Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who Put These People in Power? Really? Obama Draws Another Red line?

Unlike many others around, I don't pretend to understand fully events in Ukraine. It is a country beset by many problems including a murky Constitituion, ethnic and language issues, a history of subordination to Russia--a tradition Putin does not seem eager to give up--and the usual issues of corruption and incompetence seen in countries trying to emerge from decades of dictatorship and foreign domination. It is quite a cauldron of political stew; usually the last thing those kind of boiling, overflowing pots need is meddlesome foreign cooks running around, giving advice, and siding with one chef or another. Russia, the EU, and, of course, the US all have been involved to varying degrees, and often at cross-purposes.

Our semi-Francophone Secretary of State John "Xmas in Cambodia" Kerry put out a salt-free, low-fat  statement on the crisis and hasn't done much more other than send his inept Assistant Secretary of European Affairs to say stupid things on the phone, have them taped, and released to the world by any one of many intelligence services with the capability to intercept phone calls, or, for that matter, by any one of about 35 million teenaged hackers with that same ability.

Seeing that Ukraine and Venezuela are now aflame, joining his other diplomatic successes in the Middle East and North Africa, Kerry has decided to focus his languorous "energy" on the greatest threat of all, "global climate change." The threat to ordinary people, apparently, does not come from poverty, tyranny, jihadis, corruption, and political megalomaniacs, no, not all: It comes from your SUV and home thermostat setting.

President Obama, resolute leader that he is, has decided to fill the power vacuum created by the absence of John "I Married a Zillionaire" Kerry. His White House has put out the following statement on Ukraine, which I reproduce in its entirety because it is such a liberal classic,

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary

Statement by the Press Secretary on Ukraine

We are outraged by the images of Ukrainian security forces firing automatic weapons on their own people. We urge President Yanukovych to immediately withdraw his security forces from downtown Kyiv and to respect the right of peaceful protest, and we urge protesters to express themselves peacefully. We urge the Ukrainian military not to get involved in a conflict that can and should be resolved by political means. The use of force will not resolve the crisis -- clear steps must be taken to stop the violence and initiate meaningful dialogue that reduces tension and addresses the grievances of the Ukrainian people. The United States will work with our European allies to hold those responsible for violence accountable and to help the Ukrainian people get a unified and independent Ukraine back on the path to a better future.
Ok, then.

That pretty much should settle it. 

Maybe not. 

Note that the White House is "outraged by images of Ukrainian security forces firing automatic weapons." Our leaders, apparently, sense no outrage over the actual firing of automatic weapons, but only the images of such firing. (I guess they're not outraged over the firing of semi-automatic weapons?) In progressive speak that might be called giving the Ukrainians a hint, i.e., don't allow those images to come out. Or, to be kinder to our White House, it might just be pure, simple stupidity that comes from the reliance on boilerplate phrases with no thought given to what is being said, including equating the protestors to the people shooting them--a minor quibble.

Even more important is that the US and the EU will "hold those responsible for violence accountable." Really? Who believes that? Who believes that statement and the President's comment that "there will be consequences" for those who do bad things in Ukraine by "stepping over the line"? I can't believe Obama would even dare utter "line" given his use of that word in the not-too-distant Syrian crisis (Whatever happened with that? All fixed, I guess.) Wonder when he will say he never said that, and the "line" was the world's and not his? And what consequences? No IPod with Obama's speeches?

If we had a real President, and a real foreign policy backed up by a real deterrent, these would be challenging times, but times full of opportunity for the United States and our allies. The Venezuela regime is cracking; the Castro farce is gasping for breath; Russia is being challenged in Ukraine and by the advent of fracking; the Mad Mullah Iranians' economy was on the ropes; we had stunning victories in Iraq and Afghanistan; and on and on, but the USA throws it all away.

Who the blazes put these people in power? Can we blame some evil foreigners? Can I blame Canada? I need to blame Canadians or maybe Australians for something because they are both doing much better than we, and I am envious.

I fear the answer to my question .  . .


  1. Canada's commie fool PET (may he rot in hell) put our country into the hands of thieves and it took 50 years to get it back. Unlike Obama he had no influence whatsoever outside of this nation ... thank God.

    Who puts idiots in office? The media.

    1. As a fellow Canuck, I have to say that I almost thought I wrote your post as I was reading it. I loathe Trudeau even more than you might :) , and I despise the way the media is serving us Trudeau II on an Obama platter. He makes Obama look like a Rhodes Scholar.

