Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Thursday, December 31, 2020

If Possible, Have a Happy New Year

I sit here, grumpy, before my computer screen, tapping away on a little keyboard made by Chinese teenagers in a sweatshop so that Apple can become the world's richest "prog" corporation.  

The Diplowife is in an adjoining room doing a step class with her "friends" on YouTube. The Diplowife, by the way, is alternately amused and disgusted by the "Hilaria" Baldwin story, in which this New England "progressive" claims to have been born in Spain. The Diplowife is an actual Spaniard, well, Basque, but close enough, and can't understand the level of mental illness that drives "progressives," such as the Baldwins, to claim to be something they are not--the Diplowife, by the way, has no trouble pronouncing the name "Baldwin," and, unlike "Hilaria," knows the English word for "cucumber,"which is "cucumber." 

I tell her that nothing about the leftists is real, except their desire for power at any cost and via any means. Yes, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, I am thinking of you, you lying frauds.

The "President-elect," trying to channel his inner Churchill, tells us that dark days, "a dark winter," lie ahead because of a viral infection with a nearly 100% rate of survival. How inspiring. We will be led into "battle" by a senile moron. This gaga idiot can't even deliver a poorly written speech. No matter what happens on January 20, I will never consider that corrupt criminal plagiarist fabulist pervert as MY President--neither he nor that "fraudulency" he has as a Veep who likely will take-over soon if Beijing Biden gets "inaugurated."

Oh, and, of course, now that we have a vaccine for the ChiCom virus, the progs come up with the story of a new form of the virus, a mutation, to justify keeping us all locked down: more pucky from the leftist horse ranch.

I can only hope and pray that 2021 will prove a better year than 2020. Could it be worse? Maybe . . .  "President" Harris . . . .

Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Childhood Reminisces of Boxing Day-Kwanzaa

December 26. 

I remember growing up in  Hawaii and California, as my family sat around the Christmas tree celebrating Boxing Day. We would gather and discuss the latest news on boxing: Was the IBF champion better than the WBC champion, or the WBA, or the WBO champion?

We would then re-enact the latest bouts we had seen on our black-and-white Zenith TV. My mother would serve as the cut man and my father as the ref. Ten rounds or until somebody got knocked out. Ah, yes. What memories. 

We would then jet over to Kamala's house and share the Kwanzaa festivities with that family. You know, of course, that Kwanzaa is very popular among Indian families in Canada. 

Good times, good times.

My recollections were inspired by the tweet from Vice-President-Pretender Kamala Harris about her childhood memories celebrating Kwanzaa. I'd love to see the pictures of those Kwanzaa get-togethers. I am sure I am in them . . .  . 

OK, OK, everything I just wrote--except for the Hawaii and California bit--is FAKE. Is anything from the Harris/Biden team real? If not, why can't we all just make up whatever we want? Would Corn Pop mind?

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas in the Midst of the War on Joy

Many years ago, in another Christmas season, I wrote a long-forgotten piece on the left's "War on Joy." In that little post in 2013, I noted that what really fuels the left, aside from the quest for unlimited power, is the need to destroy "joy,"

The war on happiness and joy, of course, goes well beyond the assault on Christmas traditions. The left cannot stand the thought of individuals doing things that bring them joy and happiness. Automobiles. Yes, automobiles form a major target of this assault. Driving an automobile can bring joy, excitement, and independence into a person's life. Driving an "impractical" automobile such as a Porsche, a Corvette, a Nissan GTR, a Cadillac CTS-V, a Ferrari, or a 700Hp modified Shelby GT-500 is fun and brings joy. The leftists would have us all in grey buses, trains, and, at best, in subsidized pokey Priuses and Volts, stifling our joy and happiness in the name of protecting Gaia against a fake warming threat. They will use taxes, and EPA and safety regulations, and absurd speed limits to ruin our joy. The same with gun ownership. Guns are fun; they bring joy to the owner, and assert an individual's right to independence and self-defense. Gun ownership, of course, also limits the power of the state, and the ability of the leftists running the state to dictate the arc of our lives. We see the same in the assault on drinking, smoking, eating meat, homeschooling, and on individual choice in medical care. The state will decide which schools our children can attend, what they will learn; the state will decide our medical choices. They wage war on small businesses, which bring joy to the owners and, again assert independence, because after all, "you didn't build that."
Since that seven-year-old exposition, of course, the left has increased its assault on joy. We have seen the destruction, for example, of the Boy Scouts, professional sports, music concerts, the rewriting of history to stress misery and greed, the attack on our pride in the beliefs and institutions that built this country, the fomenting of hatred for Western Civilization, the destruction of statues, parks, etc. This assault knows no bounds, as we have seen so dramatically in the last presidential election. 

