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Friday, July 20, 2018

President Putin: How to Get the Progs to Love You

Dear President Putin:

I know you are very busy these days trying to maintain Russia as a major power on the world stage. You had it pretty easy for most of the past decade, as your biggest "rival"--we're not really in the same league, but never mind--the USA, was governed by "pajama boys," at best, and maybe even active enemies of the USA. I wrote some time back (here, for example) about you,
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the Shining Shooting Tsar of Eurasia-- [is] arguably the smartest national leader in the world. Let me back up. "Smartest" might be the wrong word. Yes, it definitely is the wrong one. That word is too loosely defined and too easily pinned on too many. What makes Putin successful and such a formidable geopolitical foe (thank you, Mitt Romney) is not that he is just "smart," but that he is a throw-back to a different era. He hunts and fishes, and doesn't care about the political fashion and sensitivities of the day; pajama boy has no place in Putin's cage fighter universe. Despite his upbringing as a Communist, he is now devoutly religious and wants to see religion restored to Russian life. As the jihadis have discovered, they have in Putin a rival as ruthless and religiously committed as they, and not bound by the conventions of political correctness.
So you see, I have a lot of respect for you as an actor on the world stage, and am full of genuine admiration at how you could play a pretty weak hand so very well against opponents much stronger than you, well, on paper. I also wrote that, sorry, I was glad not to be in a world where Russia was the dominant power (here) and even gave advice to my leaders on how to deal with Russia's big power ambitions (here). I have written a lot more which I am sure your world class hackers can retrieve with no difficulty, or they can just Google the stuff. As you can see, I am not a big fan of what you're trying to do, but . . . well, the situation in my country has gotten so absurd I turn to you.

In November 2016, we elected a President who has been the toughest on Russia since, since . . . well, at least since the USSR became Russia. You know all the things that Trump has done better than I, and am quite certain this man was not whom you wanted in the White House. Your folks poured a lot of money into the Bill and Hillary Clinton Crime Family, and I am sure you feel a bit burned by that pointless investment. The losers of that election have tried to play political jiu-jitsu by claiming that their opponent was actually in your pocket and that we should ignore all the collusion between your people and Hillary. Our media and "Deep State," which respond to DNC dictates much as did the old Pravda to the Kremlin's, have gone full Orwell. Well, you know all about that. No need for me to spell it out for you.

You are not getting good press here. Good press is important in the USA and West. You're not getting it. The Progs who control the bulk of the media, old and new, don't like you for a variety of reasons having more to do with Prog delusions than anything real. Let me give you some advice which is inspired by Francisco Franco and Josip Broz Tito. There you had two authoritarian European dictators who did not hesitate to sentence enemies to prison and to death. They were very similar in many ways, but Tito knew how to handle the international Progs and Franco did not. Franco talked about the Church, fighting Communism, and crushing the Masons. Tito, as much if not more dictatorial than Franco, talked about the Non-Aligned Movement (he helped found it, in fact), being anti-imperialist, belonging to no side in the great battle of the Cold War, just in favor of peace, anti-colonialism, etc. All themes from Progdam. Tito knew, as I wrote here, for example, that Progs love the FAKE. They adore the FAKE. You can go to my piece, and you will see what I mean.

So President Putin, my advice for you is to go Full Fake!

Tito and Franco, for example, both wore colorful military uniforms with lots of Goering-style medals, but Tito had a snazzy Red Star on his cap. He would wear the uniform of a bloody military dictator but talk about peace, non-alignment, freeing the poor, etc. Not Franco, no, the fool was too honest for that. He just wanted to talk about crushing the Communists and the Masons. In the end, of course, Spain turned out to be a much better place to live than did Yugoslavia (RIP), but Franco (and Pinochet in Chile vs Castro in Cuba) would get no credit for that.

If you go Full Fake, then it will be OK for our President to meet you. Nobody will object. Get on MSNBC and decry the evils of imperialism in Africa and Latin America; quote Marx; talk about Frantz Fanon. You can do it. The Progs in the West will eat it up!