    2. Who chose to vote as the media told them to, eh?

  2. We in Australia have paid a heavy price though, suffering under Gillard & Rudd, without a doubt the two worst Prime Ministers in the history of the Commonwealth. Thank God we now have Tony Abott as PM, who is really starting to get up to speed in leading us back from the wilderness.
    Talking about Foreign Ministers, I know of an excellant one name of Alexander Downer who is retired but I am sure could be persuaded to accept a job offer from the US (I'm sure you could fast track a dual citizenship for him)

    1. Officially, legally--and when it comes to Israel or NATO allies, actually--the US doesn't do dual citizenship.

      And if we were into excellent or even competent government officials, we have plenty of domestic talent to choose from, thanks.

  3. Sorry Dip,
    but you cant blame OZ we have our own stables to clear after 6 years of unmitigated disasters from the socialists.

  4. We the people done it.

    For we are "low information", itself a euphemism for a variety of biases and self-interests.

    Only the other forms of government that have been invented from time to time are worse. As much as possible--your health care, for instance, and your private life--should go ungoverned.

  5. Dip, you can't blame Obama for the wishy-washy White House statement: tomorrow Carney will announce that Obama did not know about the statement until he read it in the paper.

  6. Just think, the great foreign affairs crusade started off appropriately by screwing over democratic Honduras.


    1. More importantly, constitutionally democratic Honduras.

  7. DiploMad,
    You are very correct about Ukraine.
    Everything about Ukraine is like 'Eintopf', smells good, taste good, but one can not distinguish what is in it.
    For me the timing is interesting. Ukraine's possible association with EU deal was back in Nov/Dec.
    And yes people were upset, west was for it, east agains it. Protests, demonstrations all took place with more or less fireworks.
    Suddenly 2 months later we have raging masses setting fires, and charging like mad dogs.
    I am not political pundit, but something is not right, especially if we consider WO in Sochi and Putin's prestige on the line.
    It would surprise me if Putin would let go of Ukraine if for no other reason than Black Sea access and overall strategic geography
    Gov of Russia and Ukraine is one set of puzzles, the other one are citizens of Ukraine. There is no unity, never was and for a long time will not be.
    Putin may be a lot of things, but in many, many parts of Russia he is considered a hero.Life may not be easy but it is a paradise compared with the past.
    In my opinion protesting Ukrainians were taken for a ride costing them dearly.
    EU or USA can not send military, thanks to powers behond obama and alternate goals for many regions all what was done with diplomatic means is lost in the last 5 years. Putin's Russia is a powerhouse not to reckon with and obama is talking about consequences. When I read that I was laughing so hard my belly ached, though the world stage is not funny.
    One can not throw a dead cat without hitting a disaster it me or the last 5 years really are very worrysome?

    1. Joanna

      The timing is hardly any wonder is it?

      Yes, the protests over closer ties to the EU 'began' in November but they have been 'ongoing since' - and peacefully, no?

      So what changed 'recently'? First we have Yanukovych's visit to Putin for his 'instructions' to deal 'harshly' with the protesters followed by the imposition of the 'Anti-Protest' legislation (hardly the first time Yanukovychhas imposed 'undemocratic' rule, check how he imposed pro-Russian 'local advisors' rather than 'seek a compromise' with the Prime Minister to chose 'representative' governors).

      So, immediately post 'Anti-Protest' legislation Yanukovych sends in the police (and troops - removing the 'problem' of Deputy Head of the General Staff who resigned in protest) resulting in the 'government instigated' blood-bath, beatings, shootings and 'disappearances' we see now.

      Oh, you can catagorise the 'disagreement' as one between east (pro-Russia) and west (pro-EU) if you wish but it's hardly accurate is it? Ukraine has >78% ethnic Ukrainians, 17% Russian/Ukrainians and sundry smaller 'other'. So nearly 80% of the population want closer ties to the EU which is being ignored by the corrupt pro-Russian government.

      Your government imposes a tyrannical rule by the corrupt elite of a minority, ignoring the explicit, and voted on, wishes of the overwhelming majority. Then when you peacefully protest they write legislation to make it illegal, attack, beat, shoot and kill protesters - and then 'blame you for protesting'. And you believe them?

      The 'cats-paw' in all this is Putin. He will not, can not, allow Ukraine to move away from his control - aside from the Black Sea Fleet a significant amount of heavy industry, and crucially, high-tech Russia relies on comes from Ukraine.

      The problem? Putin may underestimate the 'strength of feeling' (let alone the simple numbers) - South Ossetia it ain't.

