Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Lying in State

On a previous occasion, I have written of my mixed views re political commentator, ex-presidential candidate, and celebrity pundit Pat Buchanan. I greatly admire his writing style, pugnaciousness, and disregard for political correctness and fashions--I much doubt that he ever will get  Bethell's "Strange New Respect" Award. He, however, has more than the whiff of the racist and anti-semite about him, and that turns me away from him. That said, when he's on point, there is nobody who states it more clearly. He has written an interesting--flawed, but interesting--take-no-prisoners column which is well-worth reading. Much like a columnist I do admire, Frederick Douglas, he has a brutal way of using words that leaves no doubt where he stands.

Posted November 1, in "Human Events", and titled--provocatively--"THE FIRST HUSTLER RUNS THE BIG CON," his article is a raw, powerful, merciless take-down of Obama and his woeful misadministration,
“Nothing is lost save honor.” 
So said Jim Fisk after he and Jay Gould survived yet another scrape in their corrupt and storied careers in the Gilded Age. 
Fisk’s dismissal of honor came to mind while watching Barack Obama in Boston smugly explain how his vow — “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it!” — was now inoperative. 
All along, it had been a bait-and-switch by the first hustler. 
In Boston, Obama could no longer evade the truth. Hundreds of thousands of Americans who had purchased health insurance in the private market were getting notices their plans were being canceled. 
That this revelation had blown a hole in his credibility did not seem to trouble Obama. Indeed, the president appeared impatient with the complaints. These were “substandard” plans anyhow, he said, the lousy offerings of “bad-apple insurers.” 
“So if you’re getting one of those letters (canceling your insurance plan), just shop around in the new marketplace. … You’re going to get a better deal.” 
Behind the arrogance is the realty: Obama has the veto power. No alteration of Obamacare, except for changes he approves, can be made before the winter of 2017. And by then, Obamacare will be so deeply embedded in law and practice it will be beyond repeal. 
We won, you lost, was written across Obama’s face.
Writing about the misadministration's lies about the increasingly and obviously disastrous Obamacare bungle, Buchanan goes on to note that,
He conned the people into believing something he knew to be false — that all Americans would be allowed to keep the health care plans that they had and liked. 
This assurance, repeated again and again, helped disarm the opposition. Americans who liked their doctors and insurance plans and were repeatedly told they could keep both were not only relieved; they became more receptive to the idea of helping the less fortunate. 
Hard to disagree with Buchanan, thus far. He then, however, makes what I consider a mistake that cheapens his argument and, in fact, without need makes the colossal and unique nature of Obama's lie, less so on both counts,
Obama’s assurances of keeping your insurance plan if you like it now enters presidential history alongside George H.W. Bush’s “Read my lips! No new taxes,” Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky,” and George W. Bush’s tales of yellow cake in Niger and hidden arsenals of WMDs.
The examples he uses are nowhere in the league with the lie foisted on the American people by Obama.  G.H.W. Bush's "No new taxes!" was a political pledge which he failed to keep when he got outmaneuvered by the Democrats and pushed into a bad deal by GOP stalwarts such as Bob Dole. He got outplayed, and forced into something which he didn't want but came to own and paid for it in the 1992 elections. Clinton's statement was, of course, a lie, but it is the cheap lie of a philandering husband who doesn't want his wife, in this case the fearsome Hillary, to beat the crap out of him. It did not cost people's jobs, income, or health insurance, it did not threaten a giant industry, and promise to blow a hole in the budget for years to come. Buchanan is particularly unfair, and this shows his strange bias in favor of corrupt Arab regimes, in grouping George W. Bush in this assortment. When it came to Iraq and nuclear WMDs, the second Bush was reporting and acting on what his intel services--as well as the intel services of nearly the whole world--were telling him. He was not lying. There is no purpose in making Obama's behavior seem one of a piece with a long line of presidential "liars." Presidents, politicians, ordinary mortals can be wrong without being liars. I am sure even the sharp mind of Buchanan has failed him on occasion without making him a liar.

