Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Collapse, Part III: War on the Home Front

The reverses American and Western interests now suffer around the world come as a direct result of Obama policies which aim at nothing less than transforming the United States from the world's most powerful country and a liberal western democracy into a flaccid, politically correct socialist monstrosity that distances itself from its western civilization origins and becomes something else entirely.

Every step that would increase American independence and global power is opposed by this misadministration. Much of this we have covered before. This opposition to American power and independence has seen us abandon our victory in Iraq, retreat from the Middle East, acquiesce to China's growing military bullying, cower before Putin's threats and actions, and gut our military not just in size and reach but gut its internal ethos and make it into another feminized institution of political correctness. We have seen this misadministration oppose efforts at making the US energy independent; it has launched a war on coal, seeks to prevent greater US-Canadian cooperation in the oil business, and, of course, wants a halt to ocean drilling and fracking.

The Obama misadministration has openly lied; it has gutted our laws and traditions, in an effort to reinvent the Constitution when it just doesn't ignore it; and it has used long-established and once-respected federal institutions to carry out political vendettas and force the above-mentioned transformation of the country. In my view three major actions--there are many others--by the Obama misadministration serve as prime examples of the lawlessness and cynicism characterizing this regime since 2009. Two we have covered in some detail and won't again: 1) the outrageous "Fast and Furious" operation in which the federal government shipped thousands of weapons to Mexican AND Central American drug cartels as part of an effort to undermine and destroy the second amendment; and, 2) the criminal use of the IRS to suppress political dissent.

The third of this trifecta of lawlessness we now see unfolding along our southern border. Tens-of-thousands of mostly Central American "children" are crossing the border seeking "asylum" in the USA. This, of course, has galvanized the progressives into demanding that the feds help these "children" with lawyers, medical care, and other benefits. The US Border Patrol, once a respected institution, has been made into highly paid baby sitters for this invasion. The media, overwhelmingly,  depict these migrants, first as children, and second as refugees from a "sudden spike in violence" in Central America by the drug gangs. Nowhere in the liberal media do we see or hear mentioned, of course, that this surge in migrants coincided with all the talk about amnesty, the granting of federal benefits to illegals, and, of course, the policy of not deporting these illegals.

The facts are quite different, naturally, from what the progressive media depicts:

-- Many if not most of these migrants are not "abandoned children"; all one has to do is look at the film footage of the "children" and see that many if not most are accompanied by adults, often their mothers or other close relatives. In the rare interviews one hears with these illegal migrants there is an odd uniformity in the language they use about the violence, as though--perish the thought!--they have been coached. Once the interview drags on for a few minutes, and the poor migrants run out of script, you hear the real reason they have come: free stuff. We hear that Homeland Security is "processing" these migrants. "Processing" is just a bureaucratic word for ignoring the law and turning them over to relatives already in the US, legal and illegal, preparing the grounds for a petition for "family reunification." We also see and hear the ghastly President of Honduras lecturing the USA on our need to take these "children" and reunify them with their parents--in the USA, of course. The even more ghastly Nancy Pelosi also has gone to the border to welcome the migrants; I note that despite her great wealth, however, she did not see fit to take a few dozen home with her. I guess she has all the illegal maids she needs . . .

-- There has been no sudden spike in violence in Central America. It is the same old, same old. If Honduran mothers are so genuinely concerned for the immediate safety of their children, why not head for much closer Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or Panama where there is much less violence than in Honduras and where the cultural issues are not anywhere as pronounced? No, they don't go there because those countries enforce their immigration laws, and don't hand out free stuff to foreign migrants--Nicaragua, by the way, has some of the most draconian immigration laws of any country. Poor Hondurans willingly undergo the long trek through Guatemala and Mexico because at the end of it they have been assured, and rightly so, that they will get, well, that they will get free stuff, lots of it. The Mexican government, in an act of open hostility--revenge for "Fast and Furious?"--facilitates the transit of these "refugees" and piles them at our border.

I was encouraged to see the citizens of small Murrieta, California, a town I know very well, rise up against the Border Patrol and its effort to dump several hundred "children" at its facility in Murrieta for "processing," i.e., cutting free. In a near-repeat of the Bundy ranch stand-off, Murrieta residents blocked the USBP buses and made them turn back. Perhaps these buses could head for the White House or for the Kennedy compound in Martha's Vineyard?

Mayor of Murrieta Alan Long, a decent man, said that his town suffers the consequences of a "failed federal policy." I must disagree with the Honorable Mayor: Murrieta and America suffer the consequences of a deliberate federal and Democratic party policy aimed at changing the nature of our country forever.

The war on American interests abroad being waged by the Obamistas is replicated on the home front and on steroids.


  1. Dear DiploMad:

    Glad to see you back and in such fine form! We really need you!

    Your admirer
    a Conservative Boomer

  2. I saw footage of the blockade on Aussie TV this morning. Surely all the regular citizens in the US must be alarmed by what is happening.

    We all need a strong, united America, but it looks like it is being undermined by this modern day Manchurian Candidate.

  3. The Governor of Arizona crosses Obama and what do you know, even worse immigration trouble.

    The Governor of Texas crosses Obama and.... Must be a coincidence.

