Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Thoughts on Over There & Over Here: A Bit of Hope, but . . . .

It's a tired cliche, I know, but, here goes, the world's a mess, well, most of it.

Much is just the usual and ageless human inability to get along, but a lot of it, a great deal of the contemporary mess, results from progressivism and the cruel and inhuman policies it promotes and the delusions it fosters.

Most of  Europe, once the very core of Western civilization and of what most of us considered the civilized world, is in a rapid slide with only a few glimmers of hope that the avalanche can be halted. The delusional "politics of diversity" continue to exact victims on a daily basis. Jumped up jihadis driving trucks into crowds, placing bombs in airports and railway stations, slashing passers-by, etc., have become as London's criminally idiotic Muslim mayor put it, a "part and parcel" of life to which we must adjust.

These members of the Muslim Murder Machine are, of course, precisely those whom the tolerant "progressive" societies of Western Europe welcomed with open arms and wallets. While the dopey youth of Europe run about with their "COEXIST" slogans, the murderous youth of Islam laugh at, rape, rob, and murder them. Europe and the West, in general, as I wrote a long time ago, are clearly not at war with Islam, but we certainly are under attack from Islam. They are at war with us--a war they have waged for some 1400 years.

We see some hope-inducing signs that Europeans have begun to awaken from their progressive induced slumber. We, for example, saw the ballot success of Brexit, which was not driven primarily by economic issues but by,
something much, much more important . . . reclaiming the soul of Britain; preserving and restoring that which made Britain, notably England, one of the world's greatest countries, a nation of stunning consequence. It is about deciding whether the great British traditions and innovations that have made our modern world are worth saving or should be discarded . . . I think that the British, not known for welcoming invaders, have had enough. Well, those who are still British and appreciate their country and its history. Let us not forget that there was a deliberate Labour policy to alter irreversibly the social composition of Britain so as to make it much less British.
The progressive counterattack to nullify Brexit has been, as expected, as undemocratic and dishonest as it has been fierce, but it seems losing. Britain looks firmly headed for the door, and away from the lethal embrace of the EU and its deadly delusions. We live with the hope that Britain will become Britain, again, and give up the mad fantasies driving it toward becoming a sharia-besotted, metric using, offshore Muslim ghetto.

The Eastern Europeans, a people schooled in the hard realities of life, and who know a thing or two about invaders, do not seem fooled by the progressive siren song of "diversity is our strength." The Poles and the Hungarians, most notably, have proven very strong resisting the Islamic invasion and have been hammering the EU to recognize reality before it destroys them all. In the Netherlands and France, too, we see stirrings of popular revolt against the progressive world order. The terrific Dutch politician Geert Wilders is slowly but steadily increasing his political clout within Islam-besieged Netherlands and bringing a refreshing Nigel Farage-sort of common sense to the national debate. The fiery Marine Le Penn, too, has brought common sense back into the French political equation; she, however, faces a withering attack from the world's progressive elite, who attempt to dismiss her with the catch-all label "far right." I wish her well, but the decay in France is so pronounced that I have doubts she can succeed in reversing it. I still find incredible that after the enormous bloody slaughters suffered by the French people at the hands of the Muslims whom they welcomed into their country, so many continue willfully blind to the brutal reality. As Orwell noted, "To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle."

As I have stated many times before, there is an "arc of insanity that runs from Mauritania to Iran." Delusional policies emanating from Obama's Washington aimed at reducing Western influence and empowering the Muslim masses have further aggravated the traditional strife in the Middle East. The latest manifestation, of course, is the suffering and woe we see in Syria and Iraq which are direct consequences of the deliberate elimination of Western power in the region, and the "empowering" simultaneously of mad murderous Shia Iran and mad murderous Sunni organizations such as ISIS. The results we see in daily news reports. As we see in Egypt today, the region's Christians are being murdered and otherwise eliminated just as the Jews were previously. Muslims apparently do not believe that "diversity is their strength," diversity is only for our countries.

