Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Sunday, July 31, 2022

And Ukraine? Some Innocent Questions

Just a quick Sunday note with some questions.

Have you noticed how the mass media have gone almost totally silent on the war in Ukraine? 

What happened to the sturdy and brave, nay, stallworthy newsmen and women, wearing imitation combat kit, standing in front of some building in Kiev telling us in stentorian tones about the battle to come for the capital of Ukraine? What happened? No news gatherers imbedded with the "victorious" Ukrainian forces inflicting defeat after defeat on the evil Russkies? All we see are tired old politicos and grade B actors from America and Europe visiting Zelensky, when he is not posing for Vogue, that is.

What's going on with the billions in weapons the US and NATO supposedly have sent to Ukraine? Where are they? Who has them?

We censored nearly all reporting out of Russia, have we now censored nearly all reporting out of Ukraine?

Kind of like pandemic and Trump-Putin collusion reporting. Poof!

Monday, July 25, 2022

ZOMBUS and a New Definition for BS, to wit, a Biden Story

Got back from Spain last week; had a rough time adjusting to jet lag, and, above all, not having my son David to talk with about everything. Not how I thought my "Golden Years" would go.

We hit Madrid in the middle of LGBTQRSVPXYZ "Pride" celebrations. Never understood what these folks have done to be so full of "Pride," or what exactly they have to celebrate. Well, maybe that's just me. 

Anyhow, we found Madrid full of Gerald Baker rainbow flags (our only export now: cultural crap). Nearly all the stores had been festooned with those things: McDonalds had gone full Pride, but so had just about every other business. Rainbow colors everywhere! Either they smell money in this LGTXZSAWCRAP thing, get driven by fear, or both. I don't know. Hundreds of thousands, probably more, "activists" from all over Europe and elsewhere showed up, held giant street parties, wore bizarre outfits, engaged in lots of PDA, and heard and gave speeches about how oppressed they feel. I wondered if I were watching a Monkey Pox Super Spreader event, but surely the politically correct health authorities would tell us if that's so . . . I mean, they haven't lied to us about Covid . . .. The only bright light came from the politically conservative head of the Provincial Council who did not attend any "Pride" events, and, to the outrage of "activists," scheduled a bullfight in the middle of the "Pride" days. I like her.

On another front, friends and relatives expressed serious concern about Joe Biden's performance at the Madrid NATO conference, which took place just before "Pride." To them, he seemed weak and confused--uh, maybe because, well, he is? Not a good look.

His wife, La Doctora Jill, also did not give off good vibes. 

Not breakfast tacos this time, but shoes. 

"Dr." Jill envied the Spanish Queen's shoes; she wanted a few pair just like them. So, of course, she had the center of Madrid shut down so she and her inner circle could go shoe shopping while protected by our Secret Service and the Spanish police. Without a doubt, all those limos and SUVs were environmentally friendly, and she shopped in honor of Ukraine. One cent of every purchase will go to fund abortion clinics in Ukraine for poor women of color . . . 

Got back to NC in time to hear the supposed President of the US, aka, ZOMBUS Biden, tell another BS BS (Biden Story). This time around, we hear a woeful tale about his poor mother driving him to school, having to switch on the windshield wipers to remove the oil residue which, in turn, gave Biden and everybody around him in Delaware cancer, blah, blah, blah. Last time he told this story, they all got asthma from the fossil fuels in the air and on the windshield. 

So, friends, did "the big guy" suffer cancer/asthma when named to Annapolis? Worked as a truck driver in Maryland? Coal miner in Pennsylvania? Came under arrest in South Africa trying to free Mandela? When confronting Corn Pop? When helping fabricate the Russia collusion story? When cashing his bank drafts from the CCP and Ukraine? When destroying our energy independence?

Ah, my fellow truth seekers--alas!--before we could digest the full import of this vital and latest weepy travail in the Biden "blue collar" saga, it turns out, per his trusty handlers, that the World's Most Important Vaccinated Man, the ZOMBUS Himself, got the feared COVID--yet AGAIN! Don't worry, he--right pronoun?--will do well, because the vaccine proves so very effective . . . OK, OK.

BS BS . . . so many diseases . . . so many BS BS.

So, ZOMBUS aficionados, we must all ask ourselves, what's with Biden?

What makes ZOMBUS the worst President in modern times? Cancer? Covid? Asthma? Dementia? Hair plugs? Vaccine? 

No, you say; it's more simple than that. How about his renowned stupidity? His long-proven inability to tell the truth? The leftist loon jackals around him? 

Take a pick.

Meanwhile, of course, the economy circles the drain while the Dems worry about pronouns, and how best to disassemble our Supreme Court, military, border, and, for good measure, police.

UPDATE: Thanks to Angry Webmaster for bringing the vision to life:

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Heading to Spain

If Pete "Chest Feeder" Buttagieg allows it, we will be flying to Spain today for a couple of weeks. 

As we get ready to go, I can't help but remember one of the last conversations I had with my son David, quite the expert on Spanish history, in which he noted many signs of a coup underway in the USA by the left. I had noted before such moves starting most overtly in 2016, and continuing throughout the Trump administration. I had asked him to write a piece on it. He, of course, never got the chance.

I will try to write something when/if I get to Spain. I hope my brain will emerge from the fog.