    1. Obama should watch this...but then my opinion...IIRC. I think he is intentionally destroying.

      Five minutes of simple..

      OH NO! no year to learn what is???...
      I hate..hate they turn to, to name their newest "Initiative"
      Even Putin spits on them.
      Fook the Tranzi..and KNOW that their NGO's Perpetuate..
      That "Selecting" in quota..breeds idiocy.

      Play that song...
      fits obama nama so well


    2. Damn them all..Damn them!


  4. Nero is back. Beloved Caesar, hope of all.


  5. This administration loves "crises" -- by which they mean "pretexts to grab more power." Before 2016 is over, I expect even worse crises than this one ... perhaps even some crisis grave enough to be an excuse to invoke martial law.

    Hmm. Someone ought to warn Joe Biden to watch his back. He looks a little like Ernst vom Rath, don't you think? And he's eminently expendable ...

  6. Agreed, that this flooding the border stations is deliberate and malicious. And of course - making the Border Patrol and the military into baby-sitters is just another bit of nastiness on the part of this administration.

    Because the disease, the crime, the swamping of emergency rooms and schools, and thirty people crammed into a two-bedroom one bathroom house won't actually happen in THEIR neighborhoods. Oh, no - they'll float serenely above it all, mouthing platitudes and lies. It will all happen in working-class and middle-class neighborhoods ... and I can't help thinking that making the lives of ordinary Americans hellish is another bit of malice as well.

    1. Obama and his minions hate us. They spit on us. They give us their middle finger, and they stick their finger in our eye. They despise us, they laugh at us, they delight, like a gang of juvenile delinquents, in seeing just how much they can get away with. This week, referring to Congresspeople unhappy with how he continually flaunts the laws, Obama actually said, "So sue me." As in: "Ha! Take THAT, *itches!"

  7. Follow the money. Two Billion requested for repatriation. Backdoor funding of the cartels? And increase in illegal arms sales, among other more insavory quid pro quo.

    What a cynical business.

  8. The lasting affects of this flood of illegals from third-world nations is not to be truly felt for some time.

    Henry Cueller (D-Tx) is now demanding that the illegals, including the children, be sent back to their nation of origin. Cueller, a child of immigrants himself, also has his finger on the pulse of his constituents, and understands that there is growing dissent among them. First, legal immigrants from Mexico are upset that the illegals from Mexico are being deported, including the children, while the illegals from Honduras and El Salvador are not. That, in the mind of Mexicans is discrimination against them. Secondly. Cueller has a strong base of Tejanos, who understand the ramifications all this will have on their communities. Such as:

    these Hispanic speaking children will be dumped into their schools, which will over burden their school districts as the district tries to pay for the education of many who have never been inside a class room. This will also create a situation where their schools see lower test scores and greater expense.

    Texas Hispanics are also smart enough to know that the drug cartel members who are coming in under the pretense of having a child (using a rent-a-child as cover) will increase the already sad crime rates as the criminal element hides in plain site in their neighborhoods.

    Cueller said earlier that all these illegals, including the children need to be deported, not rehabilitated to communities all across the nation. He spoke of how 1 in 3 illegal girl children had been sexually assaulted on the trek from Central America and how the boys have been subjected to other unspeakable horrors.

    Add to that the rule that these children must be processed with 72 hours. That means they are being turned over to people (in many cases, other illegals) who claim to be family members. When asked yesterday at the Congressional hearing in McAllen if those "family" members have had background checks making sure they were actually a relative, or did not have a criminal history, the Border Patrol agent replied he did not know. Many think the "family" members who are stepping up to the plate to claim these children are simply members of the drug cartels/gang members who will subsequently sell these children off for domestic service, or prostitution.

    Meanwhile, diseases run rampant. Whooping cough is at critical levels in Texas, California high schools are reporting outbreaks of TB (some strains currently incurable), Border Patrol agents testing positive for TB and scabies, all coming soon to a school district by you since Plyer ruling prevents schools from demanding not only birth certificates of illegals, but their shot records as well.

    And the damage to our school districts? As I said, many of these children have never seen the inside of a class room. They will require more ESL teachers, books in Spanish, extra medical nurses to handle their illnesses, social workers who work with schools to help damaged children. With an average of $10,000.00 per student, just 100 kids in a school district would increase their expenditures by a million dollars.

    And the cost for social welfare is staggering beyond anyone's wildest imagination.

    But one has to think that with the Obama administration's advertisement for "care takers" for 65,000 children that ran in January, the administration knew this was coming. Yet, I'm sure he will soon be telling us how he just read about it in the paper the same time we did.

  9. Better sell-up while you can.

    Mugabe said "We say no to whites owning our land and they should go."

    This is the guy the halfrican princess gets his ideas from. Coming to a foreclosed home near you, your very own welfare-sapping, Obamacare-approved, Obamaphone-supplied third world family. Yes we can.

    The USA as a republic is done, best that the states secede and run their own affairs. Washington only damages your rights and fails to uphold the laws-why would you need them?