Here at home, progressives are reeling but regrouping after their unexpected loss in the November election, an election which has given us a dash of Brexit-type hope here in the USA. As noted before, they are conducting a campaign of sabotage against President Trump. Relying on the useful idiots pumped out by our decrepit institutions of higher "learning," the effort to delegitimize and paralyze Trump is fierce and unrelenting. The progressive left, of course, has struck what I have previously called a Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with Islam. As I also noted, in a subsequent piece,
Progressivist policies are now second only to the Koran as the greatest support to international Islamic terror. The Progressive hatred for Western Civilization makes a perfect match with Islam's hatred for Western Civilization. As noted before, in effect, what we have is a Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact between Progressivism and Islam. We see in Germany, for example, this Progressive hatred translated into the active encouragement of Muslim "immigration" into the heart of Europe--perhaps as many as one million, mostly young men, in the past few months. The results are catastrophic, and we are only seeing the beginning. Even before this latest "refugee" crisis, we had hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants living in Europe, many if not most on some sort of public assistance--just like the murdering brothers in Boston--and seething with hatred for the "white dude" culture that took them in, feeds them, gives them housing, etc. The Progressive hatred for our Civilization is so complete that even when Muslim "refugees" attack favored constituencies of Progressives, e.g., women, Progressives make excuses for the Muslims and advise women to "cover up" and "keep an arms length" from men. Progressive media is full of stories worrying about the potential "backlash" against the "refugees" because of the stories (oh so carefully worded) of mass rapes and assaults by the "refugees." 
As stated previously (here, for example), the Gates of Vienna have been breached, well, better said, opened from the inside. Our political betters have decided to transform fundamentally our culture into a copy of the savage cultures where Islam rules--and we are not to resist.
The progressives use their dominance of the media, the universities, and the courts to block perfectly common sense measures to try to prevent further importation into the USA of the sort of murderous nonsense we see in Europe and saw in Boston, Orlando, and San Bernardino--to name just three. The struggle in the US against the ravages of progressivism will be a long and hard one, and one made even harder if we allow the globalist sorts to drag us into silly wars where we have few if any vital interests at stake. There is, after all, an apparently insatiable desire by progressives for pointless strength-draining wars. As I predicted about our then-impending operation in Libya, progressives,
love to send America's youth off to war but only if there is no U.S. interest to be protected or furthered--and, of course, liberals themselves don't have to tote a gun. The Euros, the Arabs, the gathered lefties of the world will be happy, well, until that first CNN/BBC/MSNBC report comes in on an errant US bomb that crashes into a school, a bus, a senior citizen's home, or, of course, that jeep-full of Spanish and Italian journalists. Then the attack on the US and its "trigger-happy" military will begin.


  1. As a reaction to the intermural savagery of the twentieth century, it would seem that the EU and many of its holier-than-thou members have inadvertenly composed a new lesson for us all -- there is such a thing as too much civilization.

  2. Foreign Affairs, no conservative source, once ran a cover story, back during the Clinton misadministration, titled, "Foreign Policy as Social Work."

  3. I agree with George W. Potts.

    But, here is my own further question.

    Would you extend the "arc of insanity" beyond Mauretania and Iran to Sharki Turkistan (Xinjiang) and the Gansu Corridor of China?

    When I was a consular scut in Guangzhou back in the 'Nineties, I bought raisins, melons, pizza crusts, and bagels (the last two actually called "nan" by the sellers) from Uyghur migrants in Guangzhou, and got a few rather juicy cables off not only from info I got from those folks (who sometimes spoke Chinese worse than I did--s much for socialist education of national minority peoples), but also from others who knew both China's northwest and the Uyghur migrant community. As for the Gansu Corridor (including northern Qinghai), in 1994 the Hui (Chinese-speaking Muslims rather than Turks who stayed behind) threw a riot in Xining over a book they considered insulting to Muslims, during which they pointedly avoided molesting any Tibetans (their hereditary ethnic enemies) or Western experts whom people knew to be Christians and instead concentrated on trashing the Communist Party hq and any police vehicles they could find (while we're at it, there's a history of modern bad blood between Hui and Uyghur).

    My own impression was that the Uyghurs had drawn a lesson from the independence of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan was not that they were better off under an expanding Chinese reform economy, but that Big Brother was mortal after all.

