We will have January 20, 2021, a break in that long tradition. The "progs" who rejected President Trump have taken control of the levers of power via massive electoral fraud, and, of course, thanks to their near total control of the means of communication. On January 20, we will have a corrupt, gaga, pervert nominally sworn in as President. He will, in fact, prove no such thing; he will be the puppet of the destructive forces of "progdom." They plan to keep him around a bit, and then toss him overboard.  

I propose one little act of rebellion for those of us who still believe in the idea of America: ignore, actively ignore, the ludicrous event on the 20th. Do not watch the thing on any media or network. No ratings. No attention. Let DC become a ghost town, patrolled by the 25,000 National Guards the DNC reportedly wants called up. Do not mount any public protest anywhere. Above all, ignore the fake, false flag calls on the internet for an "armed protest" at Capitol Hill: clearly a trap, and a crude one, at that. 

For the first time in my life, I will remove the US flag from the front of my house. The Diplowife has suggested leaving it but with black bunting; one of my sons has suggested flying it upside down. All good suggestions but, nah, I will take it down and not fly it again for the foreseeable future. I will also make sure to buy another gun on that day. 

I know these are little things, but they might be a start to making it clear that Biden is no more the president of the USA than is Howdy Doody. 

The real presidency of the United States will reside in Silicon Valley. DC is just a show.

Monday, January 11, 2021


I am so embarrassed! 

I don't know how I will be able to face the gun control squad when the Harris/Biden/Beto administration takes over. Such shame . . . 

I don't know why or how, but some guy on Parler convinced me to let him clean my gun collection. He came by picked them ALL up and said he would take them to his gun cleaning shed somewhere on the Outer Banks. From what I am told by a witness,  whose name I didn't get, he put the guns on a raft which he towed behind some kind of motor boat. When he was a few miles offshore, a wave overturned the raft and ALL my guns went to the bottom of the sea! Since Parler is down I have no way of communicating with him and I don't know his real name!

How will I be able to turn over my guns to Beto!?

The shame! The shame!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Fighting Panzers with Custard Pies

I imagine that the gods of tech eventually will catch up to this little blog. Once they have finished de-platforming the much more popular, effective, and consequential messengers of the anti-tyranny and pro-Trumpist elements in our fracturing society, they will come for us little guys, too. Twitter already has kicked me to the curb, and, for unspecified TOS violations, Google has demonetized me--there went my ammo funds. Banning this blog, and thousands others, will come. So, once again, once they have finished with Trump, Bannon, GAB, Parler, Instapundit, etc., they will mop up this little outpost along with the other micro bastions of free thought. 

Well, better keep writing and posting until they do. One day, I won't be able to do so.

As with my previous post, I want to say a lot, but my mind keeps racing, suffering a sensory over load, making calm, rational exposition difficult. Profuse apologies, again. 

Does anybody doubt that the tyrants have begun their big, public moves? 

We see a steady cascade of news re Trump getting banned from social media, demands for the elimination of "hate speech" by the Silicon Valley oligarchs, the cries of "outrage" as the progs move to impeach and humiliate Trump in every manner possible, to wipe out his supporters, and the steady drumbeat of lies and distortions coming from the approved media. All this mixed in with the pseudo-science and fake news governing our response to a virus from which nearly 100% of "sufferers"emerge unscathed: keep us locked up in our homes, atomized, our businesses destroyed, dependent on government hand-outs, and our means of communication controlled. 

It is now Orwell's 1984. No need to go see Wonder Woman.

I find myself "perplexed"--not really--by comments from Europe, and even from within our GOP implying, in fact, openly stating, that the US avoided a coup on January 6. That pompous ass, just to name one, Angela "GDR Babe" Merkel churned my stomach with her sneering little lecture that elections "have winners and losers," and losers need to know how to lose. Please. No lessons on democracy from Europe, especially not from Germany, and most especially not from Merkel, who has done more damage to German and European democracy and society than any other German Chancellor since You-Know-Who. Merkel and her ilk, of course, rejoice that the USA under Harris/Biden will return to its pre-Trump docile state, so that Europe can go merrily about making deals with Russia, Iran, and China--and not have to pay for its own defense. 

We see the theme that with Trump gone, as noted above, the Constitution and the Republic will survive, and get told stories about Trump trying to get the military to intervene--in fact, Nancy Pelosi sought to intervene in the legally established military chain of command. All Fake News Nonsense. 

