Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Religion of Peace Recap

The Religion of Peace has been busy helping prove that Islamophobia does not exist. Per the experts at the American Psychiatric Association "a phobia is an irrational and excessive fear of an object or situation. In most cases, the phobia involves a sense of endangerment or a fear of harm." I wonder if the men, women and children gunned down in the Nairobi Westgate Mall because they could not recite a Muslim prayer had "an irrational and excessive fear" of Islam? For them, a fear of Islam would seem very rational, not at all excessive, and, hence, certainly not a "phobia."

The "folks"--to use Susan Rice's endearing term for the murderers of our Benghazi personnel--at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) put out the pro-forma press release "denunciation" of the horror in Nairobi, buried amidst denunciations of alleged mistreatment of Muslims in the USA,
“We strongly condemn this cowardly attack by al-Shabab and offer condolences to the loved ones of those killed or injured. Our nation should offer whatever assistance we can to Kenyan authorities as they seek to free the hostages and bring to justice all those responsible for this heinous crime.”
CAIR makes no mention of Islam, or of the religious motive of the attackers, or that they singled out non-Mulsims for murder. Imagine if an organization proclaiming Christian or Jewish identity had mistreated one Muslim in a mall in the USA, or in the UK, or--Horrors!--in Israel. CAIR would have put on a  non-stop blitz of the news shows and Capitol Hill. CAIR, frankly, doesn't really care if the victim is a non-Muslim and the killer is a Muslim.

The practitioners of the Religion of Peace have not limited their activities to Kenya. In Pakistan, Islamist terrorists killed over 75 Pakistani Christians coming out of church on Sunday. The reason given? In their impeccable logic, Pakistani Islamists got upset by US drone strikes so they killed Pakistani Christians. I haven't seen a statement by CAIR.

Elsewhere these past few days, the Religion of Peace made its presence known, again, in Nigeria. Islamists there have killed as many as 200 persons. No statement from CAIR, but then that is to be expected. As the Religion of Peace gets more and more enthusiastic about proving its adherence to peace, CAIR would spend all of its time condemning massacres by Muslims--kind of undermines the narrative.

The Mainstream Media (MSM) covers these horrors very carefully. There is a reluctance to identify the killers as followers of Islam, and when done it is buried deep in the story in words that make it seem as though the killers follow some aberrant interpretation of Islam. Media and governments in the West, including our own, engage in what I wrote about before, the "Al Qaeda did it" story line. Media and government spokesmen will tell you it's Al Qaeda; it's Al-Shabaab; it's Boko Haram; it's Islami Jamiat; it's Ansar al-Dine; it's the Taliban, and on and on. Wrong, all wrong. It's Islam.

At the risk of sounding like a One-Note Johnny I repeat what I stated in April 2011,
As practiced in every country of the world, Islam is a totalitarian ideology that openly advocates intolerance, death for non-believers, and relegates women to the status of cattle. As we have seen repeatedly over the past few decades, this isn't just talk. Islam, at least as now practiced, is a violent and intolerant totalitarian ideology, and an enemy of freedom.
< . . . >
How long should we pretend that the problem is NOT Islam, when, in fact, it is, or at least the Islam that has gained currency in the modern world? We are at war with a totalitarianism as much as we were with Communism and Fascism. It's going to be a long, long war, one in which we have to inflict repeated defeats on the Islamists, be it in Chechnya, Gaza, Kashmir, Kabul, Baghdad, or in the streets and suites of America. In the end, we'll all be better off, including the Muslim world. Don't forget that the greatest victims of Islam are Muslims. 
Among the mall attackers it appears there are Muslims recruited in the West, including in the US. We saw it in Boston, in London, in Paris, in Madrid, in Stockholm, and apparently now in Nairobi: Western kindness in taking in Muslim refugees fleeing the hell of their own countries gets repaid with those "refugees" participating in attacks on the West--and in the name of Islam.

The problem is Islam: the way it's preached and practiced. It is not a religion like the others. It has not undergone an enlightenment, and what reformation it has undergone, has reformed it to become even more deeply entrenched in the seventh century.


  1. Back when I was training for service in Southeast Asia at our beloved and aptly named Foggy Bottom, I was taught that "Monsoon Islam" is a kinder and gentler entity than "funadamentalist Desert Islam" (to which the Shabab crew apparently adhere). There was a lot of 狗屎 fed to us about how nice, Monsoon Islamic sufis regularly dialogued with Quakers (how much more lovey-dovey and moderate can you get?), and hence we had nothing to fear from that quarter. Of course, neglected in the narrative were tales of how gentle Sufi Monsoon Muslims gave our troops a run for their money in Mindanao back in 1902; massacred the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia; and fought a guerrilla war with the Thai government. Come to think of it, we weren't told how Quakers were just fire-breathing Ranters, Levellers, and Fifth Monarchy Men who'd had unhappy run-ins with Cromwell's Ironsides, either.

