Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Hoax Marks the Spot & the Rush to Fudge

Can today's Democratic Party--the world's oldest political party--survive without employing hoax after hoax?

The election of Donald Trump severed whatever mooring to reality still existed in that old organization known as the Democrat Party. You all know the sorry story, but the highlights: The 2016 election just wasn't supposed to go that way. Hillary Clinton, one of the most venal politicians of our age, had to and was supposed to win! The polls said so; the right thinking pundits said so; Hollywood "geniuses" such as George Clooney said so; the universities said so; President Obama--the Nobel Prize winner--said so!

Yes, Dear Readers, Hillary Clinton would get her long-denied due, become president, and usher in an age of progressivist domination which had been only hinted at under the horridly corrupt Obama-Biden misadministration. The Demoprog machine pulled out all the stops: voter fraud on a massive scale involving not just the usual voting dead Democrats, or just ballot tampering and harvesting on a huge scale, but also getting perhaps millions of non-US citizens to vote Dem. The Dems relied on their vast domestic and international network for help, as well. They employed street thugs, foreign intel agents, and creepy international professors; even the government of Mexico called on its citizens in the US to vote for Hillary. The Dems used the power of Silicon Valley and of the US intel community as well as a motley mix of Brits, Aussies, Maltese, and, of course, Russians and Ukrainians to help cook up one of the greatest political frauds of all time, i.e., the Russian-Trump collusion hoax in order to discredit Trump. Didn't work. The "Deplorables" and the "Irredeemables" insisted on voting for Trump, and he won. NO!

Then the prog cry went forward for recounts in certain states that Trump definitely just wasn't supposed to win. When those recounts began to show his lead growing, they dropped that demand in favor of calling on electoral college electors not to vote for Trump. They had to drop that when electors began defecting from Hillary's camp. Then, even before he took office, Trump was subject to calls to be impeached; he was labelled a traitor, a Moscow lackey . . . and on and on. Nothing worked. The Demprogs colluded with the corrupt leaders of America's powerful intel and law enforcement organizations and the media echo chamber to get Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate the "obvious" collusion between Trump and Putin--after all, nothing else could explain Hillary's loss. After some 2 plus years of "investigation," Mueller drilled a dry well. No proof of collusion by Trump! It was, of course, all a grand hoax. A hoax almost as big as Climate Change--uh, almost that is, nothing quite matches that one.

The progs could not give up.

Trump had to be destroyed and his followers and supporters humbled, shamed, destroyed. For a while, they toyed with the debris of the Mueller investigation, trying to find this or that in the rubble to justify coming after Trump. Nah. Garbage. Then! Oh sweet Manna from Heaven! The Ukraine phone call and the WHISTLEBLOWER!!! They jumped on the report from the fake whistleblower--actually, as has become clear, they helped draft the fake report--in which it was breathlessly reported that Trump had--Horrors!--asked a foreign leader, President Zelensky, for a favor. The favor? To investigate Joe Biden, and in exchange we would provide Ukraine some sort of aid or another. Trump as gangland boss! Too good to be true? Yes . . . yes, too good to be true.

The administration, with the OK of the Ukrainians, released the transcript of the call; it was a fairly innocuous call with no "quid pro quo" and no request for Ukrainian interference in our 2020 elections. Nope. Trump, it turns out, asked for Ukrainian help in investigating foreign interference in our 2016 elections. Wasn't that something that the Demprogs were all for? What was the whole rationale behind the drawn out Mueller investigation if not that? But, but, you say, why ask the Ukrainians about "Russian" interference? Because, as it is also becoming increasingly clear, much of the so-called Russian interference in our elections seems to have come from operators in Ukraine.

It was panic time at Demprog HQS! Trump was asking for help in uncovering the origins of the fake Steele Dossier which, as we know, the Dems commissioned and which seems to have had a lot of sourcing from Ukraine, not Russia, but Ukraine. Trump's request of Zelensky combined with the impending reports by Durham and Horowitz on the origins of the Russia collusion story and the abuse of the FISA process could prove a disaster for the Demprogs.

No time for another drawn out Mueller-type probe!

Impeachment by any and all means, except by the ones prescribed in the Constitution and by law, but besides that, anything goes. The rush to fudge was on! Clarity must be avoided. They borrowed from the old Kavanaugh playbook: produce fake "witnesses" and keep'em coming. They borrowed from the Spanish inquisition and every other instance of Star Chambers since time immemorial: don't give the accused the right to a defense; don't give him the right to face his accuser; don't give his supporters in Congress the ability to speak and question the process. Above all they borrowed from the ol' Soviet "As is well known" leitmotif. I have written before how at the UN when we would hear a Soviet-bloc delegate state "As is well known," we knew that a lie was coming. This tactic has been and continues to be used, for example, in the Climate Change hoax wherein something is repeated and repeated until the listener assumes it must be true. Now on "impeachment," we hear "lawless," "violation of oath of office," "cover up," "treason," etc., without any underlying evidence produced to demonstrate that the charges have any credibility. Even "impeachment" is a hoax as there is no "impeachment" process underway as prescribed by the Constitution and law, as noted above. No time for that!

It is all a hoax.


  1. America had a good run for 225 years... defeated by Al Qaeda and the schism so horribly widened by the progressive response to 9/11.... voluntary surrender.... while holding the upper hand.

    Senate removal from office will be civil war. The GOP never wanted Trump, and the progressives just want the power.