The coup has happened! 

I wrote about this coup attempt years ago (here, for example). For the past four years, we have seen an ongoing coup launched against President Trump by the DNC, and its allies foreign and domestic. It entered its final and most successful phase with the fraudulent elections of November 3. It continues today: we see the alliance with big tech come into full play as a curtain of censorship descends upon us on a scale never before seen in a modern democracy.  

I am blessed with some very bright children. My two oldest sons noted that it gave them a little jolt of cheer to see our political class on Capitol Hill cowering under their desks and chairs, afraid of the wrath of the people. As one son wrote, "These politicians have no problem sending off young kids to die in endless wars over nothing, and destroying people's livelihoods with b.s. lock-downs over the flu, but they prove themselves cowards when confronted by the people. For once, they got a glimpse of life outside the DC bubble." In Spain, when the golpistas erupted into the parliament (Las Cortes) brave deputy Prime Minister and General Manuel Gutierrez Mellado stood up and confronted them. Did any of our politicos go out and meet the crowd, talk to them, listen to them? Unlike in Spain, I note, our so-called "golpistas" were not armed.

Even politicians who should, and probably do know better, such as Governor Noem and Senator Paul, have adopted the line that we must move on, that the GOP needs to reassess its messaging and candidates, etc. Again, what are they talking about? The prog forces have marshalled their vast resources to avoid another 2016 from happening again. They seek to crush all independent thought and centers of power, political and economic. Unless we get an effective resistance right now, the country is gone; our Constitution just an interesting old document in a museum.

Can we put up an effective resistance? I don't know. 

The enemy--and that's what they are--have control over the communications nets, the economy, the schools, the courts, the police, the military, etc. What do we have besides the truth and tens-of-millions of people? Is that enough? I don't know. 

For now, we fight the panzers of tyranny with custard pies. 

I would be delighted to get some Polish cavalry.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Trump at the Finland Station?

Before I start this post, let me apologize for it. 

It will prove somewhat rambling and disconnected. The events of this day have jumbled my thought processes, leaving me angry, depressed, and just sad over the state of my country. I suffer a deep, deep sense of betrayal which I cannot shake. This post will violate my cardinal rule about posting: wait 24 hours, or even 48, before offering up thoughts on fast-moving events. I will violate that rule, at my own peril, but I have to write something before I sulk off to bed and a likely sleepless night. 

Another little warning: I have no secret sources of reliable information. I get my information from our despicable CCP-style mass media, with all its censorship and deliberate distortions, and from reading a wide variety of commentators on the internet, good, bad, indifferent, left and right, and then reach my own conclusions--a risky proposition, but, there you have it.

Watching President Trump address the massive gathering in DC today, I thought back to my university days when I read Edmund Wilson's, To The Finland Station. The edition I owned had a dramatic cover drawing depicting Lenin addressing adoring throngs gathered to receive him at Petrograd's famous train station upon his return to Russia in April 1917, after nearly 17 years in exile. That image stayed with me over the years as a classic example of the melding of theater and politics. As noted, it came back watching Trump in DC. I don't want to push the analogy too far, but the subsequent televised images of a portion of the crowd besieging the Capitol and other government buildings also conjured in my mind the attack on the Winter Palace, the storming of the Bastille, Yeltsin on a tank before the Russian parliament building, the German Spartacist uprising of 1918-19, the . . . oh, well, you get it. 

I had a hard time believing this was the USA. 

No doubt some "attackers" consisted of infiltrated BLM/Antifa thugs. I, however, cannot in good conscience blame it all on a "false flag" operation by those despicable and violent Communists. The fact that the "invaders" caused little damage, and, for example, did not burn the place down, indicates that there were few Antifa types. 

For the past several years, especially since the election of President Trump, the so-called progressives, more accurately known as Communists, have striven to create "revolutionary conditions" in the US and throughout the West, in general. They promoted and justified violence as a political instrument. They took over the schools and universities; and they came to dominate the mass media, Hollywood, and the high tech enterprises, nearly all aspects of government, be it on a national or local level, the courts, and even the police--the blue are blue, so what do you back when you back the blue? The prog blue, that's what. Was there any justification for the police shooting in the Capitol?

