Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat: Invented by Democrats?


I am back in California.

I am sitting in the dark. Blanket over the screen. Don't want any light to leak out and reveal that I am at home. I have forgotten to buy candy for the Democrats children who come begging to my door for me to give them stuff or they will do my family, property, and me harm. "Trick or Treat," the motto of Colombian cartels, the DNC, and the IRS.

Don't they know there is no free lunch, or Mars bar, or whatever it is the little Democrats kids want? Maybe the government will develop a website where the little beggars can go and register for candy from the government--it will be free . . . well, except for the $6500 deductible and the covering of only 70% of subsequent costs, and the $650 monthly premium to be subsidized by the government . . . other than that, it's free! Oh, and the website will crash, but what else have these Democrats kids to do?

Shhh! I hear footsteps. Must put Apple to sleep.


  1. Ha ha ha. If only it really were funny. Thanks for reminding me, as I wait for trick or treaters who never show up (and contemplate eating a whole Costco bag of candy) just how poisonous Obama and his lawless administration are.

    1. I live in a ruralish area and I, too, used to buy candy every year in the hope that small trick-or-treaters would show up. They never did. Maybe it was because I have a habit of greeting strangers in the yard with a couple large dogs by my side and a shotgun in hand (well, I still do).

      I finally stopped buying candy.

    2. You aren't even TRYING to get int the spirit of the thing.

      They want trick or treat? Give them a scare:

      Phil B

  2. Could be worse... they could be asking you to sign a petition to reduce CO2 emissions. Those guys come by dressed up as though they were humans.

    - reader #1482.

  3. The program for free candy is already in place. But it's been cut. EBT Cards are now being issued that are worth a little less than before because Congress wouldn't continue the "Stimulus."

    Oh, the horror! How could Obama reward his loyal fans with such abuse!

    (I wonder if the 248 people who are said to have actually enrolled in Obamacare had THEIR EBT Cards decreased!)

    Green Bear

  4. Now I know why everyone showed up at my door last night. I am known as the nice old guy that gives out large candy bars. They cleaned me out! Not even a Reeses Cup left for me.

  5. "Don't they know there is no free lunch, or Mars bar, or whatever it is the little kids want?"

    No, they don't. They're little kids. The still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth LGBTQI2S#!/bin/sh.

    Wait a minute. I was trying to distinguish them from Democrats. Never mind.

  6. Trick or treat was actually fun this year. My 9 year-old likes it--alas, for him, he learns there is no something for nothing as there are parental controls over his loot.

    And bonus! At least this year everybody had costumes, unlike years past where surly teens who have not even tried show up with their hoodies and pillow-cases.

  7. Have you ever noticed that Jahovah Witnesses don't answer the door on Halloween?

    They hate strangers knocking on their door.

  8. I blame all you Americans personally for this - yep, it was imported over here along with other ephemeral bits of your culture (eg. proms and fast food).

    The thing is, being British, they take an idea/concept with pros and cons, and give it an entirely British feel by dumping all the pros. So we get 'fast' 'food' joints where the food is terrible and takes three hours to arrive cold (and drive-ins in the middle of a pedestrianised zone), Comprehensive (high) school 'proms' where the only attendees (arriving in stolen limousines) are those who were expelled or left because of pregnancy all dressed in skimpy, revealing clothing and way too much make-up (and the girls aren't much better) and proceed with a drug-fueled orgy after which they line up for prom photos in front of their burning ASBO/school/headmaster. Trick or treat? Surly teenagers in hoodies who knock, expect goods to the value of the average yearly wage and then set fire to your door/car/dog anyway.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Ha! Funniest and most true thing I have read all day!

    2. G'day Able,

      I am led to believe by a friend of mystical bent that Halloween is a contraction of All Hallows Evening and a celebration observed on the eve of the Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. It is the start of Hallowmas which is the time in the Christian liturgical year where the dead are remembered.

      It is supposed to be influenced by the Celtic harvest festivals with pagan roots in the Gaelic Samhain though there is some argument from some scholars.

      I've offered to sacrifice her to see if her belief is true but I fear her faith in the spirit world is not strong enough to give it a go.

      So, even though trick or treat is becoming common down here as well, it is not our American cousins who are responsible for Halloween.

