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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Another Progressive Fairy Tale: Ahmed, The Clock Maker

Sorry. I keep getting delayed writing the concluding part to my "Defeat of the West" piece. I get distracted by examples of the Defeat of the West.

The latest example comes by way of the Wondrous Tale of the Tribulations of Poor Innocent Ahmed, Victimized Muslim Child of Color and Intrepid Inventor. I won't go through all the details; there're hundreds, if not thousands of stories out there. Let's just do a brief summary.

The Progressive version: Poor little 13-year-old Ahmed Mohammed likes to "invent" things. He is one of those nerdy kids who goes on to create Apple computers, one of those kids who makes America great. Well, the lad "invented" a clock; he "innocently" put it in a case, and took it to impress his teachers at school. These teachers, of course, work in Texas--Progressive dog whistle fog horn for racism--so, of course, they called the cops to say the Muslim kid had brought a bomb to school. The cops, Texas cops (Racism Trigger Warning!) were mean, stupid brutes who terrorized the poor child with brutal questions. Hashtag campaign on. Lawsuit to follow.

OK. Got the essence of the Progressive narrative? Naturally, the so-called President of the United States got into the act, inviting the aggrieved boy to the White House, to where, I assume, he will fly on a plane and enter the White House without having anybody inspect his device. Right? Facebook's Zuckerberg jumped in, as well, praising the kid, and offering him an internship; the idiots at MIT, once the world's foremost STEM school, had to prove that they're also with it, lauded his "invention," and invited Ahmed to MIT. Again, can we assume he will to fly to Facebook HQs or MIT without having his device inspected or maybe not even allowed on board a plane?

All this, of course, is yet another Progressive scam, another Progressive fairy tale right up there with prior ones such as Duke LaCrosse rapists/racists, Trayvon Martin and his Skittles, "Hands up! Don't Shoot!", UVA frat rapes, and "refugees" from Central America and Syria.

I've seen many home-made bombs and suicide vests in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, and Indonesia. Anybody looking at Little Ahmed's "invention" on first glance, and especially somebody who hasn't dealt with bombs, real or hoax, would have an understandable concern. His "clock" looks like almost every bomb portrayed in movies and TV shows:  shiny case, timer, wires running to a circuit board, dangling electrical plug, 9 volt battery back-up connection, blinking lights, buzzing. Whatever you do, Lieutenant, do not cut the red cable! On closer examination--and you can find pictures all over the internet--one realizes that this is a bogus gadget set up as a "hoax" bomb. Quite deliberately done, too, I might add.

Clever Little Brilliant Ahmed "invented" nothing. There I said it. He "invented" nothing.

His "cool" clock is a disassembled 1970s/1980s alarm clock (please go here and here for an excellent take-down of the "invention"). Simply put, he or his dad (we'll get back to him) took the guts out of an old alarm clock, scattered them inside a case, and off to school Little Ahmed goes with an unassigned, unsolicited project. The teachers, quite rightly, got worried and called the cops--as they are required--and reported what they thought to be a hoax bomb. They did not say a bomb; they said a hoax bomb. The police report that Little Ahmed was very "passive aggressive" and evasive in his answers--as though, perhaps, he'd been coached, hmmm?

Now the plot thickens and sickens even more. Little Ahmed's Big Daddy is no less than--drumroll!--Mohammed El Hassan Mohammed, a Sudanese immigrant who has gone back and forth to Sudan and been mixed up in Sudanese politics for some time. A well-known Muslim activist, he has been in the news before for his stunts. Oh, yes, did I mention that he also owns a computer repair shop? Hmmm? All mere coincidence? You decide.

So now we see yet another chapter in the Progressives unending war on common sense. The next time we will have a real bomb that nobody reports for fear of getting stamped as a racist, or, even worse, an ISLAMAPHOBE!!! And, of course, let us not forget that this happened in Irving, Texas, precisely the town that recently rejected Sharia courts. Mere Coincidence? Nah. Revenge!

One last thought. Imagine, if you will, it is 1943. A white kid named Friedrich Hans Müller, whose father is a well-known Nazi activist, shows up at school with a ticking, buzzing, blinking briefcase. What would have been the reaction?


  1. Alright, here goes. We lived in Germany in the 1980's in perilous times. Our children became the target of Badder Meinhoff and another group....
    We went through bombing and kids schools being dismissed with bomb threats daily in 1986, compliments of Ghahfi.
    And we had to purchase mirrors on 6 foot rods, like selfie sticks, but used to check your cars for bombs....

    I knew the minute I saw this what I was looking at.....probing or testing the "network" to disarm civilians with propaganda routine designed to despair and demean us.
    Anyone think one of these kids wouldn't bring the real deal into school to blow up a school?
    I didn''t think so.
    And the Prez is facilitating this notion.
    You bet he is
    Enough. I plan to write and encourage each school board member of this district, not far from where I live.
    Let the family sue. The school needs to file criminal charges and let this go to court.
    B Gunn
    E Texas Rancher

    1. I hope the kid carries this to board the plane on his way to the WH to see Obie.....let's see what TSA thinks about his clever clock.....

