Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Developments in Crazy World and Some Fun Stuff

Let me start with the fun stuff, and gradually move into Crazy World.

Sitting at home somewhat bored with the news, I went on a rearmament binge not seen since 1940. Several bright new toys have joined the Diploarmory in past few weeks. I might have mentioned some, but not others. I now have a VERY nice Nighthawk Custom Falcon .45 which shoots much better than I do. It competes with my Wilson Combat .45. I also added another Wilson EDC 9 to my collection as the Diplowife fell in love with the first EDC 9 and declared it HERS! She obviously was inspired by Beto. I also have purchased a Colt Delta Elie in 10mm which shoots extremely well; it had some feeding problems but those have gone away as I have broken in the weapon. Very accurate with a recoil not unlike that of a .45, except when I use some hot self-defense rounds. Wow! Also, as I might have mentioned, got two Ruger single action "cowboy" guns one in .45 and the other in .22 Mag. Both are a lot of fun. They pal around with my new Ruger SP-101 Performance Center 8-shot in .357. I was going to provide photos, but I am terrible at that sort of high-tech stuff. Just for kicks I am looking at buying a Remington RP9, as I want to see what's available for under $400. Anyhow, lots of ammo being blasted and fun being employed to cancel out the fake news noise.

Also on the fun side, I was delighted to see that ISIS despot Al Baghdadi got his reward, as did his number two. Here the fun, unfortunately, begins to merge with Crazy World. I found hilarious how difficult it is for the fake newsers and the DemProgs to acknowledge that this is a good thing, a very good thing. Instead they are focused on whether or not A.B., in fact, "whimpered" and "died like a dog." He's dead. Good. Wonderful. I wish all those other ISIS "austere religious scholars" go the same way.

As I have said before, however, if we are serious about fighting these killers, we have to start by not letting them into our countries. It seems odd that we are concerned about Jewish settlements in so-called "Palestine," but welcome Islamist settlements in the West.

Impeachment. There I said it. I hate the whole boring topic but can't avoid it. This is merely part 358 of the ongoing effort by the inhabitants of Crazy World to undo the 2016 elections. Crazy World has been trying to "impeach" Trump since before he swore the oath of office. Nobody can tell me what laws or Constitutional provisions Trump has violated; where are the high crimes and misdemeanors? Certainly none is in evidence in the transcript of the phone call--the real one, not the fake one that the execrable Adam Schiff "read" into the record. The one good thing about  the fake "impeachment" effort is that it cancels out the DemProg candidates. All the oxygen is being sucked out of the room, and nobody is listening to that panel of crazies seeking the highest office in the land.

Maybe that's the plan? The DNC hopes that nobody will focus on or even hear the craziness emanating from those loons? I guess that's a strategy, or what passes for one in Crazy World.

Back to my dogs, at least they are not crazy.


  1. I've heard the same sentiment regarding those who hyperventilate over Jews building houses but say nothing of Iranians building nuclear bombs.

    Whether it's by bombs or demographics, make no mistake about the endgame.

    1. Agree. Islam seeks the destruction of everything non Islamic. How can we wake our sleeping civilisation?

  2. You must be tired of form 4473 by now. You are getting into the collection size that obtaining a FFL Type 1 might start to make sense.

    I don't know what to make of the whole impeachment thing. This is going on like a bad play that has a huge bankroll. I think they were expecting Trump to act like Obama and just declare executive privilege over this phone call, and they would have a field day of rampant speculation. But Trump did the unthinkable he released the call, trotted out the Ukrainian Prime Minster, and is now threatening to read the transcript of the call live on TV. OMG! The Democrats have backed themselves into a corner on this one. I suspect that it will end just like the Muller report. But I think Adam Schiff is going to pay. He will likely be bumped from his committee chairmanship after the election. Hopefully because the democrats lose the house because of this, but really there is only so much failure Nancy Pelosi will put up with.



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    I dunno whether that first one pictured there was "an actual" or not - seems plausible.

    The last one (only three thank God) I reckon highly likely.

    It is a Crazy World after all.

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  7. I recently found out that Schiff's sister is married to Soro's son. I want to see Schiff's bank records, now.

    1. This is incorrect. Fact check it. Of course you will probably write it off as the one thing you have wrong, rather than realize that much of your worldview is shaped by such fallacies. You old coots will continue to believe what you want to believe. You are obviously too old to know how to use the internet without getting all tangled up and confused...

    2. From an old coot to arrogant liberal douchebag, to bad your worldview is shaped by progressive/socialist fallacies. Hang around and learn something or piss off.


    3. Wow Cooper, you really turned that one around on me, didn't you... As far as arrogance, is it really so arrogant for me to try to explain to someone that they have bad information? I mean, if I were truly arrogant, I would point out to you that "to" does not mean the same thing as "too..."

    4. I'm a deplorable, however, wrong info is wrong info. Schiff doesn't even have a sister.

    5. Soros' son is a degenerate faggot cocksucker like Schiff.

    6. "Soros' son is a degenerate faggot cocksucker like Schiff." LOL, wow! Lewis, no need to post as anonymous when you revert to your true, vulgar and spiteful self. We see you.

  8. If we are serious about fighting these killers, we need a president who will tell the world their leader "whimpered" and "died like a dog." This is psychological warfare Trump is waging, and it will help to diminish ISIS recruitment.

    When media jerks try to put a damper on the "whimpered" and "died like a dog" messages, they are aiding the enemy.

  9. What delights and amuses this Downunder Deplorable is how effective President Trump's "psychological warfare" has been on the whimpering progressives who have incessantly been trying to bring him down. You'd pay top dollar for a ringside seat.

  10. Well, remember when everyone was up in arms that he would call MS-13 "animals".

    I can't decide if it's

    1. Just a political tactic to be deployed against the main enemy.

    2. Genuine belief that our "strategic goals" so much are about winning hearts and minds, and that this is possible, and that the peoples of the world like/respect/fear/reject words, ideas and sentiments the way western progressives do. That is to say, they are shocked and horrified by aggressive trash talk and lose respect for the US when they hear it.

    3. It's an outgrowth of the progressive domestic mentality, in which all manner of trifling verbal aggression, deployed by the wrong people, constitutes "violence" and is barbaric. I remember when I was in university my mother, who worked in early childhood education, noted to me that in the schoolyards of early 90s Ontario, the most banned word one child could throw at another was "stupid". I wondered then, as now, how fragile people though the kids were, and how on earth kids were supposed to have any kind of schoolyard argument or power struggle at all.

    Some combination, doubtless.

    I can fathom 1 and, just about, 2, but I'm not convinced 2 is being correctly applied in these cases. Every conflict is not about hearts and minds, every population evaluates bombast differently, and every enemy has a different relationship to its host population.

    If you can't call MS-13 animals, who can you?

  11. If you find yourself counting the days til the diplospouse's next out of town trip so you can have a larger gun safe delivered, well.... There are warning signs, and there are warning signs.

  12. Something to ponder. WikiLeaks threw the dead man switch today:

  13. All those handguns! Excellent quality, too. But why no rifles?

    Was it Clint Smith who said, "A pistol is what you use to get to your rifle."

    Get you a CMP Garand for a starter. Do it!