Regards to Sergei Lavrov and tell him I think of him often and of our days at the UN. Ask him if he remembers being trapped in a car with me in a Swiss park . . . a funny story that . . . please don't have him shot because of it . . .

Go Fake!


  1. I'm not sure if you are going off the rails.. or hitting your stride. The line between brilliance and crazy is often very thin! I wasn't aware of the stuff about Tito, so thanks for that. His region of europa makes my head hurt so i avoid it's history. I will admit, that while it is somewhat irrational, I have an affinity for putin and Jeff sessions (weird). I think they are solid dogs. Time will tell. I detect a core honesty in putin that will prevent him from following your advice.
    PS I think that NC as begun to bore you... and that you detest retirement and and want to get back in the game?

  2. I know, I know.... The times have become very interesting. Stay drunk and in the mountains- best advice.

  3. You have been teasing that Lavrov story for years.

    Why would Putin allow the release of the DNC and Podesta emails if he wanted to see Hillary win? The release of that material sheds light on how the game was rigged against Bernie but released after Bernie had lost. I am sure Putin would rather have dealt with an open communist sympathizer, than with corrupt Hillary or unpredictable Trump. The blaming the "Russians" for the DNC/Podesta hacks is based on flimsy evidence sourced from Crowdstrike, which is not only super-democrat biased, but has always seemed to find that the Russians did it, if you investigate their prior hack traces, read up on Dmitri Alperovitch.

    There is evidence that there was a transmission channel into Russian controlled IP space sourced via a malware infection from a device within the DNC network, and this is what prompted the FBI to contact the DNC IT department. This contact was by a regular FBI agent, to the DNC site network admin, not a superstar agent like Strzok calling Debbie Wasserman Shultz, so it likely was considered a low-level threat. This is the evidence of Russian involvement that Crowdstrike based their findings on. As to who did steal the emails I have seen some talk that there is logging that showed a user of the DNC network server had admin rights and should not have had these rights. Unauthorized inside access is how Ed Snowden was able to obtain all the NSA material. A inside user with admin rights is how I have personally seen a company email archive pilfered.

    So, when Trump goes on about why the "The Feds" were not allowed access to the DNC's network is a very valid point. Our folks are perhaps the best in the world at cyber forensics. So, the DNC holding back seems to indicate that there is something there they didn't want the FBI to find. It could have been just the regular corruption of the DNC, or it could be that there is evidence that somebody that wasn't the Russians stole the email archives. It is possible of course for an outsider to obtain insider credentials. Find out who is the network admin, and either get close to his “company” laptop and inject a keylogger via USB, or shoulder surf his credentials in a Mata Hari manner, or like Podesta and get spearfished. But if this were the case, the DNC would be tossing the network admin to the wolves of the media to bolster the Russian hacking angle, without having to have the FBI dig through all the laundry.

    This may all crack open in a big way soon, as both Kim Dotcom and Julian Assange inch closer to extradition to the U.S. One of those two is going to decide to make a deal.

    1. This raises the interesting question about what the Democrats didn't want the FBI regular agents to find. Might I suggest that it has nothing to do with the Russians?

      Consider: there was a reason that Obama deactivated ID checking for his campaign, and it is widely known that a fair amount of Chinese money got in that way. So why would the DNC want to close off that source of funds?

      That is, what if the Steele Dossier is merely a smokescreen to hide the fact of DNC/Clinton corruption?

      Green Bear

    2. “I am sure Putin would rather have dealt with an open communist sympathizer, than with corrupt Hillary or unpredictable Trump.”

      Bagel Bernie and his ilk hate Putin as an apostate who turned away from Marxism to Russian Orthodox nationalism, so no, it wouldn’t have been in his interests at all. Buying influence with a Clinton only works when they stay reliably bought, which in Russia’s case, they could be outbid by the Chinese and the Saudis. Trump would be the safest bet to pursue a Nixon policy of detente, and one least likely to be bought by interests hostile to Russia, since he’s already independently wealthy at a level far above the greedy Clintons or Bernie.