    As for the suicide-by-Muslims going on in Europe, the O administration's policies and actions of its partisans has convinced me that the Left's hatred of Christianity trumps all else. Hence, they scream about Evangelicals, who merely tell them their LGBTQ friends are sinning and then pray for them, but when it comes to the Muslims, they'll tell themselves that Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace even when their own heads are on the block or they're made eunuchs to serve the harem of the Da'esh leader.

    Well, I suppose that was 3 comments in one. Best to all of you.

    1. And you too, Kepha!
      Tks for all 3!

    2. Agreed...
      I'd also say atheists/secularists often fundamentally misunderstand religion... and beyond that, there's this weird thing about liberals... they *seem* intent on making the government do through coercion, what the new testament asks us to do out of love. Of course, government almost never succeeds at 'intent' anyways, and can *only* ever implement coercion (fortunately, in the many cases where we've defended our freedoms, and unfortunately more and more as liberals stick their control-freak fingers into everybody's lives).

      - reader #1482

    3. Kepha, I too was a consular "scout" in Guangzhou in the 90's (97-99) tasked with overseeing visa issuance to adopted Chinese orphans by Americans. So I didn't have the benefit of Chinese language training. However, one restaurant I really enjoyed was a Uyghur restaurant that was a bit of a hole in the wall but had great food.

    4. Was Monday "Baby Day" as it was during my time there a few years earlier?

  4. I'm less sanguine about Marine Le Pen than you are, Sr. Diplomad.

    Although her Front National has shed most of the stench that her father brought to the party before she effectively expelled him, she harbors more than the usual amount of French anti-Americanism, even given her praise for Donald Trump. She not only wants to take France out of the EU but also out NATO.

    And I'm sure you haven't failed to notice her cozying up to Putin in a way that the Democrats can only fantasize about Trump doing.

    Maybe in the long run, if she were to win the election, she'd give France and Europe the sort of kick in the rear that they both need when it comes to the defense of Western civilization.

    But in the short run, I fear she would only set things back further with her embrace of Russia and because she'd make the progressives even nuttier -- especially those outside of France who still have plenty of clout.

    I'd take my chances on a better short run, and hope that someone more appropriate than Le Pen emerges to take care of the long run. It's a damn shame the great Dutchman Pim Fortuyn was assassinated way before his time.

    (I have to admit, though, that it would be fun to watch France go through a national nervous breakdown if Le Pen ended up facing off against the fast-rising, hard-left loonie Jean-Luc Melenchon in the May 7 runoff. That matchup would make our own last year look like Lincoln vs. Abigail Adams by comparison.)

  5. So frustrated with pentagon media engagement.... I thought Trump was going to stop telegraphing our every move in foreign policy?
    "Assad could see U.S. strike as just a 'slap on the wrist'"
    yes... Assad could... particularly if we *tell* him that's what it is, just as Obama would've gone out of his way to say: "This is just a one-shot deal to make my base happy.. I'm done now, please continue gassing your people."

    I hope Trump remains completely mum on it, specifically why he did it, or what kind of plans he does or doesn't have going forward. There needs to be some *risk* to tangling in affairs of the US that get our military involved. And we don't need to *remove* those risks by specifying precise rules of engagement and such.

    media: "Are we going to bomb Syria again?" ideal President: "*shrug*"

    tell those pentagoons to be quiet!

    - reader #1482

  6. Thank you, DiploMad, excellent piece.
    We had a terror attack in Stockholm this weekend. Four dead, among them, an 11 year old girl on her way home from school. She was deaf, probably didn´t hear the approaching truck. There you have a victim and a story that, if MSM brought it up, could change politics , at least in our country. But MSM is quiet here , media is just very neutral, "four victims", that´s it. They collude with the progressive politicians. Compare this with the picture of the drowned boy that contributed to the open border policy that now torment us and cause our many problems. Progressive media and politicians with their insane ideas direct this. They have caused the situation in Europe, they, very protected themselves, preach that terror is now "part and parcel" of life, we have to adjust, society must remain open. We the people have another opinion about the solutions, that´s why , hopefully, another brand of politicians will appear soon.

