Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, April 24, 2020

The ChiCom Virus: So, What Have We Learned?

Sorry for the long break from posting. Life, even in "lockdown" mode, got in the way, and, furthermore, I find myself more than fed up with what's happening; it gets harder and harder to write about it. And, of course, I had my snake "adventure," but that's a boring tale for another occasion.

Sorry, also, if I repeat myself. I certainly don't want to come off as a Joe Biden clone.

For those of you with a masochistic streak, you can go over this humble blog's posts for the last several weeks. I'll wait while you do that . . . With that all said, it seems some things bear repeating when it comes to the situation created by the ChiCom virus.

So, what have we learned over the past couple of months or so? In no particular order, I submit only a few things we might have learned, or better said, should have learned, or even relearned. You will have many others.

Don't Trust Communists 

I know, I know. That is a tough one, but, please try to keep in mind that Communists lie, and they lie big, real BIGLY. Their ideology and modus operandi rely on lies. Not only that, but you will find them more than willing, giddy, in fact, to see you and your family suffer and die in pursuit--"must break eggs to make an omelet, eh, Comrade"--of their goal to remake the world. Don't believe me? See, for example, the nonsense spewed by Cheapo-Commie AOC and her cohorts. They seem dizzy with glee over the prospect of remaking the nation on the backs of suffering workers. They don't want the economy to restart--but AOC, of course, won't give up her six figure salary. Look over, also, the media and see all those "liberal journalists" happy that the economy has gone into a stall; see how they portray folks who protest the stall, and want to go back to work. The Commies hate them for it, and openly cheer for the virus.

Now, you might ask, are all these people really Communists? Well, OK, no, I guess not, well not, at least, in the strict sense: they are too stupid to be real Communists. They don't know Marx, never having read him or the other "philosophers" of that horrid creed; they, furthermore, seem totally ignorant of the USSR, Venezuela, Cuba, and the other brilliant examples of Marxism in practice. The "liberal" media and punditry class come out of our decrepit institutions of "hire" learning--the correct term for places that charge an arm and a leg--which teach a downgraded, washed-out, ahistorical, lazy man's Marxism under various names, e.g., "feminism," "environmentalism," "social science," "race and gender studies," etc. At these institutions of hire learning, they learn a smug, ignorant cynicism, centered on a hatred for the West, which they seek to pass off as higher learning. We once called them "useful idiots." Time to bring back that very useful and accurate label.

The ChiComs, of course, are a lot smarter than our home-grown Commies. They prove more than willing to buy the rope from us with which to hang us--and we sold them a lot of rope over the past decades. In fact, we have gone even further: we subcontracted to them the rope-making business in the name of globalism, and to save a few bucks. These ChiComs, as we have seen, now wealthy thanks to the American Chamber of Commerce and their religious belief in "free trade," lied about the origin and contagiousness of the Wuhan virus. They allowed it to spread from Wuhan around the world. Then, with the Russians and Iranians chipping in, they have tried to flip the narrative: blame the US military, and offer "help" to countries affected by the virus. That help has consisted, in large part, of defective test kits and other faulty gear . . . and, well, you know the rest of the story. The Western pundits quickly parroted the ChiCom line out of ideological affinity, a shared hatred for America and the West, a desire to bring down Trump any way possible, old fashion bribery, and just sheer, smug stupidity.

The Experts are "Experts"  

I have written a lot about "experts," their models, and policy prescriptions, and how they have produced the dire predicament in which we find ourselves. I will try not to repeat it all, but, of course, will just a bit.

Our policies to "combat" the ChiCom virus have been driven and shaped by "experts" and their "models." That continues even as the "models" fail again and again in their predictions. Don't forget that "experts" can't even predict accurately the track of a hurricane from one day to the next, or the weather a couple of days out. That, however, doesn't stop them from telling us that we are all gonna die from Man-made Global Climate Cooling, Warming, Change, Whatever; that we will face more hurricanes, no, no, fewer hurricanes; stronger hurricanes, no, no weaker hurricanes; more snow, less snow, no snow; more floods, no, no, more drought . . . in other words, anything is possible and it's all because of human economic activity which must cease! The Climate, nee Weather, changes! That's never happened before!

Those same sort of models produced the wildly disparate predictions about the course and impact of the ChiCom virus. The models failed miserably, so much so that we now see the "experts" busily adjusting the data--i.e., rewriting the past--to fit the models as much as possible. They want the models to predict the past. We see, for example, NYC padding the death toll; we see any death involving a diagnosis of ChiCom virus attributed to the ChiCom virus. We also see NYC and other places, e,g, Spain, adding in "suspected" ChiCom virus deaths. We saw a similar stunt during the AIDS/HIV "epidemic" during which the "experts" and their models predicted tens-of-millions, nay, hundreds-of-millions of deaths striking regardless of race, sex, or sexual orientation. That, of course, did not happen. Not even close.

The "experts," in fact, more times than not, turn out to be political activists with a decidedly leftist bent. These "experts," and their media allies, have stampeded the government into the current lockdown.