    It was the sentiments and platitudes of the Silly 'Sixties and Sillier 'Seventies applied to the politics of religion. Mysticism was good; Scriptural exegesis and doctrine were bad and "fundamentalist" whererver they appeared--as if, I suppose, Mithnagid orthodox Jews were busy shooting up New York City for fun and profit; or remnant orthodox Dtuch and Presbyterian Calvinists (such people do indeed exist) were terrorizing the Midwest. Hence, mystical Sufis had to be good people, regardless of their historical record in getting out the jihad from whenever down to when certain Hui imams and Sufis roamed western China (Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, and Yunnan; not Xinjiang) declaring service against the Japanese to be Jihad; or, later, in their militancy against the governments of the independent Philippines and Thailand.

    As a Christian of the Evangelical stripe, I certainly don't hold a candle for Islam, and I'm happy to report that in recent years, especially among Muslim immigrants in the West, there's been an exodus out of Islam and into Christianity (it's even re-planted the church in the Kabyle area of Algeria and southeastern Turkey, where growing Christian witness hasn't been around for a millennium). I'll add as well that since 9/11, self-study has taught me more about Islamic theology and so-called "ethics" than I really wished to learn. However, I'll also add that I've enjoyed decent and friendly contact with Muslims in China, Taiwan, and the Golden Triangle area of Thailand during my travels, so I'm not ready to paint all Muslims with the terrorist brush.

    However, I am sick of American liberals who don't know if the book of Job is in the Old or New Testament and couldn't tell a Hadith from an Ayah pontificating that they know better than the entire faculties of Al-Azhar and Qom combined what a "good" Muslim is.

    1. "As if"?

      You need to get out more; Iowahawk as been reporting on the nefarious activities of the Lutheran terrorists in the MidWest for quite some time now.

    2. Min Mor, Gud hville henne, var en Norkse Jente. Lutheranism was hence something that was a bigger part of her cultural makeup than she often cared to admit.

      I'm more of a God-bless-King-Billy conservative Presbyterian myself. We're getting to the stage where we might be well advised to take a leaf from the Dutch Sea Beggars, Scots Covenanters, English Parliament men, and our own Rev. Dr. John Witherspoon and the "black legion".

  2. "It has not undergone an enlightenment, and what reformation it has undergone, has reformed it to become even more deeply entrenched in the seventh century."

    Exactly. The problem is, Islam *is* currently having it's "reformation." The Reformation in Christian Europe was, in large part, an effort to get back to the Early Church, to first principles. That's what the Brotherhood, al Qaeda, and the various other jihadist and salafi groups are doing -- trying to get back to the Islam of the early days, of Muhammad and the first caliphs. Sadly, I think they understand Islam better than any of the modern "reformers," such as Manji or Jasser.

    1. It's great when someone else makes the point I was about to post myself.
      A restorationist interpretation of Islam is exactly what we're seeing in the world.
      - Reader #1482

    2. Bingo! Phineas moves to the head of the class.

    3. Good call, Phineas. In the Christian Reformation, the staunch biblicist William Tyndale noted in _Obedience of a Christian_ that there is no assurance of heaven for those who fall in so-called Holy warfare. In Islam, "Reformation" is back to fire and sword. What kind of "fundamentalism" you practice makes a difference.

  3. Islam isn't a religion; it's a political system masquerading as a religion.

    1. Exactly, but no DemoRat will believe it.

    2. Sam Hall, they DO believe it. They revel in it. It's always about the fight.

    3. Why can't it be both?

      It's a death cult *and* a desert topping!

  4. Of course, neglected in the narrative were tales of how gentle Sufi Monsoon Muslims gave our troops a run for their money in Mindanao back in 1902...

    And more recently.


    Rather than Islam's followers telling me what Islam isn't - I'd rather them tell me what Islam is.


  5. Dip:

    Roger Simon has an interesting proposal over at PJMedia: an intervention for Islam. It's a six-part plan. The sixth point is to take foreign policy away from the State Department. Has he been talking to you?