    1. My very deepest sympathies toward the long-suffering Swedes. Did you, as a nation cause your own problems? Well, yes, m ore or less, but the people do not deserve such a bad government, and they are led by execrable media to act against their own self-interest. Again, we share your sorrow, and hope for better times, for you and for us.


    2. Thank you, Anonymous MFA, yes, too many insufferable progressives here, in the politics and the media, who pushed politics in the wrong direction. But there are many other waiting to enter the stage now and they have other messages, messages of common sense.
      Mr Potts, in Sweden most people lived a charmed and protected life ,our way of life worked well when the population was homogeneous. However, we are awakening to another situation. You could say, this is what multi culturalism brings, at least when it includes muslims who are so at odds with modern society. I wonder why so many Western politicians are so eager about multi culturalism and immigration, it is almost like a great, big, conspiracy. Divided societies are easier to control ?

  7. At this point I would fully support a violent and savage reaction against muslims in the west. If western governments are going to betray their people, the people have a right to free themselves of any restraint in their own defence. Don't act as a witness, don't help the police and if you're on a jury, acquit regardless of the evidence. Fight back by any means.

    1. Yes, I would support it too. I would fiddle, like Nero, if the mosques were burning. I am tired of turning the other cheek. I say, make the European environment in-hospitable to Muslims, no mosques, ban the veils, minimum benefits, see how it works. Oh, I know, it will never happen, the PC crowd will scream. It requires a terror deed in their own neighborhoods for them to be sane.

    2. So, in order maintain civilization...undermine civilization.

  8. I disagree Brexit on its present trajectory has not been sabotaged and will gives us back "Britain." May says Britain will continue to accept free movement of people into the UK and the current plan is in order for Britain to get its Article 50 consent to leave, will agree that Parliament for Parliament to get its Article 50 consent to leave will enact as law and impose on Britain everything the EU imposes on members. So Britain will have most of the restrictions and disadvantages of the EU stranglehold without any of advantages or say of being member.

    Wilders LOST in recent election (i.e., Freedom Party did not win enough seats to make him PM), when there had earlier been hope he could win. Hence, his momentum has slowed. Le Pen I, personally, do not think will ever quite win. Let's hope I'm wrong. Hurray to the Eastern Europeans, but beware EU and U.S. meddling to expand the EU and NATO (despite Bush 41's promise to Gorbachev it wouldn't). EU and U.S. under Obama in their fanaticism to expand the EU and NATO and isolate Putin have financed civil war in Ukraine, armed factions and meddled in elections throughout the region, including in Georgia. Whether this will continue under Trump (I.e., will Trump or McCain emerge victorious?) and Russia's reactions to be determined. But if EU and U.S. - and Soros - keep at it and further if Putin reacts, things could get very ugly in Eastern Europe.

    Diplomad's headline: "a bit of hope, but." Personally and very depressingly, I have to go with the "but." I will be very happy to be shown wrong.

    1. 'brexit in name only' likely will not fly.. I guess we'll see.

    2. P.s. Apologies. Somehow I mangled my first paragraph. Should read:

      I disagree that Brexit on its present trajectory has not been sabotaged and will give us back "Britain." May says Britain will continue to accept free movement of people into the UK and the current plan is in order for Britain to get its Article 50 consent to leave, it will agree that Parliament will enact as law and impose on Britain everything the EU imposes on members. So Britain will have most of the restrictions and disadvantages of the EU stranglehold without any of advantages or say of being member.

    3. "I will be very happy to be shown wrong." -Msher

      Ok, Let's start here:

      ..."Geert Wilders is slowly but steadily increasing his political clout within Islam-besieged Netherlands"... see WLA (above)


      "The PVV contested the 2017 general election with Wilders at its helm. Though the PVV led other parties in opinion polls most of the time, all major parties ruled out forming coalitions with the PVV, effectively locking it out from any chance of taking part in, let alone leading, the next government...

      Wilders hinted that a "revolution" would occur if his party won the most seats and was still shut out of government. The PVV ended up achieving second place after gaining 5 seats."

      THAT Monsieur Msher may be many things, disappointing, a challenge, a short term setback, but nowhere near "LOST", that category I'd reserve for the sad ending of Pim Fortuyn! Unless of course its Fake NEWS...