      Full disclosure - I've just spent an 'interesting' two days in Kiev helping a 'friend' and her family (some of the vanishingly rare Jewish families left in Ukraine who have always needed to 'keep their heads down' even in good times) to .. er 'exit'. The 'people' I met whilst there appear to feel so strongly about this I doubt Putin is really aware of what he may have let himself in for, either way it is eventually resolved (Chechins are wishy-washy doubters in comparison to how 'independent' Ukrainians can be).


    2. Able,
      I agree with you on most what have said.
      Great arguments and no doubt you are right...
      ...I have no idea how much time (aside of the couple of days) overall you spent in Russia/Ukraine.
      Before I go any further I do want to wish your friend, her family and friends all the best.May God bless them in their new endover.

      There is no doubt Putin keeps a stronghold over Ukraine! I mean that is given.
      "The problem? Putin may underestimate the 'strength of feelings' (let alone the simple numbers) -"
      Abel, Putin is not underestimating anything!
      He knows exactly what is going on and the only thing that could have surprised him was the timing of sudden bloody outburst.
      There is little secret he is manipulating Ukraine and the EU with his natural gas distribution.
      I mean, let's not kid ourselves: Ukraine and EU agreements with Russia to deliver natural gas are so one-sided is not funny.
      (it would qualify for the preverbial sleeping in a bed you made)
      Besides, EU export/import with Russia is lapsided as well.
      Gosh, time flies so fast and don't quote me but 2 years ago there was a case of salmonela somewhere rather in Europe..Putin stopped all veggie shippments to Russia until there was conducted few independent studies and checks done for the shippments to resume..well few months later, billions of money short on export EU was able to ship their vegetables to Russia, same thing was with UK's mad cow disease..same thing EU farmers lost billions of dollars and Putin was laughing his head off.
      The ethnic divisions are entrenched much more deeper than what you see right now...
      ...after listening to some radio reports this morning, I still am sure
      Ukrainian people were taken for a ride and it will cost them a bunch!
      Putin will never let them go!

      The sad part is that EU abnd USA did not offer Ukraine anything to hang their hope was a simple question:
      either you vote for EU or swimm on your own...
      ...well, they did ...finding a dead wood float carring them into present day!!!

    3. Joanna

      Putin surprised? I, respectfully, disagree. He 'orchestrated' the “bloody outburst”. As I said, and you'll know, the protests were ongoing and peaceful 'until' the anti-protest legislation was rammed through, and the police attacked those peaceful protesters with, initially, water-cannon, tear/stun grenades and batons, then followed up with armoured cars, live rounds and sniper-fire. That you believe he was surprised when he effectively, and actually, ordered it to happen, is a little, either naïve or a bit of wishful thinking.

      I've had some (regular) experience there over the years and from my recent foray I 'can' state that the number of Russian (as opposed to Russian/Ukrainians, and some I'd quite happily identify as being 'military' at that) in the streets is greatly larger – make your own judgement as to why Putin would wish this to be so. (That's not just in Sevastopol and the Crimea but everywhere, like being stopped by a 'crowd' of them in a little village in the middle of nowhere - Lutsk).

      The 'deals on the table' were, on initial examination, biased heavily in favour of Russia – more money, more support, etc., but ….. where was that money going – to the corrupt elite, what kind of support? - support for the corrupt (as long as they're pro-Russian) dictatorial (unconstitutional) tyrannical leaders. The 'deal' offered by the EU (and believe me I'm no fan of the inefficient and bumbling bureaucracy) was grasped fervently by the average Ukrainian in the street though. Why? Because, despite less money, demands for austerity measures and fiscal responsibility, anti-corruption measures and 'the rule of law', it offered them the real (desperately hoped for) possibility of a better, freer life for 'them' (as opposed to those rich elites – ask all those Poles what that was like, and worth).

      As someone else has said, 'Maidan is now Europe's Tiananmen Square' (personally I also equate it to the rise of Solidarność, and if you believe Russia didn't have a claw in that fight I have a bridge for sale if you're interested). We can decry Europe’s and the US's 'meddling' and wish for it to be 'left to the people e of Ukraine to resolve their issues' but until Russia withdraws 'its' meddling, that's a pipe-dream. Or should we stand by whilst Russia relives its 'glory days' (remember Hungary, Czechoslovakia, etc., believe me Ukrainians don't forget their own experiences with 'Mother Russia' – at least 10 million dead and the enforced colonisation by those same Russians who now support the regime).

      I hope it will be resolved without more bloodshed (for all involved), but fear 'some' will not give up power (especially when Vlad is offering them unlimited under-the-table support) without much (much) more.