    - reader #1482

    1. Aye Aye fourteen and eighty two!
      On all counts, save one...

  2. The upshot of all this is truly the death of the Presidency. After this every President will spend all his/her time facing efforts at removal, be they legal or illegal. Consider 2020:

    If Trump wins, he will continue to face these hoaxes for 4 more years.
    If a Republican other than Trump should somehow prevail, Dems will simply shift the emphasis to the new guy, since everyone knows the Presidency belongs to the Dems by Divine Right.
    If a Democrat wins out, Republicans will be in revenge mode. Or at least they BETTER be. They'll spend their days impeaching Her just because they can.

    1. "The upshot of all this is truly the death of the Presidency..."

      Oh I don't know about that G, I've been thinking about 'all the young dudes' growing up in the USA who now have a bonafide leadership Hero to emulate -- hell growing up to be a skinny metrosexual with a bun, just doesn't compare to my boyhood heroes: Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger, Poncho & Cisco, not even close to Annie Oakley & Lashes Larue!

      hOWlin Cayotes~~~
      headem up move em out~~~

  3. The "Democratic" party is in full sedition mode. They have become what the Founders feared.

      Thank G-D too, that they gave US the 2nd Amendment! Let's hope we the peeps can hang on to it, and deploy the Ammo that makes it Work!
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  4. When confronted about Climate change, I will always state, "Replace fossil fuel power generation with Nuclear Fission, or it's a hoax". The response is inevitable, "renewable, wind, solar....", to which I state "You mean Intermittent, wind, solar....". Their composure usually doesn't last past this, and then labels start.

    1. Thee entirety of the modern effort is driven by Lawrence Livermore National Labs and its CIMP work. It's a social experiment being performed upon pseudo-physicists.
      CTBT has left LLNL little else to do.

      - reader #1482

    2. "Thee entirety of the modern effort is driven by Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL) and its CIMP work.[CMIP/5-see below]"~~~ "CTBT has left LLNL little else to do.(CTBT)Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty - Wikipedia "~~~ #1482

      Ah so glasshopper~~~if then, where are they/we now, along the pathway toward the "Eve of Destruction"? I'm sure the pseudo-physicists and other post-docs would like to know before 2023! No?

      ON Watch~~~
      My good eye WIDE open~~~

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      It is expected that some of the scientific questions that arose during preparation of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) will through CMIP5 be addressed in time for evaluation in the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5, scheduled for publication in late 2013). The IPCC/CMIP5 schedule (pdf) is now available and the three key dates are as follows:
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      --->The IPCC’s AR5 was published in September 2013. Future timeline information can be found on IPCC WG1 website.

      --->CMIP5 is meant to provide a framework for coordinated climate change experiments for

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      CMIP5 promotes a standard set of model simulations in order to:

      •Evaluate how realistic the models are in simulating the recent past
      •Provide projections of future climate change on two time scales, near term (out to about 2035) and long term (out to 2100 and beyond)

      •And to understand some of the factors responsible for differences in model projections, including quantifying some key feedbacks such as those involving clouds and the carbon cycle

      The CMIP5 (CMIP Phase 5) experiment design has been finalized with the following suites of experiments:
      1.Decadal Hindcasts and Predictions simulations,
      2.“long-term” simulations,
      3.“atmosphere-only” (prescribed SST) simulations for especially computationally-demanding models.

    3. Note that the 'experiments' referenced within are not in fact 'experiments' at all. They are comparisons of simulation results. Physicists will sometimes call these 'numerical experiments' in the sense that they're attempting to simulate an entire physical experiment, but never are these conflated with actual experiments.

      ... except in global warming

      - reader #1482

    4. "Note that the 'experiments' referenced within are not in fact 'experiments' at all..." #1482

      I thought so, your references to those 'experimental exercises' reminded me of my own Dear Mother, bless her soul! After WWII she gave up 'tea balls' in favor of the more modern 'tea bags' - not sure of the brand, but they had historical words of wisdom printed on the Tea Bag Tag! Just in time for her first reader to ponder the meanings, that's me!

      The quote I vividly recall was attributed to Honest Abe Lincoln. It read, as I recall, "No man has a good enough memory to be good liar"... over the course of my formative years, there were times my muses and Mom had to remind me of that truth, happily I usually listened and learned, I swear and attest! Honest!

      Twas another developmental milestone a stronger dose of truth, a quote attributed to Disraelli by Mark Twain that awoke me to the pseudo-scientific tenets of modern story-telling. That is, "There are liars, damned liars and statisticians." Hockey Pucks & Hockey Sticks~~~ If you don't believe me, READ ON you you readers! ;)!

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  5. Un Chef-d'oeuvre!
    Magnifique Your Madness!~~~

    Your hiatus has become clear to me now @^@ ~~~
    The Great Round-up: "...rollin rollin rollin keep them doggies rollin..", or perhaps tis more akin to Saint Paddys's Gift to the land of Eire-- you shake charmer you! Whatever the image-- my mind feels lighter today. The cobwebs were removed to REVEAL the depth of the Democrat political corruption, as well as the past and present progressive assaults on US, our Country, our Constitution, and our allies of the Free World!

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  6. And isn't it ironic that the party that screamed about the quagmire of Viet Nam, Laos, and Cambodia and wanted us out is now screaming about Trump trying to avoid another one in Syria?

  7. Affirmative Kepha!
    I'd say, Situational Irony~~~
    Just trying to decide if it includes
    Cosmic overtones or simply Poetic Justice?!


  8. Yet I fear my state is still deep indigo.

    1. Can't tell the color of my state anymore, as the governor shut off my electricity.

      - reader #1482