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Friday, December 13, 2019

Brexit Redux: The Dude Punches Back

The New Yorker with the wild yellow hair has done it again.

No, not that New Yorker with the wild yellow hair, the other one, the one with the funny accent, no, not that funny accent, the other funny accent. You know, the accent some folks have in exotic Olde England, you know, not the billionaire one from Celebrity Apprentice, but the one who could be in Downton Abbey as a middle class grocer. Yes, Boris Johnson has done it. He has proven himself a master politician, possessed of nerves of steel, with other key organs to match. As a New Yorker, myself, once with wild yellow hair, I like Boris "The Dude" Johnson. He and Trump renew my faith, severely tested of late, in the electorate's common sense and patriotism.

Britain's December 12 elections proved a stunner. Johnson's Conservatives have won a dominating majority in Parliament and a clear mandate to put paid to all that destructive toing-and-froing over Brexit. The message from voters was clear: Get Britain--especially England--out of the clutches and jaws of that monstrous EU swamp creature! The election also administered a huge rebuke to the Deep State, and to that desiccated and imbecilic anti-semite, the Communist Corbyn.

I am not British, and do not play a Brit on the internet or anywhere else. I have zero British ancestry; I cannot trace my roots in America back to the Mayflower, unless that sturdy vessel made a North African detour. I have visited Britain many times and always enjoyed the history, the book stores, the museums, the conversations, and even--oh blasphemy!--the food, especially the cheeses. In my overseas life and at the UN, I had many British friends and always liked their company even when they were giving me a hard time about something. As I have stated often, Britain is perhaps the most consequential nation to have existed since, well, at least since the fall of the Roman Empire. Britain and its creations, including great places such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, have transformed the world; they are probably the best places on earth in which to live--certainly as a Jew I wouldn't live anywhere else. Those countries are still the world's repositories of freedom, that despite the ceaseless assault on the British traditions and culture which made them so.

OK, now to election night. I watched much of it unfold on the BBC. I enjoyed very much the obvious pain that the presenters on that once enviable and now execrable institution were suffering when presenting the news of the Torylanche. They tried to spin it this way and that to minimize the victory but, in the end, they couldn't. So they tried as much as possible to ignore it, focusing on the electoral triumph in Scotland of the loopy Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP and on the losses suffered by the DUP in Northern Ireland.

They, however, indirectly did hit on one thing accurately: this was a victory for England. The "Scottish" voters--more on that--decided to go with the establishment and stick with the bromides and false promises of the leftist establishment. The results might just give another fillip to the drive for Scotland's "independence," defined as trading the benevolent "rule" of London for the clammy and suffocating hands of the hideous and failing nanny-state of Brussels. I noticed that Sturgeon's victory speech, delivered in English, spent a great deal of time thanking all those from outside who have made Scotland their home. That made me think that, despite what some official records might claim, we have a significant demographic change underway in Scotland, and the SNP has decided to capitalize on it for opposition to Brexit. This is a so-called "nationalist" party which has decided, it seems, to have given up on a Scottish nationalism based on Scots, in favor of one that is a melange of outside flavors and colors, oops, colours. We'll see how well that goes. Let me know where I am wrong.

Wales went Tory. That was somewhat surprising, but again I suspect demography might have played a role there. I wonder how many Welch Welch there are in Wales. I suspect, again, don't know, that as London and other big cities have joined the growing club of unlivable Western cities, thanks to leftist policies, people from those places have decamped to Wales.

I just don't know enough about the situation in Northern Ireland to be even wrong, must less right and perceptive, so I won't try any deep or long range analysis. Having thrown out that qualifier, I, however, think voters there might have been frightened by hyperbole from the Remainers about what would happen with the Irish border and access to the Republic and, hence, to the EU. As I said, I don't know, so don't hold me to that.

Anyhow, this was a victory for common sense and patriotism. Johnson now has a clear mandate to act. It seems that he is ready to do so. I hope that's true.

Oh, one more thing.

I heard some Conservative "thinkers" dinging Johnson for not being a "true" philosophical conservative, and doing it in terms similar to what we heard here about Trump from the same sort of dilettante conservatives. I have written about this before (here, here) and noted that I just don't care that Trump is not a perfect conservative. While we wait around to find one, the country goes to hell. I will say the same thing about Johnson. Both men have tapped into the unease and discontent of average people who see their culture under assault, their values ridiculed and labelled as racist, their jobs exported, and their children taught rubbish. Both men seem to have some practical solutions that might just work in the real world. Certainly deregulation and tax cuts have done wonders for the US economy and, I suspect, they would do the same for Britain. If Scotland and N. Ireland don't want to participate, fine, that's on them. As I have said before, were I English, I would support Scottish independence--better said, I would support England's independence.

Go Dude, go!


  1. Nice summary Diplomad! The "Dude", I had forgotten that.

  2. The Scottish Enlightenment was two centuries ago and what remains is sad. I suspect that, like Ireland, "The cream left."

  3. I mentioned in a couple of prior comments concerning Brexit here, that I had faith in the Brits. They were not going to sell out their heritage to Brussels. Contrary to the media was saying.

    The left here is the U.S. are not going to look at what happened in the U.K. as a rebuke of socialism. I expect the 2020 elections here in the U.S. to look similar to the U.K. result. I also have faith that there are enough Americans that see through the dangling of "free" stuff, and it gets worse for the Dems with each drop in the unemployment numbers. Working folks realize real quick where "free" comes from.