    4. Able,
      You wrote:
      "The 'deals on the table' were, on initial examination, biased heavily in favour of Russia – more money, more support, etc., but ….. where was that money going – to the corrupt elite, what kind of support? - support for the corrupt (as long as they're pro-Russian) dictatorial (unconstitutional) tyrannical leaders. The 'deal' offered by the EU (and believe me I'm no fan of the inefficient and bumbling bureaucracy) was grasped fervently by the average Ukrainian in the street though. Why? Because, despite less money, demands for austerity measures and fiscal responsibility, anti-corruption measures and 'the rule of law', it offered them the real (desperately hoped for) possibility of a better, freer life for 'them' (as opposed to those rich elites – ask all those Poles what that was like, and worth)."

      (I agree with you 100% percent)

      I don't need to ask Poles!
      I am one of them and lived under USSR boot long enough to sustain hatred for communism (and red shirt ties) for my last living day!!!
      and since we are getting into history :

      "...Or should we stand by whilst Russia relives its 'glory days' (remember Hungary, Czechoslovakia, etc., believe me Ukrainians don't forget their own experiences with 'Mother Russia' – at least 10 million dead and the enforced colonisation..."


      bands of UPA (Ukrainska Partia Powstancza/Ukrainian Uprising Army)
      they murdered/slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Poles, wiped out clean whole villages and towns on the border...(1939-1950's)
      to this day Poland have a load of problems with Ukrainians bands/gangs smugling and murdering people on a border which mostly goes unreported due to politically correct EU standards...
      So please do not bring history into it all!


      Putin did not orchestrated the bloody outburst!
      There was no reason and no benefit for him to do so!

      It was orchestrated allright but it was not Putin's work!

      All I was trying to say from the very beginning that Ukraine as a whole is not ready to face challenges ahead.
      I feel bad for them, and hope they will come soon to some kind of working solutions.
      After reviewing video tapes on YT I have the same impression I had after few days of Cairo uprising:
      it does not feel right (meaning: it does not make sense)...
      some powers are behind it, there is no doubt in my mind and the few eager fools are getting a donkey ride backwards.

      I don't even care if any deal will be reached in 10 minutes, Putin's monkey wrench will be in it and one way or another he will be dictating scribing the "teleprompter"...
      we already have a performing, talking marionette like that!!!...
      (sorry...couldn't resist)

    5. Cześć!

      Coincidently, I'm currently (after a very long and … 'interesting' drive) sitting in Lublin eating Cebularze before figuring out the best way to get home again. Polska jest cudownym krajem (and that's about the limit of my Polish).

      The Ukrainians in Poland? Yes, I'm aware of some of the 'difficulties' between Poles and Ukrainians (on and from 'both' sides, let's be honest). As far as I, a foreigner, know wasn't the first violence started (at that particular time: 1934 - ) by the Narodowa Demokracja and the strzelcy? Restrictions on education, business, language and religion were .. common, were they not for many years before that too (certainly back to the twenties). And that's not even considering that many were forcibly resettled in Operation Vistula? And yes, I'm vaguely familiar with the 'atrocities' committed by ОУН too.

      Despite that, I've come to the realisation that we are 'violently' agreeing with one another.

      As to 'not ready', I wonder, after all some said exactly the same about the Poles, and look what you have done (and they have your example to guide them). About the only thing that the (established) politicians in the Ukraine have retained from their Soviet era is the corruption (but then your, our and everyone else's all seem to see that as a goal rather than a sin too. I wonder if 'power corrupts' or 'power attracts the corruptible'. I'm 'going long' on piano wire in the vague hopes of more realising that).


    6. Able,
      well, now we seem to observe the view from the same window!
      I do not hold grudges toward anyone, being my ex, or history..whatever.
      My idea of life is standing on a simple rule:
      past is exactly that! does not matter if it was 2 minutes ago, 20 years or 200 years...there is nothing we can change about it...
      the only option is to have a cup of coffee, tea, glass of wine or whatever..and learn from decisions and mistakes we have made.
      That being said, knowing the communistic system well enough, hating every second of the sick, twisted, mind numbing MARXIST ideology, being familiar enough with current events (Russia's/Putin's position)
      I am sure Ukrainian people are being played
      (there is no doubt in my mind...why I smell obama/soros fingerprints on it I don't know...but the whole "theater" was uncalled for and we will learn sooner or later I am is a shame people lives are being wasted for political is more bloodier 'pussy riot' episode from 2 (?) years ago...