In the Obamacare roll-out we have something almost unique. The evidence gets stronger almost daily that Obama and his minions knew that what they were saying about Obamacare was not true. They knew that many people, millions, in fact, would not be able to keep their existing plans and doctors, but went ahead a stated that they would, and blasted anybody who suggested otherwise.

Lying is an integral part of this misadministration's governing ruling style. We have rulers who do not hesitate to lie, and to lie big. We see it, for example, in their handling of "Fast and Furious," and the accompanying lie that the guns in Mexico come from American gun shows and stores; in the cover-up of the IRS' targeting of  conservative political groups and donors; the lies about our policy toward Syria; and, of course, in the grotesque mendacity present in the Obama misadministration's handling of the Benghazi murders. We have seen it again in the promotion of Obamacare, perhaps the most ill-conceived and executed big government program in American history.

William James, one of my favorite philosophers, stated in his brilliant essay, "The Will to Believe" (Note: Everybody should read it!) that, "In all important transactions of life we have to take a leap in the dark." We don't know the future, in fact, we often don't know the present or the past. We rarely can be certain that a politician is lying to us or just wrong. In Obama's case, however, there is no doubt. He is a liar. 


  1. No, not even for you will I read a column by that hateful man. Are we of the right--or of honesty generally--so bereft of good columnists as to rely on *his* pen, of all people?

    I will indulge myself in a Godwin violation. Even Hitler was right about some things--about Stalin, the autobahn, the vast (but as we now know not unique) gullibility of the German people--but that does not make me want to read him, even when he is "on point."

    1. ... yes, reading such authors can become a nasty habit, not to say a pornographic habit.

      Of which speaking, "the Simpsons" was "on point" when Bart, asked why he lied, ingenuously answered, "Because it's the easiest way to get what I want."

    2. Buchanan is a flawed person but a brilliant polemicist. We have drunk so deeply of the Leftist Lie that we can't see the premise hidden in their demand of perfection.And their idea of perfection is anyone who follows their doctriine. In real life, though, perfection is the enemy of good enough.

      Anthony Trollope may have been antiSemitic when he wrote about Jews as characters in his books. But it's not clear if he wasn't having a dig at the haters. However, as an novelist-reporter on English life of the period he is without parallel and so I put that aspect of his work in brackets.

      Buchanan is more obviously flawed, but still worthwhile in specific areas. To denigrate him based on minor flaws is to partake of the smothering system which would silence us for using words like "denigrate".

      That's a slippery slope which eventually devolves into a tedious, treacherous slog through mud which slimes everything.

      Obama is very good at that, too: the old Marxist strategy of character assassination of anyone they deem suspect. And that's everyone not in their small-minded club.

      I'd rather stick with the sinners and avoid the sainted ones like Our Fearless Leader. There is always the chance one will learn something from the sinners...

    3. Anti-Semitism at the level of indulging old mass-Jew-killers and new wannabe mass-Jew-killers is not a "minor flaw." It isn't a "flaw." It's an indictment.

      This is not a slippery-slope argument. This is stark evil. There are those who are prepared to recognize evil, and those who make excuses for it. Pick a side. I have picked mine.

  2. Thomas Sowell had an excellent column a year ago along these same lines...

    Confidence men know that their victim — "the mark" as he has been called — is eventually going to realize that he has been cheated. But it makes a big difference whether he realizes it immediately, and goes to the police, or realizes it after the confidence man is long gone.

    So part of the confidence racket is creating a period of uncertainty, during which the victim is not yet sure of what is happening. This delaying process has been called "cooling out the mark."

    The same principle applies in politics. When the accusations that led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton first surfaced, he flatly denied them all. Then, as the months passed, the truth came out — but slowly, bit by bit. One of Clinton's own White House aides later called it "telling the truth slowly."

    By the time the whole truth came out, it was called "old news," and the clever phrase now was that we should "move on."

    It was a successful "cooling out" of the public, keeping them in uncertainty so long that, by the time the whole truth came out, there was no longer the same outrage as if the truth had suddenly come out all at once.

    Sowell is speaking to the misdirection regarding a video being responsible for Benghazi. He continues...

