Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jerzy Kosinski Predicted It . . . Chauncey Gardiner as President

When the odd, troubled, complex genius Jerzy Kosinski wrote his novel Being There some forty years ago, he probably never really thought that it would be a story of things to come. His tale of the hermit-like Chance the gardner who utters simplistic cliches borrowed from television but is taken for brilliant by the press and the political elite is in many respects the story of Obama.

As with Chance the gardner, who eventually becomes Chauncey Gardiner, we have in Barry Obama a man with no discernible past, no apparent knowledge of the world except what he gets from television and movies, and the most banal, pedestrian, and foolish bromides imaginable. In addition, the great college educated masses lap it up as brilliant.  Listen to his typical speech and you will hear the nonsense pour forth; the silly slogans about class warfare seem taken from some Hollywood movie or MSNBC documentary that runs endlessly in his head.

Unlike Chauncey, however, Obama sees what he believes and tries along with other liberals to get us all to share his mad delusions, delusions that insist we live in a racist, and sick country. I think it's time to send Chauncey back to his garden.


  1. Yes, Dip -- it's time to send Obama back to the garden. But no criticism of him and his lack of credentials would be complete without mentioning the complicity of his enablers: unions, the Democrat party, academia and the press.

    Clearly each thought supporting Obama would benefit them. That was a short-sighted belief and one that will likely cost them in the long run.

    I am particularly angry about the complicity of the press, though, because I was raised to believe the Fourth Estate had a sacred trust with readers and viewers to ferret out truth and stand up for principle. The scales have fallen off my eyes, but I am still enormously disappointed. I would like to see the legacy media sent back to the garden too, along with Obama. I would like to see journalists, commentators, producers and whole institutions have to pay a price for the havoc they have wrought on our beloved nation. Unlikely, I know, just as it appears unlikely Obama will lose this year. F

    1. Yes, Breitbart was very clear about the Press being the core problem. The Fourth Estate has become a Fifth Column.

      I remember marveling in the 60's that anyone in the Soviet Union would believe what they read in Pravda. Now I guess I understand better how that could happen.

    2. I was thinking about "being there" for the last couple of days. I guess something in the ether was telling me about this blog.
      Maybe a good slogan would be "Vote Republican and get the Press working again."

  2. Would that garden be Hawaii .... or Kenya?

    1. Ha! No I was thinking about that community vegetable garden where "Julia" works.

  3. I watched the debate last night and I got thinking "Who does Obama remind me of? If he loses the election, what will he do?" Then I thought, he won't have anything to do because HE CAN'T DO ANYTHING. Then it struck me, "Chauncey Gardiner". I did a Google search to find the name of the movie, which is "Being There." Then there was a link to this site. It's funny how we thought the same thing.


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