Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The European Elections: A Slight Shift to the Slight Right

It's a rainy day in San Sebastian, Spain. I am sitting in my apartment there, having peeled off layers of soaked clothing, I turn to the results of the just-held elections for the European Parliament. 

Reading the leftist press, and most press and TV in Spain (and France) is of the MSNBC leftist variety, you would think the Nazi panzers are rolling through the streets. The hysteria is quite remarkable and reminiscent of the left's reaction in the US to Trump's 2016 electoral victory. Postings on X are quite vehement in decrying the victory of the "Nazis and Fascists." I read of violence in some parts of Europe where bands of lefties attack people and institutions considered "right." Sob stories echo throughout the media from "immigrants" decrying the imminent arrival of trucks and trains to send them off to camps and deportation. God forbid that those wanting to live under sharia, should have to live under sharia. 

As usual, the left's minions need to switch to decaf. 

Yes, there has been a welcome shift to the right in Europe. With a couple of exceptions, e.g., France where Macron has dissolved the French parliament and called for snap elections, hardly earth-shaking. The left/center-left continues to hold a sizable mass of seats with which to block the right/center-right and prevent a serious correction to the disastrous voyage on which Europe has embarked. As mentioned above, the left continue to hold the media, and, of course, the entrenched large and very deep state. 

Parliamentary politics has a great failing: the need, very often, to form coalitions to govern. That means, often, a particular party's voters feel betrayed when their party make compromises to get into a coalition. It's prime operating theater for RINOs and their European equivalents. 

I remain pessimistic about the future of the West. Yes, there are some bright spots, e.g., Netherlands, Hungary, but overwhelmingly the left holds a grip on the future, and it's a dark future. I fear for the world of my grandkids.



  1. I'm no fan of Monsieur Micron but credit where credit is due. When the Bidens walked out of the D-Day celebrations he looked around, saw that some American ex-Servicemen had been rather abandoned, and rushed over to shake their hands and hug them. Good for him.

  2. Keep working here to support non-insane candidates! Yes the Dems try to steal elections, but it was a massive, coordinated effort in selected cities in 2020. They lack the means to steal every election everywhere. Keep voting, donating, and volunteering. Sure we all have our problems with the GOP, but it's them or the Democrats. An easy choice to make.
    ~ Doctor Weasel

  3. For the second time (your last two posts) the book has determined that posting a link does not pass... "It looks like you tried to get likes, follows, shares or video views in a misleading way." and "Your post goes against our Community Standards on spam.

  4. EU and US politicians are responding to a dramatic population crash. I'm guessing that all federal-level politicians are made aware of it.... so they can rail against importing people or scream on its behalf... but they all know they're fighting an impending demographic financial meltdown.

    It's not a 'great replacement'... that would be true if americans were sterile.. infertile... but fertility isn't the problem, pajama-boy's wifeless-childless-lifestyle-commitment. This is a historical decadence never seen even in the hey days of indolent rich brits. Millions of layabout men welding their butts to a couch and playing video games and watching porn 100 hours a week.... too lazy to even groom themselves, everything is 'ordered out'. "'Hope my allowance doesn't run out, but with how cheap I live... that's not gonna happen, pass the hot pockets!"

    Sorry, I to am very unhappy that islam is taking over the midwest through immigration.... if we were raising enough children to fill our job vacancies, we'd have a point to cracking down on immigration of all types. I don't think immigration is going to right anything, but it'll probably let the boomer generation die off in peace before the wars begin.

    - reader #1482

  5. Sitting here in Arsoli Italy, I’m listening to a lot of Italians decrying Melosi’s return. All I say to them is “Boo Hoo Swowflake, suck it up” Having retired here (in Italy), I guess I’m not going to make too many friends with my Leftist type neighbours …

  6. Europe is doomed to live under Islam, fools let them in and they will take over.
    Ever since 1940 the Communists scream Fascism at ther opponents

    1. @Skip Where Islam goes violence will follow, Islamic doctrine is religiously genocidal. Violence is what the adherents must do. The US is well on the way down the same path as Europe. And violence is quite often a tactic of the left which is why Dems are ideological soulmates of Iran, Hamas, and the jihad.

    2. They do it because europeans.. like americans... are too stupid and lazy to have and raise children. What are they going to do? Just have their population die off until the last person has died, still saying "nobody else should ever live here"?
      The population groups that are emigrating to/infiltrating america/europe are the ones that are growing.

      - reader #1482