Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Monday, January 23, 2023

What is Real?

Back in North Carolina from Spain. Will be heading off to the DC area in a couple of days to take care of some business issues. Having to deal with leaks of the water kind, two heat pumps out, and a car with bad brakes, and two with expired tags. The joys of returning to the "real" world.

Ah, yes, "real." 

Reading the political sites and press, and watching the TV news, leaves me with no strong sense of what is or is not real in American politics and society--and the West, in general. 

The Biden classified mess. I've dealt briefly with it before (here). 

I remain perplexed as to what is really going on. Why is this issue coming up now? It seems every other day or so, more classified material is "found" in non-secure Biden locales by, well, I don't know: Biden's lawyers; DOJ personnel; FBI. Who knows? Who has sent them to the treasures?

It now seems that some of this stuff is years, perhaps decades old, and that Joe had been squirreling it away since he was a Senator. Who gave it to him? What was his personal interest in having it? Just curiosity? A source of funds? A guide to his (and his son's) business dealings? Who revealed the presence of the documents? Why? Somebody out to get Biden from within his inner circle? An attempt to cover-up a bigger scandal, e.g., the $50K/month he received from Hunter who got it from the PRC? A well-planned DNC effort to push the old mummy out of his White House sarcophagus? The questions are endless, the answers scarce.

The COVID vax has turned out to be a hoax, an expensive and destructive one, as many of us suspected and wrote about at the time. The lunacy on our southern border continues unabated, despite cheery claims from the White House that the US-Mexico line is secure, nothing to see here, move along, move along. Our cities burn and rot, and not just in the USA; crime and chaos have gone through the roof, and, again, not just here. I just got back from Europe, and can testify that the rot is spreading there, as well.

And, lest we forget, Ukraine. Nobody knows what's going on there, except that we keep pouring billions into it. No clarity.

The Woke assault also continues unabated, with all of us required to sing the praises of the transgender mental misfits, and allow our children to be sexualized by narcissistic, pedophilic school teachers. This is crazy. This can't be real. 

I hope, and pray that it is not real, but . . .   

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Biden in the Classifieds (update)

Sitting in my half-painted, partly rewired apartment in San Sebastián, trying to keep up with the news from home. Not easy. Spanish media basically repeats the DNC/Mainstream Media talking points. It's quite frustrating to have to be here yelling "Lies!" at the TV set, well, "¡Mentiras!" Fortunate for me, my son, Daniel, calls from the US every day with the proper news.

It seems that the mummy who occupies the White House has hidden classified materials for several years at a couple of locations associated with something called the U. Penn Biden Center (?) The initial story, of course, is convoluted, and will change as more facts emerge, and the DNC spin cycle increases its speed. 

I had never heard of the Biden Center, although it seems to be referenced in some Hunter emails (what isn't?) as a way to get money from foreign governments akin to how the Clintons did it with their own fraudulent center and initiatives. The Biden Center apparently has received some $100 million from foreign sources/governments, most notably China and Ukraine. Where did that money go? No news, yet. What did donors expect to receive in return? We can only speculate. What seems true is that a "closet" at the center contained classified materials as did another container elsewhere. The materials apparently dealt with, inter alia, Ukraine and China. The Biden Crime Family and the Democratic Party, in general, seem to have a fixation on Ukraine and China. Wonder why? We can only speculate.

It would seem that these documents were SUDDENLY discovered by Crime Family lawyers on November 2, or less than a week before the mid-terms in which the GOP was expected to take the lower house. Coincidence? We can only speculate.

Now, of course, I don't expect any FBI raids on Biden Crime Family locations. The DNC-controlled media is already down-playing the find, noting that this happens ALL THE TIME, don't get excited, move along. In addition, we all know this is much less serious than Trump having classified at his place because, well, REASONS! 

In fact, of course, Trump had his material in an approved safe, with Secret Service protection, and under the eye of a camera. In addition, of course, Trump had been President and had the power to declassify material. None of that seems the case with the Biden trove.

Will the DNC trot out Obama who will claim he declassified the material? That avenue seems closed given that Biden claims not to have known the material was there, but . . . .

We will see how they try to spin this away into the ether. 

Back to the fumes.

UPDATE: We now learn that the head of the Biden Crime Family had classified material "stored" in his garage at his Wilmington, Delaware home. It was stored next to his Corvette, which means, of course, that it was safe. We all know that any place safe enough for a classic Corvette, is safe enough for our nuclear codes. In addition, of course, the Capo di tutti capi has SUV-level clearance. I completely trust the Special Counsel, who used to work for the head of the FBI, to get to the bottom of this . . . no, not one bit. I am sure we will hear, a la Comey, that Biden had no malicious intent in stealing these documents. 

