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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Car Itch

Sorry for the light blogging. I have been afflicted with another bout of Caritis. I need another automobile in my life to help distract from the delusional politics sweeping over our once wonderful nation. Obama's defense of the Iran deal was, was, was . . . absurd is too weak of a word. I'll write more about it later.

Right now I am on the hunt for a classic American car. I started the hunt with my putative prey being an older Mercedes or VW, but after looking at several of those specimens, I ended up back gunning for my original love, i.e., big American cars of the 1960s and 70s.

I have got several in my sights but it is a question of money and headaches. I don't want to spend a lot of money but I also don't want to buy something that will be a money pit and a headache. Tough thing to balance. I have been talking to one fellow who has what seems a very nice 1970 Buick that he brought with him when he came here from Australia. It has, in fact, Queensland plates on it. How he's gotten away with that for the past eleven years, I don't know, but he has. I have targeted a couple of nicely restored 1960s Buick Skylarks, as well, along with a couple of older T-Birds, a 71 Oldsmobile 4-4-2, and one or two other odds and ends.

I also have ironclad instructions from the Diplowife (ret) that anything I buy must be a convertible, be big, have (sigh) automatic transmission and not cost too much. This weekend I will be off to look at some other cars.

So my mind is elsewhere. I try to pretend that the great tsunami is not headed our way . . . I, however, will watch the GOP debate on Thursday for what that's worth.

Back soon. And keep clicking on those ads. I have a car to buy.


  1. A good place to scratch an itch of the automotive sort: http://bringatrailer.com/

  2. Our experience of living in Queensland was that many natives of that state skimp on maintenance and expect the RACQ man to come and rescue them when the car breaks down. Mind you, that was in Brisbane. Maybe they serviced their vehicles up the coast. Maybe.

  3. Sigh -- I also have an urge to focus for a while on something amusing, harmless and wholly personal ... a new writing project; a series of blog-essays and short stories about a mythical small town in Texas called Luna City, where eccentricity doesn't just run in the streets, it stampedes through them. (Like Lake Woebegon, if Garrison K. didn't flat-out despise small town conservatives, or Cecily in South Texas.)
    http://www.celiahayes.com/archives/2548, or just hit on the sidebar topic tab for Luna City
    I'll probably wind up making another book from it all.

  4. Come visit Hot August Nights in Reno -- they have some amazing cars on display and for sale. And buyers from all over the world coming to get them! But it doesn't cost anything to drool.

  5. I am jonesing for either an AMC Javelin or an AMX.
    But I gotta pay off the solar on the house first.

  6. This brings back memories. My first car was a 1972 Olds Cutlass convertible. Good times.

  7. I hated "The White Whale," my '73 Chevelle. The price was right...

  8. I've always wanted a 4-4-2...

  9. I want a red convertible Mustang. Sigh.

  10. I love 442's, but I would give anything almost for a 67 GTO. 389, three deuces, mechanical linkage.
    James the Lesser

  11. I vote for the 4-4-2.

    Alternative suggestion; Porsche 912

  12. Well, if we're going to talk wish lists--

    1969 Cougar Eliminator convertible, red/red/black

    1967 Pontiac LeMans/GTO

    1972 Buick Riviera (ugly, but unapologetically itself, like me)

    -Joe the Cop (Reader #004)

  13. Well, if you go back to the start of the 1960s, find yourself a "Long Black Cadillac".

  14. A '73 Vega 'woody' wagon. Don't look at me like that. Are there any Vegas not in junk yards?

  15. Early in my married life I spotted a little old lady driving a street version of a Dodge (maybe Plymouth) NASCAR racer with the raised "spoiler." She looked out of place driving that high powered monster, but she was getting the thrill of her life. Said to my wife, "That's what you should be doing when you turn 65." She agreed. Did eventually get a Dodge Stealth, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

    My favorite classic is the MG TC, with spoked 19" wheels. Never owned one, but lusted for one.