      Let's be honest:
      regardless of good intentions of some, equal number is on the other side of the fence ...
      and therein lays the problem: there is no unity.
      and lack of total support presents opportunity for foul play and that is exactly what is happening.
      Putin know that, everybody does.
      As of this moment in the last few minutes I did not check what is going on, but few seconds on a car radio news (on the hour) presupposes talks and possible agreements between protestors and Ukraine gov...
      let's hope they will end up the bloody show down...everything else will be theatrics of powers behind it for the common people numbing effect...

      We are talking about Ukraine... Venezuela is another hot spot!..
      lets not forget Egypt, Libya, not to mention Tunesia, Sudan, South Africa, Syria, Israel, Jordan...what a or a chance?... all honesty?... I could not care less about any of them,
      America well being is utmost on my disaster for the past 5 years and counting...what a shame!...bastion of freedom and beacon of hope for many is being demolished as we speak...
      ...future historians will be judging our total fools no doubt...
      I hope you are all set on your travels back home (USA).. I'll be couple of weeks behind you...can not wait to kiss AMERICAN SOIL!!, God!!! I miss It...however screwed up it is!!
      Keep one smile on your face and one in your heart!!!!

    7. Able, you said "Oh, you can catagorise the 'disagreement' as one between east (pro-Russia) and west (pro-EU) if you wish but it's hardly accurate is it? Ukraine has >78% ethnic Ukrainians, 17% Russian/Ukrainians and sundry smaller 'other'. So nearly 80% of the population want closer ties to the EU which is being ignored by the corrupt pro-Russian government."
      Maybe a stupid question on my part, but how did Yanukovych get elected if what you say above is true?

    8. As an observer, this conversation between Joanna and Able is fascinating. It has been many years since I was in Eastern Europe. Nice work you two!

    9. Third Coast

      Do you realise how complicated an answer to that question is? lol

      Yanukovych is a politician – that almost says it all, although 'it's complicated' doesn't even approach reality.

      I'd suggest reading about it's 'semi-presidential' system of government, the staggering number of political parties (which seem to come and go, seemingly, at random), its election procedures, its reliance on 'coalitions' of parties to get the vaguest of majorities, as well as the common corruption, fraud, intimidation of opposition, the 'meddling' of Russian ministers, … I could go on for days.

      Even wikiing Ukrainian presidency, Ukrainian parliament, Yanukovych, Timoschenko, 2007 Ukrainian political crisis, and Ukrainian presidential election, 2010 will only be scratching the surface.

      Basically he was elected by lying, by creating a coalition with 'like minded travellers' (communist, socialist, etc.), by fraud, intimidation (and later arrest and imprisonment of his main political rival) and corruption (and ignoring the Supreme Court ruling on the doubtful validity of the result).

      So, just your average election then?

      To give an idea, independent polls pre the 2010 election showed that >83% of the population 'strongly stated they would 'not' vote for Yanukovych', and yet he 'won' with a 48'5% of the vote. The Supreme Court suspended the result, yet he became president without a pause.

      How does that work, you think?

    10. Third Coast,

      " how did Yanukovych get elected... ? "

      Good question, but you might ask the same thing about the Mighty O, don't you think?

    11. Able and Joanna, thanks for taking the time to help educate us on what's happening in the Ukraine. I've learned more here than I have in the previous weeks listening to the "news". It seems that the situation there has an order of magnitude more layers and intrigues than what we are dealing with here in the U.S.
      Kirk, unfortunately I'm all to familiar with our electorate and nothing it does surprises me anymore.

    12. ----"To give an idea, independent polls pre the 2010 election showed that >83% of the population 'strongly stated they would 'not' vote for Yanukovych', and yet he 'won' with a 48'5% of the vote. The Supreme Court suspended the result, yet he became president without a pause"----

      Come to think of it isn't that the same story for every tin horn despot around the world? Substitute the name Yanukovych for that of Chavez "el Mico-Mandante" and more recently Maduro aka Sadamito and you have the same situation in Cubazuela....

    13. as third coast mentioned, yeah. .much appreciating this thread...