      All they have to do is work out how to convince the Dimocrats that they are getting a treat by being disposed of.

    3. David -- From your lips to God's ears . . .

    4. David from Oz, human sacrifice had on the whole died out in the USA, though there has been an increase in activity in outlying barbaric and benighted areas (notably Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and of course Boston)!

    5. David

      Ah no, it's not Halloween per se it's the sickly-sweet Trick-or-Treat thing, definitely an American construction.

      To paraphrase Duff on his blog, we sent all those with 'strange ideas' over there to get rid of them (just like we sent everyone with a penchant for wearing knee socks with shorts and sandals down there), now they're sending all their strange ideas back.

      Britification ensures removal of any worthwhile aspect whilst enhancing any negatives - listen to a few British (C)Rap bands to see what I mean (I'm being generous in assuming there were any positives there to begin with other than the comedic aspects of trousers with crotches round their knees).

      Ah well, No worries! She'll be apples

      (For the Americans here, I have absolutely no idea what that means either but it's what Aussis say in times of adversity. Croc got you by the arm? No worries mate! Shark bit your leg off? She'll be apples mate! Want a tinnie? Bonza mate, that's be Rippa!

      One of lifes little mysteries, just like why are all the women in Australia called Sheila? And just what does a Swagman 'do' with a Billabong? Or, is playing with your Didgeridoo in public really acceptable in Australian polite society?)

    6. I don't know about "polite society" and those other things, but here in the American South, when in doubt, we just throw in a "bless your heart". It smoothes over anything from ill timed flatulence, to indelicate and awkward moments between genders. You can use it anywhere. Non Southerners are sometimes left in awe.

    7. G'day David,

      A swagman [swaggie] uses the billabong to fill his billy so he can make a brew - really it is quite simple for an Aussie. And playing with your didgeridoodle in public will get you locked up for indecent exposure or laughed at if it's not up to size. Really rather simple isn't it? You've just got to learn to speak 'Strine.

      Having cleared that up it's time for a tinnie.

    8. David, "tinnie".....a small packet of marijuana?

    9. G'day Whitewall,

      No - not the dreaded weed.

      In this case "tinnie" refers to a can of beer - obviously cold as to give an Aussie a warm beer is considered extremely bad form and can lead to social ostracism. "Tinnie" can also refer to small aluminium boats much favoured for estuary and river fishing - in which case your aluminium fishing "Tinnie" will of necessity contain an Esky [ice box] full of small cold "tinnies" for use as sustenance during a long days fishing.

      Separated by a common language we are.

      Hope that helps.

    10. G'day Mike,

      Same language, different construction.

      For a real good read on how the language developed and continues to do so see "The Adventure of English" by a Brit by the name of Melvyn Bragg. It is also a good TV series.

      As for Yoda speaking Strine we still have a bit of work to do there but he is a quick learner.


    11. Yoda speaking Strine? "Ah shout yours it is!"

  9. The kids didn't show up much, they all grew up some years back, as did my kids. Instead watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". Don't know about you, but when I was a kid in the '60s, a Peanuts special was a big, big deal. The Peanuts characters' sense of community, shared experiences, and plain old angst (Schultz was a depressive, so obvious in hindsight), was a chronicle of a lost age. Who would have thought that in the time of the turbulent 60s, riots, Vietnam, etc., that something so valuable was there, that has since been lost? There was also the imperative, back then, of scheduling your evening around the show, because there was no VCR, no pause, no rerun. Miss it the first time around, and wait a year to see it. The world is so different now. Yeesh, I'm turning into an old fart!


  10. Hey, I like to meet the neighborhood kiddies. I also have a son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter at home. I don't begrudge people's personal generosity to others; much as I have a gripe with the "You gotta share!!---WITH MY POLITICAL CLiENTS!" attitude of the Dhimmicrat Party.

  11. Diplomad.

    Request for guidance/opinion RE: US Mil Forces Assistance to Iraq

    Question: Is the 2008 SOFA considered "in force"


    The entirety of Article 3 - 4 [Sec 2] Article 5 [Sec 3,4] Article 9 [Sec 3] Article 11 [Sec 2, 5] Article 12, Article 22

    See also [additional concerning questions]

    Concerning Questions:

    (Info on current SIT is, Kurds in the prospective AOR are described "active"; Syria; Iran. Shi'a/Sunni relations currently described as "normal.")

