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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What's Important

Leaving for Vegas tomorrow. Will be off the grid for a few days.

Couldn't resist commenting on what the media thinks important.

As I noted before (here). President Trump dominated the G20 leaders' meeting and the lead up to it. His speech in Poland was a great one. Nobody else on stage in Hamburg seemed to matter. He set the tone for a new age of American leadership. He didn't bow before the gods of climate change and confronted Putin while at the same time trying to get him on side in the fight against terror.

In other international news, ISIS is actually and for real this time on the run. Their forces in Iraq and Syria are being methodically ground into fine dust by a more aggressive and effective American policy of using a mix of special forces, air support, and the training of local forces to confront a conventional army such as the one ISIS sought to build. From all accounts I have read, the Iraqi forces proved very competent in the vicious house-to-house fighting in Mosul.

The alliance among Japan, the Republic of Korea, and the USA is being strengthened and revitalized as we confront the apparently growing NORK threat. I suspect that even Dear Leader (bis) must recognize, in his private moments, at least, that war with Trump's America is a losing proposition.

The Mad Maduro regime in Caracas is gurgling its death rattle as the consequences of socialism become so apparent that only the mainstream media can miss it. A sure sign that end times approach for Chavismo is the release from prison of prominent opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. When these sorts of regimes start freeing political prisoners it means they are desperately looking for a deal and want our help in reaching it. Watch.

These are major and positive developments so, of course, our media tsars are going back to the "RUSSIA!" story. Now they have come up with some convoluted, poorly sourced account of a mysterious meeting between Donald Trump, Jr., and a Russian attorney. The whole story makes no sense and upon reading it in the NYT, I kept asking, "And? What is the crime?"

The progs just won't give it a rest and us a break.  Was Russian meddling in our election worse and more consequential than that by Mexico? The answer is "No!" But that, apparently, will not draw a Special Prosecutor, or even a few NYT editorials.

The slots await!


  1. The media returns to ankle biting and wonders why they are losing respect.

  2. "When these sorts of regimes start freeing political prisoners it means they are desperately looking for a deal and want our help in reaching it."

    Don't help. Don't intervene at all. Let the insurrectionists win and string up all their foes. If you let the socialists avoid punishment for their sins you're only encouraging the next bunch of socialist nincompoops somewhere in the world. Keep out of it, America. Let vengeance take its course.

    1. There's a part of me that completely sympathizes with your post, dearieme. Perhaps one of the issues America has had in my lifetime has been a tendency to want to save fools from the consequences of their folly. Then again, considering that my religion holds that God became man to save us from the consequences of our sins...

      Re Venezuela, those Lefties near and dear to me are already blaming the CIA and America in general for the shortages in Venezuela (after they made excuses galore for the Chavistas closing down a free press and other such things).

  3. "... what the Media thinks important."

    To the extent that the "Media thinks," one should remember that it is only to the limit that their narrative permits. And that in turn means that the Media do not think, but rather feel.

    So that phrase should have been "... what the Media FEELS is important."

    Green Bear

  4. Going to play the slots in Vegas? Send me $1,000 and I'll send you $850. That's better than the slots will do for you!

  5. Good luck in Vegas!

    My uncle had the right idea: he always won. How?

    Simple; he only counted his winnings, never his losses! Well, it worked for him. (At least his wife never caught on....)

  6. I've been posting on LatAm for 13+ years.
    For the last six months the stories on this hemisphere have been dwindling down to nothing. For this morning's post I found 3 stories in the Real Clear World sidebar, and 3 at the bottom of the WSJ homepage. And that was because i looked hard.

    For over a decade I regularly used to find reports on LatAm, sometimes having to decide which stories out of many to post about. That was then. This is now.

    And it's not just the MSM. Saturday I had a post up on Lopez's release before the WaPo, WSJ & NYT. I flogged it to major conservative blogs and all ignored it except for Doug Ross. instead people wee opining on Ivanka's meeting at the G20.

    "Was Russian meddling in our election worse and more consequential than that by Mexico?"
    Judging by the coverage, Mexico (whose campaign allegedly received financing from the Juárez Cartel) does not exist unless Trump talks about the fence.

    Useful distraction indeed.

    1. Make that last paragraph, "Judging by the coverage, Mexico (whose president's own campaign allegedly received financing from the Juárez Cartel) does not exist unless Trump talks about the fence."

      with apologies!

  7. There is a bigger question. How have the Democrats and Republicans meddled in US elections? Here is what I mean.

    The only event reported of Russian meddling is the hacking of John Podesta's emails. These revealed the dirty tricks and bias of the Dem party, especially the actions taken against Bernie Sanders' campaign. I haven't seen any discussion of any evidence that this hacking was directed by the Russian government or any government.

