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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Anonymous Post on Sweden

It seems that writing anonymous pieces is all the rage in the Prog media, so no wanting to be left out, I will post these thoughts anonymously; let's say they are the thoughts of the Resistance! within the Diplomad's patriarchal, mysogynist, and all around evil empire. Let it be known to readers far and wide that there are adults in the room, who fight to contain the worst impulses of the Diplomad. We brave few, we band of gender neutral siblings will do our best to halt the Diplomad. We won't always succeed but, well, here let us show you a sample of something he tried to post but which we stopped, just for you.

Begin text of banned post:

My three sons, who take an amazing interest in global politics, have been following the political cycles in Sweden and Germany with great care. They are much more knowledgable than I about events, but they seemed quite pleased with the election results in Sweden, as the "right-wing" Sweden Democrats (love placing the words "right wing" before the the word "Democrats") take close to 18% of the vote, up from just under 13% in the previous elections. I don't pretend to understand the ins-and-outs of Swedish politics, but it seems the country is in for some political uncertainty and very difficult horse-trading as it struggles to put together a parliamentary coalition that can govern. One of the joys of the parliamentary system.

Whatever the outcome of that negotiation, I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the left in Europe, in America, and elsewhere lose what's left of its mind after political events in Australia, Brexit, Austria, Hungary, Poland, and, oh yes, here in the USA. The rise of the "right" in Sweden is particularly delicious for those of us with an evil, pro-Western bent, as Sweden is invariably singled out as the model for what a modern society should look like. We, in particular, are lectured incessantly about the need to adopt Swedish policies in the fields of health care and, of course, immigration, and told that Sweden, and the rest of Scandinavia, to a somewhat lesser extent, are what SOCIALISM is all about!! Malmo is our future and we should embrace it! Well, maybe not, huh?

I love the media's labelling of the Sweden Democrats as right-wing AND Neo-Nazi. Nazis are right-wing? Who knew?

More important, however, we must ask  when is defending your culture and traditions from foreign onslaught a right-wing phenomenon exclusively? Didn't we all grow up admiring the brave Marxist liberation movements in the Third World that fought colonialism and Western economic, political, and--yes--cultural imperialism? Was Uncle Ho a right-winger, after all? Lumumba? Nkrumah? Castro? Allende? Just wondering . . . when is it allowed to defend your culture and traditions and when isn't it? I rely on the progs to keep me informed . .  . they're letting me down.

By the way, next time you hear somebody refer to the Sweden Democrats as neo-Nazis or some such, ask the accuser to look up who was governing Sweden when the real Nazis were conquering Europe and slaughtering millions of human beings. Ask them who exported critical iron ore and ball bearings from Sweden to the German war machine? A clue: it wasn't the Sweden Democrats. As in the USA, when you hear our Democrats, who now proclaim themselves Socialists or Social Democrats, talk about racism, slavery, segregation, voter suppression, etc., ask them which party was in power during the worst of it. End text.

See. This is the kind of crap the Diplomad wanted to post. We in the Resistance! have stopped him! Rest easy Amerika.


  1. Replies
    1. uhh... that post is explicitly *not* diplomad... but now that we have this internal information of highly suspect validity, let's have a meeting on how to leak it to the press.

      - reader #1482

  2. Gee who knew the Democrat Party of 1860 is the same one that exists today, just as the GOP of 1860 is the same as the one that existed then. Any comparison is beyond trite and distorts history. JFK wouldn't have a place in todays Democrat ranks and I doubt if the GOP would accept him either.

    Why not say that the GOP embraced the use of total war against American civilians and was responsible for the deaths of 700,000 Americans and still clings to those policies. LOL

    1. hey Anony, I guess the alternative is the 'parties switched roles' theory with its Nixon/Reagan/GWBush (can't make up mind) 'Southern Strategy' that flipped the parties and made the GOP responsible for the evils perpetrated by past generations of Dems. In that case, you can say that Dems are really responsible for the many deaths during the Civil War, as the true (in some fictitious sense) heirs of Honest Abe.

      Also, JF Kennedy as a tax-cutting, military-growing, proud American patriot, would fit in pretty well with today's GOP. His modern counterpart, James Webb, obviously has no home in the Dem party as we saw when he was ignored in the 2016 primary.

    2. "James Webb, obviously has no home in the Dem party as we saw when he was ignored in the 2016 primary."

      Probably not Doc! Although, he was a Rino before he became a Jackass. More than likely tho, it was having his aide smuggle his loaded-sidearm into the Senate that sunk his 'ratship, that and having to admit that he possessed a 'permit to carry' in Va. What's worse, said he:

      "...I believe that it's important; it's important to me personally and to a lot of people in the situation that I'm in to be able to defend myself and my family."