The ChicCom virus has given the attackers new weapons. Now, we are banned from gyms, bars, and restaurants; owners of such establishments get arrested for trying to run a business; we get told to stay home OR DIE!! We must, a la Middle Ages, wear masks to ward off the "invisible enemy" and, more important, to signal our submission to our "science-driven" overlords! The police get called if a mother reads a story to her child in a public library without wearing a mask! Families are thrown off airliners for not suiting up their little children in the approved mask manner! Families and friends may not gather to worship or celebrate! Unless, of course, they march or loot for social justice . . .

So, friends, as we enter the Christmas season in the midst of all this leftist gangsterism, terrorism, and dystopian cloud-cuckooism, it is important to rebel by being happy. 

Yes, express joy and happiness. Do not let the prog thugs ruin your fun.  

In other words, have a Merry Christmas . . . fighting words in these times.


Thursday, December 17, 2020

America: Heading not for a Good Place but a Necessary One?

Sorry for the long break. 

I have found myself in a foul and down mood about all that's happening to our country and to the West, with little to cheer me on. In addition, of course, the mundane events of my mundane life get in the way of deep thoughts and "important" actions. Having now to deal with a surprise bill from the IRS--out of the blue!--alleging back taxes owed. No way. I am a fanatic about keeping my taxes current and accurate; if anything, I overpay. My trusty accountant is doing battle but, so far, can't get a straight answer out of the IRS as to from where these new fees originate. 

Also dealing with a long-delayed real estate purchase in Raleigh which had thundered into the Valley of Death, and I assumed lost to the Russian artillery, but now has galloped out the other end alive and well. Dealing also with doctor appointments which I hate. I don't want to live forever; just long enough to become a burden on society. Doc won't cooperate; wants me to live well-beyond my assigned time. And I won't even mention the proudly self-declared transgender employee of a construction firm with whom I had to deal on the phone re a repair to a rental property: "My pronouns are she and her. I am this company's first openly transgender employee," boomed out a voice which could have belonged to Orson Welles . . . Did I need to know this? But I ain't gonna mention it at all . . . nope. 

So, lots going on, much too much to capture all or even most of it. 

Let's start with a habitual theme of this inconsequential and demonetized blog, to wit, we live in a time of the Great Fakery (more on that here and elsewhere over the years). We now know with almost 100% "scientific certainty" (a now meaningless phrase) that the COVID pandemic is a colossal hoax; almost on the scale of global climate change. It is not real. It is, as this little blog said so many months ago, just akin to a flu. Sufferers from this thing have a survival rate of nearly 100%. 

The much-ballyhooed CDC COVID death numbers are false, grotesquely inflated for political and financial reasons; we will see them adjusted downwards, quietly, with little media notice. The hospitals are not overwhelmed; the morgues are not at the bursting point; there was no need for a vaccine as very adequate treatments already exist; no need for a crash ventilator-building project--you will soon buy the things at the bargain bin in a Dollar Store, right next to the Star Wars blue-ray discs, and those CDs of Pat Boone's Greatest Hits. And on and on . . . oh, and, of course, no need, well, no scientific or medical need, that is, for the destructive economic shutdowns that we have seen implemented all over the world. 

All Fakery. 

Fakery, however, with a purpose which we have discussed before: the destruction of our nation, its values, our very way of life--and not just in the USA. Most of Europe is on total lock-down; my friends and relatives in Spain report a nightmare of repression in the name of fighting the DREADED VIRUS!!! Franco seems like a breath of fresh air. Sadly, we see the insanity has spread--not unlike in the dystopian novel On the Beach--even to a place I thought free of cowardly insanity, Australia.

As noted, all this done by the authorities as part of a "fight" with a "deadly" virus with a nearly 100% rate of survival. Bungee jumping probably has a higher mortality rate.

In keeping with the theme of the Fake, we here, in the once Great and Mighty United States, still churn through a highly Fake electoral process. Everything seems Fake, starting with the gaga Democratic candidate and his Fake "Doctor" wife. Please. Two total losers. It seems very certain that Biden will not serve as President for very long, EVEN IF he gets a Fake "virtual" inauguration on January 20, 2021. He has shown himself as not only a corrupt fool, but mentally and physically unfit for the presidency.

There remains no doubt that the "election" of Biden/Harris was a complete Fake, produced by massive and widespread fraud of an unprecedented nature. Our political and judicial systems seem incapable of dealing with this corruption. The state courts and the US Supreme Court have proven, so far, spineless, and possessed of no vision of what will happen to them and to our country if the Criminal Organization Known as the Democratic Party gets away with this enormous crime. Today's Democratic Party, sold out to Beijing, is a rehash of Nazism with its alliance of leftist street thugs, corrupt union bosses, and big capital billionaires, replete, of course, with a complicit media machine, wacko racial theories, demands for censorship and the "cancelling" of opponents, and insane economic prescriptions. As did the original Nazis, they will replace gaga Von Hidenburg, aka Biden, with a cackling loon of unbridled ambition.

