Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Hillary Makes It Official: 2016 Elections to be Rigged

I have bored faithful readers of this humble blog with warnings about the criminal organization otherwise known as the Democratic party. You can find here (January 24, 2014), here (July 9, 2014), and here  (October 28, 2014) three such pieces on how the Democrats would degrade the concept of citizenship and use illegal aliens to conduct massive electoral fraud to win the 2016 presidential election.

I am glad to see that Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most dishonest and corrupt candidate of any major candidate in 240 years, has had the decency to confirm these predictions.

We see her campaign announcing,
a new Latino outreach initiative Sunday focused on mobilizing young undocumented immigrants to highlight their risk of deportation if Donald Trump becomes president, with the aim of inspiring others in their communities to vote in November. 
So-called "dreamers," who in many cases were brought to the country illegally as children, do not have the right to vote, but their stories have the potential to motivate friends, classmates and co-workers to go to the polls with their fate in mind, the Clinton campaign said.

Do the writers at the Post and the criminals running the criminal Clinton's criminal campaign think we're all idiots? Or is it now the assumption that the American people are simply so overwhelmed by Clinton scandals and crimes as to be completely numb?

I love the phrase re the "dreamers . . . not having the right to vote," but, of course, their sob stories will motivate others to reject Trump and his call to deport those illegally in the USA. Does anybody, anywhere think these "dreamers" won't vote? The Democrats and their allies in the courts have made it all but impossible to prevent unqualified people from voting. You can be sure the "dreamers" will be voting along with tens-of-thousands if not hundreds-of-thousands of new arrivals from Mexico, Central America, and elsewhere.

Further on in the article we are told,
Clinton’s campaign said the new effort, dubbed "Mi Sueño, Tu Voto" (“My Dream, Your Vote”), will be highlighted at several events around the country this week, including in Florida, Nevada and North Carolina — all states where the Hispanic vote is a growing force.
I see.

Let me note that the genius who thought up that slogan might not realize that he has given away the game: "My Dream, Your Vote" can be interpreted several ways including that Hillary's Dream is getting the vote of the illegals or that the illegals dream of getting your vote. This is either rank stupidity or brazen cynicism. As I wrote before, quoting This is Spinal Tap, that when dealing with this misadministration, "It's such a fine line between stupid, and, uh . . . clever."

There is another phrase in Spanish, "mi casa es su casa" ("my house is your house.")  I always liked that phrase; I found it very poetic. I see, however, that we are now being told to take it literally when dealing with the flood of illegal aliens: our nation is to be their nation--quite literally. Hillary has said so.


  1. Mexico is a failed state. Illegal immigrant outflux is sufficient to make that declaration. We don't need a wall, we need regime change on both sides of the border.

    - reader #1482

  2. Off topic, but I presume you know this former FSN and can give us some insight on what this is all about:

    1. He'd left a couple of years before I got there. I am not sure what his complaint is

  3. Just think Lewis. All those years working for the American People. Only to see them sold down the river. It's just a happiness making thought, isn't it?

  4. There may be something to Trump's saying there's rigging going on.


  5. Let's see: They are deliberately and knowingly hiring illegal immigrants? Does that not violate a federal statute--and maybe a state one or two? Cannot they be charges and arrested for doing so?

  6. So
    it will be civil war after all
    And it will be nowhere near as sporting as the last one
    Nowhere Near

  7. "Do the writers at the Post and the criminals running the criminal Clinton's criminal campaign think we're all idiots?"

    No, but they think enough of us are idiots that the Clinton gang could take the White House again. They have some excellent evidence, as follows.

    Enough of us are idiots that the Clinton gang took the White House before. Twice. And Obama did. Twice. And Hillary, that abomination, faced no sane opposition in the primaries, and faces none in the general.

    1. Got a link to that NYPost artcle a6z, last I heard an old Submariner was the OpEd Editor over there. I doubt he'd be onboard with Ms Beastie! The Daily News, now that's another story, or perhaps it's a reader submitted propaganda piece?
      On Watch
      "Let's Roll"

    2. Always nice to hear from you, Anonymous. I don't quite recall the context. Could you give fuller details?

      Also, please just copy the link into your post so we can all follow it with you.

  8. Hello Dip! Please help us out on this outrageous story of US swimmers pulled in by Brazilian police on suspicion that they made a false police report. Where the HE double hockey sticks is the US ambassador?

  9. If I told you that illegal immigration changed the entire course of my family, would you believe it?
    If I told you that we moved diagonally across the country to escape illegal immigration, would you believe me?
    If I told you that we paid $72,000 in 1997 to escape, would you believe me?
    We did.