Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Thought or Maybe Two on the San Francisco Gun-Running Scandal . . .

Well, well, well . . . reads almost like a script for Fox's "Sons of Anarchy" TV show.

California state senator Leland Yee, who has spearheaded any number of anti-gun laws and efforts in the once Golden State, has been busted.

Now, of course, he is a Democrat and from San Francisco, and wildly popular among the progressives of this once-great state, so, naturally, any reasonably intelligent person would assume he is a crook. Well, as it turns out, he is. But, oh delicious irony! Yee has been busted by the FBI for gun-running! He had some convoluted plan to get guns from Filipino Muslim terrorists and Russian gun dealers, and, and . . . He also fantasized about hiding out in the jungles in the Philippines and becoming a guerrilla. Oh, yes, he also is connected to the Chinese mafia.

There are lots of press accounts out about him; you can read them.

I don't see anybody, however, asking one interesting question.

Remember "Fast and Furious"?  The Obama administration's attempt to "prove" that the guns in Mexico's violence came from the US, especially from US gun shows and Red State gun dealers?

Why would Yee have to get involved with Russians and Filipino Muslim terrorists to get guns? Couldn't he have just driven to Arizona or Texas, and loaded up a few dozen environmentally green Prius hatchbacks at some red neck gun show with all sorts of easily available "assault weapons"? Seems odd. Would seem to be much easier than going all the way to the Philippines . . . Could it be that the guns in Mexico, as I wrote so long ago, do not come from US gun stores and gun shows?


  1. "He also fantasized about hiding out in the jungles in the Philippines and becoming a guerrilla." He shouldn't be denied that opportunity.

    1. To add: "He also fantasized about hiding out in the jungles in the Philippines and becoming a guerrilla." He shouldn't be denied that opportunity, while of course armed with his own product.
      James the Lessor

  2. Just noted Diplomad

    (France's socialists dealt a defeat it appears)

  3. Ahhhh the irony is indeed delicious. Can't wait for dessert!

    Liberty Grace's Grandma

  4. Of note, a few alphabet National Media Outlets have avoided this story like a Leper with Ebola.
    But we are still told their is no bias in the newsroom.
    Now MSNBC, that's to be expected. But CNN? Just as they started dumping their more egregious commentators?
    And remember, he is the 3rd Democrat in the State Legislature to get busted this year.

    1. However, the Taiwanese media have had a look at this story:

      Enjoy :-)

  5. I wonder if the Communists are purging early?

  6. "Would seem to be much easier than going all the way to the Philippines . . . "

    But then, that would be crediting him with common sense, something in short supply among liberal Democrats.

  7. This guy is giving us all quite a chuckle... Ho, ho, ho, the anti-gun Democrat politician that was awarded "Legislator of the Year" in 2012 by the CA Teachers Assoc. turns out to be a criminal and, trafficing guns no less! Sandy Hook anyone?
    CNN has it blacked out; we don't do State legislators, except of course they do if it follows the narrative.
    I think this guy's story would be a real learning opportunity for the American electorate if the media cared.
    Did the Chinese thugs make him an offer he couldn't refuse? How about the Islamo-lunatics in the P.I.? What pressure might they have brought to bear?
    Or, was this guy just so full of himself and his power that he let greed get the better of him?
    Of course this happens on both sides of the isle. That is why I would be interested in a full forensic review of what exactly went on here. Various shades of bribery, greed and law breaking are happening far too often in our political class. We, the people, need to understand why this is happening.

    1. paul vincent zecchinoMarch 31, 2014 at 9:11 AM

      Agree, this is a great learning opportunity which is doubtless why the marxstream media is laboring assiduously to suppress all reports of it.

      Yee is the true face behind the smiley-mask of gun-control.

      They preach 'gun control to keep people safe' and 'to pwotect our childwen' while running guns to jihado-marxist rats.

      That nails them, each and every one of these leftist gangsters who've run this intergenerational, hundred year long communist conjob on us.

      It became apparent during the 70s anti-gun putsch that by their overheated, lying, rhetoric, there was something sinister behind the 'gun control for your personal safety' gang.

      Yee nicely exposes it, as did Sharyl Atkisson's reports of holder arming Mexican druglords to blame the violence on Americans and the Bill of Rights. Her reports finished her at CBS, but earned her a position of unending respect with the American people, whose interests the marxstream media holds in derision.

  8. heh. tricky...but you already know the answer to that...Az and Tx local gun shows and store sales to foreign buyers are run by ATF and Sec State. Waaayyy too much paperwork.