      Obviously another `bridge to much`, for the Party of BO & HRC to swallow.

      Did overhear via the grapevine, at the Intl. Russian Navy Times, that the former Secretary has begun research on yet another titallateing book with the working title, "How to Throw the Perfect Tailhook Party: In the privacy of your own backyard".

      Wishing him luck, could be there's a special JOB for Jimbo in the New Admin, after the general election!
      On Watch~~~ hic~cup

  3. The left will just hold up Denmark/Iceland, Norway, and Finland as their examples, until they swing right as the native population tire of a foreign cultural invasion. The left never uses the Swiss as a example because they have guns, and a sensible government. Finland has guns but the left loves them some baby box so they overlook the gun ownership there. One thing never mentioned is the Nordic countries have solid resource based revenue streams to fund the social programs, and populations the size of a major U.S. city.

  4. Love the pop-in posts. Keeps me hoping and wanting more, but I check everyday anyway. Hope the newly property purchase in the coastal region fares well over the next week.

  5. Whew! You 'Resistance' types just barely caught him!

  6. Thanks Diplomad for an excellent post - made my day much better by reading it!

    I hope you find the time to do more.

  7. DiploMad, say hello to your three sons from me and tell them that we have an incredible political mess here after the election.The discussions on how to form the government are raging. And none of the other political leaders want to openly talk to the Sweden Democrats because they believe it will be political suicide. They claim that SD has right wing roots and that their "values" are wrong. But all SD want is another immigration-politic, they want to stop the enormous import of people that will crush the welfare society. Some parties have somewhat adopted their thoughts since they are winning but SD is still pariah. The situation is locked, it will somehow be unlocked but the result will be - God knows. I think it is excellent that foreign media write about the situation and ridicule politicians who do not want to speak to leaders of a winning political party. it is contempt towards many, many voters. Swedish politicians are very sensitive to what foreign media write. So, just bring it on. They deserve every bit of it.

  8. You may laugh, matey, but when the Islamic Republic of Sweden launches jihad against the Kingdom of Denmark will you still be laughing?

    1. AH-hahahahaha...Oh my dearie, you tickle me so!
      To paraphrase into the words of 40 generations of Vikings on the paternal side of the family:
      BRING IT ON: you dirty-ankled, rag-headed, sand-snakes!
      Sorry dear gentle readers, but my latent 'Beserker' geneticpropensities sometimes, even get the best of me~~~On Watch~~~ 'Oh there are no Submariners down in Hell...'

  9. Ach mein Gott!
    Not Winston A. too!
    Amerika, why art thou
    so 'attracted by guilt'!

    As for those pesky RIGHT WINGS over Sweden,
    apparently they've 'Skita i det blå skåpet' now!

    Happily they can also look to American History, and discover that although 'draining the swamp' takes time, and usually stinks for a while, eventually the 'folks' get to cart off the muck, to fertilize the garden of Democracy! Pass the Akavit~~~SKOAL~~~!
    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

    P.S. Prayers going up to the Tarheels and Sandcrabs, from us barefoot Gators here in the Hurricane capital of the world! Having just barely survived the back to back attacks by Matthew & Irma, hope Florence blows herself out before she lands! ~~~OW~~~

  10. But before we close the books on September 11 2018,I'd like to revisit this one, and ask for God's Blessings on America, and the Brave Patriots on duty at home, and around the world:

    Your HTML cannot be accepted: Must be at most 4,096 characters
    Edited accordingly:

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011
    September 11 Revisited
    The tenth anniversary of that horrid day has generated a flood of memories. I hope not to bore my readers with yet another account of "where I was" on that day, but I can't help it.

    I was the Charge of a medium-sized American embassy in Asia. The Ambassador was back in the US, and barely missed getting on one of the hijacked flights. It was early evening local time. My wife and I were at the gym at a five-star international chain hotel; I was on the treadmill watching, with no particular interest, the nauseous BBC world news show that was on the gym's sole TV set. The news reader, a pompous and vaguely east Asian woman whom I recall as looking much like a Vulcan from the old Star Trek series, suddenly grabbed her earpiece, and said there was a report of a small commuter plane hitting a World Trade Center tower in New York. She prattled on about something else, then suddenly the image cut to the smoking tower just as the second plane hit. Along with millions of other people, I watched on live TV as hundreds of people were brutally murdered. ...A lot of confused reporting began;...

    The gym trainer, an Aussie expat, came up to me and said, "How can two planes hit the same place?" I remember telling him, almost without thinking about what I was saying, "It has to be deliberate." It suddenly dawned on me, after I said it, that, in fact, it must have been deliberate.