      - reader #1482

    14. @ Able
      re. your answer to Third Coast,
      We all know that political powers will make elections a showdown of ...'best choice you can make for your future'...
      we all shall remember the "yes we can" campaign that it seem we will not survive as the United States of America we all KNEW and loved! (but that is whole another story).
      Yanukovych's (Ukrainian) election was supervised and for all purposes international community agreed as 'legal and fair'.
      Now back to present days. I think I said before, there is no way Putin will let Ukraine go and there are few reasons for it.
      One is geopolitical/military strategic.There is simply no way he will allow EU at his doorstep.
      Ukraine is naive to think they will better of with EU, somewhere rather I have seen a title of an article IMF setting its projections for Ukraine..
      hell, Ukrainians better ask Greece how the "marriage" worked for them!
      Couple of weeks ago I was reading or listening on a radio how UK is holding on to its currency and contemplating its own removal from EU. Poland is another one. Here in Poland the plan to join Euro currency is postponed now for 6 years and it does not seem they are eager to jump into the murky waters of Brussels bureaucratic money monster any time soon.
      But back to Ukraine.
      As we all know Ukraine has very complicated history and most of it they "belonged" to someone else, being Russia, Soviet Union, Austro-Hungary, Poland (not necessarly in this order).
      What makes it really interesting (personally scary for me) are the west parts of Ukraine littered by neo-nazis. Please understand they are not the usual punks we see in American cities bold-headed in black leather, on welfare half idiots showing up on streets between their drug induced coma.
      Ukrainians neo-nazis are having a 'proud' history of siding with Hitler making SS pale in comparison in vicious acts.
      My nephew is a truck driver and there is no way in hell he would drive to Ukraine, and the few times he did it must have been so close to the polish border he would be able to drive in, unload, load-up and return back to Poland within daylight.
      It shall be little secret by now that US was planning something back in December as Ms Nuland's phone conversation with US ambasador in Kiev is commonly known fact.
      Where US interests are involved we should know by now soros is not far behind, though the sequence of involvement may be disputed.
      If we take into consideration Russia's financial investments into Ukraine, natural resources and proximity to ME I think we all can see the problem without happy ending.
      My final opinion also would consider Putin himself. He is one strong leader, extremely intelligent, knowing the chessboard of World's affairs to the very detail.
      He is the only one right now builing his country to a superpower to stay in a game. Well there is a load of people who wants to destroy him and make him beg for mercy.
      It is not going to happen and all the obamie hord may as well forget it.
      All they will do is wipe most of us from this beautiful Earth to satisfy their evil lust for power uber alles.
      I truly hope Putin will find some clever solution to the very dire situation.
      Please note:
      all of what I write is only my opinion and of course I might be totally wrong, which I hope I am.

    15. @Able,
      accusing Yanukovych of cheating is rearview mirror vision...
      I am sure he was.
      there is little doubt that Timoschenko was supported by EU and as corrupt as one can be.
      I don't know what the future will bring for Ukrainians or the world for that matter, but I am sure if we somehow survive future historians will point to the many lives cut short because the Civilized West tried to adjust Ukrainian's happiness gainst their readiness, will and capability.

  8. Mr Mad: The only thing they've had success in is the "narrative", therefore the drum beat on global warming and anti -zionism. But with Putin, the Norks, Maduro, Assad, the Chinese, etal it cuts little ice. I think war is coming, not minor league affairs we've had for 50+ years, but major league, probably bigger than Nam.

    1. The world looks a lot more like 1913 and that is not a good thing.

  9. Dip--
    You've totally missed the *nuance* in O's "over the line" comment. He's no longer using the innocuous red line-- yessireebob, he's doubtless deploying lines of mauve or taupe to show his seriousness on the matter!!

  10. When Sec of State Kerry strides to the podium, in all his Gallic manliness, and proclaims climate change is a WMD, well, the Russians know what "the line" is covered with....mauve with chiffon trim.

    1. whitewall,
      that is way too funny!
      when I first read your comment for some reason "Chantilly Lace" was on my mind...
      it's way too bad we must laugh through tears

  11. A while back I found this one somewhere on the web, I do not recall but perhaps this very blog.
    It points at the answer to your question:

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    1. I have seen that too. It seemed to be from the Czech Republic or nearby from what I could learn. Where ever, it is timely and true.

    2. While we on the subject of quotes found on the web:

      H.L. Mencken (born 1880 - died 1956) was a journalist, satirist, critic, and Democrat. He wrote this editorial while working for the Baltimore Evening Sun, which appeared in the July 26, 1920 edition. "As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron." ---H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920.

      So it was written and it has now come to pass.


    3. Silvius,
      you remember right,
      it was a person from Czech Republic.

      I remeber the day hearing for the first time of obama throwing his hat into presidential run...
      there was something going on within the family matters so for a week I was asking my Daughter: what is his name? baobawho?
      finally, after a week I was able to check him over and I was not impressed!
      During his campaign speeches I was actually glued to the TV as much as my time allowed and I could not believe my own ears!
      All his lofty words making echos in my head back to the time that I grew up under Soviet Union communistic boot and listen frequently and long enough of the parting waters for communism superiority, making the stars shine brighter and moon be within reach if we only believe hard enough and work without questioning the truth to bring us all to the top of the world able to crush evil capitalistic powers hidious enough to repress poor slaves and evil enough to use their citizens to work long hours at factories without any hope to see the glory of equality rising to catch sunrays and be blessed with rainbow ends as colorful as butterflies wings and as delicate we might miss the true beauty of freedoms for all and forever....

