Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thoughts on The Kenyan President: Follow the Money

It's early Sunday morning, and I have been reading more on the issue of when President Obama discovered that he was not born in Kenya.  I have a theory, and a proposed line of inquiry.

Theory: Obama was born in Hawaii. Obama played on his Kenyan connection perhaps to get closer to his bizarre and absentee father, and to put some distance between himself and his bizarre and absentee mother.  Perhaps he also did it as a way to make himself more exotic when trying to date "composite" girlfriends. Those are the pop psych angles. There, however, is a possibly more serious financial angle:  He passed himself off as a Kenyan to line up scholarship or grant monies geared to help foreign students. This might help explain how Obama paid for his expensive education in "elite" and private "one-percenter" schools, such as Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard.

Line of inquiry: Is Obama, like fellow Harvard staffer Elizabeth "Cherokee Cheeks" Warren, guilty of fraud? Did he lie to gain monetary and professional advantage? Given that everything Governor Romney has said or allegedly done for his entire life is fair game for the press, should not the press and blogosphere insist on seeing the President's school records including the financial side of those? How did he pay for these schools? What made these schools take this obscure student who admits being in a drug-induced "haze" during his high school years?  Follow the money and I think you will find the explanation for Obama's shifting birthplace.


  1. Obama’s past was pretty obvious during the 2008 elections. There was nothing there, an empty suit, yet the American public lapped it up. Perhaps we have the leadership we deserve.

  2. I've argued for some time that Obama's college finances, and not his birth certificate, were the issue of interest.

    Taking it another step further, there are people who know Obama's money trail, and that's the real problem. To a certain extent Obama is a puppet on the end of their strings.

    Bear that in mind the next time Obama does something completely daft from a political perspective -- like cancelling Keystone as one example. He was paid for in his youth and as a result he'll dance to the tune of the folks who know his dirt.

  3. I've wondered if he was using an Indonesian passport during his college years, which goes along with the foreign student identity.

    1. Presumably, that passport would list a nationality and place of birth. Could such records be searched?

  4. The "follow the money" approach appears sound. I suspect also that he may have applied to Occidental as Indonesian Barry Soetoro, not Obama.

  5. "... the issue of when President Obama discovered that he was not born in Kenya."
    That gives me pause to consider the plight of a young Obama moved about the world not knowing who he is or where he was from. And, does it matter?
    Is there a clear meaning to 'natural born citizen' and does one such as Obama fit into that category?
    I suspect that for many it is akin to asking if we can put the tooth paste back in the tube.

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  7. What do the Kenyan embassy records reflect when Obama and his mother entered country? Those records should still be there and I'm quite curious about them.