Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Time for the West to Win

I am tired of calls for ceasefires, settling for half-done missions, and the general blah-blah coming from so many of our "leaders." 

What is being driven home in the current Israel-Gaza bout is the need to win. 

Yes, win. 

In every one of its wars, for example, Israel is always forced into a ceasefire despite its convincing crushing of far superior armies. We see the same process underway, again. Calls for ceasefire, two-state solution, etc. Nonsense. There is no negotiation possible with Hamas, they don't want a two-state solution. They want to kill. So, you kill them, or they kill you. Period. They are savages with no respect for civilization. They want to torture, kill and subjugate in the name of a supremacist ideology. How do you negotiate with that?

I have written many times before that the civilized nations must inflict one defeat after another on the Islamic world, a world which has attacked us for the past 1400 years. It didn't start with the Balfour Declaration, the creation of Israel, the US' belated backing of Israel, the war in Iraq, or any other historical point except for one: the creation of Islam. It's a totalitarian creed, which glorifies violence, has no respect for or understanding of human rights, treats women like cattle, considers non-believers as less than human, uses children as shields, and once it conquers a territory or people declares that land and populace forever Muslim.

The war in Gaza is just another bout with the warlike world of Islam. 

Israel must win. Hamas must be destroyed. That is the only way to have a chance for peace. 

Our own sad armed forces, concerned about DEI and pronouns, could learn what it means to win. 

Our politicians need to understand that immigration into our countries needs to be drastically curtailed, and those who hate us deported. We can't have the enemy in our midst, or we will lose every time.

Win is the solution.


  1. As I keep telling my lefty friends and relatives: There will be a cease fire, once Israel has done what it needs to.

    1. In other words, the IDF will stop shooting when there is nothing left to shoot at. Works for me.

  2. The trouble is that everything cuts two ways.There is no negotiation possible with Israel, it doesn't want a two-state solution.

    Hamas wants From the river to the sea, Israel wants Eretz Israel: two enemies claim exclusive sovereignty over the same patch of ground.

    There is no solution, just the prospect of repeated horrors.

    1. Israel has tried offering two-state solutions.
      Israel: "You can live next door and some of you can live in my house"
      Palestinians: "I will kill you and take that house. It's mine!"
      Israel: "How about you take the living room and a bathroom and I'll live in the rest."
      Palestinians: "I will kill you and take the whole house. It's mine."
      You are right, there is no negotiation possible, but it is the Palestinians that are not negotiating.

    2. I don't have to like the concept of a state formed around a religion in order to recognize that non-jews can live in freedom and safety in Israel while non-muslims could never live in freedom and safety in pre-mandate ottoman era, or in that general region since about 700AD.
      If the US is going to pick an ally in the Middle East based on shared values and aspirations, it's Israel by a massive landslide.
      Look.. Israel had a huge schism over judicial processes (on which I think it's insane that the Israeli bar association was effectively choosing justices)... but you know what happened? They had protests. I think they were misguided, but they were protests. In a similar arab situation, it would be bombs going off absolutely everywhere.
      I'd love to see these 'pro-palestine' protesters choose a middle eastern country where their grandchildren are to live.
      Every single one of them will suddenly sing with love 'between the river and the sea is where my grandchildren need to be'.

      - reader #1482

  3. There will be a cease fire when Israel's tank barrels meet in the middle of gaza city.

  4. Islam is a cult of death and destruction.

  5. Two words: Charles Martel.

    Two more words: Vlad Dracul.

    Both models for “making Islam not want to attack there anymore.”

    1. Charles Martel won the battle. Looking at France 1000 years later, it's arguable that he wound up losing the war.

  6. A lot of the pro-Palestinian Western comment ignores one of the key issues -- other Arab countries love the Palestinian issue, but want nothing to do with actual Palestinians.

    Egypt actually "built the wall", to keep the Palestinians in Gaza and out of Egypt. Jordan remembers how the Palestinians there tried to take over the country, leading to a nasty civil war. Kuwait remembers that the Palestinians they had allowed into the country sided with Saddam Hussein when he invaded. No country in the Middle East is currently welcoming Palestinian refugees.

    One can feel a lot of sympathy for ordinary Palestinians who just want to live their lives -- but they have tolerated the growth of Hamas into a self-serving criminal gang. Palestinians themselves need to fix that problem.

    An analog might be the relation between Catholics in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republican Army -- which started as a genuine movement for self-rule and evolved into an occupying gang. Defanging the IRA was necessary for ordinary Catholics to have a chance at a better life.

  7. "Our politicians need to understand that immigration into our countries needs to be drastically curtailed, and those who hate us deported. We can't have the enemy in our midst, or we will lose every time."

    Our politicians know this already. They just allow this immigration because they are being paid to allow it. Our politicians are self-serving and evil. They don't care if the nation dies because they think it won't happen in their lifetimes. They don't care about the future of the nation or even the future of their progeny because they are all sociopaths.