The progs formed an alliance not unlike that of the original National Socialists, aka Nazis, between street thugs, public bureaucrats, racial-theory mountebanks, and the big money class. As I have written many times, in their relentless pursuit of power, the progs spread misery and hopelessness as far and wide as possible. Joy and fun were assaulted; faith and family values ridiculed; everything must be political! The middle class and the little enterprises must be crushed: the productive jobs exported; regulations of all sorts implemented to strangle what small businesses remained; no independent sources of power. The fake COVID-19 "pandemic" with its absurd lock-down provided a wonderful opportunity to reverse the gains made under Trump in restoring the economy and fomenting American independence. As part and parcel of their grand plan, of course, the progs undertook massive electoral fraud of the type we saw in the November 2020 elections, and in yesterday's Georgia Senate run-offs.

Well, they succeeded. The left succeeded. Indeed.

They created "revolutionary conditions." 

They, however, might have made one mistake. 

The revolution is not coming from their side. It's coming from the "populist-right," from the MAGA crowd fed-up, and tired of having their livelihoods destroyed, their freedoms vaporized, and the glue of the nation dissolved. 

The left, as noted, promoted and justified violence in the pursuit of political ends; that left might well come to regret this.

The actions today in DC will have many and unforeseen ramifications. In the short-run, they will ensure the defeat of the electoral challenge to the Biden theft. The mood in DC will shift against the MAGA crowd, and these events might give the cowards the cover they always wanted not to resist the theft. In the long-run, however, I think something has changed in a fundamental way. I can't yet describe it, but something seems happening "out there," something that could result in a very different America than what the progs seek to create.

I will leave it at that. Don't know how much sense I am making. 

Again, my apologies.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

We'll See, We'll See . . .

Lots of political activities afoot in the Old Republic. Nobody, or so I think, can foretell what will happen.

First, of course, we have the unusual dual Senator race going to a vote in Georgia. At stake we have two Republican-held Senate seats. The loss of both will turn the Senate over to the lunatics in the Democratic party, and away from the cowards in the Republican Party. 

If the Republicans hang on to these seats, and the CCP's guy, Joe "Huh?" Biden, gets inaugurated on January 20, that could make Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell the most powerful politician in America. We'll see whether the Dem fraud machine goes into high gear or whether it will stand down a bit this time around. We'll see.

Second, we have pending tomorrow, January 6, the Presidential "electoral vote count." This is generally a pro-forma affair, but might not be this time around. I don't care what the Constitutional experts and pundits state, none of them knows what will happen. It could go many different ways, much of it dependent on how Vice President Pence, who will sit as the presiding officer at the event, interprets and executes the powers given him by the Constitution. Will he, as some suggest, ignore the Electoral Vote Count Act written some eleven years after the contentious 1876 election? Will he reject electors from contested states? Will he delay things until we get more clarity from the legislatures in Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, etc? How will the Ted Cruz-led challenge go? I don't know, and as I stated above, I don't think anybody else does either. We'll see.

The Republic is at stake. That much I do know.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

BREXIT: at Last Free, Free at Last

I have in the past written about the British struggle to break free of the EU's suffocating and tyrannical embrace. You can see some of my thoughts on BREXIT and the EU here, here, and here and elsewhere in the archives of this inconsequential blog. When Boris "The Dude" Johnson won election to Number 10, I was delighted. I thought that the alliance of two unconventional New Yorkers with wild hair would take the world by storm. 

The Dude, however, had to tend to some messy local politics, first, to ensure he had a firm grasp of the Parliament and then proceed to fight off the EU and its Deep State, high tech, media allies to try to ensure Britain's independence. 

He had to undo the damage done to Britain's standing by the hapless Theresa May, a major TINO (Tory in Name Only), who either through incompetence or malice had fouled up the negotiations to get the UK out of the EU. I became somewhat distressed with the Dude when he, much like our own President, caved to the fraudulent scientific "experts" and shut down his country in response to the ChiCom virus. I thought, well, he's just become another one of "them." In the end, however, he marched on to get the UK out of that cesspool into which the globalists had led the nation. I haven't read the fine print of the deal, but am encouraged that folks whom I trust on this issue, such as Nigel Farage, have given (I think) the deal a thumbs up.  

This is one of the few bright spots on the current world horizon; we should acknowledge and celebrate it. 

Happy Independence Day to the UK!