Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

On Hillary: One Question to Ask Her Over and Over

The Brits are keeping me up late. 

Make up your minds on Brexit, dammit! I have a life to live.

As of this writing, it seems England and Wales are going strongly "Leave"; Scotland is voting overwhelmingly "Remain"; and Northern Ireland is edging towards "Remain."

It will be a major victory for liberty and sanity for the entire West if the UK goes Brexit. Fingers crossed. If, however, Brexit wins, will the lefties and the EUbots respect it? Here in the States they would go to the courts to try to nullify the vote.

While I await the results of that titanic struggle across the sea, I am reading and rereading the "attack" speeches by Trump and Clinton. I am biased, of course, but I think Trump won that round hands down. His speech serves as the outline for much of the rest of the campaign.

As I have noted before, Hillary Clinton's greatest vulnerability is her disastrous record, which is
one of almost unbroken calamity from when she was laundering bribes for her Governor husband in Arkansas, to her time as FLOTUS and her "control of the bimbo eruptions" mandate, her time as an inconsequential Senator, and as a horrific and corrupt Secretary of State. 
Not that he needs it, but my advice to Trump would be to ignore what Clinton says and just keep referring to her record.
Whenever Hillary Clinton comes up with a proposed course of action, all Trump needs to do is to  say to her, "Yes, Mrs. Clinton, but when you had the power what did you do about that?"

She's got nothing.

OK, back to my Brexit watch . . .


  1. Sounds like "victory and sanity" have prevailed!

  2. indeed.. the EU never captured the pound... and they never even tried to capture the hearts..

    - reader #1482

  3. Brexit looks to win, that is unless they have the old DNC trick of coming up with the "Trunk load of 'missing' ballots", ala Franken in Minnesota, and Governor of Washington state. The process is not foreign to Europe it seems, as I suspect it was employed in Austria recently. With the margin of win on Leave, they may need a Lorrie ;-)

  4. Brexit with a bonus prize; Cameron quits, or sort of quits. And just when I had just about given up on the Brits.

    Although the obfuscation has already started; Cameron says the next PM must commence the legal process of exit, so we get an immediate 3 month delay for the Remains to plan their undermining strategy.

  5. From "CallmeDave" to "Callthemovers, Dave": I hope the pantechnicon is in Downing Street on Monday morning.

    Our tradition is to hurl PMs out of Number 10 with a delightfully unseemly haste.

  6. Brett,
    You're right, I bet the phone lines are burning up at the moment, but in vain. In the long run it's over for the EU experiment, there will be delays, detours, etc, but the tide of political pressure will be too much to change the final outcome. All that remains for the EUists is trying to get the best seats in the lifeboats.

  7. Well I never, leave won. I was expecting a narrow win for remain. And as a bonus prize Cameron has resigned!

    According to the wiki page; England voted to leave, Scotland voted remain, North Ireland and Wales were divided on the issue. (,_2016 ).

  8. Well done Britain! Global bureaucrats will feel a shiver like millions of rabbits running over their graves. The feel of freedom should be tempered with vigilance. The ruling classes will not let the peasants go willingly.

  9. Back in the 5th century B.C., Kong Zi said, 民无信不立--If the people do not believe in it, it will not stand. Seeing that there are calls in Italy and even France and the Netherlands for an exit from the EU, it is clear that the EU as an institution has been doing something terribly wrong.

  10. The ramifications will take at least a year to unroll. My friends in Britain bought a year's supply of wine in France when we were there with them last September. I wonder if the Brexit vote will affect the next year's supply? The huge wine stores near Calais look like WalMarts.

  11. Brexit does not have to mean re-erecting tariff barriers. Tariffs have almost never been good for anyone.

  12. Brexit does not have to mean re-erecting tariff barriers. Tariffs have almost never been good for anyone.