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Friday, April 29, 2011

Foul Mood Rantings . . .

Back from my travels. Having to work gets in the way of blogging. Life is not fair.

Actually, I have been back for a few days, but have been in an increasingly foul mood that has helped produce "blogger's block." I am growing ever more despondent over the fate of our Republic.  The greatest country ever to exist is in the hands of grotesque incompetents who hate everything she has ever done or stood for.  I increasing despair that we ever will be rid of these malicious morons.

We have the most grotesquely incompetent President ever in our history. The dollar is sliding; the government is lying about the rate of inflation and joblessness; the debt is exploding; gold, silver, and oil prices are shooting ever higher; we are at war in multiple locations; we have no foreign policy; our industrial base is deteriorating; and our borders are totally unsafe and in the hands of the woeful fools at Homeland Security.

What is the press covering?  1. Obama's birth certificate, 2. A silly, meaningless wedding in Britain, and 3. Donald Trump.

Things to remember about #1:  Obama is unqualified to be President not because of where he was or was not born, but because of what he has done and not done since then.

Things to remember about #2:  Ever since July 4, 1776, Americans don't need to care at all about what happens with the morally depraved House of Hanover.   Jefferson, Washington, and the heroes of Valley Forge said so.

Things to remember about #3:  The media has picked as "speaking" for the loyal opposition, that despicable, self-promoting, corrupt, lying Donald Trump, the biggest DOPAR (Democratic Operative Passing as Republican) around. Trump represents the worst of modern American society and "capitalism."  He basically produces nothing; is famous for being famous; throws away other people's money; games the political and legal system; favors big government and "crony capitalism"; is in bed with the Hollywood crowd; and, by the way, is a big contributor to Democratic candidates.  To top it off, he makes idiotic statements about foreign affairs, and seems to have no real knowledge of how the global economic system, or of how a true free enterprise system works.

This can all be turned around (except maybe that wedding).  There is nothing written in the stars or pre-ordained that require the USA to continue on the path of destruction, better said, self-destruction.

Paul Ryan is on the right path but does not go far enough.  It is not just a matter of how much we spend, it is as much about what we spend it on.  Politically incorrect thought for the day.  Spending $4 billion to build an aircraft carrier does much more for our economy (and defense posture) than spending $4 billion on the Department of Education.  Building an aircraft carrier requires subcontracting to and purchasing from businesses in almost every state; promotes the US industrial base; and promotes high tech innovation and employment. That's what FDR did.  All the hype about the New Deal's social programs is nonsense.  The Great Depression was killed by massive defense/industrial spending.  Spending $4 billion on the Department of Education produces a bunch of unreadable memos, and some $100,000/yr. bureaucrats living in the DC area who drive Prius cars.

We need to eliminate whole bureaucracies. The Department of Education should go away, as should the Departments of Labor and Commerce, and much of HHS, Homeland Security, Interior, State, AID, CIA, Justice, and Veteran Affairs. Yes, Veteran Affairs.  I am sure our veterans could get better treatment if the government would negotiate an arrangement with private hospitals, and give the vets vouchers or an insurance plan. They would get better treatment at much less cost to the taxpayer.

Do we really need the idiotic ATF which seems to specialize in selling guns to Mexican cartels so it can claim that Mexican cartels buy guns in the USA? Revamp our drug laws and get rid of DEA. The Pentagon, too, is over-staffed with civilian employees and offices that have nothing to do with defense. It has way too many 3 and 4 star officers, and is saddled with the absurd and expensive PX/BX system that operates supermarkets and other retail stores in the USA. Really? In a time of WALMART, TARGET and other superstores, do we need PXs in the US? Negotiate discounts and other benefits for our service personnel with the big chains; they will get better goods and services than they do at the PX, and the taxpayers will save money we can use to buy drones, missiles, and ships.

More later. I have to get to work . . .


  1. Your comment about the GD being killed by deficit spending is incorrect. The GD was finished in 1938 when FDR's statist plans were finally run aground by the SC and Congress. At that point, the economy started to rise again, as it did in the '35-36 timeframe before FDR whacked it again. Deficit spending on military supplies that get destroyed is economically no different than borrowing to rebuild the same house and burning it down over and over again. This is not to say that there are not non-economic benefits to military spending, eg being alive to meet the new year. Along with your list of entire departments to eliminate, I suggest we change the name of the Defense Department back to the War Department.

  2. Be not dismayed. Though everything you say is spot on, it is still possible for it to be turned around if we fight back effectively. By that I mean play their [distasteful but legal] tactics back against them and challenge the administration and their todies on everything. Wear them out responding to challenges. That, btw, was the only worthwhile thing Trump did, in my view.

    I also recommend reading this post and most of its comments to gain a little perspective. The Otter of Openness is, at best, merely a remarkably fortuitous but still unqualified member of the "club".

    I also pretty much agree with TheOldMan.

  3. DiploMad sez:

    "I am growing ever more despondent over the fate of our Republic. The greatest country ever to exist is in the hands of grotesque incompetents who hate everything she has ever done or stood for. I increasing despair that we ever will be rid of these malicious morons."

    I regret to report that I share your sentiments completely. We are past a tipping point of no return. The Dims are successfully demonizing the Ryan plan and polling data indicate the idiots are falling for the Dim lies.

    We're done! It's all over but the crying.