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Friday, September 13, 2013

Random Week-End Thoughts

In light of the success of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Drink more water"campaign, will the Obama Administration start a "Breathe More Air!" campaign? It could include a $75 billion outreach effort to minorities to ensure they get their fair share of air. Attorney General Holder could send Justice prosecutors to Southern states to ensure that they do not require IDs for those seeking to breathe more air.

At the White House ceremony in remembrance of the 9/11 attack, why did President Obama have Barney stand next to him?

Intruder from PBS Crashes White House Ceremoney

Question for the UN's IPCC: At the current rate of global warming, how long will it be before we freeze to death?

Another cruel reminder that time forgives nobody . . . to think, she brought down Ministers . . .

Why do liberals who favored the GM and Chrysler bail-outs almost always drive cars made by foreign companies?

I think that all proud Neanderthal-Americans need to protest Biden's insensitive remarks. One million Neanderthal march! Clubs are optional. We must make it known that we Neanderthals would never be associated with Congress. 

Did I call it?  I wrote
Have no doubt, Lavrov will seek to humble Kerry in ways big and small, much as his boss is humbling Obama in ways big and small. 
We see the following,
Secretary of State John Kerry's negotiations with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov got off to a rocky start Thursday, with the Russian mocking Kerry right at the outset.
Assad Speaks To Russian TV As Lavrov Keeps Kerry Waiting In Geneva
We are in the very best of hands . . . off to play with my dog


  1. I'd much rather your dog were negotiating for us in Geneva than Kerry.

  2. Re the picture of the ceremony--they have their heads bowed. Did the King of Saudi Arabia show up or just one of the princes?

    1. Wish I had thought of that! I, of course, will steal that comment.

  3. How the world changes; there's Mooch wearing her traditional tablecloth with bowed head, thinking if she should share her boyfriend with Obama again tonight.

  4. Just askin'...

    Did it take really really really amazing predictive powers to predict Lavrov was gonna house-train Kerry?


  5. Why do liberals who favored the GM and Chrysler bail-outs almost always drive cars made by foreign companies?

    Because the bailout had nothing to do with car production and everything to do with 100 million dollar UAW contributions to the Democratic party?

  6. Dear Dip,
    It has been the week from hell----at least the kind of hell that comes when watching one's country stumble on the world stage, after it had tried to play the potato sack race with the Soviet Union.

    But, we end the week with hope for rain, the assurance we will have a wonderful touch from God on Sunday, and our son returned to his family late last night.

    He was gone only 4 1/2 months, but I guaranty, with what he does and where he flew, it seemed like a lifetime.......

    God is still in control. I remind myself of that each day, at the break of morning when I see a beautiful E. Texas sunrise.
    Be blessed......

    1. Dear ETR,

      Can't stand in for our estimable host, Mr. Diplomad, but your words sure altered the course of my mood this morning.

      Parents coming in from out of town today. The sun is shining here on the mid-Atlantic coast. Three generations of my family will convene this afternoon over a steaming bushel of peppery blue crabs.

      You're right: God is still in control.


    2. Glory be ETR.

      One of our sons "made it."

      Gives me reason to believe I'm continuing to do the "right thing."

      Celebrate ETR, all and everything. As I continue to do.


    3. ETR,

      God will surely continue to bless His children, and I pray you get the rain you need.

      Very happy your son is home from his adventures, and may God continue to bless and keep you and yours safe.


    4. Thank you all...I know many prayed for the pilot son while he was down range. I wrote on FB last night that there was a family whose daddy was singing, "You are my Sunshine my only sunshine".....to his little girls last night and that when I put my head on my pillow I would fall asleep thanking God for His providence.

      And I did....
      God is in control....and I am one of His most grateful followers...ya'll be blessed....ETR

  7. The "Breathe More Air!" campaign sounds like an excellent opportunity for the EPA to further metastasize, racing around heavily fining those who produce excess C02, so, very likely to happen.

    "Good morning, I'm your local EPA SWAT team representative. According to our live NSA pre-crime identification feed, we have been alerted that you are about to take your dog for a walk.
    Nice dog you have there. Don't let it pant too heavily. It would be a shame if it exceeded its government regulated maximum allowable C02 output level."

    1. Another use for remote drones . . . track individual's air consumption, yes, yes, yes . . . I like it.

  8. Fine form, DiploMad

  9. I heard the "Drink More Water" psa by Michelle Obama yesterday morning on Glenn Beck. I believe the psa was originally played on the Today Show and someone on The Today Show (perhaps Good Morning America?) said, quite audibly, "whatever you say" in rather derisive tone. You could almost hear the accompanying eye roll.


  10. It has become one of the rare things that binds the two men, the controversial automotive bailout that was begun by former President George W. Bush and completed by his successor, President Barrack Obama.

    “I’d do it again,” proclaimed Bush, speaking to the annual convention of the National Automobile Dealers Association.


    Yeah I know. Sling s**t at Arkie .... but Arkie being an Arkie is familiar being called an idiot "low information voter" and all that.

    Too, Arkie recalls Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter (& Rove) telling me I was such. (Recall Sean, Ann & Rove telling us to "relax, Romney will definitely be elected"?)

    Thing is though ... we're gonna require Diplomad [bad as he might wish it upon himself]

    to get us "aimed" if ya'll know what I mean.


    1. Do I recall correctly that Hank Paulson was SecTreas at that time? I think he bridged the Bush/Obama terms, yes? Coincidence that each Prez made bad [in strictly economic terms] decisions re: auto industry?
      Bush's "compassionate conservatism" led him to make a few not-so-smart moves w/r/t the economy, I think. Steel tariffs are right up there, as are the Medicare drug program and No Child LB.
      He is not an economic conservative's role model.

    2. I'm Arkie ColoComment:

      Just bein' the ignurn't hillbilly I've growed up as I'm figuring you to be the perfect feller fer to 'splain' most completely as I'm understandin'

      (Keep in mind We Arkies might vote Democrat!!)

      "Steel Tariffs"?

      Is that ColoComment simurelating and/or having to do with ig'nurnt hillbillies?

      Jest to my mind I'm thinkin' - Dip is likely the best guy to lead us out of Perdition.

      Dip 'a course would have to make a case for.

      It's really easy to be a'gin ever'bodies ... heck, ever'n nigrolations!

      We'll "of course" be recognizing strategy pretty soon.



  11. Well Mr. Mad I've seen something of the "agreement". There is now no one to stop Iran except Israel, and they've been sold down the river with every one of our allies. This is worse than I thought it could be only weeks ago. If Israel gets into a major conflict it's not that unthinkable we may have to fight to keep the sea and air lanes open to resupply them. If anyone ever wanted an example of people sacrificed in cold blood for the sole reason of retention of political power this is it.

  12. I assume that the white woman is VP Biden's wife. Some fashionista should advise her that wrinkly armskin and sleeveless dresses don't go well together.

    1. Yes, but at least Jill Biden had sense enough to wear black for a somber occasion instead of fun-loving purple.

      With all the tax-dollars being spent for a "First Lady's Office and Staff" I would expect some advisor out there to remind her to dress appropriately.

  13. I do wish the misadministration would slow down! Now breathe more air? I am still in the queue at the port a johns from drinking all the extra water.

  14. Another day, another example of Russian diplomats upstaging the Americans.

  15. Ms Keeler may have bro0ught down a minister, but she ultimately bought out the best in Mr. Profumo, perhaps the last Christian gentleman to have served HM. Would that we had public servants with a sense of shame like that now.