Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Get Ready to Impeach Obama

There, I said it.  I will say it again, get ready to impeach Obama.

I never, never thought I would say that about a President. I was against efforts to impeach Nixon (yes, I am that old), I opposed efforts to impeach Clinton, and, of course, I thought the talk about impeaching G.W. Bush was rubbish. I opposed those efforts because I thought none of those Presidents had done something to rise to the level of impeachment, and to put the country through that process would make America weaker, embolden our enemies, and hurt our economy.  In the case of Obama, the opposite is true.  To leave him in power will make America weaker, embolden our enemies, and hurt our economy.  He must go; he must be shown the door; sent off to some distant pasture, or, the equivalent, a job at MSNBC or on ESPN.  Short of that, we must find a way to render him completely harmless for the next two years, and I am simply not clever enough to think of how to do that.

Truth in advertising.  I did not vote for Obama in 2008; I voted for Sarah Palin and the guy from Arizona. From day one, I thought Obama would make a lousy President; I know too many people just like him not to reach that conclusion.  Don't forget.  I work at the State Department, and it's full of people from "America's finest universities," who are as ignorant as the day is long about how the world really works.  I did, however, feel that, "OK. He's my President. The people chose him. I will do my best for him." But, I can't do that any more.  I now fully and with no hesitation join the ranks of those who question his competence, his intelligence, his knowledge, and, above all, his patriotism. There I said it. I question his patriotism.  This man is utterly disdainful of America, its proud history and institutions, and its true friends in the world, e.g., the UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, Israel, Colombia, Poland, the Czech Republic, and a handful of others.  He misses no opportunity to apologize for America or belittle its accomplishments. He misses no opportunity to devastate our economy at home or to kow-tow to our enemies abroad.

For reasons known only to him and a handful of dopey advisors, he has blithely sent off America's superb military into an idiotic adventure on the shores of Tripoli with no thought given to what the purpose is, or how it will end. He does this without even the pretense of consulting Congress or bothering to make a case to the American people for sending their children and treasure into war in Libya. He could at least let us in on the secret:  what is this war about? The two wars in Iraq, I understood; the one in Afghanistan, likewise, but this?  What is it? We fight because, supposedly, the UN, the EU, and the Arab League say we can?  Does that make sense? Is that worth killing and dying for? All this to create a No-Fly Zone so that a bunch of jihadist enemies of America can take out a cranky old gangster, who for the last couple of years has been our snitch inside the terror mafia? Or do we have other purposes? Are we out to build a Jeffersonian democracy in a country that is not a nation? Tells us, Anointed one, please!

All this alone would be enough to brings articles of impeachment against Obama. But now, unless stopped by Congress, it seems he is about to go one step too far.  In the muddled, brainless run-up to this war, clearly no thought was given as to how we get out of it.  So instead of having an exit strategy, we have a "duck and cover" strategy.  Supposedly, we will soon turn over command and control of the war to some, as yet undefined, foreign organization. At one time, it was NATO, but given the schisms within NATO and within the EU,  we hear via the Drudge Report of some sort of French-created international political committee that will control the No-Fly Zone.

No. We cannot allow this to happen.

That some lame committee made up of who knows whom--apparently to include members of the Arab League--will make decisions about US military deployments in a shooting war? No way. Are we going to have a repetition of what happened in Somalia, when UN command and control got hopelessly crossed with US command and control? This sounds even worse. This is a disaster waiting to happen.  The Congress better stand up and say "No," in a very clear voice.  Not only are our servicemen being sent to fight with no plan, for an unknown objective, in a place with almost no US interests, but now they will have to bow and scrape before some international committee with no clear idea of what it wants and comprised of people full of envy of and disregard for the United States?  If the British want their troops under the control of some French-run committee, well, that's their choice.  America should reject it flat out, and either we set clear goals for this idiotic intervention or we get out, just like the French refused to take part in Iraq and the Spanish pulled their troops out when it suited them.

Libya is a mess made by Arabs and the international left who spent the last 40-plus years lionizing Qaddafi.  This is not our problem; this is not at all akin to our first adventure on the shores of Tripoli.

This is not America's war.

Obama should not be America's President.


  1. I think this is proof Obama picked Biden for anti-impeachment insurance.

  2. Concerned Citizen MMarch 23, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    I watch Bill O'Reilly's program on Fox News every night. His viewpoint is that it would be wrong to leave Qaddafi in power since he killed American citizens.

    One problem: The two terrorist attacks, La Belle and Pan Am, took place over twenty years ago. Reagan pounded Qaddafi with some cruise missiles, he kept quiet for twenty years and turned over his nuclear program after we went into Iraq in 2003.

    This is like having a twenty-year-old son and one day going "You did this bad thing when you were 1; let's deal with it now." Huh? You deal with it when the incident happened; we should have invaded Libya when it happened then, not 20 years later.

    Obama consistently behaves in a way that diminishes American power and interests and promotes the cause of our jihadist enemies. If the evidence mounts that Libya was a gigantic mistake, and I believe it will, then yes, I agree with you, he should be impeached.

  3. First off, glad to see you back and blogging. And thatnks for the link -- you have no idea how pleased I am by that.

    On topic: because the Democrats control the Senate I don't see a possibility of an impeachment.

    However, I think that Obama has largely given up on the actual business of governance. I suspect that, given an out that wouldn't embarrass him and had a swanky party scene attached, he would bail on the job.

    I say we start campaigning to get him the UN Secretary General job in 2012. We'll get rid of the slug fast that way.

  4. No, you're right. Conviction would be highly unlikely, but the process would, I think, put the brakes on his mad designs until we can elect a successor.

  5. I agree with ambisinistral on this. Let's get him into the UN slot and then completely bail out of that slimy mess.

  6. But, uh...if we impeach Obama and he is convicted, then Biden comes in. We don't get to elect a successor for another two years (nearly).

    I don't like Obama, he makes us weak, but Biden would make us look like a bunch of clowns. Looking weak has a cure. Having a clown that is just short of Chavez like stupid utterings would make my head explode.

  7. How could you have opposed impeachment of Nixon?

  8. Because of the serious consequences it would and did have in the world. It led to a major disaster in SE Asia from which we needed almost 20 years to recover.

  9. Are unintended consequences - or fear thereof - reason enough to overlook serious Constitutional violations?

    It could have taken 100 years to recover and it wouldn't matter, in my opinion. You commit an impeachable offense, you get impeached and removed, end of story.