    I had the bodyguards take us home, and I called our head of security. He was frantically trying to get some logical story out of Washington, but either could not get through, or got contradictory accounts of what was going on: some sort of attack on the Pentagon; a car bomb outside the Congress; another one outside the State Department; and on and on. I told him to get the country team together (heads of section) and to heighten our own security at the Embassy as we could be facing a worldwide attack on US facilities. . . .

    Adding to the confusion was that the Assistant Secretary of our regional bureau, a political appointee close to a prominent Senator, had run, and I quite literally mean run, with her aide, screaming, yes, screaming, out of her office, into the garage, gotten into her car, and had headed home. She had abandoned her post at a time of great crisis.
    Finally, the word came. Revenge was in the offing. I got instructions to contact the President of a neighboring Muslim country to which our Embassy was also accredited.
    "Mr. President, we need your permission for our bombers to fly through your national airspace on the way to targets in Afghanistan. We need it right away."

    "Would we know when your bombers are flying through our airspace?"

    "Your air traffic controllers in [the capital] might pick them up."

    "I see. Would my public know that your bombers are there?"

    "Not likely unless there is some sort of accident or emergency landing."

    "I see. If I say 'no' what happens?"

    "Mr. President, we are going to get justice for 9/11. You are our friend. Please help us in this small way."
    "Ok [laughing] then I will say 'yes' to your planes. Please tell President Bush that I approve."

    "President Bush will be very grateful."

    The rest of the storyhere: here:http://www.thediplomad.com/2011/09/september-11-revisited.html#comment-form

  11. Have a care Mr. Amselem with that wind and rain blowing your way.

    Couple of links you might want to bookmark for reference. I'm (most usually) located on the easternmost plateau of the Ozarks and so the SPC site has, naturally, come in pretty doggone handy more than once.

    Speaking as a sailor, it's handy to know somebody else's storm's history before it becomes your storm's history:




  12. Hmmmm... more disturbing data emanating from Sweden and the EU at large! Not surprising that some Swedes are at long last growing ah, err, some resolve, or at least an aversion to the volume of Islamic STINKers the resident Progs have imported~~~ On Watch~~~

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018

    Muslim Migration and Rape Statistics in Europe

    Posted by Daniel Greenfield 5 Comments

    "Sweden has one of Europe’s highest rates of sexual assaults.

    At 120.79 violent sexual assaults per 100,000 people, and 56 rapes per 100,000, the otherwise bleak socialist country ranks as having the second highest rate of sexual violence in Europe.

    What makes Sweden so exceptionally dangerous for women? Its militant feminism is embedded in its political culture and its educational system. Sweden has boasted of a “feminist foreign policy”, 61% of Swedes in one survey identified as feminists and hold the strongest views on “gender equality” of any Europeans. Swedes are the most likely to believe that it’s okay for men to cry. Only 11% believe that women should take care of the home and only 10% believe that it’s a man’s job to support his family.

    A local branch of the Left Party in Sweden even demanded that men urinate while sitting down."
    Take the Castor oil or get the Castor~ation what a societal choice! Here's the link to the Daniel Greenfield article on our neighboring Sultan Knish Blog:


    "Let's Roll"

  13. Sultan Knish also notes that the top four nations in Europe for reported sexual assault and rape have the top four highest proportion of Muslims, in, not astonishingly, the same order. Congratulations to the UK: The UK tops second place Sweden in Europe’s sexual assault and rape statistics. At 130.96 per 100,000 for sexual assaults and 50.68 per 100,000 for rapes, the United Kingdom is the most dangerous place for women in Europe. One analysis claims that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted and that 3.1% of women were assaulted in just the last year. When will the forces of feminism swing in behind "Extreme Right Wing/Neo Nazis" and stop the Jihad?

  14. "...When will the forces of feminism swing in behind "Extreme Right Wing/Neo Nazis" and stop the Jihad?"

    Nice sum-up of the stats, and the experimental design which yielded them, Mr.Stewart!

    At the risk of being banned for life from the Internet if the 'secret listeners' get wind of it. I suspect, that as long as the Feminists & Feminazis don't have to cook or clean, nor wear burkas or doo-rags to the office, they'll somehow find a way of coping with the psychosexual needs of the mentally deranged underclasses. It's just those demands and heavy-handed Hollywood bosses whom they just cannot endure anymore, it seems. I mean, #metoo makes a lot of sense, when you see what Harvey Weinstein has to offer a working girl, no?
    Dive ~~~ Dive ~~~

  15. Dear Dip, hope all is well and that you will report in from North Carolina as soon as possible! Thinking of you, your family, and the dogs!

  16. https://conventionofstates.com/news/happy-constitution-day-much-has-changed-since-1787-but-one-thing-remains-the-same

    Thank you especially George Mason.