    Are we [US Mil Forces] primarily to be tasked - Assist Iraq, Assist Iran, Assist Whoever?

    End Transmission:


  12. The degeneration of Hallowe'en began nearly a half century ago. Hoods in hoodies showing up demanding stuff, money, cigarettes. I remember older ladies going on about the scandalous behavior.

    Able, why they did not stick with British fast food, fish and chips, is more than I can fathom. I remember Wendy's clerks in London saying, "We don't sell shakes. We sell 'Frosties'. " They really did believe that there was a difference, because they did not know the basic thing, what is this stuff with milk, ice cream and some flavored syrup? If we had sent missionaries to introduce the islanders to fast food, and charm the snakes out, they would be remembered as saints.

  13. As it happens Michael, David's a post up nominating a nice Brit Lady as precisely that, a sainthood - at least the Brit equivalent!


  14. Oh Gosh! Another blogger pointed this to me - and perhaps incidentally it fits perfectly with Diplomad's point of "Trick or Treat" being invented by Guess Who. & that the holiday (Halloween) being rooted from ... well. A good read regardless:

    If that link doesn't get one there search, "Mark Helprin, Psalm 23, Newly Revised According to Modern Principles"


  15. Oh what the heck - I'll just WhiteArk it.

    Mark Helprin

    Updated March 1, 2013 7:51 p.m. ET

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of debt, I fear no bankruptcy, for Obama is my shepherd. He prepareth a table of food stamps before me, and maketh me lie down beside waters He hath cleansed and seas He hath made recede, even though the bad Republicans wisheth the earth to be burnt unto a cinder, and will not buy the electric car that is good, for it hath zero emissions, and receiveth its power from a power plant, which hath not zero emissions, but the ways of the President are mysterious.

    He hath told the stubborn Israelites, evil builders of apartments, that they know not their own interests and He does, and know not what they do, when they fear the nuclear weapon of the Persians. The ways of the President are mysterious. He alloweth the Persians to get the nuclear weapon (unless He hath something up His sleeve), for He knoweth that when they behold Him they will stay their hand, and not burn the Israelites unto a cinder, as they pronounce.

    Yea, though Bernanke maketh funny money that will not compute, Obama prepareth a statistical table in front of the bad Republicans that showeth it will, if only they have faith. Fear not the Hellenes and the path they have trod. Though for sure we shall follow them, the President will be our sword, and our shield. His Hillary Rodham and his staff, they comfort us.

    Fear not the Chinois, whose power waxes as ours wanes, for someday thy children's children shall journey over the sea that Obama hath made recede, west of the land of Geffen and Famous Amos, to build railroads for Beijing. Then the Third World will have inherited the earth, and the strong will have been laid low, which is good, and which is also the Democratic platform.

    Verily, we should be like the meek of the earth, and follow the commands of the President, the Amalekites, the EPA, and the IRS, which taketh our money, which is good, for we know not what to do with it. And Obama does, for you did not buildeth that. Once, we were slaves in the land of Reagan (and if you attributeth the "Reagan" deficits to increased military spending and lowered tax rates, tryeth accounting for the changes in military expenditure and tax revenues in the Reagan years, for, lo, when combined they yieldeth a surplus). Then, we were sinners, in spending our own money for what we thought was our own good. But now we are free, for the President spendeth it for us, and He maketh miracles, for, lo, He roasteth invisible chickens, and, lo, He spendeth money that existeth not, that Bernanke printeth. And, lo, it buys us stuff, for now.

    Yea, though I accumulate debt higher than the mountains of Gilboa, and the deadbeats skip like rams, I shall not want, for Bernanke maketh funny money, and the President smiles upon the land, but not upon the bad Republicans. For they wisheth to live within their means, which surely must be evil. And what would you expect from people who are suspicious of Social Security? And wisheth to burn the earth unto a cinder.

    But arithmetic notwithstanding, I will dwell in the house of Obama all the days of my life. (Why not four terms, and what about Michelle? For the Constitution liveth.) And, the earth having been purified, surely it will be good when—and where do I apply for—government assistance will be the only thing left.


    1. That is brilliant Arkie, I am hijacking it to Australia.