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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Chicago, Cyprus

The situation in Cyprus and by extension in the mighty land of unicorns and griffens, AKA the EU, grows weirder by the day. Now the proposal is for Cyprus to seize 25% of the "big" bank accounts in order to meet the conditions for an EU bailout designed to prevent the collapse, well, of the EU and its fairy dust currency, the euro. Read the battle of the press releases between the government of Cyprus and that of Germany for some fascinating comedic reading, which could help wipe out all of our savings but at least we will be laughing and saying, "We told you so!" Also read some of the leftist/pro-EU commentary, including in the "New York Times," arguing that, oh well, Cyrpus is not REALLY all that important, and is only a tiny percentage of the mighty EU economy, and if Cyprus leaves the euro it will mean nothing except lots of poverty in Cyprus, and . . . ah, the sound of whistling past the graveyard.

But, alas, all is not well here either in the Land of the Free. The USA and the EU have been in a brutal competition to see which one of us is first to ruin our economy and that of the world. The EU has held the lead in the race so the USA brought in a Kenyan socialist ringer to help us catch up. We have made impressive headway and cut into Europe's lead, but still there is no beating European politicians' hundreds of years of experience in screwing things up. We just can't beat them, yet, so we have to settle for smaller prizes as we train up to be in the big leagues.

One of those smaller prizes is none other than Chicago. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that the Chicago teachers were on strike? Weren't they unhappy with being the highest paid, least worked, and probably least productive teachers in the United States? They wanted even more money, less work, and fewer demands to prove that they had any positive effect on the youths in their care. They got all they desired. Now, the great wheel turns, proving that once again, even in Chicago, there is no free lunch. It seems some 50 or so schools will have to be shut down, plus others restructured, to meet a ballooning one billion dollar deficit. Any talk of rescinding the teacher's raises or limiting their compensation? Nah . . . this is Chicago, let the kids take it on the chin. On second thought, I guess the teachers do get a "free" lunch.

We are getting better at this economic ruin game. EU look over your shoulder; we are gaining on you!


  1. "The USA and the EU have been in a brutal competition to see which one of us is first to ruin our economy and that of the world."

    Well. Looks like we and the EU might be in for some competition from Japan.

    The race to the bottom is on!

    (I only wish this was like the "submarine races" of old).


  2. Dipmad, ol' trusty leader, I trust this rapid repast of a repost is indicative of your IPAD beginning to behave for you, perchance, or just tucking one in before road trip?

    Nice post of as usual, truth, sadly, this post, but truth.

    Yeah, Arkie, no pleasure to be taken in this set of realities.

  3. Yeah, let's face it, things are getting this bad, already, oy! Ha, ha.

    Just couldn't resist, seemed to fit here.


  4. And if more was needed, all global indications show we are entering a mini ice age, given all facts of last 20 years, and current, and it is snowing like hell here in the Rockies, goin' to single subzeroes next few nights, and we will have had about 2.5 feet new snow in past 5 or so days, foot and a half in last 2 days. Welcome spring, and much worse in most areas of globe and Antartica. Fortunately I love snow, muchly. One of natures greatest beauties, like much of the rest of the seasons.


  5. Jack?

    I know down here below the 10K elevation line you might not realize we're enjoying "fun" too.

    But we are. I turned ... well, lemme just say that another of my Grandkids got old enough to qualify for a driver's license. Being just 33 I'm having major problems with my kids being older than myself.

    Anyway, Global Warming gave me the only really stiff eight inches that's been in my near proximity for quite awhile (I hope) I turned ..... on the first full day of Spring and I find myself HOT! even if ETR being somewhat younger doesn't think it's proper. But heck...

    Here's one of my favorites:


    Good to "see" you Jack. (Oh. Now I see where you are, I used to attend the annual 'FUBARs' out of Grand Junction. Usually travelled to BLM places to hold the get-togethers 'cause of the Agency guys having a propensity to provide us nuts with small explosives and pocket rockets. Had a 50-something friend who died on a ski-lift. Calmly.)


  6. Ah Arkie, good to hear you back. Yup, you've got me pegged sir, dialed in and numbered, what can I say, but gesundheit, of course, being a little Ostreich style up here!

    Sounds like a story of some intrigue, the GJC, American gubmnt style and ski lift demise.

    Comes to mind, hope you haven't missed this site, with an appropriate sobriquet for tonight, to wit:


    Another great site of satire, taken from the "civil"? side of the gubmnt.

    Sounds like the GJC capers were my kind of fun, ha. I love summer and fall too, just FYI.

    Think I'll hit the straw now, have the Tenth London Company of Les Miserables, playing softly in the background, my fav, by far. Loaded with Emotion and nostalgia.

  7. Here every[most]day Jack.

    I'm lessoned on comments.



  8. Fort Collins here. And am mightily glad to see the snow -- a bit more & maybe there's a chance of enough spring melt to re-fill the reservoirs. T'would be good to avoid a water-battle 'tween urbanites and agri.

  9. Interesting, Ark. Thanks.