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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Bad Week for Progos: Venezuela & Billy Jack Meets "Ahmed the Clock Maker"

The progos and their buddies in the Fake News Media (FNM) have had a bad week. We need to utter a collective "Ahhhhh!" Kinda like when you see a wet and hungry puppy or kitten . . . Let's look at just two of the narrative busters they had to suffer in the last few days--and I am not even getting into the BuzzFeed disaster!

Venezuela: I have said so much about Venezuela that . . . well, those interested can look it up. I got a lot of it right, too. I noted when Maduro rigged the last election, that it was the beginning of the penultimate act in the long-running "¡Socialismo o Muerte!" play in oil-rich, crushingly poor Venezuela. Clearly, the "o" needs to be substituted with "y".

It appears we have now entered the final act.

Trump, the man whom EVERYBODY hates around the world, has got himself a coalition of the willing in, hold your breath, LATIN AMERICA! Yes, that very one south of the Rio Grande. Nearly every country in the region (Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia among the hold outs) has agreed with the US position that Maduro is not the legitimate Presidente of Venezuela. They agree that the head of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, should hold the title of interim President until such time as free and fair elections can be held. That National Assembly is the only remaining body in Venezuela with any claim to democratic legitimacy.

The people of Venezuela are dying in the streets, in their homes, and in their filthy hospitals. Food and medicines of all sorts are in critical shortage; the economy has ceased to function; the currency is worthless; fight or flight is the choice. Millions of Venezuelans must make that choice. On the slightly bright side, however, finally, finally, finally, most of the rest of Latin America has awoken to the horror that has befallen the Bolivarian Republic, a country which should rank among the wealthiest in the world.

This is Cuba 2.0.

This is socialism.

This will not end well for anybody.

I have no doubt that Maduro will have to go, perhaps to some boozy exile in Cuba, Nicaragua, or Russia. When dictators feel it necessary to wheel out the top brass to assert publicly their loyalty to the regime, well, there's trouble a-brewing, a 200 proof brew. The so-far small--and quickly suppressed--uprising by a military unit will not be the last one. What comes next? Who knows? It will take a very long time, even with the most honest and well-intentioned leaders to set Venezuela right. We will see lots more anarchy descending into chaos before things go right.

Sean Penn and Oliver Stone, call your agents!

Nathan Phillips: The progos and the FNM just can't give it a rest, eh?

You all know the "story." It was straight out of 1970s-era Billy Jack. Proud Native American Elder, Nathan Phillips, is peacefully banging his drum when he finds himself surrounded by a bunch of white Kentucky Catholic boys, wearing MAGA hats and smirks, and having to hear horrible things such as "Build the Wall"! On top of it all, he was a Marine Corps Vietnam Vet who was "expendable"-- his word. Oh the horror!

As we all know, of course, this narrative quickly came apart as it turned out the racists in this drama were a bunch of "Black Hebrews" or some such harassing the white boys by calling them "faggots" and other politically protected terms of endearment when used by another politically protected group. The Kentucky boys were innocents maligned by the progos and their FNM. Nathan Phillips, furthermore and of course, turned out not to be a Vietnam war vet (he claimed to have served as "force recon" or, maybe, it was as an "infantryman"?) as he said on more than one occasion; he, at most, was in the Marine Corps (Reserve?) from 1972-76, never set foot outside the USA, and spent his time repairing refrigeration units ("Freon is not Free!").  He has a criminal record, is a well know ethnic grievance sort, and, above all, a liar.

Billy Jack meet Ahmed the Clock Maker: two creatures of progo fantasy working for a race war.

Progos, gotta work on that narrative! Maybe Christine Ford is still available?


  1. Meanwhile, in occupied America, the DSA is all in for Maduro (the tweets are insane).

  2. One month ago, I gave my mother a smart phone, until then she had only a cell phone. She has been isolated from the media for a couple of years. No Cable TV, no Internet, no smart phone. Just one month of putting an iPhone into her hands, she now despises President Trump, and thinks the wall is stupid. She lives in South East Arizona, where I grew up, and I had to remind her, about all the crime we witnessed while I lived there, and how just a couple of years ago there was the huge fire that burned half the Huachuca mountains started by illegals, and then it was oh… well maybe the wall not so bad then. That’s when I realized how powerful the media are.

    1. Have lost a few friends through roughly the same process. If they can just refrain from facebook and TV 'news', they'd be much better off and the world would be a happier place.

  3. In case y'all missed it:


  4. In Australia the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (our ABC) is totally funded by taxpayers. It is out of control. It displays blatant pro-Left commentary on domestic and international issues.

    Check out this drivel (copy & paste into your browser):


  5. Do you have an estimate on when the whole thing will hit the bottom of the well?
    If I said 3 years would the better money be on 'over'?

    - reader #1482

  6. A wag said that Phillips was not a recon ranger but rather a Freon ranger.

    1. A note to all the folks who did support work in uniform, far from the front lines, as I did: If you just say 'I was in the Marines' (Air Force, etc.) everyone will respect your service. Once you claim you did something you didn't ("recon ranger" in Vietnam), you're nothing but a liar.

  7. "perhaps to some boozy exile in Cuba, Nicaragua, or Russia": I suspect that Putin is too fly to fall for that. Time Alone Will Tell.

  8. Socialism can only exist living as a parasite on a capitalist host ... a host who can generate the wealth to keep both alive ... like in much of the EU. Socialism without such a host has nothing to keep it alive ... and it shrivels up, devowering itself. This can be turned into an Aesop fable starring a leach named Maduro.

  9. Chief Forked Tongue of the FullOfBull tribe.

  10. Isn't it strange that every "Socialist" or "Communist" regime has really been a rather unpleasant dictatorship? Even, in the case of North Korea, becoming a hereditary dictatorship. And this despite claiming to act in the interests of the people. It is almost as if instead of the strongman declaring himself King, therefore possessing the Divine Right of Kings or the Mandate of Heaven, he declares himself Party Leader -- and then proceeds to act as a dictator, enriching himself and his cabal while impoverishing his people.

    What is even stranger is that I can't think of any example of a "good" socialist dictator, whereas there are several examples of "good" kings who have made a positive difference for their people. Recent examples would include Sultan Qaboos in Oman and Sheik Zayed in Abu Dhabi.

    1. The Democrats toy with Socialism just like Sigfrfried and Roy toyed with tigers ...

  11. Somebody else remembers Billy Jack! I thought that had gone down the memory hole’s memory hole.

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