A few days ago, I glumly went over all this with Diploson1. I sadly noted that I had no idea where we were going but, "we are not heading for a good place." He perhaps wisely replied, "Maybe not a good place, but a necessary one." He sees a possible rebirth of American patriotism, idealism, and greatness coming out of the Great Betrayal we are now experiencing.  

Maybe he's right? May he be.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Without Shame and Shifting Blame: The Commies March On

Eric Swalwell. 

The man was already a bad joke before, but now . . . well, it turns out not only was he a bad joke, an on-air farter of renown, a relentless purveyor of the Russia-Trump collusion hoax, and a reliably "progressive" mouthpiece, he was, for years it seems, compromised by a sexy Chinese spy. As I have noted before, the Chinese are far superior to the old Soviets or today's Russians when it comes to espionage. It's an all-hands-on-deck matter for the PRC. In essence, even if you are not an official member of the Chinese intel apparatus, if the PRC/CCP let you travel to the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, etc., you owe them big time. They will collect. Swalwell is a member of the House Intelligence Committee with full access to our nation's top-most secrets. The FBI knew he was compromised and, in essence, said nothing until very recently. Well, let me correct that: Nancy Pelosi had been briefed some time back but seemed, per her own statements, to have no problem. 

Republicans have demanded that Swalwell, who at one time had presidential ambitions, be removed from the Intel Committee and even from Congress. Nothing yet. I don't know if the once-venerable but now hopelessly corrupt FBI is investigating his staff for their links to China. The press, for the most part, looks rather hesitant to cover this story in its full glory, and instead gives lots of space to Swalwell's demands that the leak of the story be investigated: not the substance, mind you, but the leak. Typical. He, by the way, blames President Trump . . .  but, of course, you already knew that. 

Repellent little traitorous creature. How many more are there?

Now, oh so very reluctantly, the press also begins to report on the Hunter Biden scandal. With the election over, apparently it's safe to do so. This was, of course, the very same scandal labelled "Russian disinformation," and which would get you banned from Twitter for mentioning. Now it's OK. 

A friend noted that, perhaps, this is progress; no, my take is quite different. This is the first step in removing Biden from the White House were we so unfortunate to have that happen. The prog-masters, aka Communists, now have little need of the gaga old fool, America's answer to Paul Von Hidenburg. 

President Harris, here we come!


Friday, December 4, 2020

The Communists Make Their Move

As have all six readers of this inconsequential blog, I have watched in horror as the evidence of massive electoral fraud piles up higher and higher. 

I have bored you for years stating that I served as an international election monitor in several Third World countries, including in Guatemala in the midst of an active guerrilla insurgency. I have NEVER seen anything akin to what I now see in my own country. The 2020 election was a total fraud, starting with the fake candidacies of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: two corrupt, unethical politicians who have zero accomplishments to their names. In addition, of course, Biden is mentally and physically incapable of serving as President, and we all know it! In that "ALL," of course, I include the leadership of the criminal organization known as the Democrat Party. 

One of my sons called the "election" of Joe Biden "the ultimate prank," equivalent to leaving a flaming bag of dog poop on your doorstep. That would be funny, except it is not. 

This, after all, is not some crappy screenplay for a reboot of the old Woody Allen film, "Bananas." This is a life and death situation for our country. No exaggeration. 

The evidence of massive electoral fraud cannot be hidden or ignored, as much as the legacy press along with Twitter, Facebook and all the other corrupt manifestations of "social media" seek to do so. Gangsters have gone to prison on the basis of much less evidence than what we now have. But, then, the evidence is not really the point is it? Nope. They don't care. Doesn't matter how blatant and plainly obvious it is. 

This is a full scale Communist/Fascist (yes, I used those words) assault on our country. These evil bastards know exactly what they are doing. The Communists/Fascists are making their big move. They have used the cover of the absurd hoax known as "response to COVID-19" to create a grotesque dependency on government elites, to generate an atmosphere among us of fear of one another --"He's not wearing a mask!"-- to disrupt the economy, crush traditional lifestyles, ban all joy, and, of course, the icing on the cake, alter illegally the electoral laws to permit the fraud, the very coup, we now see underway.  

It is genuinely sad and heart-breaking that our country's future might now depend on a few courageous state legislators and Supreme Court Justices. 

Will they stand up to the Communist/Fascist mobs and their threats? Will they have the courage to say, "This election is invalid"? If those legislators and Justices do not do their duty, then it might well fall to us . . . with all that implies.

Dark days.