    1. I'm not so convinced. The belly of America is beyond soft. California still leads the 'education and culture' of America. As it goes in California, so it 'will go' in the rest of the country. We've only barely started to see the results of some brilliantly destructive strategies on the side of the left. Kids who finish 'college' unable and unwilling to fend for themselves. Ensconced in various 'entertainment' for decades, this goes beyond just 'extended adolescence'.
      While there will be hard working people coming up through the public school system, this becomes more and more rare with each generation.

      Sap the work ethic, because ethics are from people and lefties hate the threat to their ultimate attainment of power that 'people' represent.

      Sorry, I don't see how kids today can buck the school system and grow up well today. It will happen, but rarely, and only where parents limit the school and its "peer groups" power over their kids. That's where the lefties are focusing their efforts now. Parents cause trouble for the indoctrination, so parents must go. I'm absolutely not an anti-vaxxer, but I cringe at the authority we vest in the state when parents lose the right to make medical decisions on behalf of their children.
      The attack is on many fronts, and is only responded to by the few families really investing in their children rather than investing in 'child care'. Will it be enough? Probably not. Apologies for the unexpected diatribe.

      - reader #1482

    2. Dear 1482--Speaking as a professional swindler of the young, oops, a public hgh school social studies teacher, I'm of the mind that the belly of America has become downright cancerous. However, among some of my Hispanic students, there is an open-mindedness about Trump (especially among citizens and legal immigrants, especially if religiously observant) that I was not expecting.

  4. I'm a little bit of a WW2 buff, particularly in the Pacific and Australia. Some of the websites and FB pages I look at show photos from England and I particularly remember some of English women working in munitions factories etc supporting the troops in far off places.
    Every time I see these sorts of photos I wonder what those people have thought, in the past 20 years or so, of the way England (the United Kingdom) was being sucked into a situation where it was ruled by a foreign, unelected cartel, that even made the laws for the UK.

    What did they fight for?

    Well now they have stopped the country they love and fought for from slipping into the abyss.

    Well done.

  5. Without taking anything away from Boris's victory, the reality of that election is a little different from the way Dip has characterized it.

    Comparing the votes cast in the last UK General Election in 2017 with this current election, total votes cast for the Tory Party hardly increased-- but votes for the Labour Party dropped by about 2.6 million. The citizens who left Labour did not in the main migrate to the Tories, they went to third parties like Greens and Lib-Dems (anti-Brexit parties, as it happens). In a First-Past-The-Post electoral system with more than 2 parties running, that reduction in the Labour vote allowed the Tory candidate to come out on top.

    Overall result is that the Conservatives got a large majority in Parliament, but with a only minority of the vote (about 44%). About 56% of Brits cast their votes for candidates who were not pro-Brexit.

    Bottom line -- this election was a Labour loss, not a resounding democratic victory for Brexit or the Conservatives.

    Perhaps the bright spot in the election is that the Labour Party has drifted too far to the Left even for about 20% of their former supporters. Thus, the UK ends up with a moderately left-wing "Conservative" government instead of a far-left Labour government.

    When Boris -- he who sniggers behind President Trump's back -- comes cap in hand begging for a post-Brexit trade deal with the US, the first question for Boris should be: "Explain how this deal with the UK will increase jobs & investment in the USA".

    1. https://www.ipsos.com/ipsos-mori/en-uk/ipsos-mori-final-election-poll-predicts-conservative-victory

  6. I suspect we will see not only a much closer relationship between Great Britain and the US (and an EU-deprecating trade deal), but a strengthened Anglo-Sphere.

  7. Well worth watching.

    Deplorables: Trump, Brexit and the Demonized Masses. A film about the people who had long been forgotten, but now cannot be ignored -- from the Rust Belt to the Essex coast.


    1. Yes, quite good. I had already watched ot, and just watched it again. I always did like Salena Zito anyway. If we were both about twenty years younger...I married for smartitude, and she would qualify to be mark II, PRN.

  8. Reds out, cucks in. Next time around:

    Reds in, cucks out. And

    none of it will make the slightest difference

    re the ultimate outcome:

    White extinction.

    1. Right. Islam has its claws sunk deeply into England and the EU. With no army, no weapons and no will to survive, England and the EU has a fork stuck in itself and doesn't know they are toast.
      kjhull@verizon.net whirlwinder

    2. as on 9/11, Islam is the tool.

      the hand on the tool is


    3. Haxo,

      Are you saying, the Jews made 9/11 happen?

      I have a bit of a problem with that proclamation...

  9. My father, a POW of the Japs, and mother who both lived into the 21 century long said that they had fought on the wrong side during the war. Such was their misery in seeing post war Britain being destroyed by Europhile communists. Thatcher being the one ray of hope in their lifetimes. RIP Both. Yes war comes again. Islam versus the rest in Western Europe and the world.

  10. Here's a piece on Northern Ireland. Interesting to note they are discussing the IRISH PM Varadkhar and how he will work with BRITISH PM Johnson to "fix" things in Northern Ireland. Varadhkar has a general election coming up sometime early next year as well. And, yes, the Jews in UK really had to support Conservatives as Labor was/is so anti-Semite to their core.

  11. My hope is that Trump 2016 and Brexit 2019 presage a larger scale and permanent populist turn against the Left in the Western World.

    Whereas the Left brought some needed reforms in past decades, the vast majority of their works, and the whole of their fundamental ideology is based in society destroying nihilism and Marxism - currently dressed up as old wine in new bottles under the monikers Post Modernism and Intersectionalism, yet still Marxist to their rotten cores.

    Our government - the Deep State bureaucracy - needs a wholesale house cleaning and that requires sweeping civil service reform legislation.

    Our government/Leftist run school needs to be completely replaced with vouchers and private schools that have to compete for students.

    Lifelong dependency on government handouts needs to end.

    There is much work to be done. And The Left is cancer in our body that must destroyed, root and branch.