  8. "Our politicians need to understand that immigration into our countries needs to be drastically curtailed, and those who hate us deported. We can't have the enemy in our midst, or we will lose every time."

    Our politicians are far more likely to increase immigration than they are to curtail it, never mind actually deporting anyone in significant numbers.

    In fact, I would bet that they already are drafting "humanitarian" legislation to encourage as many Gazan "refugees" as possible to come to the United States. Sure, they'll include some token security screening process, but does anyone actually believe it will be effective at scale or even enforced? One consequence of a true Israeli victory on the ground almost certainly would be mass immigration from Gaza and other "troubled" Arab regions to the US.

    I've lived all my life in and around NYC. I'm trying to imagine how I would have reacted if you had told me in the weeks after September 11, 2001 that nearly twenty years later the Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Central Station would be shut down (multiple times, in the latter case) by thousands of people celebrating Islamic terrorism.

  9. Our politicians need to understand that immigration into our countries needs to be drastically curtailed, and those who hate us deported. We can't have the enemy in our midst, or we will lose every time.

    Drastically curtailing immigration into the US will result in a demographic collapse. The current population of the US is not procreating even remotely at replacement levels, let alone the growth levels required to sustain economic development.
    The US has forgot how to have children, yet somehow we're supposed to focus on the freedom of doctors to kill babies?
    Are we going to start cloning people?
    Regular church attendees fare better than the norm, but Christianity has lost so many to "deism masquerading as Christianity" that it's not currently enough.

    - reader #1482

    1. @ Reader #1482. You are correct about the looming demographic catastrophe. As a confessional Protestant Christian, I agree with your assessment of the religious crisis.

      @ Dip: I fear that the West is too far gone, although I hope I'm dead wrong. God may yet choose to turn us around, and I pray for that to happen. However, the Obergefell decision and a situation in which an 18-year-old may not buy a beer but a 7-year-old may get hormone blockers without parental consent may indicate that we're ripe for a devastating Chinese nuclear attack and an Islamic occupation of Europe (O, Assyrian, rod of mine anger, etc.--Isaiah 10).

      But as someone whose family is not all-"white", I am wary of cutting immigration by too much. Targeted exclusions of places--and groups--that are hotbeds of terrorism and dangerous ideologies (Cambridge, MA and Gaza come to mind) may be good enough. But perhaps I'm prejudiced, since certain non-"white" immigrants are replenishing my religious demographic...

      My guess is that Islam will learn to behave itself when armies of Christianized Subsaharan Africans and Far Eastern peoples shake hands over the ruins of the Ka'aba, and then barbecue pork over some of its stones--and the world does not end. Still, in the meantime, I am grateful that the religion of bomb fragments now and again proves a thorn in the side of the utterly despicable Chinese Communist regime.


    2. Have heart, the 'home church' in China is the largest church in the world now. (Okay, it's a bit of a tricky accounting because that's assuming it's one church.) But definitely China is the country where Christianity is growing the fastest.

      - reader #1482

  10. Hard but not impossible to beat a death cult, but it has to be done.
    And our government is helping the Death Cult.

  11. I know this is odd but, the West has won. We are like a passenger in a car driven by a maniac. We will win but we'll take a lot of damage too. Nothing lasts forever, nothing.

  12. I got into it with someone who claimed Israel has gone far enough, that it’s time for a ceasefire. I shut him up when I asked this question; “would you let a rabid dog live in your back yard?”

    1. Any PETA member would say "Obviously YES! This planet is for the animals, humans are mistake!" Sadly, PETA membership is growing.

      - reader #1482

  13. "Our politicians need to understand that immigration into our countries needs to be drastically curtailed, and those who hate us deported. We can't have the enemy in our midst, or we will lose every time."
    Her in the UK both our main political parties (Conservative and Labour) as well as several minor ones all support mass third world immigration for their own reasons. The media is dominated by lefties who seem to hate our way of life - even though they themselves live in areas with little immigration. Our system is completely and utterly smashed beyond repair short of violent revolution now. The town I fled to after leaving the city where population replacement had already occurred is now becoming more and more foreign and more and more bearded 'asylum seekers' keep arriving.
    As Churchill himself said: "How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live."
    The England I loved is over.

    1. The only demographics growing now are theologically conservative religious groups. To my knowledge, the UK is predominantly in Christian decline. I'm not sure what kind of alternatives to importing people are available to the UK.
      I'm not saying I like it... just... if nobody is having and raising children, society will collapse.

      - reader #1482

  14. Once again, the West has won.

  15. Seems kind of stupid for Israel to implement an operational pause for hostage 'trading'. IDF isn't losing in Gaza, not by a long shot. IMO, IDF should only pause for a verified surrender of forces, including hamas leadership.
    Somehow western liberalism-thinking has infected even a lot of Israeli conservatives. "War is bad, avoid war at all costs, even if it means surrendering the innocent to barbaric totalitarians."
    If there are no values that are worth our lives, are there any lives worth any value?