Monday, January 9, 2023

In Spain: New Year, Three Kings Day, Paint Drying, and Stuff In-between

Well, we left Raleigh December 31; that's a good day to travel if the weather holds up--and it did. Fairly empty airport, no delays, and then an eight-hour lay-over in Philadelphia. We ate lots of stale peanuts and warmed-over taco meat in the Phili Admiral's Lounge, while we waited for our flight. One positive development was we got upgraded to business class from our premium economy seats, for free. Good flight with surprisingly good food for an airline. Arrived early in the morning of January 1, to Madrid, and a nearly empty airport. No lines, no waiting, baggage at the belt, and off in a taxi to what appeared a deserted city.  

We enjoyed walking around in what looked like a set for a dystopian future, post-nuke, or post-pandemic film. No zombies or Mel Gibson, however. 

The night brought back the old Madrid magic. Huge festive crowds appeared and packed the sidewalks and plazas. It was great. Some things, however, still did not make sense. Out on the streets, we were jammed in with a bazillion maskless people, shoulder to shoulder, but when we boarded a bus or train, we had to put on our little paper masks, or risk getting fined. What's the science behind that?

Early on the 2nd, we caught the fast train to San Sebastián, not crowded but had to wear our masks for over six hours. The train did not prove so fast; car no.3 caught fire as we crossed the Ebro River. We came to a halt over the river; the peasants from car no. 3, insisted on escaping the smoke by moving into our previously serene car no. 1. 

Don't they know that on the Titanic the steerage passengers had to die? These folks should have jumped off the bridge into the frigid river below. Sigh. What has happened to Western Civilization? 

We eventually got towed off the bridge, and transferred to a train obviously just removed that day from the salvage yard. No bathrooms, no food, no drink, no first class. Got into San Sebastián over three hours late, but learned we would get a full refund on our tickets. Not bad. Worth risking my elderly life over the Ebro for free tickets. 

Had a wonderful Three Kings Day. Watched the parade from a friend's balcony. The Kings appeared, tossing hard candy at the crowd, but also making an appearance were clowns on unicycles, giant dancing squids, seahorses, and sharks--and a loud fire truck. Don't remember those in the liturgy, but, maybe I didn't read it closely. 

We then took a gaggle of friends and relatives to our not-yet ready apartment in San Sebastián, and continued the party with the help of several bottles of champagne, Danish beer, La Rioja wine, and, of course, blue bottles of Bombay Gin. I stuck to fizzy mineral water--don't like alcohol since my Foreign Service days. 

One of my wife's cousins, a drum major in past parades, insisted on re-enacting the role. While his brother played music from a phone, he drum majored around the apartment, weaving among the paint cans, ladders, and other debris, singing--quite well, actually--at the top of his lungs while directing the invisible marching band behind him with a long broom handle. This at 3 am; no neighbor said even a peep of protest then or the following day. Gotta love Spain. David would have enjoyed it.

Spent the next couple of days visiting some wonderful rustic farm house restaurants out in the beautiful countryside. Foggy, rainy mountain landscape. No tourists. Spanish barely spoken. 

The Basques love their farmers, and treat them with great respect. The farmers, in turn, produce some fantastic food and chefs.

Also spent a lot of time sitting in our apartment as various handymen did a lot of rewiring, switching out of appliances, painting, and delivering and assembling furniture. The Diplowife passed much of the day today with lawyers, hashing out all sorts of inheritance and property registration and taxation issues. 

In other words, I literally watched paint dry, and kept wondering if this place will ever be ready. There is always something more. 

I also followed the battle for Speaker of the House. 

All things considered, I thought it turned out pretty well. The score of hardcore stalwarts played their hand about as skillfully as could be expected, and extracted what seem some significant concessions from the McCarthy wing of the party. Look, as I have noted before, I am a disaster at predicting US politics, but think we got a good result given the lackluster midterms. If we can get some action to restrain the outrageous behavior of the FBI, correct the narrative on J6, revisit our Ukraine policy, see some movement on securing the border, get some accountability for the COVID disaster, and hold down spending, that's a lot. Impeachment of Biden and his cronies would also be quite nice--but I won't hold my breath.

It's 2 am, and I guess should try to get some sleep. I don't want to say anything too stupid at this late hour. I will wait for daylight to do that.

Happy New Year, again.