      ...or whatever!!!

      My point is Americans were simply blinded by obama's oceans slowing to rise and healing of the planet ....blahh...blah...blah...
      nothing of a plan just pretty words...hell his whole campaign was worse than a first date...
      anyone going on a first date hearing BS like that would hit the road not looking back!
      but Americans swallowed the hook, line and sinker...
      after 5 years we may as well say:
      stick a fork!
      we are well done!

    4. Johanna: The credit for tagging the quote to the Czech Rep goes to Whitewall.
      After 30 plus years living in the US of A, I have learned that Americans generally have a predilection for Velveta cheese and theme-park America. The majority will always choose the make belief over the real. Hollywood make-belief fluff, glitter and their 5000 tweeting facebook "friends" IS their reality. And they liked Barry's BS so much they came back for a second steaming helping of the revolting excrement. I am reminded every time I see an Obama sticker on a car, how oblivious to reality even now after the fact so many are. Question then is, what will it take for them to wake up? Or will we have to get to the level of Caracas for them to realize its to late.

  12. I'll not be getting involved with Joanna's nor Able's "agreement actually."

    Just toss in some odd heres and theres - this Ukrainian foofaraw should've been seen coming since at least as far back as the re-taking of Georgia. And Georgia didn't even have nukes.

    Ukraine however does have nukes - of Soviet era manufacture.

    But perhaps the most telling thing can be put very simply - Geography!


    1. On Geography, from 2008.


    2. Hi Ark

      Er, typical 'to the point' comment as always, but ... erm, Ukraine doesn't have any nukes either any more.

      Remember that agreement where Ukraine handed over all their nukes to Russia on the strength that Russia, the US and Uk 'guaranteed' its territorial integrity?

      I wonder how O and Cameron are going to phrase their forgetting' that little fact?

      Sounding more like a rerun of WW2 now as well as WW1 isn't it?

    3. Excellent question, aptly-yclept Able.

      Surprisingly enough, in this instance nobody in the press seems to be asking O the hard question, so he doesn't have to explain anything.

    4. Those who ignore history govern unfortunate populations doomed to repeat it.

      Cartoon, interior, night.
      Wife: "What's on tonight?"
      Husband, who sees out the window neighbor's house disappear in a bomb explosion: "Only re-runs."

    5. Er Able?

      Click over to that CIA link. Scroll to Ukraine then pull up on the tab "Energy."

      (You might recall The World's - er, at least the West's - being a little leery about Iran's obtaining a certain sort of Energy source? Ukraine possessing amongst it's population quite a number of very good Engineers?)

      Ordinarily I'd just dropped you an email Able, describing "the whats & wherefores" of what I was posting but - because of my location at present, I'm chary of logging onto my "normal channels" - hard enough mirroring my home IP. You understand.


    6. Arkie

      Oh you 'really' wouldn't want your friends seeing you contacting someone where I am at the moment ;-)

      I'm sure the boys at Anacostia and Yasenovo would just love that.

      Hi Michael and Mikhail lol

    7. Oy SheetDipst!

      But yeah ... they're snding "Ello's & now that you mention its"

      You'ra Able not of a purpose intending my passport - toothpasted shoes & etc - surely not aimed to wind me up Wolf Blitzerized agin ere ya?

      The "occasional American" knows how to play dits for dat "Bingo" too.

      Geogrraphy I'm coming to realizing ... is a Rap Song.


    8. Right you are Arkie!
      Exactly right.
      The moment protest has started back in December, having my own thoughts about it, consulting the maps to make sure my memory serves me right, my very first thought was:
      "Oh, sxxit, that is not going to end well"
      and the Sochi timing was a dead give away sign that other powers than freedom hungry Ukrainians are at work.

  13. Blame Canada?-Oh no, tell me you have not gone to the dark side Dip.

    Unless you meant the Olympic hockey results-then sure blame us.

    1. Since we lost, do we really have to keep Justin Bieber?

    2. Actually you lost twice, mens and womens (but who's counting?)

      Send Bieber back, we could do with the taxes he would generate. We sent you Ted Cruz too, don't mess up, we keep trying to help ya.

      If Dip needs someone to blame try the UK they sent you the halfrican princess from Kenya.

