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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Battle of Britain Redux

Given that history "repeats itself," sort of, it's only appropriate that on the 77th anniversary of the original Battle of Britain, we see a new one underway.

As we have read, "somebody" tried to commit mass murder on a British commuter train; a "bucket" bomb went off inside a rail car injuring around 30 persons. Seems pure luck that we have no fatality to lament; it appears the bomb-maker was not exactly a master of his/her/xi craft, and the device failed to work "properly." Instead of a massive detonation in a packed and confined rail car, the bomb "merely" generated, per the press, some sort of "fireball" that produced serious but non-lethal injuries and a stampede. The media, no doubt, will let us know where the bomb-maker failed so that future ones won't repeat the same errors.

OK. Let us not jump to conclusions re the who and the what behind this latest atrocity. Let's put aside the giddy ISIS endorsement of the act. Let us not conclude, without evidence, who is the likely perp. I won't, therefore, jump to conclude that the bomber is a Mormon missionary, an Amish tourist, an Orthodox Rabbi, or a Catholic Priest. I also won't conclude that it is some Nazi upset about the result of the 1940 Battle of Britain. Somehow, however, despite all these non-jump cautions, I think we all know who and what lie behind the bombing. Dare we say it? I don't want to invoke a Google ban . . . so I will allow each reader to whisper, "Religion of Peace."

London, once one of if not the greatest of cities, is now a place of heavily armed cops, troops, and concrete barriers; its criminally idiotic mayor delivers platitudes about "not giving in to terror" when, in fact, London has (here and here). The mayor, himself, previously lectured the world about how terrorism is just something we have to expect in a major city, so carry on smartly, nothing to see here, immigrants, and refugees still welcome . . . white English people, not so much . . . I guess it's cheaper and easier to turn Western cities into armed zones and "no go areas" that to control whom enters and stays in the country: more politically correct and less "triggering," and, after all, isn't that what modern life is all about? Not offending guests. What's a bombing or acid attack by and among friends, eh?

As we have ranted on for years, London is not alone; this is not just a battle of and for Britain any more than the original 1940 battle. All of Europe is under assault, occupation even, by a hostile, murdering, totalitarian ideology that masquerades as a religion--I leave to my intrepid readers to utter the name of that "religion." On the same day as the London attack, we saw knife and hammer attacks in France, and reports of police preventing other "Religion of Peace" attacks elsewhere in Europe.

About 2 1/2 years ago, I wrote,
IT. IS. THE. ISLAM. (Ben Affleck, please read this over and over, slowly, so that it can sink into your Hollywood/progressive head) 
That's it. It's Islam: not some radical minority version of it, but mainstream, central core Islam that drives people to acts of murder and intolerance. Not hard to understand if you ever have studied Islam, spent time in Muslim countries or with Muslims in the West. It is a creed for the unbalanced, the fearful, the hate-filled. It is no wonder it thrives in prisons. Islam is a psychotic creed, not a religion as we understand religion. Islam is about conquest and, above all, about revenge: endless acts of revenge for endless slights real and imagined throughout history. 
As I repeatedly have said, you can be a good person or you can be a good Muslim. The Venn diagram showing an overlap between those two categories does not exist except in the minds of apologist hacks, progressive idiots, and Hollywood--which is to say the same thing. It is with Islam as it is with Communism, Nazism, or KKKism, you can be an honorable and good person, or you can believe in that mind-rot. 
Once upon a time that retrograde ideology, Islam, was confined largely to places most of us could not care less about. The Sudan had its Mahdi with his delusions of leading a global conquest for Islam; Jerusalem had its Nazi-loving Grand Mufti, and so on. They were Muslim crazies in lands of Muslim crazies. Thanks, however, to modern technology and Western soft-headedness, those Muslim crazies have set up shop in our countries. We in the West seem to have forgotten something we knew during the Cold War against the Communists, and during the Second World War against the Nazis and the Fascists, to wit, belief in freedom does not mean signing a suicide pact. We are not required to import millions of sworn enemies into our homes.
I wouldn't dare post that now, and risk a Google or Twitter ban . . .


  1. My bet is a group of angry Anglicans are behind this bombing. The joys of diversity.

  2. The Venn diagram showing an overlap between progressive idiots and sane individuals with a modicum of common sense does not exist.

  3. The press counts 5 Religion-of-Peace attacks in London in last 6 months. But they conviently overlook many hundreds of acid-in-the-face attacks from motor scooters. Many of the recipients of these "acts of love" will be disfigured for life. That is the "rest of this untold horrible story."

  4. Have the bobbies bagged the Baptist bomber?


  5. I've written part of this before, but it keeps being relevant.

    My mother and maternal family were English, some who lived through the Blitz. They fought fiercely to save Britain and endured huge hardships while they were doing it. My American father was a GI who spent WWII in England then Belgium in a bombing squadron that dropped 15,000 tons of bombs in 298 missions over the Continent, to save Britain and Europe from Nazi tyranny.

    70 years later Britain has surrendered itself to the EU/Germany without a shot being fired. (This assumes unchecked immigration will continue in Britain and Brexit has been effectively sabotaged - I mean, the post-Brexit PM is a pro - immigration Remainer. Duh!) And Britain and the Continent welcome both German hegemony and Germany included, welcome foreign colonizers who bring terror and a totalitarian religious/political ideology they intend to impose. Why did anyone bother fighting WWII? (No it wasn't to save Jews.) How did Germany which fought fiercely for racial purity and control of the Continent and still wants hegemony become suicidal? How do they not realize their hegemony will mean nothing as the Continent and itself become Muslim dominated, then Muslim majorities. Oddly, imho, only Eastern Europe and Russia still have any sense of themselves and the desire to survive. What happened to entire populations of Brits and Europeans?