    The White House had to know that it was only a matter of time before the truth would come out. But time was what mattered, with an election close at hand. The longer they could stretch out the period of distraction and uncertainty — "cooling out" the voters — the better. Once the confidence man in the White House was reelected, it would be politically irrelevant what facts came out.

    1. My compliments to you, BeckyC--but they are nothing to the compliment you do yourself by quoting America's premier public intellectual.

      (The first black president is hardly more significant and newsworthy than the first black premier public intellectual--the latter a descendant of slaves, a native speaker of Gullah--but look at the disparity in the ink they get!)

  3. So many things depend on the trust the people have in their government. The currency, for instance, is based on "the full faith and credit' of the government. The ability to transact foreign relations successfully depends on the government's credibility with other nations. The willingness to pay your taxes honestly depends on your belief the the government will treat you fairly and not waste your money. Most importantly, the willingness of the people to accept the result of elections depends on their trust that they are not tainted by fraud.

    There is a lot at stake here, much more in fact than the President's credibility on the health care deal he sold us. I don't think people grasp the gravity of what this President's prevarication and that of his political party really means.

    1. Alas, as we know from experiments abroad--in Germany (Third Reich and Democratic Republic), the Soviet Union, Peoples' Republic of China, etc.)--not very much really depends on the trust the people have in their government.

  4. The really sad thing is that the libtard ideologues DO NOT CARE that he lied. Anything justifies getting what they want. There was a time when this was not so, but no longer. The media shrugs (after being forced, kicking and screaming to report on the matter) and "we move on."

    Whether or not this turns out to be the case at present I don't know; I do know that my faith in the voter and the public is at a pretty low ebb. Part of the reason they don't get outraged is that they aren't taught anything meaningful about how our system is SUPPOSED to work in school; thus, the Great Golfer lies and tramples the Constitution and so many millions of Americans shrug and go back to their iPhones and "reality" TV.

    In all liklihood the deluded voters of Virgina will elect a sleazy criminal governer tomorrow because they can't be bothered to do their own research. It has been said that "people get the government they deserve." The problem with that is that we'll be getting it as well.

    1. I have to agree, sadly. Every time I hear disparaging words about Washington and the political parties (all mertied, of course), my first thought is that the American people keep choosing and supporting them. As long as clueless Americans keep selecting the sleazoids, opportunists, and leftist ideologues, we will continue to have these problems. I worry that people will never wake up, or wake up too late - and we're getting near to that point now.

    2. Alas. Voting isn't a market; it's a commons.

      (I have been using "alas" 'way too much since 2009. Shorter a6z: alas, is half empty.)

    3. Hillary Rodham Clinton said it best earlier this year about a different issue: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?"

      In this strange new world, what matters is what the right-minded intelligentsia think, not what is out in the real world. Global mean temperatures haven't increased since 1998 or 1999? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? Denying the scientific consensus is for the deranged commoners.

      Hundreds of millions of dollars of stimulus funds pissed away on uneconomical "green energy" projects run by capitalist cronies - WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE - the intentions were pure and it might have worked . . . . . . .

  5. It was Churchill who said it well, "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

    That is made even more true because the US Constitution was made for, as John Adams noted, "... only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

    The Progressive project has at its core the destruction of public morality and religion.

    1. I don't know that the Constitution has failed this people. The Supreme Court simply stopped enforcing it, one provision by one.

      There are still a few provisions left safe--nobody fears that Obama will cancel elections and become President For Life. But neither am I talking about minor infringements.

      Here's just one. The major point to Article I is that rules and regulations that citizens must obey are hard to make, in a certain specific way: they must command the consent of the governed, through their representatives. Allowing the Congress to delegate its rule-making power to a board or to the president is almost entirely a transparent dodge of Article I--and a successful one. Thank you, Supreme Court.

  6. And then there is Jackie Mason's piece. (Sorry, hard to find links on an iPhone). The "man on the street" version of what we are talking about here.


  7. Clinton's statement was, of course, a lie, but it is the cheap lie of a philandering husband who doesn't want his wife, in this case the fearsome Hillary, to beat the crap out of him.