  14. Lets try that again.

  15. 'We urge, we urge' sayeth the White House. What happens when those whom you 'urge' tell you to blow it out your ass as has happened so many times in the past? Give them a stern talking to? It should be axiomatic in the US State Department that the nation only gets involved in disputes or diplomacy where it can actively take part. In nations such as Russia/Ukraine (and many others) which will pay no heed whatsoever to the US (and particularly nebbishes like Obama and Kerry), the USA should really stay silent. I imply no criticism of the USA per se but certainly point the finger at some of the buffoons representing your nation at present, particularly that slack-jawed John Kerry.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hate to day it, but the American people put these dorks in power. As Learned Hand once put it so eloquently, once liberty dies in the heart of a people, no set of laws or institutions can save it.

  18. I am going to say something that might offend some people.

    @I have seen pussies with more teeth, than obama hussein and his band of merry stooges.@

    1. don't be fooled leaperman...
      obama is a marionette with most of the time not knowing what is going on, just moving his various body parts as manipulated by those holding on the strings.
      Unfortunately he is not the one calling the shots...never was never will...
      thus leaving all of us to learn how to wear Pierrot mask well and fast...

  19. no you can not blame Canada, they put up a stronger response then the lame"O"

    ...and furthermore keep the Bieber no one wants that sh!t.

    1. "keep the Bieber "

      Why Do You Hate Us™???

    2. G'day Kirk,
      It's not that the Canadians hate you. They managed to get rid of the little prat and don't want him back.
      And don't look to send him this way either. Our new Government has closed our borders to undesirables.
      You could always send him to Alaska to look after those big brown cuddly things.

    3. Maybe we can send him to Oz on a slow, leaky boat. The S/V "All Is Lost" or something.

  20. "I need to blame Canadians or maybe Australians"

    Your lot have really lost the plot Dip.

    Harvard have just employed one of our worst ex-Prime Ministers to head up some think tank on US-China relations. On his better days he is a narcissistic little sociopath who thinks he is the smartest person on earth - he just failed to convince the majority of Australian voters last September so we put the adults back in charge. You can google his little rants on Youtube.

    With "Kevni" in charge of looking at your relationship with China expect to be at war within the year.

    I'd like to say I am sorry you've got him but I can't stop laughing long enough that we are shot of him.

    If you know anyone at Harvard you can tell them I have a nice bridge they can have cheap.

    So I guess you can blame us for something.

  21. In Kiev apparently some of the security forces have declared themselves with the anti- government forces. Parliament has ordered immediate release of Timyshenko, but no confirmation of it happening. The president is rumored to have left Kiev and the truce is no longer in effect. Also reported the chief Rabbi of Kiev is urging Jews to leave Kiev and the country if possible. A most disturbing item is the rumor opposition leaders have lost control of armed opposition factions. Sochi is wrapping up. The curtain is well ascended, the main act is to commence.

  22. An Addenda: As far as I know the main conventional Ukrainian military forces have not declared their intentions.

  23. If twitter pics can be believed, more Cuban troops are arriving in broad daylight in Venezuela this morning. This must be desperation on Maduro's part and may just infuriate the domestic army officer ranks and turn this into a full scale civil war. The main tumor is still Cuba and Castro.

    1. I think the protestors have gone far enough in that they better go for broke. Because if they don't win this one the repression is going to be very bad.

    2. James, the Rubicon may well have been crossed when civilians were shot by roving gangs of Maduro thugs. This may have infuriated enough high ranking officers to join the protest. The financial predicament of the government, mentioned in the prior post by Dip, may bring this to a head very fast though not peacefully. Thank God for social media.

  24. Far as us keeping the Beeber - there is the one condition:


    1. Arkie, if we knew where you were, we could ship the Beeb to you for baby sitting.


    (wish I were back in a certain sourthern US place)

  26. Talk minus action = zerObama.

    "hold those responsible for violence accountable." there an echo? Thought I heard that after Tripoli, you remember Tripoli four Americans murdered, no consequences, Shrillary shrieking "what does it matter", RINO's apparently agreed, absolutely NOTHING has been done, FBI still waiting for permission from the muslim brotherhood to conduct an investigation (mull those words for a minute-waiting for permission).

    The USA has undoubtedly the most powerful military in the world, but for what? What heavenly use is it, it cannot even subdue a rag-tag bunch of guys in Afghanistan. Nobody respects the USA under zerObama.

    This is NOT, repeat NOT, a diatribe against the men in the military below the rank of general, the generals are not worth a pinch of crap either, busily plotting the next campaign with LGBT frontline troops.