As more and more data become available, it seems clear that enormous numbers of people have been exposed to the ChiCom virus and not gotten ill, much less died. The hospitals have not been overwhelmed. We see a fatality rate, never very high outside of a few metro areas, continuing to drop. It seems headed for flu-type levels of mortality.

To sum up, a real expert is somebody who can keep a farm running, or fix a complex piece of machinery, or build a house, or keep a fleet of trucks on the road, or pick off an enemy sniper at 600 meters. Those are true experts. They produce tangible results. Getting a university credential from "experts" does not make you an expert, it makes you an "expert."

The Economy and Future Are Being Sacrificed

We are destroying the greatest economy in the world in the name of "fighting" the ChiCom virus. That must stop, now.

We will find it easier to throw the OFF switch than to throw the ON switch. I found this out, in a much less dramatic setting, as Charge of the embassy in Indonesia. We had threats coming in almost daily from Islamist extremists. Should we close the Embassy in response? I have written before about the need to balance risk against gain. We had to balance the risk of staying open against achieving the mission we had been sent to do. On one occasion we got a very specific and credible threat: I closed the Embassy. That was the easy part. Getting it back open? A bureaucratic nightmare. Nobody in DC wanted to sign off on reopening. It took a bit, but we kept insisting, and finally got the OK to go back to work. The bureaucracy let me know, however, that it was my head if something untoward happened.

We are in the same situation now; well, let me clarify that, a situation much more serious than just a few overseas bureaucrats at risk. We have put the entire nation and its future at risk, and the prospects get evermore dire the longer we hold off reopening the economy.

Let people use common sense. Isn't that what freedom's about? Taking a chance?

Giving Totalitarian Crazies a Precedent 

Diploson number two (DS2), who's become quite a sage in a H.L. Mencken or Eric Hoffer sort of way, said that what worried him the most about the "lockdown" by government fiat due to a "health emergency" was the precedent it set. He noted that we could easily in the next few years get some enviro-wackos in control who would declare an "environmental emergency" and shut down the economy or those portions of which they did not approve. 

I think Young DS2 has grabbed onto something quite real. We already see dramatic overreach in places such as Michigan and Virginia where Governors issue all sorts of restrictive edicts of questionable legality. The Mayor of NYC has sought to establish Cuban-style neighborhood watches composed of snitches. We have seen this sort of overreach before at the Federal level with Woodrow Wilson and FDR. Now, however, we have established that the whole country can be shut down on the basis of questionable "expert" information. 

Time to end this and get legislation in place to make sure this sort of overreaction does not happen again. 

Off to walk my dogs.


  1. Don't forget your mask when your out walking the dogs LoL

  2. At these institutions of hire learning, they learn a smug, ignorant cynicism, centered on a hatred for the West, which they seek to pass off as higher learning

    Is that where you learned your smug, ignorant hysteria, that you seek to pass off as common sense?

    We already see dramatic overreach in places such as Michigan and Virginia where Governors issue all sorts of restrictive edicts of questionable legality.

    I noticed that in all this ranting, you failed to list restrictive edicts of questionable legality by Republicans in Ohio or Alabama. One might think you don't care about totalitarian behavior, as long as it supports your agenda.

    Thank you for revealing that the notion of an overall increase with pockets of decrease seems just too complex for you to believe.

    1. Comrade Brow, are we angry this morning? Starved for usable content maybe?

    2. Don't waste your time with Onebrow. He's not too smart.

    3. whitewallApril,
      Comrade Brow, are we angry this morning? Starved for usable content maybe?

      Gosh, whitewall, it's curious how you think anger only comes from one side of parallel rhetoric.

    4. DiploMad,
      Don't waste your time with Onebrow. He's not too smart.

      When you can't argue on the substance, you decide to label and insult people who disagree with you. How very Trumpian.

    5. "How very Trumpian."

      My God a first! OneBrow's given a compliment.

      On behalf of all five of us readers here OB thank you very kindly. Didn't think you had it in you.


    6. paul vincent zecchinoApril 26, 2020 at 7:20 PM

      One Brow -

      Don't try to sound profound, lad. You've not had the practice.

    7. JK,

      We all have our own standards to live up to, or down to, as the case may be.

    8. paul vincent zecchino,

      I've never thought of myself as particularly profound, and would never try to sound that way. I wonder why you thought I was?

      Thanks for the advice, though I have not been a lad for decades.

  3. "Time to end this and get legislation in place to make sure this sort of overreaction does not happen again."

    Would that it were so easy! It is the Political Class that ignored the Constitution and created the prior legislation and unaccountable bureaucracy which led to the current foolishness. Can we reasonably expect the buffoons who created the problem now to solve it?

    Sadly, the only real-world way out of this situation that I can see involves a revolution of some kind that expunges the current Political Class and their hangers-on in the media, academia, and the bureaucracy. We are certainly going to get a financial crisis of epic proportions from global money printing. If we are lucky, we will get the kind of low-violence revolution which ended the USSR -- but we could get something more like the French Revolution.