      If you're from the USA tho, think of it like this: SuperBowl -- It's 1st down, Goal to Go, you score at the half! The opposition is up by a field goal... the BIG game ain't even near "LOST" till Dandy Don Meredith sings "Turn out the Lights" !

      >>>>>>>> versus <<<<<<<

      ..."Wilders LOST"... Msher
      April 10, 2017 at 11:29 AM

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    4. To Anonymous at 6:23 P.M.

      I am American, I am a "Ms," not a Monsieur, and I hope your view of events is correct. It certainly makes me happier than does mine.

    5. So nice to meet you Ms. Msher ;)
      Please call me "On Watch"...
      Nice to see a fellow, err lady American smile!
      Tks too, for the thought and effort you put into your commentary. OW~~~

    6. Ow

      That's nice. Thx. "Thought" yes, but luckily not so much "effort." I've written since in college, have written professionally and have been published, so I write really, really fast and it doesn't take much effort. Downside to being able to write fast: I put way more into posts than anyone wants to read. So your comment much appreciated.

  9. I have relatives in London, and one of them is Jewish by origin if not by active faith. Nonetheless she voted for the Muslim mayor with considerable glee, if only to "make the Tories feel bad." The lady is now pregnant and one prays it goes well. I do wonder however if as she approaches motherhood, she will begin to wonder if her delight in seeing a Muslim mayor who tacitly approves of mayhem if only by suggesting terrorism is everyday life and therefore not worth struggling against, was somewhat misplaced. She will want her child to grow up in a secure world -- every caring parent does -- but she has already actively sought to put in place a man who regards both her family's faith and her western concept of freedom of speech and choice as an enemy to be vanquished.

    You do have to wonder about progressives and their cult of insanity.

    1. In my experience hatred of the Tories or Republicans is a very strong motivation by the left, especially leftist members of the intellectual class. It's a very easy way for them to signal their allegiance. I've seen leftist-intellectuals do it even after they've been cast out of the official left for some trivial wrong-think. The ones who 'hate' the right the loudest are often the ones with the most bourgeois background.

    2. AKM, good comment. It seems with so many on the left, their bona fides are made by how loudly and fiercely they reject their own class upbringing.

  10. Trump, when campaigning, make the (paraphrased) statement: "I will not telegraph our actions to our enemies."
    And now the NYT is flipping out because Trump is DOING WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO!!?!?!?!?!?!

    Will you attack Syria if they use chemical weapons again?
    Will you attack Syria if they use 'barrel bombs'?
    Will you put US boots on the ground?

    What kind of an IDIOT would answer those questions? Oh yeah, an Obama idiot.

    It's fine for Trump's staff to say things about it, and even better if those conflict. But Trump should *not* resolve the ambiguity.
    Now if he wants to secretly reach out to certain of our allies to signal them what they should or shouldn't expect... fine. But that's got to be absolutely secret.

    People who mess with the vital interests of America should *not* know exactly if/when/how they will be made to pay a price.

    - reader #1482

  11. The United States should immediately get involved everywhere and attack everybody [The McCain Doctrine for Action], we can't afford to take the risk of missing anyone, for peace of course. Even though Eisenhower called Preventive War an invention of Hitler, he was obviously a no action weak old fool who never even once got us into a war .... only got us out of them ... ... the complete wrong direction ... ... Eisenhower that is, not Hitler ... .. and probably could not get past private in anyone's modern Army today, as everyone now knows Preventive War leads to peace, a.k.a attacking first will make everyone safer, just ask some older Japanese if you don't believe me.

  12. ..."as everyone now knows Preventive War leads to peace, a.k.a attacking first will make everyone safer, just ask some older[Mukden]Japanese if you don't believe me." Anon April 11, 2017 at 9:00 PM

    Here I'll get that switch for ya~~~

    While 'I like Ike', and know that Gen. MacA held his clerical skills in the highest regard, I do also believe that in todays dangerous world, what with the belligerent rise of Islamic terror states, and other national actors threatening to use their offensive nuclear weapons and delivery platforms against US. It may be wise to consider Preemptive if not Preventive War as POTENTIALLY requisite tools in order to avoid being struck by the rogue Sucker Punch! IMHO!
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"