Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Shootings in France

When we heard about the horrid shootings of school kids and soldiers in France, my wife asked me what I thought the French would do.  Having seen the French police up close, and having worked with French cops overseas, I told her, they will not take him alive because he's an embarrassment, and, prescient me, "They probably will throw the guy out a window."

The French police have a history of getting rid of problems by "tragically" having the prisoner fall out a window, or fall down, even repeatedly, a long flight of stairs. So I was not surprised when I saw the news this morning that Mohammed the Killer had fallen out the bathroom window as the police broke into his apartment. The latest reports have the French modifying the story to read that he was shot by a sniper as he crawled out the window. OK, sure, whatever.

We in America are in no position to lecture anybody about school shootings or violence--two days ago 49 people were shot in Chicago, ten fatally.  We do have to wonder, however, why France, and Europe in general, is committing demographic suicide with insane immigration policies. The European immigration policy makes ours look incredibly intelligent and well-run. Enormous chunks of European cities are no-go zones where immigrant communities, overwhelmingly Muslim, run the place and commit all sorts of crime with little interference from the cops.  They are perfect government-subsidized terrariums for lizards such as Mr. Mohammed.

European crime figures are as fake as the Euro's bookkeeping. Ask any cab driver in Paris, Madrid, or London. Nobody believes the official politically manipulated numbers.  Nobody trusts the cops, either. Look, I am a big critic of American cops, but compared to the ones in France, we have pussy cats on patrol. The cops in most of Europe are horrible. They are violent, bloated, politicized, inefficient, lazy bureaucrats who are aloof from the citizens they ostensibly serve. There is little in the way of accountability.

While not all the facts are in, it seems there was a major law enforcement lapse with Mr. Mohammed. It appears he was snagged in Afghanistan and sent back to France where he resumed his activities. He, somehow, had no problem getting around France's strict gun laws (note: Please check to see if Eric Holder and the ATF were in France recently.)

Given the chain of likely screw-ups that might come to light, I am not surprised the French cops wanted to make sure that Al Qaida stooge Mo was dead. Can't say I am too distressed that they got their wish.

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