    The country with the mightiest military in the world cannot secure it's border-pffft, that ain't a country.

    1. That's a common attitude among the Lesser Breeds Without the Law.

      They love the civilization that Whitey has created, but they can't copy it or even maintain it when it's handed over to them on a platter. They hate Whitey and want to get rid of Whitey, but without Whitey there are no more food stamps, no more Section 8 rent vouchers, no more big fat WIC checks, and the EBT cards stop working.

      It is useless to attempt to explain this to them. What they are lacking makes it impossible for them to grasp that they are lacking something, or what that something might be.

  10. We the people are awake and we are well armed. We are patient and patriotic and love America.

    We have not yet begun to fight. When we do, we will be ruthless in defense of our Liberty and Country.

    Rebellion is going mainstream. We will win this war.

    1. Let's be sure we win the ideological war first.

  11. This invitation to dump undocumented minors on America's doorstep coming hard on the heels of the weaponizing of the IRS convinces me that the O is no well-meaning doofus, but a malicious, conniving, deliberately destructive [expletive deleted]. If he is inept into the bargain, it convinces me that God indeed looks out for drunkards, fools, small children, and the USofA.

    Also, having legal immigrants for grandfathers, wife, and daughter-in-law, I have come to deeply resent the "immigrant rights" groups that make "immigrant" synonymous with "undocumented".

    1. "This . . . coming hard on the heels of the weaponizing of the IRS"
      And let's not forget the SCOTUS decision on the Arizona immigration law: "The court's decision not to hear the state's appeal leaves intact an October 2013 ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco that found in part that the provision was trumped by federal immigration law."

      The harboring provision, part of Arizona's controversial 2010 immigration law, made it a criminal offense to encourage illegal immigrants to enter the state or to harbor or transport them within Arizona. Various groups that work with immigrants, including the Border Action Network, challenged the provision."

      Am I paranoid, or is there a pattern here?

    2. But considering that Obama/Soetoro is himself an illegal POTUS and has no valid documents, the question is who installed him?

  12. Looks like the Democrat party has returned to its old ways with this assault on the border. They are engaging in human trafficking. That's how you fill plantations.

  13. Eyewitness report on the Murrieta town hall meeting

  14. We handed the jihadis of AQ a major defeat. We have to keep doing that or we will get what we are now getting.

  15. Is there anything to this article by Joanne Moudy that State may be in collusion with Sudan against Ibrahim?

  16. I have looked long and hard for anybody to mention the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). That if there were such a "Children's Crusade", setting up refugee camps in Central America/Mexico would have been discussed BEFORE watching so many children undertake a 1000 mile trek.

    Either the entire Embassy Staffs in Central America/Mexico went collectively stupid at the same time or.....we are seeing the use of children as political pawns by the Administration.

    What gets me in all of this is that the Left is supposed to be home of the "International Community" shtick. The "United Nations is NOT a joke!" people.

    1. Do you mean the "UNHCR" that has overseen the slaughter and enslavement of MILLIONS in Africa and other dumps over the last few decades?

      The UN is certainly NOT a joke. But their "un-funny" projects are funded by YOUR money.

    2. Those entirely valid points simply CANNOT be made by anybody in the Left, especially the media. What excuse can any of them make for NOT invoking UNHCR support? The fact that my money is funding them is another reason to invoke that option.

      There is no good, publically admissible reason for State to not have brought UNHCR into this issue when the migrations were first recognized. The fact that never happened is corroboration that the Children's Crusade was actively facilitated by the Obama Administration.

  17. Monday's evening news I'm thinking might be "interesting"


    1. Nothing as of this morning, but more straws in the wind about riot police. Shameless evil. Those of us who got the local reports about Waco know how ruthless Democrats are, and children casualties are always blamed on someone else. In the case of Waco, it was "The religious fanatics who were there parents," Bill Clinton, to a room full of cheering reporters. I saw it on television, in real time.

  18. An alternative view is that war with Islam is coming and no amount of policing the world is going to prevent it.

    What we do accomplish by involving ourselves in "preventative wars" is the sapping of our morale and strength to say nothing of fueling the fires of the naive who say there would be no trouble in the world without our meddling.

    Regardless of what one thinks of FDR's politics, he did a masterful job of managing our entry into WWII. After Pearl Harbor (and the invasion of the Soviet Union) the American people were resolved to see the war through to victory regardless of casualties on either side. We are blundering into the next war with half our population wringing its collective hands over our manifold sins and errors.


  19. in El salvador, the young thugs of the drug gangs shuttle back and forth between the US and jail. Now they can take their proper place in LA and proceed to reinvigorate the gang wars there.

  20. Through our insightful, intelligent, inclusive, multi-cultural, caring, and of course respectful foreign policy we are slowly but surely discarding all our options, except for the one size fits all weapons.
    James the Lesser


    Just to make your head explode, this op-ed by our Nobel Prize winning president was published today above the fold on Ha'aretz, which is the Israeli version of the New York Times. Many of my liberal Jewish friends were citing it as proof of "See! He's pro-Israel after all." Sure - with the most flimsy of fig leafs.

  22. And for commentary from someone who actually knows about the Middle East....