    2. A dry run/desensitisation exercise.

      Or an "assemble the bomb on site" from components that can be dismissed as "innocent". It is a standard tactic of Revolutionaries/Resistance fighters to use children as couriers and to test the security systems.

      Not necessarily a conventional "bomb" - a firecracker to spread a powder limnked to the timer could be enough. Such as something that this innocent Muslim bought out of mere intellectual curiousity:


      Phil B

    3. Ahmed was testing the ground to see if a bomb could be sneaked into a school room. ALL muslims hate Americans, or anyone who is Christian.

  2. Friedrich Hans Müller? You mean Fred Miller, right?

    I remember a week of planting a tank outside the main gate at Patch because someone had threatened to drive a truck bomb up into SACEUR. Fun times because the everyday "auslander aus" types protested that week too.

  3. would've thought the kid's father being in cahoots with the ilk of Terry Jones would've steered the media away?
    but their insanity might've already infected social media and they probably got themselves knee deep in it before checking the very basics.
    obama bails them out... citing "I cover your trespass as you regularly cover for mine"

    - reader #1482

  4. Well, speaking as a teacher wannabe (I'm actually a professional swindler of the young, since I follow the curriculum because I want to keep my job), I get nostalgic for the days when in my mostly white community (sprinkled with a few Asian-Pacifics, Hispanics, and blacks), any kid with an unsolicited, unassigned project that required a bit of engineering know-how (even just dis-assembling a clock and putting it back together in a new way) or intellectual pizzazz would've been applauded and gotten a few extra points worked into his grades. Indeed, back then in those simple times when divorce was still more than a bit shameful, had little Ahmed been one of our few South Asian immigrants, his project would've excited a lot of curiosity and time would've been given to him to explain how he was re-inventing the clock.

    Yes, I hate the memory of the New Left and its survival among our country's leaders more and more.

  5. Nice summing up, Dip, but for one detail: He brought the "clock" in on the first school day since the anniversary of 9/11. And then the "whiz kid" wants to pretend he doesn't know what the fuss is about. Give him credit, he's trolling at a grad-school level.

    -Joe the Cop, Reader #004

  6. And twice a day the clock reads 9:11. Coincidence? On a more serious note though, you've got to feel sorry for Ahmed, meeting Obama. How's he ever going to live THAT down?

  7. "probing or testing the "network" to disarm civilians with propaganda routine designed to despair and demean us."

    Exacatly. This is a rerun of the The Flying Imams case. If it had been a toy gun, the usual suspects would have freaked out.

  8. Given the timing on 9/11 and the "clock", I strongly suspect that this is a typical attempt at a bone-headed teenage prank that badly backfired (and should have). Being both a high school teacher and a parent with two sons who survived adolescence, I know that teens can be pretty damn dumb about what they do, and this bone-headedness extends from the harmless but offensive all the way to downright dangerous.

    When I was last teaching in Taiwan (while Gulf War II was going on), I met a Hui kid from Texas, who, right after 9/11, fell in with the wrong bunch of co-religionists, was caught carrying guns for them, and ended up deported from the USA. He was on leave from the ROC (Taiwan) army where, thanks to having had most of his prior in the education, he was the despair of his officers and the butt of every farm boy doing his patriotic duty because he couldn't read Chinese (Taiwanese illiterates are generally old and from the Austronesian-speaking minority at this point--and this is the part of China that stuck with the old-fasioned Hanzi). He was pretty embittered about the religion in which he had been raised and about being the family disgrace, understandably. Of course, while part of me was sympathetic, another was thnking about poetic justice.

  9. "Facebook's Zuckerberg jumped in, as well, praising the kid, and offering him an internship; the idiots at MIT, once the world's foremost STEM school, had to prove that they're also with it, lauded his "invention," and invited Ahmed to MIT."
    Once? Why? Haven't they invited you? The White Trash's despair and bitterness are amusing.

    1. Once. CalTech has been the foremost since the 1960s.

      The pejorative locution "white trash" is not used in polite company. Moreover, its application to our host is merely hilarious.

    2. It is hard to believe the term "white trash" is used here of all places. The term used to be used here in the South by some to describe some. Its meaning was dead on accurate and everyone knew exactly what it meant. At the same time, none of us could describe the definition properly to a non Southerner. Its use here is way out of bounds.

  10. Thiago, I don't like crude insults on my comment board , but I will leave yours as a classic example of Progressive "discussion" and "debate" tactics. No mention, much less refutation, of the facts presented, just race-based insults. Bernie looks forward to your vote, and BlackLivesMatter to your supportive tweet.

  11. The one time Obama can truthfully say "You didn't build that".

  12. I concur with your assessment.

    My career covers over 3 decades in embedded systems engineering, so after looking at that "invention" for about 20 seconds I was convinced that this whole gig is a scam. If nothing else, no self respecting 14 year old electronics enthusiast would have put together such a shoddy piece of rubbish.

    I don't understand the motive for the scam, beyond seeking attention, but a scam it is

    1. The motives are becoming clearer by the minute. I suggest you read and listen to this latest piece by Glenn Beck on the story. He explains a lot.

      Latest (and very revealing) details of Ahmed and his ‘clock’

      For starters it was set up as a count down clock!