  9. paul vincent zecchinoMarch 31, 2014 at 8:11 AM

    Dip -

    Thank you for asking a very good question: if Red State gun shows are responsible for the 'iron river of guns' which flows not only south to Mexico but northward to chicongo and New York, then why would the esteemed Senator waste time with Phillipino jihado-marxists and Russian Mobsters? Why not indeed, as you ask, just sashay down here, Flahda, and load up with AK's, grenade launchers, MK-88s, B-52Ds, Trident Subs, and all the other goodies one can buy at the media's favorite boogieman, 'Florida Gun Shows"? It's a mystery to be sure.

    My long-asked complement to your question - to which I've yet to receive an answer and likely never will - is this, "If guns are so deadly, if their mere presence and possession causes otherwise peaceful men to become mass murderers, if guns indeed do cause crime as Three-Axe-Handles Wide Sarah Brady asserts, then shouldn't we long ago have all dropped like flies?

    But we didn't drop like flies from 'gun violence'. We're still here, locked and loaded. Or are we all dead of gun-violence and simply don't know it because we don't watch enough marxstream media 'news'? Another mystery, yes?

    Best of all, this nicely demonstrates the premise of the great film and yet better book, "L.A. Confidential" by James Ellroy, that 'Dudley is taking over the rackets'. Dudley being Captain Dudley Smith, the heroic police captain who also took over Mickey Cohen's rackets while the gangster was in prison.

    Here we have Yee, a good pal of Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow - a truly lovely individual, kind, most sensitive, the soul of a poet resides within his sunny exterior, surely - - who is one of those tiresome 'staunch advocates of gun control'. You name the anti-gun proposal, he's in on it. Yee is the poster boy for gun control.

    And yet, under the radar, to use dear leader's phrase, Yee this self-avowed hater of firearms, is running guns with jihado-marxists and soviet - did I say that? Sorry. - soviet, Mobsters. All the while crafting the complete disarmament of law abiding Americans. Wonder why he'd do that?

    Can't imagine what Yee's endgame was, can anyone else?

    Genocide? Nah. That only happens other places, never here.

  10. This isn't a gun-running scandal so much as a running gag scandal.

  11. Off-topic, THE must-read article on how Hugo Chavez turned his country over to the Cubans (in Spanish) Las relaciones desmedidas

    I translated a couple of paragraphs

    1. I'm glad you are following the Cuban disease that has control of Venezuela. Without more external exposure, I'm afraid the demonstrators have a terrible fate. The official silence from DC is predictable.

    2. I'm relieved the administration hasn't had time to call the demonstrators "bandits".

  12. Yee is like a Puffer fish caught up in the big net spread around the Shrimp. Note that most of the named are various Chinese gangsters, except for Keith Jackson and his son, and the same kinds of connections to San Fran liberal society, doing dirty deals for money at all levels.

    And what exactly, prompted Senator DiFi and the new Mayor of SF to publicly acclaim the Shrimp, first convicted of heroin smuggling, underage prostitution running, and various other sordid activities, to be successfully rehabilitated.

    Did they REALLY think you can leave the Triads, once in? I can't believe DiFi's staff is that clueless, even is she might be entering early Alzheimers, and certainly not her husband- the investor and business man connected enough to win the no-bid high speed rail construction contract- what $6B in Federal money?

    No, me thinks the Puffer fish will be gasping for air, while the Shrimp is secreted off to a faraway land in WitSec, and the Keith Jackson connection will just sort of....dry up. After all, a similar bundler of big limo liberal money for the 2012 election got his payoff- a high job in DOJ, I believe...The Presidents prettiest AG in the country has been remarkably quiet here lately...hmmmm. Wonder why. Is there a family connection?

    The real question is what will Eric Holders DOJ do with the info? Is it just coincidence he announced a few weeks ago he would be retiring soon? Given the FBI investigation has been under way for 5 years, does he have yet one more bullet to take, to head this off, maybe, sideline and delay and let this just trickle on, into obscurity for three or more years, until 2016, maybe with a pardon or two, at the end, like for Marc Rich?

    I think we can tell from the StateRunMedias 'tell'- the NYT burying it in a simple tale of public corruption on page A21... its "radio silence".

    Never-mind that pesky islamist terrorist connection, or the INCREDIBLE hypocrysy of RPGs brokered by the chief anti-gun legislator and "Second Most Important Democrat" in the State, as Yee was known only a couple weeks ago.

    Oh, and with local NBC TV station giving Yee's lawyer the sound bites- "The FBI investigation wasn't fair...", as the early clue to the narrative...RAAACISSSTTTT.

    Christian Adams, call your office...

  13. Off Topic:

    Per Greg Mankiw's Blog - Harvard and MIT to Merge?

    Green Bear

    1. Oh, by the way, do note that it was posted on April 1.

      Green Bear