    It may take a generation or two, but eventually the dust will settle and the human race will march onwards. Whether we will then be speaking English or Chinese remains to be seen.

    1. vote them out now all of them this november the house and the senate need to be cleaned out from top to bottom.

  4. Sanders didn't quit the race because the country was in chaos and he wants Biden to beat Trump in order to rescue it. Sanders quit the race because his work here is already done.

    - reader #1482

    1. Don't you expect Sanders to re-enter at the convention when it is shown demonstrably that Biden is mentally incapable of functioning?

    2. "Don't you expect Sanders to re-enter at the convention..."

      No Way Jose!
      Bernie's making millions sitting on the sidelines!
      And Ifn 'Plugs' makes it out of the Convention with his
      Brown~skin Gal, he'll be home free too! And let's not forget that the majority of Americans are well aware that Most All Democrats are "mentally incapable of Functioning", especially on a 'Rational American' level.
      They also know that Both Trump and Pence are the last best HOPE, to drain the Globalist swamp, before we're sucked into the Muck!
      Choose your partner and Do Si Do'
      ON Watch~~~

  5. Diploson has the danger precisely.

    It it is the precedent. And how we got, not dragged kicking and screaming but rather, stampeded into it. And likely the worst part of that stampede being the complacency of it.



  6. Excellent video regarding Covid-19 Well worth your time

    Part 2

    1. Excellent video properly lays out the case.

    2. Excellent Video, must have hit a sore spot!

      This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines.

    3. YouTube states:

      "We believe that everyone deserves to have a voice, and that the world is a better place when we listen, share and build community through our stories."


      AS THE COB [Chief of the Boat] OFTEN REMARKED, in REPLY TO THE International COMMUNIST's PROPAGANDA RATION of the day, back in the 60's!


      He had a way with words~~~
      Ready for a Hymn?

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  7. Having been a first tranche STS'er at State, I can concur with your remarks regarding the typical .gov bureaucrat.
    I would take this whole Wuhan flu seriously if we saw .gov bureaucrats being furloughed at the same rate as the civilian workforce. Except for the SES level. I think they should take a 50% pay cuts and a 50% furlough - esp. anyone at that level in the various FAILED medical-related bureaucracies. But that's just me. And don't get me started on what should happen to our elected "betters".

    1. Torches and pitchforks comes to mind, for any "better" that violates our rights as citizens.

  8. The current, fundamental status of the US eerily mirrors the Soviet Constitution. And the behavior of the Democrats is described in The Gulag Archipelago.

  9. Excellent video regarding Covid-19 Well worth your time- Malcolm

    Tks Mal,Particularly enjoyed the comparative analysis between the Swedes and the Norwegians Covid19 remedial recipes-- presented judiciously, and declared a tie by the Genteel Norskeman (ER Doc)!

    However, I suspect a DANE, would have called it just another concoction by the "Swedish Meatballs" (Svenske Frikadellen) or as "Archie Bunker" would say "MeatHead"! ];~)>
    On Watch~~~
    Gettin the hell out of Stockholm pronto,
    before I catch a socialista dose of the
    ChiCom syndrome, its going around, global~~~
    P.S. anyone know where I can buy a 100% AMERICAN MADE Computer?
    "Let's Roll"

  10. Posts like this are why I have read your blog for years. Thanks for turning out a pearl!

  11. Perhaps the PRC government deliberately leaked the COVID virus in order to stage a coup on the global level? Their threats to wthold pharmaceuticals and their little Ethiopian hand pupper in WHO echoing a similar threat has this possibility crossing my mind.

    1. Whether the virus was leaked deliberately, leaked accidentally, or was pre-existing -- the rulers of China have certainly learned how easy it is to make the spineless followers of fashion in Western governments shoot themselves in the foot, the groin, the stomach, and most other parts of their anatomy.

      "Know your enemy", said Sun Tzu. The Chinese leaders have taken the measure of our unimpressive leadership. They understand us much better than we understand them. And that will influence their future actions.

    2. The virus release was assisted by deep state Dem factions. Check the date of Patient Zero’s arrival in WA from Wuhan (Jan.15). Same day Pelosi finally submits impeachment articles, diverting news cycle for weeks. She’d inexplicably had held onto those before.

    3. "The virus release was -->assisted by deep state Dem factions."

      Perhaps, Anon, More Like:
      Aided and Abetted
      Whereas said 'RATS commit:
      An "Overt Act or by
      giving advice or
      He or she
      [or THEY]
      must share the -->criminal intent<-- of the person/s who actually commits the crime, but it is not necessary for the aider and abettor to be physically present at the scene ...

      Now, if we had a few Judges and Prosecutors, ready willing and able to go after the 'Rat's, we may just turn the 'Ship of State' around, before it founders on the Rocks and Shoals, created by enemies, foreign and domestic to Destroy these UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

  12. You once commented re Bill Clinton's zipper, that a President is done once people start laughing at him. The Donald has reached that threshold with his lysol and UV comments. You will laugh at this.