    That, "the fearsome Hillary" put me in mind of something from back in '92 - (and my signing off 'Arkie' has nothing whatsoever to do with Noah, rather it has to do with Arkansas' Gift to the Nation as in, Who will rid of us this meddlesome twosome?)

    [Okay, I'll admit Arkansas' plans to get rid of the pair coulda used a little more thinking - but who woulda thought the majority of the Nation would actually vote for a guy all of Arkansas referred to as The Dope from Hope]?

    But, this hasn't to do with Bill being labeled rather Hillary.

    "You know, I'm not sitting here – some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette. I'm sitting here because I love him, and I respect him, and I honor what he's been through and what we've been through together. "


  8. Joe Wilson was right........The halfrican queen LIES, frequently and with no consequences, so why would not he?

    Always remember the RINO's demanded that Wilson apologise for telling the truth.

  9. I wonder.

    The self-same thing occurs here too. Look at the lies, incompetence and blatantly destructive anti-British behaviour of the Labour Party, and yet people still vote for them in droves. Why?

    That people are inherently selfish and vote to get more for themselves, damn the cost to others, society or their culture, is a known fact, but does this alone explain it?

    It's the 'tribalism' of so many voters, voting for 'their team' no matter the behaviour, issues or consequences I will never understand. The 'Them' and 'Us' identification based, apparently, on nothing more than the impression, the expectation. the alignment with family/peers - that people like us vote X. (I'd say this is most apparent in the female block vote. The automatic assumption that Dems=caring, sharing, supportive party, despite all the evidence, results in only the most outlying lady voting Rep).

    So just what will it take to break a person from their 'tribal affiliation'? The point at which financial and personal costs will begin driving the self-interest aspect away from the Dems has got to have been reached, but is there any sign that there has been even the slightest twitch of the self-identification away from them? I fear there hasn't.

  10. "Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone." Frederic Bastiat. With this lying fertilizer salesman in the White House, it will become hard to tell host from parasite in a few years. The Libs may get their way now, but math and finances may be the great equalizer sooner than they realize. A majority of the people have to be hurt badly enough and long enough and then there will be hell to pay.

    1. Math may be the end to the death spiral, but (alas) don't expect it to be an equalizer. A few of us will come out of it fine; most will be impoverished or destitute. Not unlike Germany in 1933. I hope we then choose less unwisely.

  11. But will the coming hell put us back on course to limited government or further down the road of totalitarianism shrouded in promises of utopia.

    1. Good question. It is clear the brand of Big Benevolent Government has been damaged over the last couple of years. We have heard the promises from those who have left office or died away and now the bills are due. The totalitarians will huff and puff and try to scare, but I don't think it will be of any use for them. I am betting on Diplomad's belief: push more government to the states and localities- along with the funding- if it is even available. That is my bet when the time comes.

    2. Don't bet the farm.

    3. a6z.....I have subdivided the farm.....

  12. "....further down the road of totalitarianism shrouded in promises of utopia."

    The stain cannot be removed from the garment without a viperous cleansing and a complete drubbing with the appropriate utensils of social change.

    1. No more available $$$$ is a mighty utensil against the statist tyranny.

    2. There is always available money. They can print it. They are printing it. They will print more of it. This won't end well.

    3. Whitewall?

      I'm in regular touch with my "regular" Congressman - he's "in touch" with oh ... [mind, I've been in touch with my "regular Congressman I'm not minding he take out the "moochers" ] ... but, at least in my state ... and Dip's hit taking out the USDA too

      Sure. Take out the food stamp folk but where the BIG MONEY is - is BIG AG. I don't know where your state Whitewall stands but where I'm from, that'd be the Arkansas Delta.

      Riceland Rice for instance receives annually $12.15M whereas the EBT folk get $1.95M - that's Arkansas EBT Statewide

      Whereas Chickenopolis ie Tyson's hires a bunch of illegals gets from USDA $635M/year and the locals who used to have jobs there are now on EBT. Or worse. Of course those folk are white so whether they count much as not ...