  6. Islam is not a religion of peace. If you think that, you're deluded. It is a totalitarian ideology that requires total submission by the individual. It is anti-woman in the extreme; it tolerates no dissent; it sees non-believers as something less than human and worthy only for conversion, enslavement, or death; it punishes apostasy with death; and seeks to stifle intellectual inquiry.

  7. And just who gets to decide what is censored Maria? Somebody like Stephen Conroy? For the US readers he was lately a Minister in our worst ever government and wanted to apply censorship to our press.

    We had six years of Government and the left trying to stifle free speech and if you can't handle the concept of people expressing opinions differing from your own then you are now in the wrong part of the world. If you don't agree with something put up a plausible counter argument just don't seek to gag the opposite point of view.

    People who point to the dangers of radical Islam are not rednecks but realists pointing to a 1400 year old ongoing conflict which has no immediate sign of lessening. If that makes me a redneck then I can handle that.

    As for the Australian Broadcasting Commission they haven't quite worked out the meaning of the word "independent" in their charter and it is payed for by the taxpayer not the Government who have no money other than what they take from the taxpayers.

  8. CAIR is actually the Committee for an American Islamic Republic, and by any means necessary.

  9. CAIR legally changed its name a few months ago, purging acknowledgement of its Islamist origin and substituting a new corporate name that evokes thoughts of the greatest and most respected American in our history. The Lonely Conservative reports the name change as a final note in its story on CAIR's mysterious funding:
    "Today, the original Council on American Islamic Relations doesn’t exist at all. In June 2013, CAIR changed its name to the nondescriptly named Washington Trust Foundation, Inc. (WTF)."

    Lonely links to a scribd copy of the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation that documents CAIR's change of name:

    I wonder which of the two antithetical Washingtons CAIR had in mind when they chose that new WTF name. George, the Father of Our Country who oversaw the creation of a system of self-government that has brought freedom and prosperity to hundreds of millions of Americans over the past two centuries? Or DC, the tyrannical leviathan that is working hard, with increasing success, to erase every shred of George's legacy via strategies that include (but are certainly not limited to) collusion with Islamic forces that seek to destroy us?

    CAIR's benign new name is meant to fool an inattentive American public, but the malignant ideology will still be welcomed with open arms by DC leaders and followers who are eager to use any means necessary to erase our heritage.

    1. I've started calling them the WTFers on my own blog. This is nearly as unintentionally humorous as the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, who probably still don't know why Americans snicker at the abbreviation of their name...

  10. The Religion of Perpetual Outrage.
    Kind of like that idiotic "coexist" sticker. Kind of hard to coexist with someone who's primary philosophy rewards him for murder.

    1. I want a Coexist sticker that reads "Coexist: It worked out well for the Jews in Europe".

    2. I saw one that read "Contradict: they can't all be true".

  11. Remember all of that Maria, when the practitioners of the Religion of Peace are hacking out your clitoris with a broken bottle.


  12. Trekkies understand Islam better than others....they are the BORG!

  13. From Wikipedia: "It is illegal in Kenya to own any type of firearm without a valid gun ownership license as spelled out under the Firearms Act Laws of Kenya."

    This gun control foolishness is why the United States would never elect a Kenyan president.

    1. In the United States we have standards. It sometimes takes a few years to find them but we got 'em.

    2. Clearly the Shabaab folks were intimidated by Kenya's GC laws.

    3. That is probably a hang over from the days when it was a Brit colony and the Mau Mau uprising. It was then an offence just to carry ammunition let alone the means to fire it. Gave rise to an interesting decided case on the admission of evidence - Karuma v The Queen - which would cause your civil libitarians to have a heart attack. Love the concept of "common law".

  14. This woman has an insider's perspective on Islam:

    Of course, I'm sure she's a closet nazi-racist-xenophobe . . . . . . .

  15. Using the footprint of the Universal Chicken as an avatar is a dead giveaway. Another soapdodging peacenik infiltrator. Call the ReadyReact Team!

  16. Renewed greetings from Australia,

    The five+ years I spent in Saudi and the seven months spent in Egypt obviously overheated my brain, as I came back to Australia believing Islam was a vicious, murderous and misogynistic ideology.

    Since RTA I suffer from Islamophobia and Islamonausea. Both conditions stem from having years of direct contact with Islam. Both conditions are held to be incurable.

    However, Maria Davis has given me new hope. I have just reread some of my newspaper clippings from the religion pages of two English language Saudi papers.

    They are the ones which among many others, assured me that reading the Koran strengthened the immune system, dinosaurs never existed, dancing leads to vice, nail polish cannot be worn while praying, wearing a wig by men or women is not permissible and plucking the eyebrows is forbidden etc, etc.