    The damage here came from revealing some of the truth behind Dem operations. The old joke: A verbal blunder in politics is accidentally revealing the truth. I want to know about Dem and Pub secret actions. I am not concerned that their supposed rights to privacy were violated.

    I see political parties as public operations. They receive special privileges from the government and are making public offerings to gain office and power. They should have no more right to privacy and lies than public corporations making announcements about earnings. There should be FOIA rights of discovery about all of their internal communications. What should they be able to hide? I would allow political parties limited rights to privacy during an election and none after an election.

    We should not have to rely on Russians or hackers to reveal the truth about the lies and dirty tricks of our political parties.

    1. IIRC there was no "hack" of Podesta's email. John "Uber-Intellectual" Podesta answered a phishing email asking for his email credentials. No different from all the other such attempts that we have all had over the years.

    2. It was a hack based on social engineering. That is the primary type of hack these days, being much easier than guessing passwords.

      I read that there was a twist. Podesta asked his IT person whether the email he received, asking him to reset his password, was a phishing attempt. IT responded "It's the real deal", meaning that it was phishing. Podesta took this to mean that the request was legitimate, he changed his password, giving it to the hackers.

  8. "Couldn't resist commenting on what the media thinks important."

    I dunno exactly Diplomad Sir which, NYT article you're articulating on but I'd simply "pull one outta the hat" wherein I notice something I couldn't resist commenting on either. This one:


    Notice there's a significant amount of "adjusting" between what I'm of the opinion was the article you'd Diplomad Sir read ...

    (I'm basing my analysis on "whitewall's" time of comment posting above ie: July 11, 2017 at 6:50 AM - first comment on this thread as it happens - then the post-time of the NYT article I list.)

    And then this later one above which, I'm doubting we'll be seeing anything like either of the CNN or the WaPo very recent announcements (CNN) "Two staffers resign ... sourcing errors" and the (WaPo) "Upon review ... inadequate editorial oversight WaPo retracts" ...

    Anyway, I've personally taken to streaming that Maddow/MSNBC *personage* (and yep, I'm gulping handsfull of Prilosec) but the important thing I'm seeing from what she [Maddow] reported NYT said yesterday as opposed to "the clarifying" I'm seeing in this most recent NYT posting is ... In a word


    Looks to me (and I have some "experience") there's some CYA happening in the New York Times' *Verification Office.*

    Disclaimer - I don't know which NYT article Diplomad Sir, you "depended on."


    1. Easy on that Prilosec. It diminishes bone density.
      Michael Adams

    2. Also can lead to neuropathy in the feet.

  9. I see Joe Scarborough is leaving the Republican Party? Well, bye.

  10. Trump is returning to Europe today. I guess he is happy to leave that madhouse, Washington DC. After his last, very successful , European trip it didn´t take long until the schemers and plotters in DC were at it again. Even Frau Merkel said over here that it is a blessing for us all if the US and Russia get along and it seemed to be the case a couple of days ago. But the media, colluding with the warmongers in DC, could of course not allow it. Are there no other problems in the US to analyze and discuss, like education, healthcare, crimes, taxes ? All is well ? Because they chew this Russia-burger again and again like it was the biggest piece of news on the globe. And it will turn out a nothing-burger again, I am sure. I remember some real scandals brewing during the Obama years, for example that tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton...and now, the murder of Seth Rich... Something for true investigative journalism to bite on. But it doesn´t exist anymore.
    There is this irritating twist in the " reporting" on Russia. According to media Russia provided information that was hurtful to Hillary without ever telling what that information was. That information is the only thing interesting here, at least to me.

    1. Well, there was none. Another matter was discussed to no avail.

    2. "According to media Russia provided information that was hurtful to Hillary without ever telling what that information was."

      The information was simply the truth.

    3. Dear Ms S.L. Take a lot of dry saunas, and wet ones, too, to get acclimated. When the SHTF, you'll be ready for Texas, even the heat and humidity. (Shh, don't tell anybody it rains here, in some parts.)The moral and intellectual climate will make you feel right at home. (Hint: Don't rely on the media for your knowledge of our State.)

  11. I suspect the Democrats were scared by the revelation of possible "official Russian government documents" because they fear another exposure such as when we learned of Teddy Kennedy's approaching the Soviets seeking their help defeating Reagan. That bit of "collusion" approaching treason was swept under the rug. Oddly, by both sides in DC....

  12. "When these sorts of regimes start freeing political prisoners it means they are desperately looking for a deal and want our help in reaching it. Watch."

    Gracias Amigo!
    On Watch~~~
    Buena Fortuna
    Viva Las Vegas!