    1. "What happened to entire populations of Brits and Europeans?"
      The Frankfurt School and 70 years of Leftism rotting away all Western institutions. Ironically, Eastern Europe was "protected" from all this by a form of Leftism-Communism!

    2. Perhaps they would rather have Muslim babies than no babies ... and the Muslim religion rather than no religion?

    3. Would they have the Muslim religion rather than no religion? Perhaps, having been told ad nauseum that their God is dead, Western people are out seeking another?

  6. There's been a major attack, raise the terror alert!
    Why? It already happened. Being that deaths due to terrorism are analogous to deaths due to slipping in the bathtub (by our erstwhile former dear leader), there is no reason to believe that a terror attack leads to a heightened chance of another terror attack.
    If these are bathtub-style random variables in the typical exponential distribution for an independent random variable, then only a math idiot would raise the terror threat level after an attack.

    *UNLESS* we are to believe that there is something other than bathtub-slipperiness behind it! Like maybe the premeditation of a thousands of devotees planning our destruction from a middle eastern wasteland?

    - reader #1482

    1. reader #1482

      Koran tells believers to kill infidels. Imams in West tell believers to kill infidels. Terror doesn't need planning from a middle eastern wasteland! But I also agree with your point.

    2. Hi Msher,
      You got me thinking.. thinking about the obfuscatory tactics of the left and how they would claim to 'respond' to this. The 'best' I could come up with is: huffpo article

      In a nutshell, the lefty apology for the violence enshrined in the koran of their allies is due to 'other people attacking muhammed, so obviously they had to go kill those infidels'.
      Even in the best reading, which this nuttball attempts, it's a disaster of any reasonable morality.
      Mr. Nuttball continues on to claim that the Koran tells people to abide by treaties (until they're not longer advantageous... whups.. left that part out).
      There's just too much to apologize for, and the author winds up effectively giving up.

      Yes, the Koran justifies the killing of unbelievers, and that killing unbelievers is, at best, borderline-obligation, at worst, clear compulsion.

      It just feels that my peers are so incredibly intellectually lazy. Like they can't even take a stab at reading a copy of the koran (not a technical copy, since we'd probably not be reading arabic, but rather an illicit translation, something forbidden explicitly in the koran, of course...).

      Anyways.. fully agreed, Msher.
      - reader #1482

  7. Islam: Established by the sword, conquered by the sword, and maintained by the sword.
    PS. Dip the Mahdi's (Sudan) great great grandson was prime minister there during the 80's.

  8. Very well said, DiploMad. Thank you.
    No, it is not a pleasure visiting London nowadays ( apart from the great museums ).I get a gloomy feeling when there,it is a bit dirty, unkempt, the place is full of people who do not look, act or dress like the Londoners of yesterday.Well, London has of course for very long had a rather diverse population compared to other cities but it was still, you know, old style British. These Brits have obviously fled the city. To the countryside ? Or to the countryside in France and Spain ?
    I think it is depressing that this former icon of the West now has a Muslim mayor and an enormous, dominant mosque in Marylebone, this part of the town used to be so nice. And I think there are around 20 other mosques in other parts of the city. Depressing.
    Swedish lady

    1. Absolutely correct. Central London is no longer British in terms of white native Europeans there. It is grubby and the white population is moving out quickly, akin to white South Africans. My Brother in Law lives 80 miles away and wonders why so many Londoners are moving to his small town, causing property prices to spiral upwards. I told him, but he still doesn't get it. The war continues but only one side knows what it is fighting for and what is at stake.

  9. The bomber is a "Syrian refugee child of 18" being foster parented by an English couple. They were rewarded for their efforts with MBE two years ago.

  10. You have to remember that gb lost at least one12 generation of men with balls in the first world war and then what was left of those in the second world war.
    Pretty much all that was left of the breeding male population after WWII were those who couldn't or wouldn't pick up a gun and fight for their country - regardless of the reason.

    1. The same is true, I suspect, of Germany. That's why pheasants run in South Dakota. The flyers all got shot.

    2. The Uncle for whom I was named was from Norse Dakota, and was a veteran of WWII (God rest him/Gud hviler ham). He used to send us a brace of smoked pheasants every Christmas, and had hunted them in both his home state and its neighbor.

  11. “These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard. Must be proactive!” tweeted the President and the media over there and here went mad. OK, just a small point, these people in the past were on the radar of Scotland Yard being potential terrorists but not arrested. Yet a person in the UK, who attacked ISIS, was arrested for his writings. In the UK they do not have 1st Amendment type protections for people as we do, so "defame" a group and you can be arrested.
    So if a moderate/conservative can be arrested for attacking ISIS, why aren't the Radical Islamists writing anti government/anti conservative/anti Christian screeds been arrested. They definitely should be in the sights of Scotland Yard, but I guess in GB they can only be arrested by policy when they commit overt acts of violence. Sort of like now in Portland, Berkeley, Charlottesville and Boston by our police; Antifa wearing masks is illegal in CA, MA and VA. Thy inforced that law in Berkeley for Ben Shapiro's appearance Thursday, finally.