    I will then once again, smile as I recall the words said as we descended into Riyadh " Ladies and gentlemen we are now on descent into Riyadh, Please set your watches back one hour and your calendar back 1400 years.".

  17. It is, and always has been simple. Islam was begun by the sword, spread by the sword, and is maintained by the sword.

    1. And the West is too busy beating our swords into plowshares.
      The better to work the fields for our new masters who kept their swords.

    2. Yep! Put me down for all that! Well said, James, KellyJ.

      Colonal R. Peters on Fox News interview two days ago, said: 'in 2000 years only beating them back with the most brutal force possible has been the only effective way to stop them', and history repeatedly singularly demonstrates the veracity of that remark.

      The sword and cold brutality is all they regard and respect, period. And when someone spends 2 years full time studying the triad of written mohammadan manuals (al azhar approved English translations of hadiths, koran, sira, medina-final version), and the global history of islam, and all it has wrought onto humanity, including about a third billion people butchered, and rising fast daily, and its abject complete failure as a positive force for good, such individual may understand the multiple implications unsaid of these remarks.


    3. Listen, children, to a story
      That was written long ago,
      'Bout a kingdom on a mountain
      And the valley-folk below.

      On the mountain was a treasure
      Buried deep beneath the stone,
      And the valley-people swore
      They'd have it for their very own.

      So the people of the valley
      Sent a message up the hill,
      Asking for the buried treasure,
      Tons of gold for which they'd kill.

      Came an answer from the kingdom,
      "With our brothers we will share
      All the secrets of our mountain,
      All the riches buried there."

      Now the valley cried with anger,
      "Mount your horses! Draw your sword!"
      And they killed the mountain-people,
      So they won their just reward.

      Now they stood beside the treasure,
      On the mountain, dark and red.
      Turned the stone and looked beneath it...
      "Peace on Earth" was all it said.

  18. Maria Davis (aka therationalutopian)

    Aka an oxymoron

  19. Ha! pF, I like how you talk!! Damn, I must be too old, somehow in my conservative life, I missed such apropos sophisticated descriptive terms of proper reverence for the class herein exemplified....hmmm.

    Well said, on such a globally and primary importance subject as 1400 years of the greatest criminal cult in history, that even makes people breed down intelligence into relative zombies, by interbreeding en masse, to the degree of around 30 to 70 % +_, depending on the nation where the muslims are fundamental. That is just for 1st cousins, occasionally bro/sis, etc., and in enclaves of muslims, which otherwise means muslims ghettoes.

    As I had known it is such a delight to be among such a learned group, of diverse career exposures, and solid knowledge of islam.

    Oh what a babe in the woods is "Maria", the he, she, or it, is ripe for the plucking by the wolf in sheep’s clothing, that are the mohammadans, from their “soapdodging”creation 1400 years ago.

    Even if "Maria" is a muslim plant, (she is still a sucker for the wolf), which is often an infamous deception trick of theirs in jihad.

  20. It was all over for the Beeb when Gordon Brown shut down most of their shortwave transmitters in the name of reducing the carbon footprint, shunting the service to the Net to placate green sensibilities.

    A bank of HF transmitters likely does not consume what millions of computers do. But let's not sully a good leftist narrative with below-stairs facts. It simply won't do.

  21. I'm a proud Islamophobe, my definition of which is: Someone who prefers to keep their head attached to their neck.

  22. "folks" Yes, I've noticed the use of that term a lot by these people "Obama in his speeches" and wondered somewhat about it. An obvious attempt to be the "common man", but I don't remember the Clintonites using it. Somewhat along the lines of Kerry's "can I get me one of them huntin licenses here?

  23. Actually, Scotch-Irish were called both "rednecks" and "crackers" in northern England / southern Scotland even before they came to Ireland and then America. It was probably a term of opprobrium. See the title essay in the collection "Black Rednecks and White Liberals" by the superb Thomas Sowell.

  24. My large Midwestern city has about the second largest contingent of Somali's..the first is Minneapolis.There were busloads of them brought in to vote in 2012...I also ,unfortunately, have to share an office building with an office of CAIR..I am ever vigilant...

  25. When some of my Lib friends have wondered (well, not TOO deeply!) "what did we ever do to make the Islamist terrorists hate us so much" I've countered with the following two-step question/answer approach:

    1. Do you have a pulse?
    2. Are you one of them?

    If your response to (1) is "Yes" and to (2) is "No" then you have your answer, plain and simple.