Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, March 6, 2020

Karl vs Groucho: The Democrat Marxists at Play (II)

OK. I am not right too often, but when I get one, I get it dead on.

Not long ago (February 4), I noted that the Democrat Party had split between two types of Marxists: those who follow Karl Marx, and those who follow the much wiser Groucho Marx. Karl's prime follower has taken a hit in the ol' shorts these last few days. Bernie "Honeymoon in the USSR" Sanders had a less than stellar run on Super Thurs--er--Tuesday. He lost his front-runner status to a tottering, doddering ol' corruptocrat, Joe Biden, around whom the Dem establishment has rallied, employing the tactics of the Spanish Christian warriors against the Moors: myth has it they propped up their dead Chief, El Cid, on a horse and scared the Moors away. Joe as the dead El Cid? I like it.

The absurd candidacy of Mayor Mike came to a crashing halt in a thunder cloud of hilarity and shredded 100 dollar bills; he never could emulate Groucho, and ended at best as Gummo, Zeppo, or, maybe, Florence Foster Jenkins. You decide.

As I began to write this little piece, Elizabeth Warren announced that she, too, calls it quits. The rampant sexism, agism, and white supremacist bias of Dem voters proved too much for a poor, aged, underprivileged, pregnant Cherokee woman with children in public schools on a reservation in Oklahoma -- or something along those lines. Warren had aspired to play thee part of Rosa Luxemburg, but ended up as Margaret Dumont, i.e., foil for the wrong Marx.

So, now, the party long famous for having the votes of the dead, seeks to run, at best, a barely living candidate for President: Joe Biden, a vacuous old crook, perhaps the most dishonest major Dem politician but for Hillary Clinton--she's hard to match. Biden has had a long political career of no notable achievements or thoughts, one marked by unrestrained ambition, corruption, plagiarism, and invented tales of derring-do. Whether confronting a vicious armed gang member at a public swimming pool, or standing up to armed Boers, Joe has "done" it all--well, in his mind, at least. Baron Munchausen has nothing on him. He believes in nothing discernible except getting rich thanks to his office, and sharing access to that wealth with his family.

Joe will become and do whatever his handlers decide he will become and do; those handlers have chosen to go with the comfortable, maleable, old shoe corruption of adled millionaire (Groucho) Marxist Joe Biden, rather than take a chance with the delusional power madness of ailing millionaire (Karl) Marxist Bernie Sanders.

Trump 2020.


  1. Yet a good 48+% will go with what's been ordained. So many threads to the problem. Education mutated to a political cause probably the main one.

  2. It seems according to turn out numbers that the youngest voters did not turn out for Bernie when it was so easy to do so in a primary. I can't imagine them making their way to the polls on election day to help the likes of crooked Joe Biden.

  3. That his "handlers" can't see that their fellows full well recognize that what's on offer would be, as they'd have it, the first Presidency-by-Committee. (Or perhaps they do see.)

    Joe Biden is the Eleanor Rigby of the Democrat Party.


  4. It's an extremely low bar, but a corruptocrat beats and sincere communist any day of the week in my book. It was looking quite scary for a bit that there was going to be a communist as a major party candidate for the presidency.
    ... and the graves of my ancestors churn in disgust at the embrace of totalitarianism by the left of today. I think it was always there, but just like "personal stories about global warming" were appropriately mocked in decades past, claims of the 'benefits of communism' were previously as well. Yet now these have become 'religious fact' among the "highly degree'd yet still highly uneducated" young hipsters of today.

    - reader #1482

  5. The race will be for VP and Slow Joe might not even make it to the election. Maybe they can hire the same Taxidermist as they used on RBG.

    1. "...hire the same Taxidermist as they used on RBG."

      No real argument there MK, she deserved to be stuffed & mounted right alongside "Plugs" and Bernie! It's a fitting perch for the Juris Doc who couldn't bring her-own=damn-self to advocate for innocent lives trapped in REAL hostile wombs. Still I'm sure there are some, if not many citizens/voters, both well and not so well, who are inspired by her High-dolla $urvival from multiple cancerous tumor episodes, spreading throughout her body, while drug treatments, I'd predict, wracked her mind!

      I wonder too, if she ever stops to consider how many of her aborted babies lives: boys n' girls, black, white, yellow, red or Pacific Islander whom she might have saved from a senseless horrible death, had she just retired from the Bench back in '99 during her first public battle with Colon Cancer...

      Back then, I read a local Church Bulletin, wherein the Mother of the Parrish priest at age 77, shared that she was diagnosed with cancer. What was amazing to me then, was that she had decided not to "FIGHT" cancer, but to "LIVE with it! I never heard anyone say such a thing before! On and On, Year after Year, she wrote her stories about successes she experienced LIVING with her disease. Not sure how long she lived,or if she died from the Big C, as her son and she were sent to minister a larger flock. Some day I'll look him up, and ask him about the rest of his Mother's Long Life Story~~~
      Amen +

      P.S. Curious and Curious-er, about who is actually doing the RSG work, It's no secret that the Supremes have a Regiment of Law Clerks to do their heavy-lifting, but who's doing the thinking and such! What troubles me even more, is that there's NO real accounting for who is doing what, or when, or where there doin it!?

      The Funniest thing, by way of comparison, is my youngest girl, Summa Cum Laude, has had all her upper-division work (exams/papers/presentations etc) proctored, videoed, interrogated, examined, approved, & archived and so on an on...
      But, who the heck knows who's writing RBG's convoluted opinionated CRAP for our confused US Supreme Court?
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  6. I think the Democrats like things the way they are now, and don't expect to win with Joe, but they don't want to take any chances with Bernie. On one hand Bernie wins nomination, and then goes to lose to President Trump in a landslide defeat that has ramifications to the house. Or worse he wins, and goes after their money. I think they will want to take a soft loss with Joe, and hope that they can hold the house in order to continue to stymie the president.

    1. I agree to disagree. I think the dems hate where they are now. The Repubs like second banana, never the dems. I think James Woods (the actor) tweeted the correct warning. Hildabeast as his VP. Then find ole Joe demented and forced to step down. Sounds like a plan. I suspect obozo would be like all on board and turn out the black vote. They just might win, but still a long shot.

    2. Yes, they know the Dem candidate loses this year whether it's Bernie or Joe. The DNC insiders want to hold onto their jobs, so they don't want Bernie shaking things up. hence, an all-out effort to boost Joe on Super Tuesday (Steyer, Buttigieg, Klobuchar out, Warren in). The VP will be a female senator not running in 2020, so she doesn't have to give anything up. She will be a safe choice from DNC's view. To keep up appearances, she will be from a state that could go either way. Maybe Klobuchar, Baldwin, Cortez-Masto, Stabenow.

    3. Not sure. The Dems will roll out the dead vote and register illegal aliens.

  7. Big Chief Pimple-pops-on-her-Tongue--
    Her candidacy finally is done.
    Now it's Bolshie Boynie
    And Joe Biden's journey
    To make to voting day fun!

    Mayor Pete, known as gigs-in-the-buttie,
    Did not strike folks as being nutty.
    But his run went nowhere;
    He was full of hot air;
    And malleable as silly putty!

  8. The Man With The Incredibly Shrinking Brain staring Joe Biden, a DNC production.

  9. It's always worth a laugh to read Trump supporters complain about how corrupt Biden is. Thank you.

    1. That was me. Sorry about the wrong login.

      Still enjoying the paranoia. Hillary as VP? Too funny.