      And, if ya'll remember Dip called for abolishing out of hand [among others] USDA - which I agree with, .... in my state of Arkansas, the largest expenditures USDA makes has nothing whatsoever to do with Agriculture

      Fulton County Arkansas 2012 received $2.42M from USDA - $2.3M went to constructing a jail. EBT expenditure was $83.2K and the rest went to "various" farm programs - we, other than Dairy ... well, suffice to say except for "MAYBE" $10K growing marijuana (which I doubt USDA granted anything)

      Well: Here's the appropriate link, ya'll look to see (if your USDA Recipients) where the money is actually going.

      (There's a guy in my own County received over $2M last year - I hope he didn't vote though since he died in 1998!)


    4. a6z.."There is always available money". At that point we are no longer dealing with "money". We would be using the more accurate term "currency". Someone mentioned the Weimar period in Germany already where the Bundesbank issued paper so fast that they didn't even bother to print anything on the back side. Long before this though, the Dollar will have ceased being the world's reserve currency. We are already easing into that circumstance now. But like you said, this won't end well and that's true. No debt funded expansion has ever ended well. But it will end.

    5. Arkie...Big AG is some of the worst "corporate welfare" going today. My state of NC ranks somewhere on the handout list but since government killed the tobacco industry, we have slipped a bit I'm sure. I have read some hedge fund managers ideas and one often repeated is "buy some farmland and work it if you can or lease it out if not. Put investment $$$ in something that can hold some value is what they mean. Rapidly devaluing paper is not investment. I would have to lease out farmland as I am much too handsome -- and old-- to work it. How about you?

  13. As disturbing as the lies are the timing of the lies -- pre election. The unraveling -- post election.


    1. See BeckyC, supra, quoting Sowell.

      Shorter version: Well, when would you expect him to lie, if not when it does him the most good?

    2. Noted and appreciated -- BeckyC and Sowell. I was thinking more in line with the fact that this President's lying is indeed different than the long line of Presidential "lies". And when I couple the deliberate withholding of information and the outright lies and the revelation of such things as the IRS harrassment of conservative groups and the probable effect on elections, as with Obamacare directly on citizen's lives, Obama's lies seem to leap to the head of the class. And are truly most concerning. As kind as I can be at the moment and in public about Obama's lies.


    3. A historical pattern does seem to be forming with this man, his ideology and his pathology. The traditional Leftist- by any means necessary- is at play. I believe at long last, with his brazenness, the totalitarian head of "The Progressive Snake" is fully out of the hole. They have no direction left to them but farther Left. More snake comes into view. No need to be kind.

  14. Excuse me while I take just a small measure of sheer pleasure in watching The Won twist and turn, trying to re-phrase his previous words, as his minions hit the TV talk shows saying he didn't say what he said, he said what he meant to say had he said it correctly (yes, that is as equally confusing as their excuses for Obama's failures).

    Yes, there is pleasure in having my belief that Obama was, from the beginning, a rudderless ship in a sea of diversion and deceit, confirmed while my liberal acquaintances call and complain because their health insurance costs have doubled and tripled, at least those who haven't been cancelled, I have to smile and say "Ah, yes, well that is unfortunate, but some of us knew from the beginning that he was an inept fraud."

    Ah, the absolute pleasure I am realizing watching the leftist, in-the-tank-for-Obama media have to report on the disaster that is Obamascare. How they must grind their teeth to have to be part of the disaster reports. Odd how they do not laugh when their credibility has been laid on the line over leg tingles, only to be destroyed.

    The Tower of Babel is crumbling.


  15. We experienced a very similar circumstance in Australia. Prior to the 2010 Federal election, the then Labor Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, expressly promised that if re-elected a tax on carbon emissions would not be introduced. Labor scraped back by forming a minority government in an alliance with the Greens, and promptly did the opposite. Fast forward to 2013 and we have new conservative Federal government; Labor were literally slaughtered at the ballot box. You won't hear on the publicly funded ABC, or read it in the Fairfax press, but the simple truth is that the outright lie over the carbon tax and subsequent breach of faith with the electorate was a significant cause of the the election result. Of course there were others, including the pervasive dishonesty of the Labor politicians on so many issues, and a breathtaking incompetence that could no longer be concealed; but if you talk to people in the street, many will tell you just how much they hated the lie concerning the carbon tax. It really was just too much for most people; the lie was too blatant, and it directly and adversely affected just about everyone.