    3. @Tamaqua: so they wanted Trump to win because he was the nearest thing to an honest man in the contest. Poor America!

      But there's quite a distinction between wanting Trump to win and "hacking" the election. I still have never seen any explanation of the expression "hacking the election" that makes any sense.

    4. "Why would Putin allow the release of the DNC and Podesta emails if he wanted to see Hillary win?"

      Putin did't care who won, he just wanted to see whoever won weakened and mired in controversy so they would have less ability to oppose his aims. In this the Dems have, perhaps unwittingly and perhaps not, aided and abetted him in spades.

    5. And maybe, just maybe, the reason Hillary's emails weren't leaked were because the other leaks were warnings, meant both to weaken a Hillary presidency and to warn her all too evitable "Inevitableness" that more could be leaked. A Digital Sword of Damocles, so to speak. And now there's no point leaking more about her? I don't know.

  4. What do you think of the (almost) simultaneous exit of some of our upper echelon cyber punks? Cyber is a young man's game, so I doubt they'll be missed but the optics are interesting.

    In the end, our Intelligence "Community" will be outed for the bottom feeders they are.

    BTW, good to see Russia agreeing to take in South African farmers; Russia and Oz. Those farmers are awesome engineers and they have big Christian families. Just what Russia needs.

    1. Dymphna, agree, wonderful that those white South African farmers can start all over again in Russia. And a shame that the Western world doesn´t care, the MSM never even write about them and their tragedy.That would probably be...racist...in MSMs perverse logic. Seems like the West is turning Muslim while Russia, and some other East-European nations, remain conservative and Christian. Maybe Russia will see other immigrants, this time from Europe, arriving soon. New pioneers.
      By the way, I am sure that Putin doesn´t care about appeasing the Progs. And the world doesn´t need another Obama, it is more than enough with that clown in Canada. I hope that Putin instead can help Trump handle his enemies in DC.

    2. Didn't Barack the Magnificent give a speech in South Africa just this week about human rights? Now that Mandella is gone, the native black population can revert to their previous habits of tribalism and civil war and turn the well developed country into a shining ----hole.

  5. I have a different interpretation: https://laurencejarvikonline.blogspot.com/2018/07/after-helsinkis-trump-putin-summit.html

  6. Putin is, I suppose, nearly certain to be better educated than his American equivalents. As far as I can see he's intelligent and cautious. Probably he is pursuing his own interests in an almost frank way. All this means that he ought to be a man worth negotiating with.

    Whether it's worth his while to negotiate with the US Establishment is more doubtful. They ratted on their promises to Gorby. They ratted on their agreements with Gadaffi. They will, they hope, soon be shot of Trump. I can't for the life of me see quite what Putin can hope to get out of agreements with that shower.

    1. I would not necessarily cash the "better educated" check. From what I have read, it is difficult to do an apples-to-apples comparison, since, e.g. Gorby had a "law degree," which was not the same as graduation from UK or US law school,something more like police academy. I doubt that Putin speaks as many languages fluently, as Mrs. Trump, who speaks a lot more than her husband. It has been my experience that graduates of high-falutin schools had read everything on the required lists, and nothing else, and were constantly lost in any conversation that ventured outside the curriculum.

      I am about ninety percent certain the DJT knows a great deal more about high finance than I do, or DM, for that matter, and that his possible ADD would come out in other conversational topics. Notice, I did not issue a diagnosis from a distance, just noted a "Possible" one.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Easiest way to get the Progs to like you: insult Trump.

    Of course, that just might have consequences somewhat worse than being disliked by a bunch of hysterical fools.

  8. The whole point was to provoke infighting among the victors. To insure divisiveness and discord by the Left at Hillary’s perfidy toward the BerniBros. Unveiling the corruption to make the moderate middle walk away. But everyone still expected her to win right up until the votes were counted.

  9. Putin's problem is not the progs, it is the neocons who control our military and foreign policies (assuming there is a difference). The neocons are adamantly committed to the destruction of Russia before all else. It is a psychosis, and reason cannot stop it.