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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cry 'Barak,' and Let Slip the Chihuahuas of War: Killing the RINO Dead, Chicago Style

Any doubts about this as fact? The capital of the USA has moved about 600 miles WNW. Chicago is the governing city and ethos in our increasingly bedraggled Republic.

I return to the sad story of Governor Christie of New Jersey. When last seen, he was being roasted for his staff's involvement in some petty, nasty, and stupid little politics. The staff thought it would be so very clever to have the bridge authority close down some traffic lanes in the midst of rush hour and blame the ensuing snarl on the Democrat Mayor of Ft. Lee. Well, the same DOJ that has done nothing about Holder's undeclared war on Mexico, or Obama's misuse of the IRS, EPA, and Park Service, is all in a lather to launch a federal investigation of the lane closings. The DOJ is ALSO opening an investigation into Christie's use of certain Superstorm Sandy monies, including some allegedly used to make videos promoting New Jersey and, of course, the Gov.

If this doesn't confirm my theory that Christie has been targeted because his poll numbers were too good, nothing does. This is the Chicago way. This is a perfect example of how you use public power to pursue personal vendettas. Christie, alas, asked for it. As have done McCain, Graham, and a host of other GOPers, he got in bed with the Democrats and their media machine and thought the Dems acceptance meant love. No, it just means the naive GOPers got used and then dumped. The Obama machine found Christie useful in the closing days of the presidential campaign, but now finds him a bother. Time to unleash the ankle-bitting Chihuahuas of war, to wit, the prosecutors, the pundits, the "investigative journalists."


  1. Nothing wrong with treating your political opponents with dignity.
    It's a completely different thing to hand them a photo op on the eve of an election (not that Romney had a chance without it, but whatever).
    Honestly, I felt that whole fiasco was Christie considering switching parties.
    Guessing he didn't switch because he would prefer to lose to Hillary in the general election rather than in the primaries.
    Sad, but Obama has demonstrated that identity politics is alive an working well.
    Maybe there's a chance at unseating her in 2020?

    - reader #1482

    1. Now there's an idea! Christie should switch parties and run against HRC in the Primaries. His appt of Booker to Lautenberg's vacated seat should be credentials enough.

    2. http://duffandnonsense.typepad.com/duff_nonsense/2014/01/my-fellow-republicans-this-is-why-you-must-not-pick-christie.html

  2. Just compare the way the Media treated Sarah Palin (and her children!), then turned around in the next election cycle and parroted the DNC "War on Women" talking points.
    But, if any Republican decides to bend over in hopes of acceptance and preferable treatment, they only prove themselves too ignorant in their poor judgment to keep around.
    A shame we can't force the 2 Parties to change their name: Conservative and Progressive....then make every Politico move to the side they support. No more hiding behind the name of a philosophy (Democratic) they don't truly believe in.

    1. A shame we can't force the 2 Parties to change their name: Conservative and Progressive ...

      As it happens that very thought occurred to me earlier this morning. Some knuckleheaded arm-dragger pol was bemoaning "What has happened to our Democracy?"

      I shouted (well wanted to) at the TV, "Our's is a Republic, I think you've Greece in mind."

      Representative government at any rate - and thus I find myself wondering at the least "Democratic" the Democrats - and [some] of the least representative, the Republicans. (Senator McCain, Graham, yes the pair of you - and "some" others).

      No more hiding behind the name of a philosophy (Democratic) they don't truly believe in.

      I agree. Wholeheartedly.


  3. I don't like living in a third world country. Fact is, I liked my country and wanted to keep it.

    1. "I liked my country and wanted to keep it".

      Obama would have choked if that came up on his teleprompter - now there's a thought.

  4. what? kerry thinks himself a messiah? who would've thunk!?
    "See, it's just simple.. you guys do what I tell you, and there will be peace... wait... I'm feeling a thrill up and down my leg...."


  5. Some people cannot afford to owe a favor to a potential challenger as so will destroy the holder of the debt.

  6. President Bush didn't really mean it when he said, "You are either with us or against us, as can be witnessed by his escorting the Saudi's out of the country almost immediately after 9/11."

    However, President Obama expects total commitment to the Democrat progressive agenda and especially himself, or heads will role. Gov. Christie should have known in advance that he was merely a lite political hors d'oeuvres for the tyranny of King Obama. No sympathy for his low level of practical stupidity -- he had seen the same thing several times in the past with our Kenyan Prince. Why would he even think that his fat bumpkis would be found acceptable by the King? Idiot.

    King Obama is going to make a fine dictator, a strong man of the first caliber. Right now he's just working his way into the job, but given enough time the only individual freedom, liberty or thought available in America will be in the written (and re-written) histories.

  7. I am troubled by the DOJ resorting to Chicago style politics. More troubling, however, is the press abdicating their watchdog role. There are now a few bloggers (Dip among them) and a very few radio talk show hosts standing between us and complete despotism. It's a scary place to be.

  8. I don't know so much about the "he asked for it" theory. For one thing, it raineth upon the just and the unjust, even unto us innocent Tea Partiers and folks who (horrors!) want to learn about the Constitution. For another, I don't give a damn whether Christie was wearing a provocative dress.

  9. Dear Dip,
    Perhaps you could put together a book of your collected columns? This one deserves a prominent place. Self-published ebooks are quite possible to do these days, I think. Of course a large, glossy hardback would be better!

  10. Some might recall I "floated" Rand Paul & Kelly Ayotte for a prospective '16 ticket some few weeks ago. For now at any rate I'll stick to that - bearing in mind there's what, 100+ weeks to go?

    If this doesn't confirm my theory that Christie has been targeted because his poll numbers were too good, nothing does.

    Somebody mentioned the other day, "eating our young" - ever since this Christie brouhaha took flight something's been nagging at me - "we" can probably imagine "our" Establishment "Conservatives" [see above] repeating what happened with "our" McCain & Romney.

    I of course, haven't a clue at this point what's in store at some point 50 or so weeks from now - I earnestly pray it's not fratricide. But I think "we" should be discussing it.
    I do expect "our" Karl Rove is ... not the fratricide part ... the Establishment part.

    I don't wish to hear Megyn Kelly repeating, "What. Are these just numbers Republicans play with to make themselves feel good?"


    1. January 10, 2014 at 4:10 PM


      And the mass media -- the all important mercenaries for the leftist progressive Demokrat leader and the cause. Without them this would have been much harder.

      And the Republicans -- they eat their own.


  11. "If you like your country, you can keep your country" doesn't exactly square with a promised "fundamental transformation" of the country does it?

  12. Christie will be a Republican candidate as long as a stooge is needed for nomination.