    So take heart my American friends. Labor in Australia really thought that they could treat the electorate with utter contempt, and that we would take it. We didn't, and neither should you.

    1. I agree the US folks should not take being treated with contempt but the Dems have been doing it for so long I wonder if the folks notice. The man (and woman) in the street often doesn't know that Obamacare and the ACA are the same thing.

      The narrative the Democratss are already putting out and that is repeated in the press is that the Republicans and the TEA party are responsible for the 'troubles' because they did not support the implementation. And of course any cancelled insurance policies are because they were inferior policies by bad apple companies.

      I fear this is the result of the Gramsian march through the institutions, especially education. The general population is getting, if not dumber, at least has been indoctrinated.

    2. It truly is the end result of the Gramsian march but like western Europe, those institutions are now rotting are being seen for their corruption. On American college campuses, sky high tuition is being rejected as a bad deal. Lack of use is one way to defund Gramsian inflicted abuse. Same with our media who have been shown for groveling heel hounds of this president and his party. This blame casting stuff is reaching its limit as the blamers can't undo the financial and now health damage they have done. The Left always has a head start and they always seize those institutions but gradually they reveal themselves. Gollum may get his ring but he won't keep it.

  16. My own county's USDA stuff - and though we conservatives are in agreement incentivizing the less fortunate to do more,

    It might do us as well to see ourselves on the same government teat

    (admitting I don't know how all ya'lls Counties stack up. However, we conservatives MUST get our shit together pretty damn quick or we're about to get ... well, "How does one open a bottle of wine in a dry county?" is what I mean)

    I do know how AG works - here's my county:

    Hey Arkie! Might you not chickenshit out putting all us "druther not stick my/our head[s] out" and give your own druther?

    Well as it happens I will. Mainly 'cause somebody's got to start it.

    Rand Paul head of the ticket and Kelly Ayotte VP.

    (Yes yes I realize .... "we" are scared of Paul 'cause we're worried he might draw back on foreign policy." ---- Well I say/ask, how could he draw back further?)

    And really, it wouldn't hurt us much to be smarter about it. Plus given our plainly given demographic shift - since this next time (racist me) we're less likely to have a large African-American turnout and we know we're gonna have to capture the young - and more difficult, we're gonna have to fight not only the RINO's but we're gonna have to come to some accommodation with our Evangelical Wing.

    Paul is from a "border state" and though some of us have problems with his "outward view" ... given our present situation I can only see a smarter-run policy. Kelly has a strong record (in New Hampshire at that) of fighting Planned Parenthood - and that's enough for a VP candidate.

    There's a bunch of Independents out there (I'm one myself & though I really hated voting for Romney ... & Paul Ryan couldn't even win his own state ... well - he's married to a long-term Democratic David Boren's daughter

    and since we are plainly NOT "low information voters" we all understand why Paul Ryan didn't win his state:

    Yes yes I know you search that vid and the first thing you see is Barney Frank but the very next thing you hear is Paul Ryan to Nancy Pelosi - Madame Speaker! This so offends my principals that I'm gonna vote for it to --- preserve my principles!

    And so we've second term Barack.

    Madame Speaker!

    Diplomad typed Ill-conceived above.

    I disagree. & Diplomad was wrong.

    It was very well-conceived.


    1. Kelly Ayotte, frequently seen in the middle propping up McCain and Graham, was one of seven Republicans to vote for ENDA.


    2. Yeah, but a Veep hardly can make a peep

      Unless it's a Joe who can er, rhyme or something.



    3. Don't know yet. But might start with Scott Walker.


  17. And now obama is saying he didn't really say that. We must not have listened.

  18. Matt, the Seventh ReaderNovember 6, 2013 at 12:35 PM


    I am sorry to be off topic here, but have you seen this?

    I am curious to hear your take on it.