    - reader #1482


  16. "If there are no values that are worth
    our lives, [to include one's last breath]
    are there any lives worth any value?"
    - reader #1482
    Good Question numero~14 3/4 plus!
    As the Eldest Son of a Viking, and,
    Grand Son of a Gordon Highlander,
    Seasoned, by a Scot Great Grandma
    and her dear Daughter my Grandmother,
    Brothers , Sisters, Cousins, etc etc etc we
    all raised in Judaic-Christian Faith, and as
    a graduate of Civilian and Military Schools,
    went down to the Sea and Under to DEFEND
    all of the above folk, and our values, learned
    from, and lived by with those Family, Friends,
    Great American Countrymen, Brothers &
    Sisters in Arms! Amen, may God Bless
    and Protect US "Everyone" if possible,
    I do so Declare~~~
    On Watch~~~

    "Let's Roll"

  17. I've arguing for years that Israel has been suffering under 'forced stupidity' at the direction of the US, primarily GWB and Obama, but also Trump and most certainly Biden. What Israel has *wanted* to do for ages, is root out hamas and other terror groups in the middle east. What the US wants, is uninterrupted oil supplies so that lefty US politicians can sate the bloodlust of their faux-environmentalists. So the US stills Israel's hand. Israel accepts regular rocket attacks from Gaza, now going back over a decade. The US demands Israel turn the conflict into a Nerf war. But the enemy has a hand in determining war or peace, so long as that hand isn't cut off.
    This policy of allowing another group to 'try their best over and over' to destroy you and counting on your technological superiority to prevent it is just lunacy.
    To a much lesser extent, this applies to the US southern border.
    Note also, Russia is attacking Finland with the same tools Mexico is attacking the US, weaponized pass-through migration.

    - reader #1482

    1. And yet And yet,
      You've not become
      hopeless as yet dear
      -reader ~~~ what's in
      your sauce? Faith, Hope,
      surely not Charity, at this
      'God Awful Stage' what is
      Left for US Coasties to do?
      No hole in the ground here-
      about's would be deep enough
      to escape from a Nuclear Winter!
      Run for the hills? 'Spect that'd be
      a short trip as well~~~ Depend on
      our present leadership to show US
      the way?~~~BLIND faith, methinks,
      and most of US know it, besides a
      majority of OUR warriors are locked
      in Federal Imprisonment in one form
      or another...held in ransom by our
      enemies within and out~~~ Well
      brother, if my knees were able to
      endure trips to the floor, I'd be
      down there praying non-stop!
      As it is tho, I do hope & pray
      that we few, and growing
      number of Proud & Brave
      # of Americans will hit
      the SOB's where it
      hurts the most~~~
      On Watch~~~
      "Let's Roll"

    2. A Ukraine-Taiwan-Israel pact should've been implemented long ago. All three are lined up in the sights of large dictatorships with over-tenured leadership (Russia, China, and pretty much all of the middle east, respectively).

      Maybe Israel leads the way by fully dismantling Iran's gaza/lebanon/syria infrastructure. Ukraine and Taiwan should participate in that however they can in order to 'K.O. the easiest of the incoming bullies quickly' and then all three focus on the remaining belligerents.
      That's the tactical side... US should be all up in that mess, doubly so when it costs dollars, not US blood.
      Strategically, this US needs to take down Russia/China because the war that will continue for a thousand years is against the salafist/wahabist groups like the taliban, hamas, al qaeda, Iran, and pakistan's ISI. The only way to defeat that is to combine the rest of the world, including China and Russia. And that's the 'easy' route. The hard route is to be apathetic and wait for the jizya to be required of christians in the US (lefties don't care, it's just a tax on 'colonialists' anyways, right?) Because God's kingdom ultimately will not be denied, but perhaps we can choose a less painful route.

      - reader #1482

  18. Hi Lewis, please go to Amazon and look up my novel "Crocodile Words"; this is not a promotional request! At the 'Read Sample' link you can view a chopped up section of the first page. Again, this is not a promotional request - rather - reading more of your writing on X I believe -- from that first page -- you will grasp immediately what I was up to, my weird sense of humor, and all. I have lived with the growth of Muslim South Seattle and I incorporated observations into the novel. Mockery, not malice, is my central premise - and I hope that comes across. If we eliminate mockery from the world what kind of world do we have left? Yes, I would feel bad if Judaism or Christianity were raked along at the level of my novel - yet - the Hebrew writers never hesitated to tangle with G-d, who returns some good whacks at the end of the Book of Job, and, Jesus came in for real mockery at his execution with Roman soldiers putting up mocking signs and gambling for his last clothes. Yet Islam, implacable, forecloses upon a significant slice of human nature, i.e., frivolity, with pena extrema. If inclined, feel free @ my name gmail, etc. I'd be happy to send you a Kindle gift copy; Best, DQ